BeerAdvocate magazine #70

“Stand Your Ground and Pour!” Beer Smack by

Having beer at a fest isn’t enough. As consumers, we want to meet brewers, ask questions and learn more from those who inspire us.

Beer News News by

Virtual Pitchers on trial; eBay pledges to remove alcohol sales; homebrew equipment seized from Alabama shop; Oglala Sioux lawsuit dismissed; and consolidation & acquisitions roundup.

Asheville Beer: An Intoxicating History of Mountain Brewing Shelf Talker by

Why we’re reading Asheville Beer: An Intoxicating History of Mountain Brewing.

The Moorish Idol Kindred Spirits by

This gin, honey and spiced beer cocktail won the US National portion of the Caorunn Gin Storyteller’s Global Challenge 2012 held at Tales of the Cocktail in New Orleans.

BREW-K: When Flowers Won’t Do Innovation by

Beer is, of course, a great gift. But sometimes a six-pack with a bow stuck on top just doesn’t say enough. By giving beer in a special BREW-K package, you convey to the recipient that you went over and above in your beer giving.

Mr. Hyde by Greenbush Brewing Co. Label Approval by

Chef Justin White and owner Phil McFarland of Small Bar in Chicago collaborated with Michigan’s Greenbush Brewing Co. on Mr. Hyde, a Cream Stout made with Sumatran coffee beans.

Brewing with Cheatgrass Zymology by

While out one day surveying invasive cheatgrass fields in Nevada, USDA scientist Tye Morgan thought about the weed’s potential as a brewing grain.

The Story of Beer Unfiltered by

In the craft beer sphere, story remains a crucial component of building and maintaining a strong brand identity. It’s not just about making solid, drinkable and interesting beers.

Vassar Ale History by the Glass by

The Matthew Vassar who brewed Vassar Ale later founded the college in Poughkeepsie that bears his name. That connection is almost certainly why Vassar’s papers have been preserved.

White Stout BYOB by

Our modern understanding of Stout revolves around blackness, coffee and chocolate. Somewhere along the way, we lost the original meaning: “strong.” Some brewers are reclaiming the term with attempts at White Stout. Cue the exploding brains!

Thanksgiving Dessert Reimagined: Barleywine Pumpkin Pie Cooking with Beer by

What would Thanksgiving be without pumpkin pie? Here, a bourbon pie crust adds complexity, while mixing crème fraîche with an English-style Barleywine adds a touch of sweet and sour to the pumpkin.

A Harvest Dinner, Minus the Stress of Thanksgiving Party-Gyle by

Perhaps the best part of throwing a potluck-style party is being introduced to new tastes (and beers) that you wouldn’t otherwise try.

Closed for Business in Charleston, South Carolina Barkeep by

Stepping into Closed for Business, you find yourself transported. The young beer bar and restaurant in Charleston feels more like a renovated rec room than the area’s premiere craft-beer destination.

Jason Davis of Freetail Brewing Going Pro by

Freetail Brewing in San Antonio, Texas, cuts a wide swath, serving tasty session ales alongside its geekier offerings, like wild ales and specialty bottle releases.

Port City Brewing: Traditional Beers with a Twist in Virginia From the Source by

With a few loans and the support of a community that was clamoring for a local brewery, the Port City team took over an old warehouse just outside the nation’s capital to build one of the DC area’s most successful breweries.

Dublin, Ireland Destinations by

At the time of ’ founding in 1759, Dublin boasted dozens of breweries; but, as far as we know, by 1949, the Stout brewers at St. James’ Gate were the only brewers in town. In the past few decades (but especially the past few years), the Emerald Isle’s beer lovers have witnessed remarkable growth in

With a Little Help From My Friends: British and American Craft Brewers Find Common Ground Feature by

It’s not unfair to say that British beer was stagnating before it got a kick in the arse from American craft brewers in the early 2000s.

A Closer Look at GABF: 2012, and Beyond Feature by

The Great American Beer Festival (GABF) is one of the largest events of its kind, and this year’s was the biggest yet: 49,000 tickets sold, and 580 breweries pouring 2,700 beers in the massive Denver Convention Center.

Skyler Weekes, Founder and Owner, Rocky Mountain Barrel Co. Last Call by

Sky Weekes was a wine geek with a culinary degree when he decided to launch his barrel-broker business out of a U-Haul garage three years ago. Today, he’s worked with nearly every brewery in Colorado.