BeerAdvocate magazine #98

Lupulin Madness! Beer Smack by

We challenge brewers to stop following this hoppy trend. Become a leader instead. Show us that there’s more to beer than paint-by-number IPAs.

Breweries Pair Pints with Food Trucks News by

Finding a food truck parked outside your favorite brewery used to be a pleasant surprise. Now, breweries are taking the notion a step further by opening up their own food trucks.

Cruise Lines Add Onboard Breweries News by

From onboard breweries to beer-themed trips, cruise lines add better beer to the itinerary.

Casinos Make Changes to Attract Beer Drinkers News by

Once synonymous with whiskey and soda or scotch on the rocks, casinos are becoming places where beer drinkers can pair table games with flavorful ales and lagers.

Beer News News by

Brewers Association defines quality beer; Small BREW Act reintroduced; Sweden bottles first female-brewed beer; and California library acquires Pasteur’s beer notes.

The Brewer’s Tale: A History of the World According to Beer Shelf Talker by

In The Brewer’s Tale, author William Bostwick pokes fun at his high-brow digressions, making him an entertaining guide through this slice of beer anthropology.

Brigantine Kindred Spirits by

Inspired by IPA’s semi-mythic ocean voyage from Britain to India, Brigantine tells a seafaring tale by combining rum and a hoppy ale.

Beers Take Flight Innovation by

The Craft Beer Flight Kit was inspired by Advent calendars Ryan Sauder and Steve Denlinger made for friends in 2013, which revealed a beer a day for the 24 days before Christmas.

Ghost Face Killah by Twisted Pine Label Approval by

All of that Scoville imagery on the label serves as a semi-serious warning of the insane heat level in Twisted Pine’s Ghost Face Killah, the world’s spiciest beer.

Breathing New Life into Old St. Nick Brick & Mortar by

Wood from an old barn, floor pieces from a local bowling alley, and refurbished fixtures from the original structure make up the restored hotel that houses St. Nicholas Brewing Company in Du Quoin, Ill.

Al Buck, The Bug Collector Will Work For Beer by

Formerly a microbiologist at Johnson & Johnson, GlaxoSmithKline and Aventis, East Coast Yeast’s Al Buck got into beer the same way many homebrewers do: with a kit.

Mapping Beer’s Future Unfiltered by

Instead of targeting a seemingly endless stream of macro tap handles, as they once could, craft brewers find themselves reluctantly attacking the established marketplace achievements of their so-called craft beer brethren.

Tally-Ho History by the Glass by

Adnams Brewery records dating back to 1878 offer a great opportunity: A chance to see how one beer changed over the course of more than a century.

A Little Perspective BYOB by

This spring, brew an updated, “cheater” version of a Bock—a darker, heartier version of a traditional lager.

Turkish Köfte with Stout or IPA Cooking with Beer by

Combine lamb with roasty Stout, cumin, parsley and sumac to create a delicious main course, or substitute Stout for a citrusy IPA in chicken and turkey köfte.

The J. Clyde in Birmingham, Alabama Barkeep by

Tucked down a narrow, cobbled street in Birmingham, Ala., The J. Clyde’s diamond-paned windows, stone walls and beamed ceiling give it the vibe of an English pub.

Trevor Brown of The Lone Pint Brewery Going Pro by

Trevor Brown is part of a rapidly expanding group of brewers redefining Texas beer. His brewery, The Lone Pint, has turned Magnolia, a tiny town an hour outside Houston, into a destination for brawny, hoppy ales.

49th State Brewing Company: Alaskan Beer, Eight Months a Year From the Source by

For much of the year, Healy, Alaska, is a sleepy place. But from mid-May until mid-October things get rather busy, especially at Healy’s lone brewery, 49th State.

Where to Drink in Syracuse, New York Destinations by

Locally brewed beer returned to Syracuse in 1991 with the Syracuse Suds Factory. The arrival of Empire Brewing and Middle Ages Brewing helped to revitalize the industry and put Syracuse back on the map.

Just Say Know: Beer School Goes to College Feature by

No beer school program, no matter how rigorous, should be considered complete, in and of itself. One course, certificate or degree does not an expert make. They are but a starting point.

Progress and a New Order: Taking Cues from the US, Brazilian Brewers Forge Ahead Feature by

For the last five years, in spite of high taxes and long shipping times, American beers have found their way into the hands of curious Brazilian drinkers and motivated Brazilian brewers.

John Squadrito, Sales Account Manager at Tigpro Last Call by

Once Tigpro connected the dots between the dairy mixing tanks it was building and the brewing equipment in high demand from Maine’s exploding beer market, it became an expert in fabricating the complicated systems.