BeerAdvocate magazine #64

Growing Pleasures Beer Smack by

BeerAdvocate magazine continues to grow, as more and more consumers seek information behind the beers they drink. The mag’s success is a tribute to the overall growth that’s occurring throughout the entire craft beer community, something that we’re proud to be a part of.

Beer News News by

Churchkey Can Company ressurrects the flat-top steel can; interstate brewery expansions loom; study finds two drinks a day could be a life saver; Heineken bans branding of local brews during London 2012 Olympics; and new beer laws passed in Indiana and Georgia.

North Carolina Craft Beer & Breweries Shelf Talker by

Why we’re reading North Carolina Craft Beer & Breweries.

Pomegranate Fizz Kindred Spirits by

Inspired by Saranac’s Pomegranate Wheat beer, this cocktail combines beer, pomegranate juice, vodka, bourbon, molasses, confectioners sugar and egg white into a sweet and sour sipper.

Brewbicle: Smart Beer Cellaring Innovation by

If your beer cellar looks more like a disaster area, the Brewbicle might be just for you. Made of sturdy fiberboard, with leather handles and aluminum hardware, the Brewbicle provides a secure, stackable and attractive way to age your beer.

Merry Monks by Weyerbacher Label Approval by

The new Merry Monks label is part of a major overhaul of Weyerbacher’s branding and the scene captures the mischief that in part defines Weyerbacher as a brand.

Craft Beer in the Public Arena Draft Picks by

Baseball and beer have always gone together. But craft beer? Here’s a region-by-region look at how ballparks are responding to increasing demand for better beer.

History in a Bottle Unfiltered by

We are witnessing a new age of experimentation, one in which brewers are taking inspiration from history instead of indulging the whims of the present. Engaging in a form of beer archaeology, brewers are teaming up with beer historians to re-create historic beers once brewed in mash tuns around the globe.

Dark Days for Rotterdam History by the Glass by

There were many parallels between the circumstances in Britain and Holland in the early years of World War II. Raw materials were getting scarcer, and the strength of beer was falling. There were also limitations on the types of beer brewed. Drinkers couldn’t always get what they wanted.

Birth of Cool, Part Two: Keeping Things Chill BYOB by

The hybrid Steam yeasts (aka “California Common”), which were pioneered by Fritz Maytag and yield lager characteristics while fermenting at temperatures up to 65°F, require extra work to maintain an odd temperature range and therefore serve as a perfect test of your control.

Beer Pancakes Cooking with Beer by

These three beer pancake recipes would make wonderful centerpieces for a weekend brunch, but they’re just as appropriate served for dessert or as a special breakfast for dinner.

Not Your Mother’s May Day Party Party-Gyle by

If dancing around a maypole isn’t exactly your idea of a good time, you can still celebrate the holiday by drinking and feasting amid spring bouquets to usher in the new season. Plus, flowers are a prominent tasting note in many of the great spring seasonal beers to flow this month.

Trappeze Pub in Athens, Georgia Barkeep by

When Trappeze Pub opened in 2007, its hometown of Athens, Ga., was known more for its music than its beer. But thanks in no small part to pent-up demand for craft beer in the area, opening night saw people lined up out the door for Trappeze’s expansive beer bible of a menu.

Scott Smith of East End Brewing Company Going Pro by

For Scott Smith, drinking good beer led to brewing it at home, and making 5-gallon batches in the kitchen ended in Smith quitting his job, emptying his savings account and opening East End Brewing, a production brewery in a dilapidated Pittsburgh warehouse.

Dunbar Brewing Co. From the Source by

If you don’t know what to look for, you’re likely to drive right past the little beer haven deep in the heart of wine country. There’s little to promote Dunbar Brewing Company, which sits tucked into the corner of a small commercial building in Santa Margarita, on California’s central coast.

Southern Ontario, Canada Destinations by

Nearly 20 percent of Canadians live in the “Golden Horseshoe,” a region that wraps around the southern tip of Lake Ontario. In the last decade, drinkers here have slowly been undergoing a craft beer conversion thanks to the appearance of new breweries, beer bars, festivals and even Canada’s first brewing school.

Southern Africa’s Beer Boom: A Look at the Heart of Africa’s Beer Scene Feature by

Beer connoisseurs have long dismissed Africa as the lost land of Pilsners due to its proliferation of corporate breweries. But a burgeoning craft beer scene in Namibia and South Africa isn’t the only indication of the start of a new era.

How to Make African Mai Bok Feature by

Add millet and sorghum to a Maibock recipe to play off Bokbier, a popular style in Namibia and South Africa.

Shelly Hendler, Mother of Jack, Eric and Sam Hendler, Jack’s Abby Last Call by

At Jack’s Abby, the Framingham, Mass., brewery is truly a family operation—and if the brothers’ mom, Shelly, has it her way, they’ll be counting some Suffolk Punch horses in the family, too.