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Paul Humpherson of Oxford Brewery Tap Social on Connecting Ex-Offenders with Jobs in Beer Last Call by

Oxford, England brewery Tap Social links ex-offenders with education, training, and jobs in the beer-making industry.

Brewability Lab’s Tiffany Fixter and Tanner Schneller on Creating Jobs for Adults with Special Needs Last Call by

Tiffany Fixter opened Brewability Lab in Denver with head brewer Tanner Schneller to create job opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities, including autism.

The Personal Trainer: Cicerone Content Director Pat Fahey Will Work For Beer by

As content director, Pat Fahey applied his background in chemistry and academia to expand Cicerone’s reputation as a beer education authority.

Great Raft Brewing: Bringing Local Beer to Northwest Louisiana From the Source by

Andrew and Lindsay Nations moved back to their hometown of Shreveport, La., to create and foster a beer culture in the state’s northwest corner, which is closer to Dallas, Texas, than New Orleans.

Jon Downing, Brewmaster Professor, Niagara College Teaching Brewery Last Call by

Thanks to Jon Downing’s leadership, Niagara College Teaching Brewery won the first US Open College Beer Championship in July 2016, a competition among collegiate brewing programs.

Be an Intelligent Beer Consumer Beer Smack by

There are no more excuses for ignorance. We’re not talking about becoming an expert, but rather getting informed with the basics and understanding beer and the core brewing process.

Fostering Education, Breweries and Universities Work Together on New Beers News by

From the University of Louisiana at Lafayette’s Ragin’ Cajuns Ale to University of Wisconsin’s S’Wheat Caroline, brewery-university partnerships are about more than making money.

Beer News News by

Mikkeller beer to help refugee children; San Francisco Brewers Guild offers free shuttle service; brewing luminaries to teach at Vermont’s Sterling College; and MillerCoors Breweries reach landfill-free status.

Sylvia Kopp, Brewers Association’s American Craft Beer Ambassador Last Call by

As the Brewers Association’s new American craft beer ambassador in Europe, Sylvia Kopp, a beer sommelier from Germany, will travel the continent demystifying US craft beer for emerging markets abroad.

The Beer Bible Shelf Talker by

Why we’re reading The Beer Bible.

Amber Highways: Brewers Hit the Road in Search of Knowledge and New Opportunities Feature by

Taking time off to travel allows brewers to escape the comfort zone of their local brewing scene. Countless possibilities await those willing to expand their worldview for the sake of professional development, whether it’s a state or a continent away.

Just Say Know: Beer School Goes to College Feature by

No beer school program, no matter how rigorous, should be considered complete, in and of itself. One course, certificate or degree does not an expert make. They are but a starting point.

Katy Benson & Doug Odell Student / Brewer Conference by

Doug Odell, co-founder of Colorado’s Odell Brewing Co., took time out of a brew day to let Katy Benson, a grad student in her second year of the Food Science Masters Program at UC Davis, pick his brain.

Beer News News by

Oregon State University receives $1.2 million to expand Fermentation Sciences program; Australian researchers test a “hydrating” beer; “stoop drinking” in NYC mayoral debates; and tragic accident takes life of Stone brewer.

Back to (Brew) School: Brewers Education Programs Proliferate Feature by

It’s no mystery that craft beer sales, diversification of the market and enthusiasm for the industry are at an all-time high. As a result, already-established brewing programs continue to update their curriculums, and universities are adding new programs and degrees in fermentation science.

The Color of Beer Innovation by

Beertone is literally, the Pantone of beer—Pantone being the self-described worldwide standard language for color communication. What Pantone does for color on everything from coffee cups to clothes, Beertone does for beer color.

Beer News News by

Auburn University to offer a major in brewing science; Budweiser responds to suit alleging Bud “watered down” brews; Philadelphia sues Yuengling for $6.6 million in back taxes; a brewery expansion roundup; and Scottish brewery chastised by anti-alcohol groups over “breakfast beer.”

Field Trips: Lessons From the Road Feature by

It’s easy to take collaboration in the world of craft as fate; as the natural outcome of combining thousands of people who all agree that their job is The Best Thing Ever. With each brewery visit comes a chance to combine mutual obsessions. And the best way to accomplish that? Field trips.

Beer News News by

New French beer tax elicits outcry from EU brewers; Oskar Blues partners with community college for hands-on brew course; German courts rule to allow two different Duff beers; study claims hop compound may help fight common cold; and Westvleteren XII finally released to much fanfare, some controversy.

Drop-In Brewing Company From the Source by

Visitors to Vermont’s Drop-In Brewing Company may not notice anything different about the brewery. However, for two weeks a year, the beer is just a secondary product at Drop-In; the fully operational brewery doubles as the training grounds for the American Brewers Guild Brewing School in Salisbury.

Back to Beer School Party-Gyle by

September is the classic “back to school” time, and a demonstration or loose lesson is a great way to anchor a party before it breaks into chaos. And what’s more relevant a topic than beer?

Not Being There The Politics of Beer by

While many of the world’s interesting beers are imported to the US, most are not. And those that do arrive can be in a condition bearing little relation to their true nature. Better understanding comes from visiting them at home.

Fighting Beer Fatigue Unfiltered by

After a few years of trying new beers, every beer lover hits a wall. Beer fatigue can strike anywhere. In these circumstances, the most effective approach is perhaps the least intuitive: Just take a break.

Beer News News by

Taking garbage beer proves hazardous; Washington state approves increased beer tax; on-campus brewing proposed at Louisiana State University; Carlsberg warehouse workers strike over on-the-job pints.