BeerAdvocate magazine #87

Licensed to Brew? Beer Smack by

We’re seeing a disturbing, growing trend in the craft beer scene: homebrewers operating like licensed brewers.

Beer News News by

Droughts force California brewers to reevaluate water sources; Southeastern politicians seek to reinforce three-tier system; Shanghai beer festival spotlights China’s growing craft scene; and Cigar City’s Joey Redner on Hunahpu’s snafu.

The Great Northeast Brewery Tour Shelf Talker by

In this book, Ben Keene’s brewery profiles are accompanied by gorgeous photos from Bethany Bandera, and they beckon the reader to take a craft beer tour of the Northeast, with recommendations for nearby museums, historic sites, and sports & recreation options.

The Breckenridge Kindred Spirits by

In The Breckenridge, IPA adds hints of grapefruit and bitterness to a refreshing, gin-based beer cocktail.

BottleKeeper Innovation by

The idea for BottleKeeper came when two cousins improvised a solution to keep a beer bottle cold and protected on the beach: a beer bottle inside a koozie, then inside a stainless steel water bottle for extra insulation.

Birra Farmhouse Ale by Prairie Artisan Ales Label Approval by

This playful, hand-drawn world is one of dozens that label artist Colin has created for Prairie Artisan Ales, a young Oklahoman brewery with a prolific and highly acclaimed lineup.

Brewing in the Heart of Instanbul Beer Without Borders by

Walk into Istanbul’s Bosphorus Brewing Company on any given night, and you’ll see a healthy crowd of people drinking founder Philip Hall’s craft brews. But the British expat is still facing an increasingly hostile Turkish government.

From the Field to the Lab, and Back Again Behind the Bines by

From 2002 to 2013, public breeders released zero new hop varieties. Why were public hops breeders so quiet for a decade?

Explore the Wide World of Beer Unfiltered by

The ease of attaining and enjoying many of the world’s greatest beers today stands in stark contrast to a time when beer lovers had to travel far and wide to get a sip of a long-coveted beer.

Clarity in 1920s London History by the Glass by

Whitbread created one of the most useful documents for anyone interested in the history of British beer: their Gravity Book. In it, they documented thousands of samples of competitors’ beers, from the early 1920s to the late 1960s.

ThaiPA BYOB by

The heat from this Thai Chile Basil IPA is tamed with a caramel cracker base, while a fruity punch of hops melds with lime leaves and a minty blast of Thai basil.

Transforming Vietnamese Pho with Dark Ale Cooking with Beer by

Mixing dark ale into Pho, a traditional Vietnamese soup made with beef broth and rice noodles, adds more complexity and rounds out the flavors.

The Heorot Pub and Draught House in Muncie, Indiana Barkeep by

When The Heorot opened 20 years ago in Muncie, Ind., not a bar in the county even had Guinness on draft. Owner Stan Stephens was sick of campus bars with $5 covers and quarter drafts of domestic lagers.

Augie Carton of Carton Brewing Company Going Pro by

Carton Brewing Company launched on the Jersey Shore in 2011 with the goal to brew like chefs and create new, complex recipes.

Wind River Brewing Co. From the Source by

As the brewmaster at Wind River Brewing Co. in Pinedale, Wyo., Richard Strom was ushered into the industry by his father, David, who was the first independent craft beer distributor in Portland, Ore.

Where to Drink in Richmond, Virginia Destinations by

The beer scene is bolstered by Richmonders’ support of the strong creative culture, including a booming independent culinary scene, diverse arts events and museums, and tattoo studios.

New Wave Funk: The Next Generation of American Wild Ale Brewers Feature by

While terroir is certainly popular, one of the other trademarks of today’s Wild Ale makers is collaborating with distant brewers who float in and out of host breweries like microflora in the breeze.

The Illegal Beer Business: Eighty Years After Prohibition, the Beer Black Market is Still Thriving Feature by

Plenty of beer advocates out there are grateful to the retail Robin Hoods who risk their businesses and gamble their licenses by selling rare beers to loyal customers, or offering illegal beer to attract new beer geeks. But who stands to lose?

Kevin Blodger, Co-Founder and Head Brewer, Union Craft Brewing Last Call by

To avoid stagnation, Union Craft Brewing’s Kevin Blodger says its time for the industry to embrace diversity.