BeerAdvocate magazine #78

Trademark Infringement Ad Nauseam Beer Smack by

As the craft beer segment grows, so does the number of brands, and as the marketplace gets tighter, branding becomes even more important in helping breweries stand out amongst the masses. Yet many craft beer businesses continue to fail to recognize the need to protect assets.

Beer News News by

More celebrities collaborating with craft brewers; Coors causes controversy at Puerto Rican celebration; malfunctioning beer fridge responsible for Australian cellular network blackout; TTB opens door for beer, wine, spirits to add nutrition labels; and BrewDogs set to air Scottish founders’ hijinx on US TV this fall.

Hooch: Simple Brewing, Winemaking & Infusing at Home Shelf Talker by

Why we’re reading Hooch: Simple Brewing, Winemaking & Infusing at Home.

Summer Beer Flip Kindred Spirits by

The combination of rum, apricot marmalade, chocolate bitters and Victory Prima Pils create a beer cocktail that tastes like an orange creamsicle with a bright, bitter twist. A full egg also brings a creamy aspect to this flip.

Taking Shower Beers to a Whole New Level Innovation by

The things that make a shower beer so great are also the things that can turn it into a disaster: warmth, water and cramped, slippery surfaces. That’s why Phil Novara and Zach Walsh invented the Shakoolie—an insulated beer holder that safely sticks on a shower wall.

Ray Ray’s Pale Ale by Center of the Universe Label Approval by

Chris Ray and his brother Phil parted ways with their former careers and opened Center of the Universe in November 2012. Knowing that a beer means more to consumers if it comes with a great story, they wanted to put theirs right on the can: Chris was a Major League Baseball pitcher and Phil was a NASA engineer.

Where’s the Berliner Weisse in Berlin? Beer Without Borders by

Berliner Kindl Weisse is the only Berliner Weisse brewed in significant volume in Berlin, and while it’s on menus around the city, it’s rare to see anyone drinking it apart from tourists. But two small breweries have started brewing Berliner Weisse, and both use old recipes to resurrect the original taste.

No Judgment Unfiltered by

With style lines blurred and Old World notions increasingly irrelevant, it appears the new era of craft beer will be defined by drinking whatever the consumer pleases at any given moment. And this is all positive in the sense that it means craft brewers and their advocates have won the larger battle.

Groterjan History by the Glass by

An incredible document has just come to light. It’s a typed manuscript, written in 1947 by A. Dörfel, the head brewer at Groterjan, a smallish brewery in Berlin specializing in top-fermenting beer. What makes the manuscript so fascinating is that Dörfel documents a lost world of German top-fermenting beers.

Naturally Wild BYOB by

Many a crazy homebrewer has talked big about letting their neighborhood critters run rampant in their beer, harboring romantic images of the Senne River Valley. If you want to go naturally wild though, start small, and use Mother Nature to your advantage.

Middle Eastern Beer Cuisine Cooking with Beer by

Middle Eastern dishes are enjoyable in hot weather, perfect for the late summer months. Most of these recipes can be made in advance, pulled out at a moment’s notice, or packed up and brought to the beach, the park or a gathering with friends.

Hosting a Craft Beer Boil Party-Gyle by

Whether it’s a Fourth of July party or just a regular summer bash, it’s a great time to crack into seafood and beers. Summer beers pair perfectly with seafood, and fresh seasonal produce like corn and watermelon.

The Bayou in Salt Lake City, Utah Barkeep by

Mark Alston, his wife Kileen, and their crew have served up the best brews available in Utah alongside Cajun food since 2002. And while Utah’s craft beer drinkers don’t have it as good as some, things have changed a lot.

Scott Vaccaro of Captain Lawrence Brewing Company Going Pro by

Scott Vaccaro learned to brew like a pro at the biggest institutions in California brewing, but the Captain Lawrence Brewing Company, which he founded nearly eight years ago, is strongly rooted in his Westchester County, N.Y., hometown.

Wicked Weed Brewing From the Source by

Hops stand in the spotlight at one of the country’s newest brewpubs, Wicked Weed Brewing. There, hoppy American ales are featured alongside Old World Belgian styles, as co-founders and brothers Walt and Luke Dickinson carve their own niche in one of the most impressive beer cities in the world.

Where to Drink in Bangkok, Thailand Destinations by

For decades, beaches, not beer, were the reason to visit Thailand. But things are changing, with Singha opening a pair of brewpubs and European and American imports appearing on menus with increasing frequency. And across Bangkok, community malls with trendy beer bars have sprung up like bamboo.

Let’s Make a Deal: A-B Expats with Corporate-Sized Funds Introduce “Partner Brewing” to Craft Beer Feature by

Founded by several former Anheuser-Busch InBev executives, Brew Hub’s plans include opening five facilities throughout the United States, and with more than $100 million of venture capital being poured into the company, many beer advocates are questioning just how craft-oriented Brew Hub will be.

The Interactive Brewery: Breweries Extend Their Identities Within Their Communities Feature by

A good brewery is aware of the atmosphere it’s creating. They don’t just want you to stop in and check it off your list; they want you to hang around, ask questions, bring friends. In essence, it’s all about community-building.

John Kimmich, Co-owner and Brewer, The Alchemist Last Call by

After Hurricane Irene demolished The Alchemist brewpub in 2011, John Kimmich and his wife, Jen, have focused solely on tweaking Heady Topper at their production brewery, where they’re at capacity brewing 9,000 barrels a year—all of which is sold within a 30-mile radius.