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Yuengling Settles Clean Water Act Violation; Hitachino Nest Opening Restaurant in San Francisco; Flying Fish Lands in Philly’s Historic Brewerytown; and Brooklyn Brewery Launches Record Label.

No More Excuses Beer Smack by

There is now a plethora of companies and people who are more than willing to offer their services and resources to help nearly anyone succeed. But it’s apparent that far too many brewers aren’t utilizing them as the same issues that everyone has bitched about for years still persist.

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Fort Worth’s beer can house sold; CAMRA launches revitalization project; Brouwerij de Molen sells minority share; and presidential candidates inspire new beers.

Taproom Wings: 3 Pairings Table Mates by

Tria’s Taproom Wings are cured overnight in garlic powder, dried sage, cumin and salt, then preserved in oil for a second night before being fried to order. Finally, buffalo hot sauce is swapped for a green chile sauce made from tomatillos, jalapeño, Spanish onion, garlic, cumin, coriander and parsley.

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Pope’s visit inspires brewers; Lagunitas and Saint Archer make big ownership moves; and grocery stores add beer taps.

Tom Peters, Owner of Monk’s Café Last Call by

Peters has made sure we can experience authentic Belgian beer culture at his bar, Monk’s Café in Philadelphia. His employee education program, Monk’s-exclusive beers, and commitment to excellence have won him a semifinalist slot for a 2015 James Beard award.

Another Place at the Table: As Top Restaurants Embrace Seasonal Ingredients and Local Cuisine, Can Beer Hold Its Own with Wine? Feature by

Despite the growth of craft brewing and an increasingly discerning audience of beer drinkers, well-developed beer programs at lauded fine dining restaurants remain somewhat rare.

Khyber Pass Pub in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Barkeep by

Khyber Pass has seen many incarnations since it opened in the 1850s. These days, it’s a beer bar serving up New Orleans fare (and cult favorite Benton’s Bacon Grease Popcorn); but just a few years ago, the Khyber was a venerable music venue. That rock & roll attitude is still around today.

Here for the Beer: 4 Great Summer Getaways Party-Gyle by

Maine, Denver, Seattle or Philly, here are four craft beer-infused itineraries for a vacation that you can really use.

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Auburn University to offer a major in brewing science; Budweiser responds to suit alleging Bud “watered down” brews; Philadelphia sues Yuengling for $6.6 million in back taxes; a brewery expansion roundup; and Scottish brewery chastised by anti-alcohol groups over “breakfast beer.”

Ryan Michaels of McKenzie Brew House Going Pro by

Ryan Michaels runs brewing operations at McKenzie Brew House, a small chain of brewpubs in suburban Philadelphia, but beer drinkers across the country seek out his work.

Stories from the Road: The Unheralded Boys of Beer Sales Keep the Suds (and Stories) Flowing Feature by

Beer sales is a world that’s defined by the dueling currents of competition and collaboration. Competition for tap lines; collaboration for lifelines.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Destinations by

Today, Philly has upwards of 20 breweries within a 100-mile radius, including Yuengling, the oldest brewery in America, and nationally known brands like Victory, Flying Fish and Stoudt’s.

Tom Baker of Earth Bread + Brewery Going Pro by

At his environmentally conscious Philadelphia brewpub, Earth Bread + Brewery, guest taps outnumber Baker’s own beers by nearly two to one. That way, customers looking for an American IPA can drink somebody else’s, and Baker’s taps are free for his more unusual and experimental beers.

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Dry petitioners want a wet Dallas; Pabst Brewery sold; former Schmidt’s owner passes away; Milwaukee Brewing converts cooking oil for boiler heat.

American Porter: A Patriotic Beer Style Profile by

Today’s American Porter is roastier, hoppier, stronger and—for the patriotic drinkers—better.

The Great Beer City Debate Unfiltered by

The core of a great beer city revolves around a handful of passionate breweries and brewpubs. Add to that a few superior beer bars that focus on diverse craft taps and fair prices, and offer events promoting better beers.

Founding Brew: Rebuilding America’s Relationship with Beer Feature by

Looking back, we survey a country where beer was once the agitator of rebellion and omnipresent companion to social discourse. Behind us is the mass industrialization of beer, but also the craft explosion; ahead of us—possibilities.

Quit Your Wining: How The Brewmaster’s Table Got Great Restaurants to Start Selling Great Beer Feature by

Why is beer suddenly grabbing the attention of chefs and bar managers at the hoitiest and toitiest places in the nation, after being relegated to second-class status for so long? There are a lot of intangible reasons, but there’s a more tangible one as well: Garrett Oliver’s The Brewmaster’s Table.