BeerAdvocate magazine #104

Are We Having Fun Yet? Beer Smack by

It’s our collective responsibility to create a better beer culture by challenging ourselves, having those hard discussions about our community, naming names and remaining open to constructive criticism.

Self-Service Tap Technology Gains Momentum News by

First Draft, a 40-tap bar in Denver, opened its doors without a single bartender. Instead, patrons pour their own drinks with iPourIt, a self-service system for serving beer (or any line-dispensed beverage) by the ounce.

Changes to Colorado Liquor Laws Meet Opposition News by

In early 2015, a group of independent retailers formed Keep Colorado Local to prevent grocery chains from changing state law to allow the sale of full-strength beer, wine and liquor in their stores.

Beer News News by

Cicerone program adds advanced level; author Fred Eckhardt dies at 89; New Belgium names Perich as new CEO; and Inc. 5000 List includes nine breweries.

Open Sesame Innovation by

The Magic Opener’s whimsical bottle shape, while fun at rest on a fridge, bike frame or counter top, is ergonomically designed with a rubberized grip to make every opening task gentle on your hands and easy to accomplish.

Speed Brewing: Techniques and Recipes for Fast-Fermenting Beers, Ciders, Meads, and More Shelf Talker by

In Speed Brewing, author Mary Izett applies her chemistry background and BJCP expertise to designing original recipes that ferment in just days or weeks.

Alter Ego Saison by Smartmouth Brewing Co. Label Approval by

Smartmouth has a way of winning people over to the nerdy side. From the metabolic flows of fermentation to the yeast pitch rate formula, the cans become a resource for people to study while they drink.

Curating a Commercial Beer Cellar The Business of Beer by

Bars and restaurants not typically known for expansive beer menus are beginning to devote serious space to aged stock.

Top of the World: Peruvian Beer Comes Down From the Mountain Beer Without Borders by

As the South American culinary scene continues to progress at an astounding rate, its craft brewing scene has begun to catch up. It started in countries like Chile and Brazil. Now Peru has joined the fray, too.

5 Beers That Inspired Hair of the Dog’s Adam 6 Degrees of Fermentation by

Hair of the Dog Brewing Company founder Alan Sprints reveals the sources of inspiration for Adam, an Old Ale brewed with Pacific Northwest hops and black, crystal, chocolate, peated, and organic Pilsner malts.

Reconsidering Cans Unfiltered by

Cans are now instinctively what I reach for when I’m buying beer in the store, much to my own surprise. In fact, I expect to keep passing over glass bottles, bombers and growlers for many years to come.

The Truth About English Stout History by the Glass by

It’s clear that Guinness, although popular, was far from dominant in the British Stout market. And there were many Stouts not just as dry as Guinness, but far drier.

A Viking Meets the Sumerians BYOB by

Mark Schoppe of the Viking-helmed Austin ZEALOTS just grabbed his second Ninkasi Award at this year’s American Homebrewers Association competition. This sour smoked German ale, a Lichtenhainer, was one of them.

Croquettes From Around the World Part 3 Cooking with Beer by

These South American croquettes differ from those in other countries, as the coating is made with stock leftover from cooking the protein filling that’s incorporated with flour, salt and fat, much like a pâte à choux (a dough used to make sweet cream puffs, éclairs and savory cheesy gougères).

Blanche Kindred Spirits by

Tarragon is a perfect botanical for gin drinks, and tarragon syrup adds a sweet kick to gin and sodas. This beer cocktail combines that fresh, summer flavor with the refreshingly tart Rhinegeist Gose.

Braised Painted Hills Short Rib Barbacoa: 3 Pairings Table Mates by

Cory McCauley, beer curator at Quinn’s Pub in Seattle, suggests three beer pairings that complement a rich, subtly spicy short rib dish.

Mahogany Bar in Hattiesburg, Mississippi Barkeep by

The Mahogany Bar’s lineup of 42 taps includes a wide mix of styles with more than 15 local beers like Crooked Letter Mystery Romp mocha Porter and Southern Prohibition Crowd Control, alongside plenty of bigger regional, national and international brands.

Aaren Simoncini of The Beer’d Brewing Company Going Pro by

Aaren Simoncini launched the Beer’d Brewing Company as a vehicle for delivering fresh, creative, and locally brewed beers to his corner of southeastern Connecticut. Exponential growth has led to Beer’d growing deeper, not wider.

Creature Comforts Brewing Company: Supplying Georgia’s Growing Demand From the Source by

In 2011, David Stein boldly proclaimed that he would make the best beer Atlanta had to offer. When Creature Comforts opened in Athens, the prophecy came true, in a way. The brewery is one of the most raved about in Georgia.

Where to Drink in Singapore Destinations by

Singapore has a handful of young microbreweries, but it’s the tidal wave of high-quality imports—and the pioneering craft-focused bars serving them—that’s most responsible for the area’s recent drinking metamorphosis.

Voices for Change: Balancing the Needs of Diverse Members, Brewers Guilds Strive to be Inclusive and Effective Feature by

Brewers guilds must educate, protect and promote. It’s taken the craft brewing industry some 35 years to be able to produce 12 percent of the beer bought in America. No one accomplished that feat alone. There is strength in numbers.

Ale in the Family: As Craft Brewing Matures, Sons and Daughters See a Future in Ales and Lagers Feature by

Do family-run breweries have a future in the current environment? With breweries proliferating at every turn, generational succession is a critical long-range consideration for some companies.

Sylvia Kopp, Brewers Association’s American Craft Beer Ambassador Last Call by

As the Brewers Association’s new American craft beer ambassador in Europe, Sylvia Kopp, a beer sommelier from Germany, will travel the continent demystifying US craft beer for emerging markets abroad.