BeerAdvocate magazine #96

Medal, Schmedal Beer Smack by

At the end of the day, the real judges are consumers. And they don’t care if a beer meets specific style guidelines or wins a medal. They just care if the beer is good.

Hop Processing Capacity in US Grows News by

Two new hop processing operations—one in Washington’s Yakima Valley and another facility-in-planning in Virginia—seek to provide brewers with a quality product and a shorter turnaround time.

New FDA Rules Require Nutritional Information for Beer News by

According to new regulations from the FDA, chain restaurants must now provide further nutritional information for food and drink they serve, including beer.

Canadian Government Broadens Beer Definition News by

The Canadian government has recently updated the country’s “Beer Standards of Identity,” the definition used to determine if a beverage can be labeled and sold as beer.

Beer News News by

Craft New York Act Eases Regulations; Port Brewing and Lost Abbey Debut New Line; US Brewers Win at European Beer Star Awards; and Australian Breweries Request Fair Trade Investigation.

Crafty Bastards: Beer in New England, from the Mayflower to Modern Day Shelf Talker by

In this book, you’ll learn about the original recipe for “pompion” (pumpkin) ale, the Puritans’ attempt to ban molasses in brewing, and the first scientific paper on malting.

12 lb. Napoleon Kindred Spirits by

A southern-inspired twist on the classic French 75 cocktail, the 12 lb. Napoleon gains a fresh pop from a Kölsch-style Pale Ale.

Puzzling Out the Six-Pack Innovation by

Easily assembled without tools or glue by snapping the pieces together, the PuzzlePax also can be disassembled for flat storage, making it perfect for keeping in a car or messenger bag when heading to the local bottle shop.

35K Milk Stout by Against the Grain Label Approval by

Against the Grain’s labels have been offending some and delighting others since the Louisville, Ky., brewpub opened in 2011.

Crushing It: Beer and the Colorado Slopes Draft Picks by

While it may have only been coincidence that Dale’s was the beer of choice at Vail, it’s no accident that other winter destinations in Colorado have beers synonymous with their slopes.

The Cost of Brewing Business Behind the Bines by

The American hop market seldom finds a comfortable equilibrium for very long, simply because as essential as hops are in brewing beer, they serve almost no other commercial purpose.

Memory Lane Unfiltered by

Revisiting the original sources of your passion for beer provides a rare and valuable opportunity for reflection, introspection and self-examination.

Brewing in WWII History by the Glass by

War impacted British brewing both directly and indirectly. Government action is a good example of a direct influence.

The Cleanup Crew BYOB by

This massively honeyed beer was inspired by the intensely spicy flavors of tupelo honey. The idea was to build a big wheat beer that smelled like a clovey Hefeweizen.

Winter Beer Soups Cooking with Beer by

The liquid that makes up the base of any soup comes from water or stock. Adding the right beer can enhance a soup’s flavor profile while the alcohol works to infuse the flavors across the palate.

El Bait Shop in Des Moines, Iowa Barkeep by

El Bait Shop opened in 2006 with 105 draft handles, 100 bottles and a roadhouse vibe to pay tribute to the burgeoning beer movement in the US.

Matt Cohen of Fiddlehead Brewing Company Going Pro by

Matt Cohen, the former head brewer at Magic Hat, opened the Fiddlehead Brewing Company just outside Burlington, Vt., in 2011.

De Garde Brewing: Keeping it Spontaneous in Oregon From the Source by

In 2013, Trevor Rogers and Linsey Hamacher opened de Garde Brewing, whose singular focus is spontaneously fermented, barrel-aged beers.

Where to Drink in Denver, Colorado Destinations by

When the industry’s so-called “third wave” washed over Denver, it grew the ranks of breweries from fewer than 10 in 2009 to more than 45 today.

Class of 2014: 28 of the Best New Breweries in the US Feature by

From revisiting—and reinventing—historic styles to brewing for a cause, it was a year for innovative brewery openings. Here we profile 28 newcomers.

Melissa Cole, Beer Writer Last Call by

UK-based author, journalist and beer somm“ale”ier, Melissa Cole is as strong of a beer advocate as they come. She shared with BA what it’s like to be “taking the beard out of beer” these days.