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Cask Ale, No Frills, and Plenty of Conversation: Reinventing the English Pub for the 21st Century Feature by

Just as the quintessential English pub experience began to feel threatened by corporate monopolies, a new model arrived to shake up the neighborhood watering hole.

Where to Drink in Manchester, England Destinations by

Manchester’s famed youthful energy and Northern attitude have advanced a wave of beer culture, spawning a new generation of breweries and reinvigorating the bar and restaurant scene.

The History of England’s Tied Houses History by the Glass by

The history of England’s tied houses, or brewery-owned pubs, isn’t quite as black and white as it might seem.

Steve Hamburg, Cellarman of Chicago Beer Society’s Day of the Living Ales Last Call by

What started with a taste of real ale on a 1987 trip to Europe drew Steve Hamburg back to the UK over 40 times, and led him to co-found Chicago’s Real Ale Festival in 1996.

Home Brewery’s Beers History by the Glass by

Of Newark-upon-Trent’s 35 pubs, only four served cask. All owned by Nottingham brewer Home Ales. Modern geeks wouldn’t have loved them. But they had a few things drinkers loved. They were cheap. And their cask beers were always in good condition.

Clarity in 1920s London History by the Glass by

Whitbread created one of the most useful documents for anyone interested in the history of British beer: their Gravity Book. In it, they documented thousands of samples of competitors’ beers, from the early 1920s to the late 1960s.

American Ale Brewing in the 1890s History by the Glass by

While America’s ales had their roots in Britain, they slowly began to adapt and change in their new home. By the 1890s, there were significant differences in the way British and American ale breweries operated and the equipment they used.

With a Little Help From My Friends: British and American Craft Brewers Find Common Ground Feature by

It’s not unfair to say that British beer was stagnating before it got a kick in the arse from American craft brewers in the early 2000s.

London, England Destinations by

Everywhere you turn in London, history is meshed together vibrantly with the modern world. This clash of old and new is also reflected in the beer scene.

In Pursuit of the Fifth Star The Politics of Beer by

Good beer, it seems, is in the pink. So what better time to look at what craft brewers are doing wrong? For its amazing range of tastes, styles, strengths and colors, so much of American craft beer seems to taste naïve, unworldly and lacking in complexity

Colin Valentine, Chairman, Campaign for Real Ale Last Call by

The UK-based organization CAMRA champions the sale of cask-conditioned “real ale.” And every year, Edinburgh-native and CAMRA chairman Colin Valentine crosses the pond to attend the New England Real Ale Exhibition.

Being Fundamentally Misguided The Politics of Beer by

At times of rapid change, people crave rules. For many British beer drinkers, it is a definition of good beer devised in innocence a few decades ago, when we worshipped yeast.

From the Brewery to You Feature by

Over the years, brewers have come up with four basic types of packaging—casks, bottles, kegs and cans. Each type of package protects beer in different ways, and can cause the beer to taste quite different.

The Length of Britain in 80 Beers The Politics of Beer by

Tim Webb sets off on his cycling journey across the UK.

Three Threads Three Threads by

BeerAdvocate users share what they think of American cask ale.

Casks & Kegs Ask the Beer Geek by

The Beer Geek clears up the differences between cask conditioned and kegged beer.

Mild Ale: Anything But Lifeless Style Profile by

Mild needs an aggressive public relations campaign, an image consultant, maybe even a personal trainer. Otherwise, one of the world’s most misunderstood beer styles will never shed its reputation for mediocrity.

Beer News News by

Drummond Brewing returns to Alberta; Cigar City Brewing shares brewing concepts; Budweiser vs. Budějovický; Rogue saves the Dragon; All-cask brewery opens in Oregon.

Alex Hall: Gotham’s Imbiber Advocate This by

In Brooklyn, NY, one man towers over other proponents of real ale.

Cask at Home, Beer Sediment and Tasting ABV Ask the Beer Geek by

Serving cast at home; beer sediment 101; ask Ron Stablehorn; and tasting ABV.