Urban South Brewery

Urban South BreweryUrban South Brewery
Urban South BreweryUrban South Brewery
Brewery, Bar

1645 Tchoupitoulas St
New Orleans, Louisiana, 70130-1852
United States

(504) 517-4677 | map

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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
* Yum Series * Triple Spilled - Berry, Marshmallow, VanillaFruited Kettle Sour00011-15-2020
10-K Fruit PunchGose4.223.9603-30-2022
2nd Set PilsBohemian / Czech Pilsner5.553.7703-13-2019
A Song of Rice and FireAmerican Adjunct Lager423.3807-26-2022
A Song of Rice and Fire Vol. 2American Adjunct Lager413.6809-05-2022
Acai BowlFruited Kettle Sour6.114.3104-12-2021
All Together Batch #2American IPA6.514.1601-24-2021
Aloha Punch GoseGose4.513.8409-30-2019
American Combo PlateNew England IPA813.9308-01-2022
Annual ReportHelles014.1208-13-2021
Awful AwfulNew England IPA8.113.8607-11-2020
BananagramAmerican Imperial Stout1424.1607-12-2022
Barataria Bay Black IPABlack IPA6.214.1509-20-2021
Barrel Aged DoppelDoppelbock9.41412-16-2021
Barrel Aged Spilled - Super Vanilla RaspberryFruited Kettle Sour014.111-10-2021
Barrel Boy'z Vacation JuiceFruited Kettle Sour513.9704-05-2022
Basic BrunchAmerican IPA6.513.8204-21-2020
Basil Street Blues GoseGose4.513.8703-21-2019
Beachbum GoseGose513.9703-21-2019
Beaming BerriesFruited Kettle Sour513.7606-08-2022
Bedford Spilled: Raspberry Lemon Lime QuencherFruited Kettle Sour514.0111-26-2021
Berliner WeisseBerliner Weisse4.513.810-01-2022
Berry Ice Cream IPANew England IPA013.4903-29-2021
Berry, Vanilla Coconut IPAFruit and Field Beer013.7204-19-2021
Big Chromatic EnergyNew England IPA1013.9912-18-2021
Big Papa PilsBohemian / Czech Pilsner5.123.9507-31-2022
Birds On A WireNew England IPA7.523.9706-10-2021
Black Is Beautiful Batch #2American Imperial Stout110001-03-2021
BlipNew England IPA8.534.109-10-2020
Blue Light - AMPEDAmerican Imperial Stout14.214.1210-08-2021
Blue Light - Banana, Chocolate, Peanut ButterAmerican Imperial Stout12.433.9612-03-2021
Blue Light - Crispy Peanut Butter & ChocolateAmerican Imperial Stout1013.912-18-2021
Blue Light - Hazelnuts and CoffeeAmerican Imperial Stout1524.2309-16-2021
Blue Light - Hot Fudge Brownie SundaeAmerican Imperial Stout1114.0110-02-2022
Blue Light - Imperial Stout W/ Vanilla & CoffeeAmerican Imperial Stout10.534.2302-07-2022
Blue Light - Neon Moon LightAmerican Imperial Stout1013.8702-26-2022
Blue Light - Snickers InspiredAmerican Imperial Stout1023.8704-04-2022
Blueberry Lemon GoseGose434.1108-17-2018
Blueberry Marshmallow Banana VanillaFruited Kettle Sour014.3205-23-2021
Blueberry Mojito GoseGose634.0804-03-2020
Botanical GardenGose713.9402-15-2020
Bowl of AlohaAmerican IPA6.513.7204-25-2020
Boysenberry GrisetteGrisette4.213.7503-08-2020
Boysenberry WavesFruited Kettle Sour3.513.7512-18-2021
Ca PheSweet / Milk Stout728409-02-2021
Ca Phe: Orange, Vanilla, ChocolateAmerican Stout6.514.0311-22-2021
Ca Phe: Peanut ButterAmerican Stout6.513.7911-23-2021
