BeerAdvocate magazine #81

Unseasonal Releases Beer Smack by

Every season, we see fall beers on the shelves in June and winter ales in September. It sounds ridiculous, and kind of is, but there’s reason behind the madness.

Beer News News by

Oregon State University receives $1.2 million to expand Fermentation Sciences program; Australian researchers test a “hydrating” beer; “stoop drinking” in NYC mayoral debates; and tragic accident takes life of Stone brewer.

Crafting a Nation Shelf Talker by

This film takes the viewer into the cold storage and barrel rooms of a slew of breweries, large and small, across the country, from financial struggles at Denver’s Black Shirt Brewing to the overnight success of Indeed Brewing in Minneapolis.

Proud Mary Kindred Spirits by

Pickled okra and a slice of bacon garnish this nitro Stout spin on a classic bloody mary cocktail.

The Big (and Fast) Chill Innovation by

The Beerouette is a self-contained device that connects to a beer (or soda) can and spins it in an icy bath. The Chill Bit attaches to a bottle or can and uses the power of a drill to do the spinning.

Baka Ohka Imperial Cherry Stout by Church of The Atom Label Approval by

Church of The Atom is a nanobrewery in Sweden’s beer hub of Gothenburg that derives its name from a post-apocalyptic video game that co-founders Kristian Hallberg and Marcus Ekdahl were both into when they decided to launch CoTA.

Italy’s Craft Brewers Embrace Agricultural Tradition Beer Without Borders by

In 2010, an Italian law reclassified beer as an agricultural product. Now, any brewery that makes its beer using 51 percent of brewery-grown raw materials can be classified as an agricultural brewery.

It’s Not Easy Being Surly Brick & Mortar by

When Surly Brewing Co. of Minnesota released renderings of the new, $20 million brewery it plans to build in an industrial area of Minneapolis, criticism of its “Brutalist” design aesthetic began pouring in.

The Futility of Beer Styles Unfiltered by

With little brand loyalty among craft beer consumers, knowing the brewer’s name or even the style seems less important than being drawn in by the creativity of an engaging brand name or story.

Danziger Joppenbier History by the Glass by

Who thought spontaneous fermentation was unique to Belgium? It wasn’t, and lasted well into the 19th century in other parts of Europe. I’m not talking about Gose or another sour wheat style, but about one of the strangest beers brewed in recent times: Danziger Joppenbier.

Peanut Butter Jelly Time BYOB by

This recipe is all about the PB&J sandwich. It’s based around a Brown Ale, with rye and aromatic malt for toasty bread, and yeast that gives us an English “fruity jam.” Then after fermentation, a helping of powdered peanut butter.

Hawaiian Poke Cooking with Beer by

Poke is a local Hawaiian dish; the word means “to slice or cut into cubes.” Think sashimi-quality raw tuna made into a fresh salad. The addition of Kona Brewing’s Big Swell IPA or Lemongrass Saison to the marinade adds a citrusy brightness to the fish.

The Foundry in Kansas City, Missouri Barkeep by

James Westphal’s mini-empire of beer-centric establishments in Kansas City began with the opening of McCoy’s Public House in 1997. He launched the Beer Kitchen in 2001, and then in 2008 opened The Foundry in a connected space next door.

Travis Smith of Societe Brewing on Hoppy Burps and Trusting Your Palate Going Pro by

A veteran of The Bruery and Russian River Brewing, Travis Smith co-founded San Diego’s Societe Brewing Co. in 2012 with his friend Doug Constantiner.

Enlightenment Ales From the Source by

Ben Howe opened Enlightenment Ales in Lowell, Mass., in October 2011 with the idea of brewing not an Export Stout, but rather one very special beer style: Bière de Champagne.

Where to Drink in Indianapolis, Indiana Destinations by

Although there were a small handful of microbreweries, like the Oaken Barrel, during Indianapolis’ darker days, it wasn’t until Sun King tapped its first kegs in 2009 that craft beer exploded in the city.

Arts & Crafts: Breweries Dip into Creative Fields Feature by

Around the country, brewers are collaborating—not just with other brewers, but with artists of all mediums. Together, they are creating beers that aim to go beyond the five senses to convey emotions and feelings. Delving into music, television and theater, brewers are combining the craft of brewing with the performing arts.

Move Over, Margaritaville: In the Subtropics, South Florida’s Craft Beer Scene Emerges Feature by

Even with talented brewers like Funky Buddha and J. Wakefield cranking out creative, quality beers, it takes passionate consumers to make an area’s beer scene sing. And South Floridians are fully embracing the craft beer movement.

Meredith Heil, Craft Beer Writer and Event Producer Last Call by

Meredith Heil, who’s 27 and lives in Brooklyn, is calling for the craft beer industry to reevaluate its attitude toward women and members of the LGBTQ community.