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Great Notion Opens Much-Anticipated Second Location in Northwest Portland News by

Great Notion’s second location offers plenty of growing room for the three-year-old company, along with to-go coffee six days a week, an expanded menu, and most importantly, more beer.

Russian River’s New Brewery Opens in Windsor This Week News by

Located on 15 acres in Windsor, Calif., Russian River’s new 85,000 square foot facility will include a brewery, a tasting room, a gift shop, and a restaurant.

Where’s the Beef? Pub Food Takes a Healthier Turn The Business of Beer by

As interest in plant-based diets grows, pub grub has begun to change with the times, meaning beer has a few new healthier, meat-free dining companions.

The Chef in the Brewhouse: More Breweries Add Upscale Menus and Sit-Down Dining Feature by

Goodbye boring pub grub. As the role of the brewery has evolved over the last decade, so has the relationship between the beer being brewed and the food being served.

À la Fût: Quebec’s Cowboy Brewers From the Source by

Two hours north of Montreal, this 5-barrel brewpub is housed in a 150-year-old building that once served as a general store. Its small town of Saint-Tite also hosts a rodeo every September.

Ale in the Family: As Craft Brewing Matures, Sons and Daughters See a Future in Ales and Lagers Feature by

Do family-run breweries have a future in the current environment? With breweries proliferating at every turn, generational succession is a critical long-range consideration for some companies.

Jonathan Buford of Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company Going Pro by

Jonathan Buford launched Arizona Wilderness Brewing Company as a strictly local venture. He wanted to help advance Arizona’s beer-drinking culture, and give Phoenix-area craft enthusiasts something to call their own.

Nathan Zeender of Right Proper Brewing Company Going Pro by

As a homebrewer, Nathan Zeender made his bones propagating the dregs of wild and sour beers he enjoyed, aged batches in wine and spirit barrels, and blended the results. Right Proper, the DC brewpub Zeender helped launch, is also far outside the brewing mainstream.

Peekskill Brewery: Seeking a Higher Standard in New York From the Source by

The distance between Peekskill’s old and new homes is only two-tenths of a mile, but their differences are dramatic. The latter features a 15-barrel brewhouse and a 16-draft taproom on the first floor, with a 65-seat restaurant and another 16 drafts pouring on the second floor.

Mikkeller Launches European Brewpub, US Brewery News by

Mikkel Borg Bjergso, the founder, owner and CEO of Denmark’s Mikkeller brewery, and a self-proclaimed “gypsy brewer” who has always used another brewery’s facilities has finally decided to establish not one, but two brewing locations of his own.

Flameout: Breweries Come and Go, Even in a Growing Market Feature by

Of the 836 new breweries that opened between 2010 and 2013, approximately 350 will close by 2016. It’s a shocking number that makes sense after asking the people behind recently shuttered breweries about the challenges they faced.

Rising from the Wreckage Brick & Mortar by

Bob Sandage, a longtime homebrewer, saw something in the once-grand mansion in Atlanta—a home for his dream, a brewpub. In 2012, The Wrecking Bar received an Atlanta Urban Design Commission Award and a similar honor from The Georgia Trust for Historic Preservation.

Fermentation Lounge in Tallahassee, Florida Barkeep by

Since opening in 2008, Fermentation Lounge, Tallahassee’s go-to beer bar has grown right along with the city’s beer scene. Pull up a fire-engine-red leather bar chair, and start exploring with two taps dedicated to Fermentation Lounge “house biers,” brewed on-site.

Cambridge Brewing Company From the Source by

Inspired by the successes of Bay Area breweries, Phil Bannatyne, a New Englander by birth, moved back to the East Coast in the late 1980s planning to get into the beer business. The space he could afford turned out to be in Kendall Square, a stone’s throw from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Devils Backbone Brewing Co. From the Source by

Basecamp. Outpost. Those are the two halves of Devils Backbone Brewing Co., one of Virginia’s fastest-growing beermakers. And in their short life span, Devils Backbone’s two brewhouses have garnered 23 medals at the Great American Beer Festival and five more in the World Beer Cup competition.

Wicked Weed Brewing From the Source by

Hops stand in the spotlight at one of the country’s newest brewpubs, Wicked Weed Brewing. There, hoppy American ales are featured alongside Old World Belgian styles, as co-founders and brothers Walt and Luke Dickinson carve their own niche in one of the most impressive beer cities in the world.

Steve Bradt of Free State Brewing Company Going Pro by

Steve Bradt came to the Free State Brewing Company looking for a side job. That was 25 years ago, and Bradt is still at Free State. He went from working behind the bar to running brewing operations at a company that has since added a production brewhouse to its original pub.

Brewpubs Growing Up Feature by

There are now over 1,000 brewpubs in the United States. With benefits including more beer, more flexibility in the pubs, the addition of packaging facilities and the ability to distribute further, what challenges do growing brewpubs face?

Beer News News by

Churchkey Can Company ressurrects the flat-top steel can; interstate brewery expansions loom; study finds two drinks a day could be a life saver; Heineken bans branding of local brews during London 2012 Olympics; and new beer laws passed in Indiana and Georgia.

Beer News News by

Brewers Association definition of “craft brewer” scales up; Oregon brewing legend Don Younger passes away; and Texas tries to achieve brewpub-friendly legislation.

Nebraska Brewing Company: Big Risks and Big Beers in Cornhusker Country From the Source by

People are starting to take notice of this little brewery that is making people realize there may be more to Nebraska than college football.

Kyle Smith of Kern River Brewing Company Going Pro by

California boasts a number of premier brewing regions; the base of Sequoia National Forest hasn’t traditionally been one of them. Kyle Smith is working to change that. His small brewpub, the Kern River Brewing Company, is cranking out buzzed-about beers at the edge of the wilderness.

Old Forge Brewing Company From the Source by

Craft beer is dark, it is light, it is hoppy and it is sour. The one thing it is not, is mass produced. That fact is never forgotten at Old Forge Brewing Company, a small brewpub in the heart of Danville, Pa. Located on Mill Street, where local artisans craft virtually everything, craft beer fits right in.

To Patagonia & Back Again: Part 1 of Tim Webb’s Odyssey to an Unknown Beer Land Feature by

What brings the visitors is the spectacular backdrop of Andean peaks, ice-capped even in summer, the breathtaking scenery around the seven sprawling lakes and, increasingly, the beer.