Ca Phe: Vanilla & MarshmallowAmerican Stout6.513.5711-23-2021
Cabana BoyAmerican IPA6.373.7710-22-2019
Cali Combo Plate #6Imperial IPA813.5807-27-2021
Cali Combo Plate #8Imperial IPA823.7504-17-2021
Caramel DelightAmerican Imperial Stout10.513.712-30-2020
Carpe RoseFruit and Field Beer5.543.6205-23-2019
Chaco TacoAmerican Imperial Stout1213.9903-13-2022
Charming ShandyFruit and Field Beer4.933.7810-01-2018
Charming WitWitbier4.9413.6708-12-2019
Choco TacoAmerican Imperial Stout1214.2302-26-2022
Chocolate LayersAmerican Imperial Stout1033.8604-26-2021
Chromatic - Batch #4New England IPA1013.7304-06-2022
Chromatic - Batch 3Imperial IPA10.314.1612-18-2021
Chromatic Boreas TIPA with PassionfruitImperial IPA9.7513.7801-15-2022
Chromatic Triple IPANew England IPA10.443.9303-28-2022
Cider Hustle AleFruit and Field Beer5.523.7710-01-2018
Cinnamon Roll StoutAmerican Stout6.713.7503-05-2021
CitraliciousAmerican IPA6.3193.8801-03-2020
Coastal Harmony 2022New England IPA813.7107-26-2022
Combo Plate #1Imperial IPA8.123.7910-24-2021
Combo Plate #11Imperial IPA7.513.7807-15-2021
Combo Plate #12New England IPA813.7505-08-2022
Combo Plate #17Imperial IPA823.8306-18-2020
Combo Plate #3New England IPA813.5803-29-2021
Combo Plate #5Imperial IPA7.933.701-10-2021
Combo Plate #7Imperial IPA813.7502-09-2022
Combo Plate #9Imperial IPA8.234.0410-25-2021
Combo Plate TrioNew England IPA8.333.8211-26-2022
Coop’d UpSaison5.5313.8808-14-2019
Count's Cream AleCream Ale40011-12-2022
Crushed VelvetAmerican IPA7.213.9303-17-2021
Das PilsGerman Pilsner523.8802-06-2022
Data JunctionImperial IPA824.105-03-2022
DDH Carpe RoseFruit and Field Beer5.514.0310-04-2019
Decade SmashAmerican Pale Ale513.5801-13-2020
Delta MommaVienna Lager5.5283.8311-07-2018
Detroit Style Mexican PizzaKölsch533.8503-31-2022
Dey Here For DatNew England IPA7.934.1101-17-2022
Do Dna!Bohemian / Czech Pilsner4.223.7502-06-2022
Doppel (2022)Doppelbock813.7510-02-2022
Doppel - Barrel AgedDoppelbock9.413.9511-26-2021
Double Dry Hopped Holy Roller - SimcoeAmerican IPA6.554.1505-02-2022
Double Lime Cucumber GoseGose623.9605-30-2020
Double Spilled - Apricot, White ChocolateFruited Kettle Sour034.2210-25-2022
Double Spilled - Banana, Apricot, CherryFruited Kettle Sour023.9203-29-2021
Double Spilled - Banana, Banana RuntsFruited Kettle Sour6.514.1311-03-2020
Double Spilled - Banana, White ChocolateFruited Kettle Sour034.1401-09-2022
Double Spilled - Blueberry PieFruited Kettle Sour5.824.0803-08-2020
Double Spilled - Blueberry, Pineapple, CoconutFruited Kettle Sour013.7404-07-2021
Double Spilled - Blueberry, Pineapple, Coconut, MarshmallowFruited Kettle Sour013.9904-19-2021
Double Spilled - Bomb PopFruited Kettle Sour60006-25-2022
Double Spilled - Brumate Collaboration (Blueberry Vanilla Crumble)Fruited Kettle Sour513.7511-26-2021
Double Spilled - Caribbean MixFruited Kettle Sour624.201-14-2022
Double Spilled - Cotton Candy, Strawberry Ice CreamFruited Kettle Sour024.1611-10-2021
