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John Cochran, Terrapin Co-Founder, on his Asheville Brewpub UpCountry and Beer’s Localized Future Last Call by

For an industry veteran who wanted to run a smaller, neighborhood brewpub, the friendlier laws in North Carolina were a huge incentive for the Terrapin co-founder to launch UpCountry Brewery in Asheville.

Past Perfect: Coolships Take Off Around the Country Tools of the Trade by

While anachronistic, the coolship is now used by more than two dozen breweries across the US to create spontaneously fermented ales in the Lambic tradition.

Illegal Beer Sales Pose Risks to Consumers, Brewers and Retailers News by

Black market sales, while rare, are problematic for a variety of reasons. Illegal sales disadvantage some businesses and could put consumers at risk in the case of a recall or other safety issue.

New Wave Funk: The Next Generation of American Wild Ale Brewers Feature by

While terroir is certainly popular, one of the other trademarks of today’s Wild Ale makers is collaborating with distant brewers who float in and out of host breweries like microflora in the breeze.

The Great Barrel Race: Foeders Are a Rare (and Mysterious) Commodity Feature by

Increasingly, sour beers—and the foeders used to produce them—are becoming a less-surprising feature among American craft breweries. And while larger breweries with connections acquire as they go, the demand for foeders among smaller breweries is only growing.

Beer News News by

Hindenburg beer sells for $16,000; Semper Ri pays tribute to Marine regiment; Sheetz stores on a mission to liberate Pennsylvania beer sales; and no Spotted Cows allowed in Manhattan.

Madison Destinations by

Academics, artists, bureaucrats, techies and unreconstructed hippies: You throw them in the pot, they simmer for a while, and wind up congealing into a mass that’s thirsting for a quality beverage. And nowhere in the upper Midwest does it all come together like it does in Madison, Wis.

The Magic Craft: A Norwegian, an Arrogant Bastard and a Wizard Brew a Beer Together Feature by

A funny thing’s going on in craft beer—and it’s been gaining speed for quite some time. Something very American, yet at the same time, decidedly pre-modern. That is, simply, working together.

Profiles in Beer Feature by

It’s time once again to pay homage to eight greats of the brewing industry in our annual nod to those who make beer more than just a beverage.

Why the Midwest Rocks! Unfiltered by

With all of the region’s successes and the outstanding and diverse beers available, I think it’s about time we give Midwestern brewers the praise due to them. They’ve got my vote for best in the industry.

Heat It Up! Beer Fondue Cooking with Beer by

A cheese board can create an inviting appetizer that can be paired with a variety of beers. This winter, take that same concept, but heat it up! Warm up a beer, add some cheese, and before you know it, you’ve created a whole new dimension of flavor, texture and application for those same ingredients.

Karma by the Keg Advocate This by

Event organizers across the US ask for donations from craft brewers who support charity events, festivals, dinners, tastings, tourism and more. Are “thanks” enough reward?

Beer News News by

Anheuser-Busch imitates craft marketing; voters weigh in on who they’d like to share a beer with; cost increases in the UK threaten beer culture; Randy Thiel takes a new job; and a University considers teaching brewing.