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The 20 Most-Read BeerAdvocate Stories of 2018 News by

The most popular BeerAdvocate stories in 2018 covered a fairly wide range of topics, from the polarizing subject of kids in brewery taprooms, to the best beer pairings for Nashville hot chicken, and a deconstruction of common myths about lager.

Heavy Medal: A Brief History of the Great American Beer Fest Awards By The Numbers by

The history of the Great American Beer Festival is the history of craft brewing magnified. It started in 1982 as a one-night event, held during the fourth annual National Homebrew and Microbrewery Conference.

Beer News News by

Restaurateur plans to open Rwanda’s first local brewery; first US brewery medals in German-style Pilsner at European awards; changes in Oklahoma and Pennsylvania benefit beer drinkers; and Night Shift Brewery launches own wholesaler.

Reuben’s Brews: Making Bloody Good Beer in Seattle From the Source by

In just a couple of years, Adam Robbings matriculated from homebrewing newbie to brewmaster and co-owner of Reuben’s Brews, named after Robbings’ son, Reuben.

À la Fût: Quebec’s Cowboy Brewers From the Source by

Two hours north of Montreal, this 5-barrel brewpub is housed in a 150-year-old building that once served as a general store. Its small town of Saint-Tite also hosts a rodeo every September.

Beer News News by

BrewDog announces location in Columbus; Minnesota allows Sunday growler sales; US breweries win at Australian International Beer Awards; AB InBev trademark application suspended; Alabama craft beer law limits brewery expansion; and breweries and brewpubs now open or coming soon.

Tom Peters, Owner of Monk’s Café Last Call by

Peters has made sure we can experience authentic Belgian beer culture at his bar, Monk’s Café in Philadelphia. His employee education program, Monk’s-exclusive beers, and commitment to excellence have won him a semifinalist slot for a 2015 James Beard award.

Modus Operandi Brewing Company: Big IPAs Down Under From the Source by

Inspiration for Modus Operandi struck when Grant and Jaz Wearin embarked on a great American road trip that kicked off in Colorado, continued through the rolling mountains of Wyoming, Montana and Idaho, and then wound back down the West Coast.

Beer News News by

Craft New York Act Eases Regulations; Port Brewing and Lost Abbey Debut New Line; US Brewers Win at European Beer Star Awards; and Australian Breweries Request Fair Trade Investigation.

Medal, Schmedal Beer Smack by

At the end of the day, the real judges are consumers. And they don’t care if a beer meets specific style guidelines or wins a medal. They just care if the beer is good.

On Top of the World Unfiltered by

With more than 3,000 American breweries now in operation, selecting world-class beers from the tens of thousands of available brands is an almost impossibly laughable task.

Craft Brewers Conference, BrewExpo America and World Beer Cup: In Pictures The Business of Beer by

The 31st annual Craft Brewers Conference brought together professionals from all parts of the industry for a packed schedule of seminars, a trade show and awards. Here are a few standout moments from the event in Denver.

Annie Johnson, Homebrewer of the Year Last Call by

Annie Johnson, who lives in Sacramento, Calif., became the first woman in 30 years to be named Homebrewer of the Year by the American Homebrewers Association. Her Lite American Lager swept 25 categories at the 2013 National Homebrewers Conference.

The Victory Lap BYOB by

This month, we track an entry from a BeerAdvocate member through the 2013 Doug King Memorial Competition. In the middle of my panel appeared Ward’s Vanilla Chai Strong Milk Stout. It was rich, sweet and chocolaty with enough spice to balance a lactose-enhanced body.

A Closer Look at GABF: 2012, and Beyond Feature by

The Great American Beer Festival (GABF) is one of the largest events of its kind, and this year’s was the biggest yet: 49,000 tickets sold, and 580 breweries pouring 2,700 beers in the massive Denver Convention Center.

Jonathan Permen, Homebrewer of the Year Last Call by

A manufacturing engineer by day, Permen applies the logic of inputs and outputs to homebrewing. As scientific as that sounds, Permen credits his Homebrewer of the Year win mostly to luck.

Beer News News by

Shelton Brothers: The Bane of New York Breweries?; Diageo Pressures BII to Bamboozle BrewDog; Shipping Beer via USPS Now Allowed; Michigan Brewing Company Losing Ground; and Tragedy Strikes Redhook.

The National Brewing Awards 2011 The Politics of Beer by

The National Brewing Awards are so named because they are awarded without the need to enter any competition, to nations in recognition of what they have done for beer brewing during the year in question. There is no ceremony and no official presentation.

“And the Winner Is…” Inside the Great American Beer Festival Competition: Part II Feature by

It’s October 1st, and the cavernous Colorado Convention Center is packed with throngs of grinning Great American Beer Festival attendees. But beyond the buzzed masses the dull roar of the public fades into hushed utterances. It’s about 10 minutes before the GABF’s 30th annual awards ceremony begins.

Mr. Arthur Batham’s Sense of Style The Politics of Beer by

Tim Webb reminisces about his first taste of better beer in 1974 (a Batham’s Bitter at The Plough Inn) and wonders what the prize-winning GABF beers will be like 35 years from now.

Brewer Bling Beer Smack by

We don’t mean any disrespect to any of the organizations who host competitions, nor are we questioning their judging methods, and we’re sure that their intentions are good, but do consumers really care about medals?

Judging Beer Unfiltered by

With countless accolades slapped on the sides of six-packs, consumers are wise to learn about a competition’s methods before they plunk down money for an “award-winning” beer.