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Lord of the Barflies Unfiltered by

Once heralded for its camaraderie, the craft brewing community is under siege from within as each buyout fractures the industry’s communal spirit.

Where to Drink in Houston, Texas Destinations by

Houston’s thirsty guests will find a thriving beer scene with multiple breweries, each with a distinct personality and guest experience. Five new breweries opened up over a three-month period in summer 2016 alone.

If They Build It, Who Will Come? National Brewpubs with Neighborhood Aspirations Feature by

Taking cues from the pub and taproom model used by smaller breweries, big players in the beer industry, from 10 Barrel to Blue Moon and Lagunitas, attempt to cash in on the convenience and sense of community of urban outposts.

Calculating for the Future: Can Breweries Provide More STEM Jobs for Women? Feature by

Rapid growth and continued innovation in the beer industry have made it a professional pipeline for women in STEM careers, from researching yeast genomes to studying the science of taste.

Living in Isolation: How Elitism is Alienating Macro Beer Fans Unfiltered by

It’s time for small brewers and beer enthusiasts to stop taking cheap shots at Big Beer and instead focus on their own products.

Wholesale Wars: The Battle for the Future of Beer Distribution Feature by

While Anheuser-Busch’s spree of brewery acquisitions makes headlines, its wholesaler purchases have spawned a war at the distribution level that could be one of craft brewing’s most important fights yet.

Ale in the Family: As Craft Brewing Matures, Sons and Daughters See a Future in Ales and Lagers Feature by

Do family-run breweries have a future in the current environment? With breweries proliferating at every turn, generational succession is a critical long-range consideration for some companies.

Beer News News by

Anheuser-Bush Acquires 10 Barrel Brewing; New App Aims to Catalog Every Beer in the US; Beer Bar Files Suit Against Florida Growler Ban; and Green Flash Brewing Acquires Alpine Beer Co.

Beer News News by

Anhesuser-Busch sues Major League Baseball; Brewery Ommegang teams with activists to achieve gas-drilling moratorium; and Moonshot banned in wake of caffeinated-beverage probe.

Beer News News by

Beer Wars reaches the Big Screen; South Carolina microbrewers fight for their right to sell; Penn Brewery staying home; Possible Texas plan to allow buying beer direct from brewers; A tale of two Budweisers; and homebrewing legalized in Utah.

A-B InBev and I The Politics of Beer by

One problem with global and personal expansion is that each is based on an optimistic set of assumptions that perpetual growth is both realistic and beneficial.

The Changing Face of the Beer Industry Unfiltered by

Times are changing quickly in the American beer marketplace, and they’re not going to slow down anytime soon.

Beer News News by

A son leaves Leinie’s; voice of Bob the Builder launches ale in the UK; governor of Bavaria tells drivers that two liters of beer at Oktoberfest is safe; Pabst looks to the future; and beer drinkers sue A-B.

The Changing Face of American Beer Unfiltered by

After more than a year of rumors, analyst whispers and convenient press leaks, corporate brewing giant InBev finally made its move on America’s largest brewery.

Beer News News by

Hello “Anheuser-Busch InBev;” Pabst mocks Philly’s murals; “beer” loses some of its buzz; Redhook & Widmer Merge; and Ontarians call for an end to beer duopoly.

The Chelada Ask the Beer Geek by

The beer geek explains the Chelada phenomenon and shares his own drink recipe.

Beer News News by

Dundee Brewing Company raises awareness for bees; fire at the Matt Brewing Co.; Oregon beer distributors unite to fight A-B; beer from space; and the mega merger.

Beer News News by

Darling banned from local British pubs; Boston Beer Co. donates to Freetown; Michelob wins independence; Heineken takes over Scottish & Newcastle; LCBO turns to American craft beer; and A-B no longer exclusive.

Beer News News by

Cascade launches a renewable brew; US craft brewers grow; Miller dabbles in “lite” craft beers; Vermont rethinks drinking age; Bud Light Lime is born; and “Hop Obama” could divide versus unite.

Beer News News by

Anheuser-Busch imitates craft marketing; voters weigh in on who they’d like to share a beer with; cost increases in the UK threaten beer culture; Randy Thiel takes a new job; and a University considers teaching brewing.

Protective Cardboard, Ninja Yeast and a Beer Myth Busted Ask the Beer Geek by

The protection properties of cardboard cases; ninja yeast battling in extreme beer; and another cool versus warm myth busted (again).

Beer News News by

Grolsch swings to SABMiller, Widmer and Redhook to merge, Canadians’ outdated beer fridges, “Dublin Beer Bandit” at large, and a new beer allegedly reaches 20 percent ABV.

Beer News News by

What’s new in beer, from the craft side of Molson Coors to the future of the Chinese beer market.

Craft Beer is Going to Fade Beer Smack by

This so-called “resurgence” of craft beer is not a new trend or fad.