BeerAdvocate magazine #73

BeerAdvocate Magazine in 2013 Beer Smack by

Last year was a big year for BeerAdvocate magazine. This year, our goal is to make significant changes that’ll allow us to deliver the mag more efficiently, with more content and to more readers.

Beer News News by

Ruckus Brewing bids to revive former Neuweiler brewery; Surly Brewing expansion plans nearly secured; New Hampshire debates raising beer tax; Boneyard brewery worker concocts Dawg Grog, a beer for dogs; and Michigan Brewing Company founder faces tax burden, angry investors.

Drinking Boston: A History of the City and Its Spirits Shelf Talker by

Why we’re reading Drinking Boston: A History of the City and Its Spirits.

Ryeders on the Storm Kindred Spirits by

Moonshine and rye beer combine with a bourbon vanilla bean butter batter in this smoky cocktail designed for an End of the World-themed dinner.

Relief from Pitchers Innovation by

These days, there are a number of different ways to serve beer to the masses without having to pass a pitcher around the table.

Camp Braggot Ghost Stories by Cigar City Brewing & B. Nektar Meadery Label Approval by

When Florida’s Cigar City Brewing and Michigan’s B. Nektar Meadery decided to brew a s’mores-inspired Braggot, the label concept was quick to follow. The bears represent the ingredients in a loose sense—bears love honey, and they’re roasting marshmallows.

The TV Question Draft Picks by

Many bar owners and managers say the decision whether or not to have a television in their beer-centric business is a highly conscious one. From sports fans who’ve discovered they like craft beer to purists who prefer pixel-free bars, the options are certainly becoming more varied.

The Future of Craft Beer is Here Unfiltered by

Take a good, long last look at the world of craft beer. In five years, 10 years, the craft beer industry won’t look anything like it does now. With the close of the “Extreme Beer Era,” we’re now entering craft beer’s fourth age, one that will be defined by striking sobriety and grownup decision-making.

One Recipe History by the Glass by

The past isn’t a foreign country. It’s a whole foreign continent, where each country is weirder than the last. Recipe formulation is an area where this is particularly true.

Getting In Shape BYOB by

Last month, we talked about getting clean in the brewhouse, but we left out one important step: the mantra of the obsessive home organizer—everything has its place.

Aphrodisiac Feast à la Bière Cuisine Cooking with Beer by

While the FDA won’t endorse claims that foods contain aphrodisiac properties, many of the ingredients listed in this article produce improved blood flow and are full of energy-producing vitamins and arousing aromas that can reduce stress, and improve stamina and endurance.

Bang A Gong, Get It On: Your Lunar New Year Party Recipe Party-Gyle by

It’s Chinese New Year on February 10th, but that just means it’s the beginning of the lunar calendar’s annual cycle. And it’s not just the Chinese who celebrate it. So with that in mind, it’s perfectly appropriate to sound the gong and declare a party for the start of the Year of the Snake.

Pony Bar in New York City Barkeep by

The Pony Bar, with spots in Hell’s Kitchen and the Upper East Side, exclusively sells American-made craft beer, at $5 each on draft. But more than just a cozy spot for trying affordable pours of the best that US craft has to offer, Pony Bar is about forging a sense of community.

Patrick Murtaugh of Hardywood Park Craft Brewery Going Pro by

Hardywood Park’s founders, a pair of Northeastern transplants, were blown away by Richmond’s thirst for experimentation, and set up shop there; they landed in an unproven market, opened a brewery focusing on Belgian ales, big Stouts and unique IPAs, and can’t push enough product out the door.

Thai Me Up From the Source by

There aren’t too many places in Wyoming like Thai Me Up—the cozy, dimly lit Jackson Hole, Wyo., brewpub that pairs West Coast IPAs with Thai food and two big-screen televisions featuring kung fu flicks. Actually, never mind Wyoming; there aren’t many places like Thai Me Up anywhere.

Where to Drink in San Francisco, California Destinations by

Today, the Bay Area is home to over 60 breweries, and the city itself boasts nine beyond Anchor Brewing Co. … and that number is growing. In fact, the SF Brewers Guild recently decided to bring the contract and gypsy breweries into the fold, so now membership stands at 15.

Field Trips: Lessons From the Road Feature by

It’s easy to take collaboration in the world of craft as fate; as the natural outcome of combining thousands of people who all agree that their job is The Best Thing Ever. With each brewery visit comes a chance to combine mutual obsessions. And the best way to accomplish that? Field trips.

Brewpubs Growing Up Feature by

There are now over 1,000 brewpubs in the United States. With benefits including more beer, more flexibility in the pubs, the addition of packaging facilities and the ability to distribute further, what challenges do growing brewpubs face?

Jace Marti, Brewmaster, August Schell Brewing Co. Last Call by

In December, when the Brewers Association named Schell’s on their list of breweries they do not consider “craft,” Marti took to the internet. His protest letter to the Brewers Association went viral, and became symbolic of the strong reaction many had to the list (which the organization has since redacted).