BeerAdvocate magazine #68

There She Blows! Beer Smack by

A white whale is just beer, albeit a limited one. And while the hunt might sound like fun, many have argued that their existence and subsequent harpooning has harmed the beer industry.

Beer News News by

Nonprofit pub to open in Oregon; two more defunct beer brands revived; Pabst launches interactive marketing campaign to promote Rainier Brewery; Lost Abbey crashes Lost Abbey tasting party; super PAC to foster change by funding happy hours.

The Economics of Beer Shelf Talker by

Why we’re reading The Economics of Beer.

The Rusty Apricot Kindred Spirits by

In a Rusty Apricot, the bitterness of an IPA is cut by the sweetness of cider, making for an excellent morning refreshment, or a gateway to hoppy beer for the non-indoctrinated.

Keg Clips Keep it Together Innovation by

Keg Clips are simple pieces of plastic that join kegs together to create a sturdier, more stable pallet for storage and shipping; seven of them can secure one pallet of half-barrel kegs.

The City Never Sleeps by Gigantic Brewing Co. Label Approval by

All of Gigantic’s labels are designed to look like the cover of a comic book, including the surreal, tripped out image created for The City Never Sleeps by children’s book author J. Otto Seibold.

Lace Up Those Drinking Sneakers Draft Picks by

In recent years, running and craft beer have buddied up. Running and drinking beer, one a presumed healthy activity and the other a presumed unhealthy one, have begun to coexist in some interesting ways.

Crap on Tap Unfiltered by

With all of its successes, this nation of craft beer should not define itself through its larger corporate rivals. It’s time for a new generation of craft beer slogans, focused on promoting the positive characteristics that the industry symbolizes.

Old Burton Extra History by the Glass by

Fuller’s brewed two Burtons in the 1930s, Burton Old and Old Burton Extra. OBE didn’t quite have the gravity of Barclay’s KKKK, but it was still a very potent 7.4 percent alcohol by volume. Burton’s popularity quickly dropped off after World War II, but OBE struggled on until 1969.

Hop Harvest Hoedown BYOB by

Harvest ales—beers with just-picked hops—are as old a tradition as you can find in the craft beer world, dating all the way back to the prehistoric year of 1996. This year, there was a concerted commercial effort to release fresh hops to homebrewers.

Beer Strudel: Sweet, Savory, and Super Tasty Cooking with Beer by

When made with beer, a strudel’s tender, flaky and super-tasty dough can become a wonderful meal. There are endless combinations of fillings and flavors that can be tried, but here are two recipes to try during Oktoberfest.

Back to Beer School Party-Gyle by

September is the classic “back to school” time, and a demonstration or loose lesson is a great way to anchor a party before it breaks into chaos. And what’s more relevant a topic than beer?

The Mayor of Old Town in Fort Collins, Colorado Barkeep by

Housed in a former high-end furniture shop, The Mayor of Old Town is a minimalist space, set off by high ceilings and lots of natural light and outfitted in mid-century modern décor. This clean design allows visitors to focus on the beer, which is plentiful—to the tune of 100 taps.

Caleb Staton of Upland Brewing Company Going Pro by

Out of brewing school and in need of a job, Caleb Staton cold-called Upland and parlayed a chimp joke into a job washing kegs and cleaning tanks. He worked his way up the ranks and is now head brewer at the Bloomington, Ind., brewery.

Drop-In Brewing Company From the Source by

Visitors to Vermont’s Drop-In Brewing Company may not notice anything different about the brewery. However, for two weeks a year, the beer is just a secondary product at Drop-In; the fully operational brewery doubles as the training grounds for the American Brewers Guild Brewing School in Salisbury.

St. Louis, Missouri Destinations by

St. Louis has always been a beer city. In 1991, it started its transformation to a craft beer city. The metro area has added 10 new breweries since 2009; two dozen breweries now operate within a two-hour drive of downtown. Today, it’s one of the country’s top destinations for beer travelers.

Tulips, Windmills, and Craft Beer? The Netherlands Enters the Beer Scene Feature by

Dutch beer culture has always lived in the shadow of the more flavorful Dubbels and Tripels from its famous neighbors. But over the last 10 years, there’s been a dramatic surge in small brewers and adventurous consumers in the Netherlands.

A Game of Risk: The Headaches of Brewery Expansion Feature by

Increasing sales don’t necessarily translate into easy times for brewery owners. As the craft beer segment grows, many brewers are finding it just as hard to expand, as it was to initially get the doors open.

Mike Frohlich, Co-founder and Brewmaster, Laughing Sun Brewing Co. Last Call by

Between his job at the North Dakota historical society, being a father to his 7-year-old son and brewing Laughing Sun’s six regular beers, Mike Frohlich has his hands full.