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The Year in Beer: Breaking Down 2019 By The Numbers by

Limited, higher alcohol, American-style IPAs, Stouts, and Sours from a select group of American brewers apparently dominated palates and discussions on BeerAdvocate in 2019.

How to Make a Cascadian Caipbeerinha Kindred Spirits by

A float of hoppy IPA brings floral and piney flavors along with a bit of Pacific Northwest flair to this riff on a caipirinha, the quintessential Brazilian cocktail.

The Year in Beer: Breaking Down 2018’s Ratings and Reviews By The Numbers by

During the 2018 calendar year, users added more than 70,600 unique beers to the site. That averages out to over 193 new beers every day.

Three Beers to Pair with a Bowl of Chili Table Mates by

Gary Valentine, beer director for Chicago’s Girl & The Goat, Duck Duck Goat, and Little Goat, offers three beer pairing suggestions for one of North America’s greatest culinary creations: chili.

Abnormal Beer Company’s Boss Pour and Mocha Stout Beer Reviews by

Boss Pour checks all of the West Coast IPA boxes, while Mocha Stout—made with local coffee—drops plenty of roastiness, baker’s chocolate, bitter cacao nibs, espresso beans, cola, and dark cherries onto the palate.

Hazy Days and Brighter Futures: Are New England IPAs More Than a Passing Fad? Unfiltered by

With each glass of hazy IPA that appears on the bar tops of breweries once focused on Belgian or German styles, it’s hard not to worry about the industry’s future prospects.

Trevor Williams of Hoof Hearted Brewing Going Pro by

Trevor Williams co-founded Columbus, Ohio’s Hoof Hearted Brewing with a pair of college buddies, Jared and Ryan Bichon, in 2011. They crank out bold, aromatic beer that’s influenced by hops, hair metal and video game culture.

Brass Monkey Kindred Spirits by

This tiki-style beertail combines a fresh cantaloupe cordial with nutty orgeat and an Italian amaro to offer a pleasantly bitter base of saffron, violet and anise, complementing the presence of grapefruit juice and a hoppy IPA.

Citrus and Tropical IPAs on the Rise News by

Although fruit styles only make up 1.5 percent of the total sales in the craft IPA category, the number of brands has increased, according to Chicago-based consumer insights company IRI.

67 Old Fashioned Kindred Spirits by

The idea for the 67 Old Fashioned came while having a beer and a shot after work. A sip of the cocktail is very whiskey forward, but when you exhale you taste the Mosaic hops and the gentle IPA bite from the demerara syrup made with Dallas-based Community Beer Company’s IPA.

Hazed and Confused: Seeking Clarity in IPAs Zymology by

What’s wrong with unfiltered beer? Nothing, traditionally speaking. Grains like oats and wheat, which brewers have used for hundreds of years, are known for rendering cloudy beer. But when it’s a hazy American IPA, people start arguing.

Peekskill Brewery: Seeking a Higher Standard in New York From the Source by

The distance between Peekskill’s old and new homes is only two-tenths of a mile, but their differences are dramatic. The latter features a 15-barrel brewhouse and a 16-draft taproom on the first floor, with a 65-seat restaurant and another 16 drafts pouring on the second floor.

Lupulin Madness! Beer Smack by

We challenge brewers to stop following this hoppy trend. Become a leader instead. Show us that there’s more to beer than paint-by-number IPAs.

American Styles of the 1930s History by the Glass by

Robert Wahl had a distinguished career as a brewing science educator. But one of his greatest legacies is a book that shines a light on American brewing in the immediate aftermath of Prohibition.

Eastern Promise: After Years in the Shadows, the Balanced, Aromatic East Coast IPA Makes a Comeback Feature by

A decade ago, typecasting IPAs was easy. And as of 2014, the mild-mannered East Coast IPA was old news, a relic of an earlier era of craft brewing. But a funny thing happened on the style’s trip to the graveyard.

Clarity: Part II BYOB by

Got a hazy IPA that needs to be served in several days? Try a combination of unflavored gelatin or a two-part clarifier like Super-Kleer KC Finings and 31°F storage and make it shine like a crazy diamond.

End of Days Kindred Spirits by

End of Days melds three elements: agave spirit, American IPA and bitterness. The earthy, peppery notes of blanco tequila play very well with the citrus and pine notes of an American IPA. And the IPA is complemented by the bitter orange flavor of Campari.

Alpine Beer Company From the Source by

Alpine Beer Company looks like you might imagine a small brewery in a small mountain town might look. The location is unassuming, snuggled in tight next to a quaint bookstore. The scenery is Southern California in all its glory. This was a dream location when McIlhenny opened it in 2002.

With a Little Help From My Friends: British and American Craft Brewers Find Common Ground Feature by

It’s not unfair to say that British beer was stagnating before it got a kick in the arse from American craft brewers in the early 2000s.

Mexican Tortas with Beery Fillings Cooking with Beer by

The sandwich: great bread, fresh and delicious ingredients layered together in a thoughtful order, giving way to texture and spices, all composed to pleasure the palate. Mexican Tortas accomplish just that.

Beer Crêpes: A Pancake By Any Other Name Cooking with Beer by

Crêpes can be served for breakfast, brunch, lunch, a dinner, dessert or a late-night snack after an evening at the bar. Beer only makes them better.

Double IPA Shortbread Cookies with Bacon Drippings Cooking with Beer by

These easy-to-make cookies, which can include an IPA or a Double IPA, walk the line between sweet and savory elements for a unique holiday treat.

Tapas: Spanish Beer Food Cooking with Beer by

Tapas satisfy the craving to try multiple items and not have to eat a huge portion, work great with crowds, and the unique cuisine of Spain lends itself to beer pairings.

A Taste of the Islands: Hawaiian-Style Beer Cuisine Cooking with Beer by

The Polynesian-, Chinese- and Japanese-fusion cuisine that has evolved over time on the islands of Hawaii can easily become a feast for one or many, creating a mini tropical vacation at home.