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I Miss Beer Fests Beer Smack by

Beer fests are an integral part of the beer industry, its community, and our business. I miss everything about them.

The Can’t Miss Pours of Extreme Beer Fest Boston 2019 News by

With roughly 500 beers, ciders, meads, and kombuchas to choose from—our largest Extreme Beer Fest lineup to date—it’s not going to be easy to decide where to start.

These 3 American Brewers Are Inspired by Extreme Beer Three Threads by

Today, whiskey barrels and vanilla beans are no more extreme than an everything bagel. But brewers continue to find other ways to experiment, from mixed culture fermentation to Sour Patch Kids.

Mutants and Transformers: A Look into the Future of Craft Brewing Unfiltered by

The rapid transformation and mutation of American craft brewing will undoubtedly persevere in the year ahead. Yet one thing always remains the same: the absence of boredom.

BrewLAB: How California’s 1.5-Barrel Microbrewery Lives Up to Its Name From the Source by

BrewLAB’s small size comes with a glut of flexibility, and with both owners serving as brewers, too, there’s no shortage of opportunity to live up to the California brewery’s name.

Trappist Beer Travels and Ancient Brews Shelf Talker by

Learn the origin stories of the 11 current Trappist breweries, as told by the monks themselves, and go back in time with “Dr. Pat” to unearth and recreate eight ancient ale recipes.

Meadowlark Brewing’s Fungus Shui Beer Reviews by

Fungus Shui is truly an “aha!” beer moment that all gastronomy geeks must try.

Forbidden Root Brewery’s Fernetic Beer Reviews by

Although a robust and somewhat chaotic beer, the balance of ingredients brought a surprising drinkability to Forbidden Root’s Fernetic.

Big in Japan: Stouts in the Land of the Rising Sun Beer Without Borders by

In contrast to the country’s ubiquitous lagers, a growing number of Japanese brewers are making big, bold Stouts, often with local ingredients.

Coming in 2017: Extreme Beer Fest® Los Angeles Beer Smack by

The rumors are true. Extreme Beer Fest cometh to Los Angeles, Calif., on Saturday, December 9, 2017.

The Wait Unfiltered by

While nothing draws a crowd like a crowd, standing in line for beer is too often about following the masses rather than one’s own palate—or curiosity.

Memory Lane Unfiltered by

Revisiting the original sources of your passion for beer provides a rare and valuable opportunity for reflection, introspection and self-examination.

Jay Goodwin of The Rare Barrel Going Pro by

At The Rare Barrel, a tiny, sours-only brewery in Berkeley, Calif., American sours push the boundaries of what Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus, Pedioccocus, oak and time can do.

The Futility of Beer Styles Unfiltered by

With little brand loyalty among craft beer consumers, knowing the brewer’s name or even the style seems less important than being drawn in by the creativity of an engaging brand name or story.

The End of Extreme Beer Unfiltered by

If the last 10 years have been marked by limit-pushing and attention-seeking behavior, craft brewers have overachieved. The next five years will be defined by simply trying to make enough beer to satisfy the pent-up demand.

Casey Hughes of Flying Fish Brewing Company Going Pro by

When Hughes arrived at Flying Fish a decade ago, the brewery was producing 4,000 barrels in a year; now, it’s on track to top 18,000. Almost all of the brewery’s growth has been local.

Right Brain Brewery From the Source by

American brewers have never exactly been constrained by German purity laws, but founder/owner Russ Springsteen and head brewer Corey Wentworth are taking experimentation and extreme beer to new heights in Traverse City, Mich., at Right Brain Brewery.

Beer News News by

Long Trail lends a hand to citizens in need; brewers throughout the Northeastern US cope with floods; can extra bubbles give Foster’s a lift?; Yuengling expands distribution to the Buckeye State; and the world’s strongest fermented beer, fresh from a deer.

Thinking Small Unfiltered by

Despite recent headlines, American beer culture has a long way to go before lower-alcohol drinking gains a true foothold.

The Age of Enlightenment! Last Call by

Ben Howe of Enlightenment Ales thinks the new generation of craft brewers should challenge the assumptions of drinkers and brewers alike.

Beer News News by

Robot serves a cold one; BrewDog ends history, t’ Koelchip starts the future; “Brewed” coming soon to a TV near you; Canadian football team eradicating beer snakes.

Why We Do What We Do Last Call by

James Watt and Martin Dickie of BrewDog are foot soldiers in the fight for craft beer awareness.

Three Threads Three Threads by

BA readers wonder if sours are here to stay, or just a passing trend.

Celebrating Craft Beer’s Success Unfiltered by

Even amidst the constantly buzzing news of special-release beers from exciting new breweries from Dallas to Denmark, let’s take a moment to remember the craft brewing pioneers and help them celebrate their achievements.