BeerAdvocate magazine #2

Hate the Name, Not the Beer Beer Smack by

Who woulda thunk the Extreme Beer movement would actually be the catalyst for a massive boom in American creative brewing?

Beer News News by

What’s new in beer, from animal-approved brews and Corona in China to banned beers and extreme cellaring.

Old Chub Stick Wares by

The Old Chub Stick, made by Oskar Blues Brewery in Lyons, Co., is the first lip balm made with beer and beer ingredients.

Price Creep: The Destroyer of Community, Enemy of Egalitarianism Unfiltered by

Will beer’s explosive price growth put it beyond the reach of uninitiated consumers before they get a chance to experiment?

Laying the Groundwork BYOB by

The step by step process of setting up your own homebrew shop.

The Deep South Destinations by

Key places to hit as you drink your way down the Eastern Seaboard.

Larry Bell of Bell’s Brewery Going Pro by

The craft brewery Larry Bell founded on a Kalamazoo, MI stovetop, Bell’s Brewery, is the oldest east of Boulder. And while the craft brewing landscape has filled in considerably since its founding, Bell’s has retained its pioneering spirit.

Adoring Publick Cooking with Beer by

At Boston’s Publick House, beer turns up everywhere: in sauces, in condiments and dressings, and as a marinade. Try your hand at adding flavor to chili with Stone’s Arrogant Bastard Ale.

When It Pours, It Reigns Innovation by

When a young engineering whiz named Matthew Younkle grew fed up with waiting for beer, he didn’t cut the line, he hit the drawing board.

Portland, Oregon Destinations by

Key places to hit as you drink your way through Portland, Oregon.

Drinking Contests, Frozen Beer and Pasteurization Ask the Beer Geek by

The Beer Geek warns of the dangers of drinking contests, frozen beer and unpasteurized brew

Why We Need Extreme Beer: A Look at a Truly Life-Changing Phenomenon Feature by

There are really only two ways to blow the mind of an experienced, worldly beer drinker: Make a classic style to absolute perfection or make a beer that is unlike anything brewed before.

Extremely Boring: Unimpressed by the Latest 47 Percent, 180 IBU Monsters, Brewers Say No to Going Extreme Feature by

The beer with the most hop flavor, the most smoke flavor, the most alcohol, is the one that gets attention in the US market.

Here Comes Samichlaus: The Original Extreme Beer Feature by

Samichlaus, widely regarded as the world’s strongest lager at 14 percent ABV, may very well be the original Extreme Beer.

American Wild Ale: The Stinky Cheese of Beer Style Profile by

Sourness—or more precisely, tartness—is the defining trait of American Wild Ale. Essentially, it’s beer gone bad, contaminated by the very stray microorganisms that Louis Pasteur discovered were mucking up perfectly good beer 130 years ago.

You Want Extreme? Last Call by

Bringing drinkers a beer that challenged their very definition of what beer is; one that could be savored slowly and stand alongside other greats like old sherry, vintage port or fine cognac.