BeerAdvocate magazine #1

Welcome to the Inaugural Issue of BeerAdvocate Magazine Beer Smack by

Now, we’re sure some of you are thinking: Why publish a magazine when you already host the “best beer website” in the world?

Beer News News by

PBR on NPR? What the Hell? Pabst Blue Ribbon’s unexpected resurgence has been fueled by the thrifty, kitsch-loving habits of urban hipsters. So what’s the brand doing by courting its drinkers’ parents?

A Skunkadelic Freakout: A Plea for Decency, and Fresher Beer Unfiltered by

I once served a five-year-old bottle of craft beer to a college buddy, just for laughs. As he popped the top, I waited in anticipation for his first sip, which he promptly spit all over my coffee table. I deserved it.

Why Homebrew? BYOB by

“Why do you brew beer?” Aside from “Will this make me go blind?” and “You made this?” homebrewers get this question the most. Why?

BeerSmarts Wares by

How much do you and your friends know about beer?

Weizenbock: A Beer That’s Not to Be Trifled With Style Profile by

This insidious practice of cramming a cheap lemon rind atop a luscious, aromatic glass of Hefeweizen—the taproom equivalent of slobbering ketchup all over a perfectly grilled T-bone from Morton’s—has got to stop.

Tomme Arthur of The Lost Abbey Going Pro by

How do you celebrate fifteen Great American Beer Festival medals and back-to-back GABF Small Brewery Brewer of the Year nods? You open up a new brewing and bottling plant, and start distribution of two new lines of beer.

Artful Openings: A Celebration of Beer’s Many Tabs Hall of Fame by

Every time a can of beer is cracked open, it spits out a little bit of history. The can—our handy, standard, aluminum homie—has enjoyed a long and manifold history.

Ask the Beer Geek Ask the Beer Geek by

The Beer Geek isn’t always right, but he is willing to defend his opinion to the death.

Nice Cans! How the Aluminum Can Is Making a Triumphant Return to Respectable Society Feature by

Ordering a can of beer has always been trouble. Call for one and you run the risk of being identified as an unsophisticated ignoramus and subjected to ridicule at the hands of even the most open-minded beer geeks.

Quit Your Wining: How The Brewmaster’s Table Got Great Restaurants to Start Selling Great Beer Feature by

Why is beer suddenly grabbing the attention of chefs and bar managers at the hoitiest and toitiest places in the nation, after being relegated to second-class status for so long? There are a lot of intangible reasons, but there’s a more tangible one as well: Garrett Oliver’s The Brewmaster’s Table.

Hello, Delaware! Destinations by

Key places to hit as you drink your way down the Eastern Seaboard.

Heresy: A Guide to Beer Cocktails, from College-grade Concoctions to Drinks Worthy of the Most Dignified Beer Buff Feature by

These cocktails can take several forms. There are the droppers, in which shot glasses of various hard alcohols are physically dropped into pints of beer; the substitutions, in which beer is swapped in for the traditional spirit; and the original, unique concoctions.

Little Town, Big Beers: Touring the Breweries and Cafés of Ingelmunster, Belgium Feature by

The Belgian town of Ingelmunster may be small, but beer-wise, it’s huge.
 Located in the province of West Flanders, Ingelmunster is a place with a long history, jam-packed with political and religious strife and, of course, untold hectoliters of fine Belgian beer.

Joly Moly! Cooking with Beer by

For us regular folk, cooking with beer has always been fair game. A few cans of Bud may serve as a delicious, industry-standard sauce for simmering fresh mussels; and any ale can lend a comforting, yeasty tang to a sturdy loaf of beer bread.

You Want Style? I’ll Give You Style Last Call by

As a professional brewer, I often find myself in this situation: I hand someone a sample of my beer, they taste it, and they become delighted and curious. The next comment is, “I really like this beer. What style is it?”