Double Spilled - Feijoa, Pineapple, StrawberryFruited Kettle Sour613.7610-02-2022
Double Spilled - Goldenberry, Marshmallow, White ChocolateFruited Kettle Sour014.2207-15-2021
Double Spilled - Gooseberry, Orange, White ChocolateFruited Kettle Sour6.514.4411-01-2020
Double Spilled - Guava, Passionfruit, Mango, Peach, PineappleFruited Kettle Sour014.4408-26-2020
Double Spilled - Guava, Raspberry, MarshmallowFruited Kettle Sour014.1603-29-2021
Double Spilled - Mango, CoconutFruited Kettle Sour01404-04-2021
Double Spilled - Mango, MarshmallowFruited Kettle Sour00002-21-2021
Double Spilled - Mango, Peach, Chili Mango CandyFruited Kettle Sour024.208-07-2020
Double Spilled - Mango, Peach, Peach RingsFruited Kettle Sour013.7101-21-2021
Double Spilled - MangonadaFruited Kettle Sour613.9905-08-2022
Double Spilled - Mexican CandyFruited Kettle Sour613.7805-08-2022
Double Spilled - Nerds, RaspberryFruited Kettle Sour034.211-27-2021
Double Spilled - Orange OverloadFruited Kettle Sour623.9909-05-2022
Double Spilled - Orange, Grape KooladeFruited Kettle Sour6.523.5102-28-2021
Double Spilled - Orange, MarshmallowFruited Kettle Sour044.4311-23-2021
Double Spilled - Orange, White ChocolateFruited Kettle Sour613.8210-02-2022
Double Spilled - PainkillerFruited Kettle Sour613.7808-01-2022
Double Spilled - Passionfruit, Lime, GrenadineFruited Kettle Sour024.0510-29-2021
Double Spilled - Passionfruit, TangerineFruited Kettle Sour024.2609-07-2020
Double Spilled - Peach Rings, Passionfruit, PineappleFruited Kettle Sour024.2304-20-2021
Double Spilled - Peach, Peach Rings & Vanilla BeansFruited Kettle Sour644.4202-12-2022
Double Spilled - Pina ColadaFruited Kettle Sour014.3106-20-2021
Double Spilled - Pineapple, Banana, CoconutFruited Kettle Sour014.3709-17-2020
Double Spilled - Pineapple, Blue Curacao, SpriteFruited Kettle Sour014.3107-27-2021
Double Spilled - Pineapple, MarshmallowFruited Kettle Sour013.9306-18-2021
Double Spilled - Raspberry, Coconut, MarshmallowFruited Kettle Sour024.1302-05-2021
Double Spilled - Raspberry, MarshmallowFruited Kettle Sour613.7510-02-2022
Double Spilled - Raspberry, Strawberry, LimeFruited Kettle Sour014.101-03-2021
Double Spilled - Raspberry, White ChocolateFruited Kettle Sour033.9504-12-2021
Double Spilled - Rock The BoatFruited Kettle Sour60007-02-2022
Double Spilled - Slava UkrainiFruited Kettle Sour524.0105-03-2022
Double Spilled - SMASHFruited Kettle Sour623.7911-10-2022
Double Spilled - Soursop, MangoFruited Kettle Sour00001-03-2021
Double Spilled - Soursop, Mango, CoconutFruited Kettle Sour024.3303-05-2021
Double Spilled - Strawberry DaiquiriFruited Kettle Sour013.9907-15-2021
Double Spilled - Strawberry NesquikFruited Kettle Sour623.905-08-2020
Double Spilled - Strawberry, Pineapple & TangerineFruited Kettle Sour014.1506-22-2020
Double Spilled - Tangerine, Cream SodaFruited Kettle Sour023.9805-31-2021
Double Spilled - Tangerine, White ChocolateFruited Kettle Sour00001-03-2021
El Chocolate PicanteAmerican Stout733.9912-01-2019
