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How to Make a Confluence “Double You”-IPA Cocktail Kindred Spirits by

Combining IPA with bourbon and adding a hit of sweet blood orange liqueur provided just the right flavors to open this cocktail’s floral qualities.

Just The Facts Kindred Spirits by

The crisp hoppiness and super dank fruit notes of Voodoo Brewing Company’s Good Vibes IPA combines with Bluecoat Gin and Bonal, a French aperitif wine, in this beer cocktail.

The Steigern Kindred Spirits by

In Kansas, Bourgeois Pig pairs the ginger-lemon radler from nearby Boulevard Brewing Co. with a splash of botanical gin and elderflower liqueur.

67 Old Fashioned Kindred Spirits by

The idea for the 67 Old Fashioned came while having a beer and a shot after work. A sip of the cocktail is very whiskey forward, but when you exhale you taste the Mosaic hops and the gentle IPA bite from the demerara syrup made with Dallas-based Community Beer Company’s IPA.

Blanche Kindred Spirits by

Tarragon is a perfect botanical for gin drinks, and tarragon syrup adds a sweet kick to gin and sodas. This beer cocktail combines that fresh, summer flavor with the refreshingly tart Rhinegeist Gose.

The Redbeard Kindred Spirits by

In this cocktail, tart blood orange pairs well with the German-style Pilsner from Crux Fermentation Project. Meanwhile, sumac, a lemony and earthy spice, provides a great flavor bridge between the smoke of the mezcal and the tartness of the blood orange.

Beer & Sand Kindred Spirits by

A play on the traditional orange juice and scotch-based Blood & Sand cocktail, the Beer & Sand combines a Baltic Porter with a base of smoked whiskey and gingerbread spirit.

The Maiden Search Kindred Spirits by

Poured from a nitro tap, the caramel aroma and bready malts of The Search ESB from Chicago’s Aquanaut Brewing pair well with bourbon, the orange zest and toasted wood notes of Curaçao, and the spice of ginger liqueur in this frothy take on a whiskey sour.

Two Oceans Kindred Spirits by

Two Oceans is a tiki-inspired beer punch named after a spectacular mountain north of Jackson in Togwotee Pass. In this recipe, the spices from a house-made falernum blend with the gin’s juniper and the Pale Ale’s hops to create a very bright and complex punch.

Mai Time Kindred Spirits by

This simple cocktail enhances the unique characteristics of Tahoe Mountain Brewing Company’s Smoked Mai Bock, a bourbon barrel-aged pale lager made with beechwood-smoked barley malt. Think of it as brunch in a glass.

Brigantine Kindred Spirits by

Inspired by IPA’s semi-mythic ocean voyage from Britain to India, Brigantine tells a seafaring tale by combining rum and a hoppy ale.

The Ginger Kirsche Shandy Kindred Spirits by

This beer cocktail is Bardenay Restaurant and Distillery’s homage to the boozy Goaßmaß (goat stein), a Bavarian cousin of the shandy that mixes wheat beer, cola and cherry liqueur.

12 lb. Napoleon Kindred Spirits by

A southern-inspired twist on the classic French 75 cocktail, the 12 lb. Napoleon gains a fresh pop from a Kölsch-style Pale Ale.

Dinky Kindred Spirits by

The Dinky pairs the classic flavors of a rye whiskey flip with cinnamon and Bam Noire from Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales for a winter twist.

Sagebrush Kindred Spirits by

This gin-based cocktail is all earth on the nose, the mouth is grassy, floral and spicy, and the finish is dry. It really encapsulates what Utah’s herbs are about.

Summer Trip Kindred Spirits by

The German-style Berliner Weisse in this cocktail contrasts with two classic Italian ingredients: Amaro, a bittersweet digestif made with roots and herbs, and Limoncello, a lemon liqueur from Capri.

The Fennel Fantasy Kindred Spirits by

Celery-fennel soda and Pale Ale come together to make this refreshing “turbo shandy.”

Hard Picard Kindred Spirits by

Inspired by the favorite beverage of Star Trek’s Capt. Jean-Luc Picard, this beer cocktail combines bourbon, St-Germain, lemon-lime juice, orange juice, bitters and Earl Grey tea-infused Pineau des Charentes with a Belgian Wit.

Horny Saint Kindred Spirits by

This refreshing mix of elderflower liqueur, grapefruit vodka and crisp, clean Blonde Ale is just the trick to forget about summer’s heat.

The Devil’s Cup Kindred Spirits by

Playing off the tart green apple and caramel notes commonly found in sour red ales, The Devil’s Cup includes these flavors, yet still maintains its integrity as a mixed drink. The goal is to use the beer as one would use any other ingredient in a cocktail: with a balanced touch.

Stout & Stormy Kindred Spirits by

A healthy dose of roasty Oatmeal Stout proved to be the perfect visual and flavorful companion to a Dark & Stormy, adding a nutty, rich complexity to a refreshing patio classic.

The Breckenridge Kindred Spirits by

In The Breckenridge, IPA adds hints of grapefruit and bitterness to a refreshing, gin-based beer cocktail.

Breakfast of Champions Kindred Spirits by

Bring the beer cocktail concept to breakfast with the Breakfast of Champions, a coffee-infused martini made with vodka and rich Coffee Stout.

Hop Dog Kindred Spirits by

Freshly pressed grapefruit juice, gin and a medium-bodied Pale Ale come together to create Hop Dog, a refreshing cocktail with a hoppy twist.