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The 20 Most-Read BeerAdvocate Stories of 2017 News by

Unsurprisingly, many of the most popular BeerAdvocate stories in 2017 focus on hops, while a nearly equal number of popular stories explored the meaning of “craft beer” as Big Beer continued its aggressive takeovers.

Wee Mac Scottish-Style Ale by Sun King Brewery Label Approval by

For a brewery whose marketing director started out washing kegs, Sun King’s redesign isn’t surprising. Even the Indiana brewery’s milestones are couched in a beta mindset.

Beer News News by

Heineken beer mislabeled as local craft brands in Ireland; Tree House Brewing secures $7.7 million bond for new brewhouse; Colorado breweries reunite under state brewers guild; AB InBev-SABMiller merger official; and Kirin buys minority stake in Brooklyn Brewery.

Fostering Education, Breweries and Universities Work Together on New Beers News by

From the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s Ragin’ Cajuns Ale to University of Wisconsin’s S’Wheat Caroline, brewery-university partnerships are about more than making money.

Time to Grow Up: Beer Branding’s Cleverness Deficiency Unfiltered by

If craft brewing wants to extend its audience beyond the traditional market of youngish, wealthy dudes, it needs to grow up a bit.

Marketing Nostalgia and Local Pride, Brewers Revive Heritage Brands News by

From Gerst Amber Ale to Pabst’s Ballantine IPA, more and more breweries are reviving historic beer brands.

Beware the Storysellers Beer Smack by

There’s a disturbing trend in beer journalism. In fact, unbeknownst to most readers, it’s lurked in the global beer scene for decades.

Tim Annis, MBA Student and Marketing Consultant at Capital Brewery Last Call by

Tim Annis is an MBS student and a beer geek who couldn’t believe his luck when his professor at the Wisconsin School of Business announced their assignment: develop a branding strategy to revive Capital Brewery in Madison.

Shelf Life: A Look Back at the Last Eight Years of the Brewing Industry Feature by

In 2007, when BeerAdvocate became the country’s first monthly beer magazine, the combined output of 1,406 craft breweries represented less than four percent of the total market in the US.

A New Look For Craft Beer Unfiltered by

As the craft brewing industry continues to grow, its design approach should become more focused, allowing it to explore new audiences and markets. While I’m not suggesting the industry lose its sense of fun, it is perhaps time that the design equivalent of fart jokes steps aside for a more thoughtful sensibility.

A Solution to the Trademark Bottleneck Unfiltered by

The proliferation of new beer names is hitting a point of absurdity. But there’s a simple solution to the trademark problem, one that would also help consumers: Just use a style name.

Studying for the Bar: How One Attorney Advocates for Beer in Court Back of the House by

Attorneys like Alva Mather help brewers navigate brewery-entity formation, trademark law, wholesale-brewer relations and local ordinances.

Trademark Infringement Ad Nauseam Beer Smack by

As the craft beer segment grows, so does the number of brands, and as the marketplace gets tighter, branding becomes even more important in helping breweries stand out amongst the masses. Yet many craft beer businesses continue to fail to recognize the need to protect assets.

Branded: Beer Logo Tattoos Feature by

Whether it’s a reminder of friends and family, or a tribute to that first eye-opening brew, these beer-logo tattoos are proof that craft beer can mean more than just a tasty drinking session.

Graphic Content: Craft Brewers Step Up Their Branding Feature by

Just like there is no typical craft beer, there seems to be no typical craft logo. And with the ongoing proliferation of craft breweries in the US, branding is becoming both more crucial and more impressive than ever before.

Lite Beer vs. Light Beer Ask the Beer Geek by

The Beer Geek explains the light vs. lite anomaly.

Keep Our Beer Free of Logo Blight! Beer Smack by

Despite the extra efforts and costs, logoed glassware can be found at most beer bars today. To the point of overkill.