BeerAdvocate magazine #93

Turbid Times Beer Smack by

Presentation is part of the experience of enjoying beer and an influencer for consumers. It’s the eye candy that teases the other senses and sets expectations. It’s the all-important first impression. So why are a growing number of brewers releasing beers that frankly look like shit?

Private Equity Firm Invests in Uinta Brewing News by

Uinta Brewing has received a major investment from The Riverside Company, a private equity firm. Uinta founder Will Hamill will remain on as CEO.

Mexico’s Booming Craft Breweries Continue to Win Fans News by

Independent breweries are on the rise in Mexico, and consumers—both local and abroad—are increasingly aware of what’s brewing from Baja to Yucatán.

New Belgium Brewing Establishes Federal PAC News by

On July 30, New Belgium Brewing Company filed a Statement of Organization with the Federal Election Commission to establish its own Federal Political Action Committee (PAC). With this filing, the company increases its national political involvement.

Beer News News by

New California law combats keg theft; GABF beer brewed entirely with N.C. ingredients; Hill Farmstead expansion to double production capacity; and Maui Brewing joins in-flight beers from craft breweries.

Vintage Beer: A Taster’s Guide to Brews that Improve Over Time Shelf Talker by

Why we’re reading Vintage Beer: A Taster’s Guide to Brews that Improve Over Time.

Summer Trip Kindred Spirits by

The German-style Berliner Weisse in this cocktail contrasts with two classic Italian ingredients: Amaro, a bittersweet digestif made with roots and herbs, and Limoncello, a lemon liqueur from Capri.

Let Them Drink Cake Innovation by

Like soups, sauces and bread, beer in cake is a classic combination—its flavor adds depth to many cake recipes. The dry cake mixes from PubCakes are designed to be simple enough for anyone to make their own beer-infused cake or batch of cupcakes.

2013 Illustration Ale by East End Brewing Company Label Approval by

How a label that one East End employee described as “SpongeBob on acid” made it past the feds seems to stump everyone involved in Illustration Ale, a beer created to to showcase local artists and benefit the ToonSeum, a museum of cartoon arts in Pittsburgh.

Rising from the Wreckage Brick & Mortar by

Bob Sandage, a longtime homebrewer, saw something in the once-grand mansion in Atlanta—a home for his dream, a brewpub. In 2012, The Wrecking Bar received an Atlanta Urban Design Commission Award and a similar honor from The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation.

Hopworks Urban Brewery: 5 Essentials 5 Essentials by

A native Portlander, Christian Ettinger experienced how beer creates community at age 19 when he studied abroad in Cologne, Germany, and got a taste for the city’s hybrid lagers.

First Among Equals Unfiltered by

While it’s a testament to the evolution of craft brewing that many new brewers believe themselves capable of making the world’s best beer, the likelihood that they will make good beer, let alone world-class beer, in their earliest efforts is exceedingly low.

Alphabet Soup History by the Glass by

I’m sure you’ve all heard of IPA, but what about KK, SS and AK? British brewers once loved to string together beer names from a few letters. But what on earth do they all mean?

A Case For Brown Ales BYOB by

Brownish ales have a long history, but what we’re talking about is the classic Brown Ale born in Britain and transmogrified here. To me, Brown Ales have roasty, toasty brown bread tones that hang out over a medium malted beer with a restrained caramel sweetness.

Cooking with Beer in the Austrian Kitchen Cooking with Beer by

Rustic cuisine that has been around for centuries, these Austrian dishes are rich in heritage, and have a soul-satisfying taste that evokes great-grandmother’s kitchen. These interpretations of Old World recipes will warm the house, take off any chill, and pair perfectly with a variety of beers.

Holy Grale in Louisville, Kentucky Barkeep by

In 2010, Lori Beck and Tyler Trotter transformed a former house of worship into Holy Grale, a bar and restaurant inspired by their trips to Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. The building’s prior use is still evident in its dark woods, hanging lanterns and arched windows.

Jim McCabe of Milwaukee Brewing Company Going Pro by

Jim McCabe founded the Milwaukee Ale House in 1997, after getting hooked on brewpubs out West. He added a production brewery, the Milwaukee Brewing Company, a decade later. What unites them is a push to connect the craft movement with Milwaukee’s beermaking tradition.

Toppling Goliath Brewing Company: Iowa’s Hops Specialist From the Source by

The focus on hops at Toppling Goliath has been there from the beginning. It wasn’t an obvious fit at first. Iowa wasn’t known for boundary-pushing brews. And tiny Decorah is nestled among the rolling hills of northeastern Iowa’s Driftless Region, a rural area of small farms and small towns.

Where to Drink in Hong Kong, China Destinations by

Three years ago, there wasn’t much of a beer scene in Hong Kong. Now it is one of the most exciting cities for craft beer in Asia, with a growing community of brewers, bar owners and independent importers doing their part to give local taste buds an alternative to fizzy light lagers.

Stepping Up to the Pint: Contract Brewers Turn to Ownership For Growth, Increased Control Feature by

Few contract brewers start out intending to sell the hapless beer drinker subpar suds. In fact, most contractors have the same dream as every other brewer: to build their brand, win over consumers and open facilities of their own.

Eastern Promise: After Years in the Shadows, the Balanced, Aromatic East Coast IPA Makes a Comeback Feature by

A decade ago, typecasting IPAs was easy. And as of 2014, the mild-mannered East Coast IPA was old news, a relic of an earlier era of craft brewing. But a funny thing happened on the style’s trip to the graveyard.

Jenn Coyle, CEO of The Can Van Last Call by

Three years after Jenn Coyle co-founded The Can Van with three fellow MBA students, mobile canning has “almost become trendy,” she says. In July 2014 they canned more volume in the first half of the month than they did in their entire first year of business.