BeerAdvocate magazine #29

How Fresh is Your Beer? (Revisited) Beer Smack by

Despite popular belief, beer does have a shelf life. In time, there will come a day when any beer will expire.

Beer News News by

Preakness Stakes keeps ban; Odell Brewing unveils “Twitter Brew;” real-time keg tracking; and possible new alcohol taxes.

Craft Beer’s Crazy Growth Unfiltered by

While it’s exciting for a beer lover to try beers from thousands of miles away, some craft brewers and distributors have concerns about the future.

Why I Hate Modern Fruit Beers The Politics of Beer by

Adding stuff to a nearly completed and rather shabby beer is a dangerous pastime that brand Belgian cannot afford. And neither can any other craft beer culture that wishes to be taken seriously.

Mix it Up BYOB by

March’s Märzen recipe replaced the über malt “effect” with a charge of melanoidin malt. This time, we’re skipping the shortcut and doing a double decoction. Get stirring!

Martin Dickie Going Pro by

BrewDog Brewery commands a global audience from a tiny outpost on Scotland’s northeast coast. Its beers have inflamed critics and ignited a debate about what beer in the UK can and should be.

Irish Red Ale: Neither Hoppy Nor Malty Style Profile by

Irish Red Ale is a style without any real edges. It is neither hoppy nor particularly malty. It is satisfying, not provocative.

Three Threads Three Threads by

Jeremy Cowan, Alan Pugsley and Dann Paquette discuss the industry and the public’s view of contract brewing.

In Search of an Honest Pint Innovation by

When the bottom fell out of the economy, people decided the Honest Pint Project was more than just a fun and quirky movement. It was about getting your money’s worth.

Are Chilled Glasses Taboo? Ask the Beer Geek by

The Beer Geek speaks on the chilled glass debate.

Tapas: Spanish Beer Food Cooking with Beer by

Tapas satisfy the craving to try multiple items and not have to eat a huge portion, work great with crowds, and the unique cuisine of Spain lends itself to beer pairings.

La Belle Province From the Source by

With its large French-speaking populace, this Canadian province has a distinctly European mindset for all things gustatory. Whether it is great food, great wine, or most importantly, great beer, they are passionate about all!

Is (Quality) Beer Recession Proof? Feature by

The phrase “recession proof” is a heavy one, but it’s been following beer and the beer industry around for generations. The only problem with this is that the beer industry isn’t buying it.

Brussels Destinations by

As Belgium’s capital region, the Brussels area is awash in the nation’s unique beer styles, from the Oud Bruins of Flanders to the bounties of Belgium’s far-flung abbeys.

The Message is in Your Hand Last Call by

David Zuckerman of Boulder Beer shares his love for the message that cuts through marketing campaigns: quality beer.