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Hardywood Founders Discuss the Changing Beer Landscape and the Launch of Their New Brand, Suncrush News by

Eric McKay and Patrick Murtaugh, founders of Virginia’s Hardywood Park Craft Brewery, talk about their motivation for offering low calorie, low alcohol beers under a new brand.

Session Imperial Stout Approaches Its Centennial History by the Glass by

While it may sound like a style that could only be conceived in today’s genre-pushing beer world, Session Imperial Stout is nearly 100 years old.

Session Beers: Brewing for Flavor and Balance by Jennifer Talley Shelf Talker by

In her book, Utah native Jennifer Talley explores the history and culture of low-ABV beers and shares recipes and tips from some of the world’s top brewers.

Shandies Inspire Summer Seasonal Releases News by

While Shandies and Radlers have been brewed stateside for several years, the style has proliferated in the US, with several new summer seasonals featuring radler-inspired brands.

When it Comes to ABV, How Low Can We Go? Unfiltered by

Low alcohol beer is the last unexplored territory of American brewing. To take its place in our beer-drinking culture it must transcend gimmicks.

The Wholly Sensible Concept of Half Pours Unfiltered by

How the schnitt, a German phrase for a half-pour, could bridge the American gap between tiny samplers and the standard 16-ounce shaker pint.

A Hazy Shade of Winter: Homebrewing a Belgian-Style Session Ale BYOB by

Session beers aren’t limited to British styles—Grisette, the lesser-brewed cousin of Belgian Saison, is a refreshing thirst quencher at just 4 percent ABV.

The Surprising History of the Session IPA History by the Glass by

Scottish and English brewing records from over a century ago reveal a surprising number of low-ABV hoppy beers that look a lot like today’s trendy Session IPAs.

Three Boys Brewery: A Kiwi Twist on Tradition From the Source by

Three Boys Brewery produces a lineup described as “tradition with a Kiwi twist,” modifying classic recipes to meld with New Zealand tastes and locally available ingredients.

The Problem With Session Beers in the US Beer Smack by

Though not a new concept, “session beer” is one of the more recent beer trends in the US. It’s a sound concept, and has its place. But here in the US, it’s a flawed practice.

Table Beer History by the Glass by

In the 18th century, there were three tax classes in England (in descending order of strength): Strong, Table and Small. The definition of these classes was very simple, as it was based on the wholesale price.

Real Ale, Real Cheap BYOB by

American brewers have made a history of eschewing tradition. Damn the torpedos—more hops, more alcohol, more flavor, more everything. But there are some elements of tradition that maybe we should revive during this holiday season, like real ale.

“Our Sources Say …” Beer Smack by

Most save their predictions for December and January, but we wound up channeling our beer spirit guides a bit early.

The Beer Language Dilemma Unfiltered by

While we generally agree on what we’re discussing, defining these beer-related concepts remains a difficult task.

Thinking Small Unfiltered by

Despite recent headlines, American beer culture has a long way to go before lower-alcohol drinking gains a true foothold.

Colin Valentine, Chairman, Campaign for Real Ale Last Call by

The UK-based organization CAMRA champions the sale of cask-conditioned “real ale.” And every year, Edinburgh-native and CAMRA chairman Colin Valentine crosses the pond to attend the New England Real Ale Exhibition.

It’s Time for Session Beer Last Call by

Chris Lohring of Notch Brewing believes the craft world deserves more session beer.

The Message is in Your Hand Last Call by

David Zuckerman of Boulder Beer shares his love for the message that cuts through marketing campaigns: quality beer.

Session vs. Extreme Beers Beer Smack by

Personally, we agree the world could use more session beers (good ones, of course). We just don’t feel it’s necessary to bash extreme beers in order to achieve this.

Milds are Wild: Bigger Beers Don’t Have All the Fun BYOB by

Smooth, deceptively rich, yet easy to put back in large quantities even in the summer. Mild’s great advantage to those in need is a speedy turnaround from kettle to keg.

Extremely Boring: Unimpressed by the Latest 47 Percent, 180 IBU Monsters, Brewers Say No to Going Extreme Feature by

The beer with the most hop flavor, the most smoke flavor, the most alcohol, is the one that gets attention in the US market.