BeerAdvocate magazine #63

Putting Your Money Where Your Mouth Is Beer Smack by

For years, many of you have asked, begged and even demanded that we not only launch a mobile version of, but a digital edition of the magazine. Some things aren’t as easy as simply asking and receiving.

Beer News News by

KettleHouse Brewery pulls back on distribution in Montana; Alpine Beer Company takes action against illegal beer trading; Louisiana brewery changes name to avoid conflict; and new legislation brewing in New York, Mississippi, New Jersey, and Alabama.

On Bars and Beer Gardens Unfiltered by

Community drinking experiences don’t always have to start with long-standing, brick-and-mortar operations. As with many ideas that shift from West to East in the United States, San Francisco is engaging in a remarkably simple yet creative civic experiment: making use of vacant spaces.

Not Being There The Politics of Beer by

While many of the world’s interesting beers are imported to the US, most are not. And those that do arrive can be in a condition bearing little relation to their true nature. Better understanding comes from visiting them at home.

The Illustrated Guide to Brewing Beer: A Comprehensive Handbook of Beginning Homebrewing Shelf Talker by

Why we’re reading The Illustrated Guide to Brewing Beer: A Comprehensive Handbook of Beginning Homebrewing.

Birth of Cool, Part One BYOB by

It’s best to pitch your beer cold and let it rise slowly to suppress the early formation of obnoxious esters and fusels. This recipe for a Belgian-style Tripel benefits from the chilly start.

The Monk’s Kettle in San Francisco, California Barkeep by

The Monk’s Kettle in San Francisco’s Mission District, hosts 24 drafts and around 180 bottles, including 10–15 vintage selections in the subterranean cellar of the extremely intimate space (the capacity is just 45).

Doug Hurst of Metropolitan Brewing Company Going Pro by

When Doug Hurst and his wife, Tracy, founded the Metropolitan Brewing Company, they wanted to bring something different to Chicago. Metropolitan stands out in a crowded craft beer market because the brewery is married to its hometown’s brewing culture.

Rice Beer History by the Glass by

The willful misrepresentation of the past by the German brewing industry is irritating. Giving the impression that German beer has been all malt since Moses was at school? Nothing could be further from the truth.

Lovely Saint Winefride by Pretty Things Label Approval by

The label art for a new beer from Massachusetts-based Pretty Things Beer & Ale Project dips into the part-fictional, part-real life world Dann and Martha Paquette are constructing.

New York 1929 Kindred Spirits by

The New York 1929 is a fantastic year-round brunch cocktail owing its bold flavor to the smokiness of Rauchbier, and the bitterness and deep chocolate flavors to Bittermens Xocolatl Mole Bitters.

Trying to Reason with Brewing Season Innovation by

Many brewers put a lot into a beer that misses the mark because the temperatures changed during fermentation or it wasn’t given enough time to ferment and age. To prevent the heartbreak of releasing a beer before its time or too late, Christian Lavender created The Home Brewing Calendar.

Beer Dumplings Cooking with Beer by

Dumplings can range from simple to complex in flavor, texture and ingredients. Influenced by international cuisines, these versatile pouches come in many shapes and sizes and can be steamed, boiled or fried. Here are a few recipes that use beer.

The Spring Fling Party-Gyle by

Throw a party for spring: an ode to new love and Saison. This beer style means “season” in French (the language of love), and has come to represent a distinctly refreshing category of light ales. Hence, the spring equinox on March 20th will mark the release of these crisp, zesty beers from many breweries.

Lazy Magnolia Brewing Co. From the Source by

It is illegal in Massachusetts to bring a beer to a patient in a hospital. In Texas, drinking more than three sips of beer at a time while standing is against the law. There are scores of pointless, strange edicts on the books, but the good people of Mississippi aren’t laughing about a particular law regulating

Distilling Like a Brewer Feature by

Distilling isn’t a huge leap from brewing. Today, out of the roughly 235 craft distilleries in America, 18 are operated by craft breweries, and that number is expected to rise as these once-mutually exclusive industries slowly recognize just how much they have in common.

The Lager Yeast Genome Project Feature by

While walking in the woods, Argentinian microbiologist Diego Libkind stumbled upon fungus clusters scattered on the ground. Taking a sample back to the lab, Libkind found a species of Saccharomyces yeast living on these edible mushrooms.

Savannah, Georgia Destinations by

Savannah is a European-influenced city that’s heavy on charm and good times. Stroll the cobblestone streets, explore the notable squares, and visit the quirky bars that dot downtown—all without having to be beer-less between stops, since open containers are permitted in the 2 square-miles of the Historic District.

Megan Parisi, Brewmaster at Bluejacket Last Call by

After 10 years of homebrewing, Megan Parisi went back to school. Her big break came from Cambridge Brewing Co. in Massachusetts, where she won five GABF medals. Now, Parisi is helming Bluejacket, the newest venture from DC-based Neighborhood Restaurant Group.