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Beers and Baskets: Breweries Connect with Disc Golfers Draft Picks by

There are over 6,000 disc golf courses scattered across the US today, an enormous number for a niche activity. Craft brewing has seen a similar explosion, so it should come as no surprise that there has been a convergence of these two interests.

At Michigan’s Fowling Warehouse, a New Hybrid Sport Pairs Best with Beer Barkeep by

Fowling—a hybrid of bowling and football—is best played with a beer in hand, and the Fowling Warehouse in Detroit has 180 brands to choose from.

Breaks and Brews: Surf Town Breweries Appeal to Wave Riders Feature by

A far cry from the hokey corporate bars that market themselves with surfboards and beach themes, authentic surf culture has shaped a growing number of breweries across the country—from the company ethos to the beers themselves.

Crushing It: Beer and the Colorado Slopes Draft Picks by

While it may have only been coincidence that Dale’s was the beer of choice at Vail, it’s no accident that other winter destinations in Colorado have beers synonymous with their slopes.

Brew, Brew, Brew For the Home Team: Craft Beer Makes Inroads at Stadiums and Sporting Arenas Feature by

As smaller, independent breweries have steadily chipped away at the market share held by larger national or multinational competition, they’ve also found ways to move into spaces formerly controlled by Big Beer—like Major League stadiums.

Breweries Take It Outside News by

California’s Mraz Brewing Co. is putting its weight behind an initiative to expand the trails of El Dorado Hills, right in the brewery’s backyard. The partnership is just one example of a flurry of likeminded ventures between the beer world and nature trail enthusiasts.

Can Craft Beer Become Par for the Course? Draft Picks by

Craft beer is catching on slower in the golf world than it is elsewhere, despite the relative exclusivity of the sport.

Ray Ray’s Pale Ale by Center of the Universe Label Approval by

Chris Ray and his brother Phil parted ways with their former careers and opened Center of the Universe in November 2012. Knowing that a beer means more to consumers if it comes with a great story, they wanted to put theirs right on the can: Chris was a Major League Baseball pitcher and Phil was a NASA engineer.

Riding Billboards: Beer and Cycling Cultures Draft Picks by

Breweries who go ahead with designing and selling their own jerseys have had success with a targeted audience. Many craft drinkers are cyclists, runners and outdoor enthusiasts.

Beer News News by

Craft brewers debate proposed tax breaks; arsenic detected in some beers found to be result of filtering process; Brazilian beer-flavored ice cream causes a stir; action sports athletes open Saint Archer Brewery; and Dixie Brewing fighting federal government for its fair share.

The TV Question Draft Picks by

Many bar owners and managers say the decision whether or not to have a television in their beer-centric business is a highly conscious one. From sports fans who’ve discovered they like craft beer to purists who prefer pixel-free bars, the options are certainly becoming more varied.

Lace Up Those Drinking Sneakers Draft Picks by

In recent years, running and craft beer have buddied up. Running and drinking beer, one a presumed healthy activity and the other a presumed unhealthy one, have begun to coexist in some interesting ways.

Brick by Brick: Breweries Contribute to Neighborhood Revivals Feature by

It’s difficult to quantify the effect breweries have on their neighborhoods. But there’s no doubt that breweries are a part of the positive feedback loop that leads to neighborhood development.

Craft Beer in the Public Arena Draft Picks by

Baseball and beer have always gone together. But craft beer? Here’s a region-by-region look at how ballparks are responding to increasing demand for better beer.

Beer News News by

Churchkey Can Company ressurrects the flat-top steel can; interstate brewery expansions loom; study finds two drinks a day could be a life saver; Heineken bans branding of local brews during London 2012 Olympics; and new beer laws passed in Indiana and Georgia.

Super Bowl Party Smarts Party-Gyle by

Fortunately, there are a lot of crisp, greasy snacks that pair very well with winter beers. And suppose you don’t go for dark ales at all—most of the usual suspects on the basic bar menu are designed to go with lighter, bubblier beer.

Beer News News by

Adverse growing conditions impact the Canadian barley crop; archaeological site provides oldest evidence of brewing in France; non-alcoholic Weissbier’s health benefits; New Century Brewing closes; and Charles Koch Jr. passes away at 88.

Beer & Biking: It’s a Cinch Innovation by

The price of gas is soaring, and the warmer weather is encouraging you to get more exercise. Geoffrey Franklin was inspired by two of his favorite things—bikes and beers—to create three items that help the biking beer aficionado get from point A to point B.

Bottoms Up Nixes Beer Lines Innovation by

With a couple of people helping to move beers out of the way more quickly, the dispenser recently set a World Record—breaking its own record—by filling 56 pints in a minute.

Beer News News by

Robot serves a cold one; BrewDog ends history, t’ Koelchip starts the future; “Brewed” coming soon to a TV near you; Canadian football team eradicating beer snakes.

Beer News News by

Preakness Stakes keeps ban; Odell Brewing unveils “Twitter Brew;” real-time keg tracking; and possible new alcohol taxes.

Tailgate! Feature by

For some, tailgating is a chance to catch up with old friends, show off homebrew and try new beers. For others, it’s a party to celebrate the return of football season and a perfect excuse to drink a locally brewed favorite.

Kimo von Oelhoffen Feature by

The same hands trained to rip through waves of offensive linemen in the NFL evoke the warmth of an affable family man who owns one of eastern Washington’s most celebrated brewpubs.

Cold Beer and Baseball: Two Words That Unite America’s Favorite Pastimes Feature by

Beer and baseball have been married for years now, and every game is a honeymoon.