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Traffic Jams and Tap Handles: Self Distribution Offers Small Breweries a Road to Growth The Business of Beer by

According to the Brewers Association, self-distribution in some shape or form is allowed in 37 states and the District of Columbia. This is how growth begins for many craft brewers.

Sound the Alarm: Craft Brewers Stoked Over Retired Firehouses Brick & Mortar by

Decommissioned firehouses provide charm—and quirks—to dozens of breweries across the US that have found a home in these historical structures.

Ashleigh Carter, Co-founder and Head Brewer, Bierstadt Lagerhaus Going Pro by

At Bierstadt Lagerhaus in Denver, Ashleigh Carter turns out the traditional German lagers she loves drinking on an Old World copper brewhouse, and asks beer drinkers to come along for the ride.

Brewability Lab’s Tiffany Fixter and Tanner Schneller on Creating Jobs for Adults with Special Needs Last Call by

Tiffany Fixter opened Brewability Lab in Denver with head brewer Tanner Schneller to create job opportunities for adults with developmental disabilities, including autism.

Hotels Opening with On-Site Breweries Offer Rooms with a Brew News by

Several new hotels now contain or will soon have on-site breweries, like The Source Hotel in Denver, where guests will be able to get a beer poured right at the reception desk when they check in.

If They Build It, Who Will Come? National Brewpubs with Neighborhood Aspirations Feature by

Taking cues from the pub and taproom model used by smaller breweries, big players in the beer industry, from 10 Barrel to Blue Moon and Lagunitas, attempt to cash in on the convenience and sense of community of urban outposts.

Cyclists Ride to GABF to Promote Prostate Health News by

For non-profit 1400 Miles’ “Big Ride,” a dozen cyclists completed a 15-day, 1,400-mile journey from Cedar Park, Texas, to Denver to raise awareness about prostate health using beer and bikes as conversation starters.

Italian Breweries Open Locations Abroad News by

Proud of their origins, Italian brewers represent themselves with passion. While some entrepreneurs are hoping to recreate a piece of their native homeland, others are choosing to mixing it up.

Chain Restaurants Add Beer Variety to Stay Competitive News by

In the past, including any alcohol options was enough to set a fast casual restaurant apart from competitors; now many chains are looking to customize their regional selections by offering local beers.

Self-Service Tap Technology Gains Momentum News by

First Draft, a 40-tap bar in Denver, opened its doors without a single bartender. Instead, patrons pour their own drinks with iPourIt, a self-service system for serving beer (or any line-dispensed beverage) by the ounce.

Where to Drink in Denver, Colorado Destinations by

When the industry’s so-called “third wave” washed over Denver, it grew the ranks of breweries from fewer than 10 in 2009 to more than 45 today.

Coffee, Beer Chaser: Roasters Gain Ideas, Inspiration From Brewers Feature by

Across the country, craft breweries have coffee specialists going far beyond mere coffee-beer collaborations. Taking notes from beer, coffee shops hope to increase conversation and connectivity between the parallel crafts, opening both to new customers and ideas.

Brian Dunn, Founder of Great Divide Brewing Co. Last Call by

Before he built a brewery in Denver, Brian Dunn built a farm in Algeria. In June, Great Divide Brewing Company celebrated 20 years of Yetis, fresh hops and apparently, squirrel traps.

Craft Brewers Conference, BrewExpo America and World Beer Cup: In Pictures The Business of Beer by

The 31st annual Craft Brewers Conference brought together professionals from all parts of the industry for a packed schedule of seminars, a trade show and awards. Here are a few standout moments from the event in Denver.

Identity Crisis at the GABF Unfiltered by

The Great American Beer Festival and its sponsor, the Brewers Association, seem to have lost their way. While other long-running festivals, including the Great Taste of the Midwest and the Oregon Brewers Festival, remain true to their roots, the GABF seems unable to decide what it wants to be.

Here for the Beer: 4 Great Summer Getaways Party-Gyle by

Maine, Denver, Seattle or Philly, here are four craft beer-infused itineraries for a vacation that you can really use.

Skyler Weekes, Founder and Owner, Rocky Mountain Barrel Co. Last Call by

Sky Weekes was a wine geek with a culinary degree when he decided to launch his barrel-broker business out of a U-Haul garage three years ago. Today, he’s worked with nearly every brewery in Colorado.

A Closer Look at GABF: 2012, and Beyond Feature by

The Great American Beer Festival (GABF) is one of the largest events of its kind, and this year’s was the biggest yet: 49,000 tickets sold, and 580 breweries pouring 2,700 beers in the massive Denver Convention Center.

“Stand Your Ground and Pour!” Beer Smack by

Having beer at a fest isn’t enough. As consumers, we want to meet brewers, ask questions and learn more from those who inspire us.

Inciting the Hop Innovation by

While the general concept is similar to Randall the Enamel Animal, created by Dogfish Head, Peterson says the Hop Inciter 3000 is a completely different, well, animal.

“And the Winner Is…” Inside the Great American Beer Festival Competition: Part II Feature by

It’s October 1st, and the cavernous Colorado Convention Center is packed with throngs of grinning Great American Beer Festival attendees. But beyond the buzzed masses the dull roar of the public fades into hushed utterances. It’s about 10 minutes before the GABF’s 30th annual awards ceremony begins.

Inside The Great American Beer Festival Competition: Part I Feature by

The first competition, back in 1987, had 12 categories; this year, there are 83, and if you count subcategories, which don’t get awards but help further define style parameters, 135.

Horse-Powered Beer Innovation by

At least twice a month, Wynkoop Brewing loads kegs and cans of their small-batch, award-winning beer onto a wooden wagon, hitches up two Clydesdales and delivers beer to thirsty downtown denizens.

Festivals of Life and Beer The Politics of Beer by

The reluctant or inexperienced traveler may need an excuse to enable them to overcome fear of the unfamiliar. As craft beer lovers, the lure of a famous beer festival might do it. Better yet, why not consider an obscure one?