Electric Zebra TIPAImperial IPA1224.0610-10-2020
ElectrinityAmerican IPA6.524.0701-13-2019
ERMAHGERD SpilledFruited Kettle Sour014.0105-31-2021
Euphoric SpillsFruited Kettle Sour014.0103-17-2021
ExclamationImperial IPA10.51404-21-2020
FinialImperial IPA8.5174.0812-08-2019
Fire! Hot DiabloFruited Kettle Sour514.402-25-2022
FluxAmerican Imperial Stout8.533.9206-10-2021
Fold In the Cheese(Cake)Fruited Kettle Sour7.213.5209-12-2021
Frieze DDH Milkshake IPAMilkshake IPA7.5124.0404-23-2018
Frosé Spilled - BAAFruited Kettle Sour014.1602-20-2021
Frose Spilled - Banana S'moresFruited Kettle Sour014.4711-12-2020
Fruit Pillage - Pineapple, Passionfruit, Mango, MarshmallowFruited Kettle Sour9.513.2309-29-2020
German Chocolate CakeSweet / Milk Stout023.7411-22-2021
Get Off My CloudAmerican Pale Ale5.523.9806-30-2019
Global NoiseImperial IPA8.223.7705-07-2020
GooeyAmerican Imperial Stout1024.1505-13-2021
Got Rice Hulls?New England IPA60011-12-2022
Graham Cracker Vanilla Pastry StoutAmerican Imperial Stout913.1703-21-2019
Green LightIrish Dry Stout4.223.4104-23-2022
Groovy JuiceFruit and Field Beer1013.8402-15-2020
Grupetto: Sports IPAAmerican IPA70011-12-2022
Guitars and CadillacsAmerican Pale Ale524.1808-18-2019
Haus BierVienna Lager623.7109-30-2018
Hello DarlinAmerican Pale Ale553.9710-22-2019
Hello It's MeNew England IPA5.143.9908-16-2020
Hey! Saison!Saison6.514.1304-10-2021
Holy Roller IPAAmerican IPA6.3200411-29-2022
Holy Roller IPA - GrapefruitAmerican IPA6.3343.9703-13-2022
Hoppa StyleImperial IPA824.0210-22-2019
HTXNew England IPA6.263.7704-05-2022
HTX IPAAmerican IPA6.513.6501-14-2022
I Can't Go For ThatImperial IPA8.524.3607-22-2020
I Drive A Dodge StratusAmerican IPA6.313.7809-24-2021
I Voted Today DDH IPAAmerican IPA7.91411-15-2020
I Want To Ride My BicycleAmerican IPA6.613.9305-31-2021
I Want To Ride My Bicycle With You TooNew England IPA9.613.7808-01-2022
I Want To Ride My Bike With YouNew England IPA9.223.8810-26-2021
I-10 DIPAImperial IPA7.514.5208-10-2019
In Real Life (IRL) ProstFestbier / Wiesnbier4.813.7510-08-2021
InfraredAmerican Imperial Stout11.533.8905-09-2022
IridescentNew England IPA7.524.0702-12-2021
Irish Bayou StoutSweet / Milk Stout1083.9603-24-2021
It's Showtime!American Stout714.0811-06-2022
Ja, BitteBerliner Weisse4.523.6410-01-2018
Ja, Bitte MandarineBerliner Weisse4.52410-01-2018
Ja, Bitte RaspberryBerliner Weisse4.52409-30-2018
Junctions - Elgin & WestheimerImperial IPA8.523.8904-22-2022
Junctions - Heights & WaughImperial IPA8.523.901-14-2022
KaleidoscopicImperial IPA1033.9303-02-2022
Kaleidoscopic - Galaxy, Citra and Vic SecretImperial IPA1013.7907-15-2021
Kaleidoscopic - Pink EditionAmerican IPA023.906-10-2021
Kaleidoscopic - Yellow EditionNew England IPA1013.911-26-2021
Key Lime Blueberry Tart GoseGose513.709-13-2019
King CakeFruited Kettle Sour4.633.8704-13-2022
Kokomo IPANew England IPA6.513.7808-01-2022
LA BrutAmerican IPA6.313.9912-09-2018
Lemon Orange Lime (lol) GoseGose5.514.0506-01-2018
Lessons on CoolNew England IPA8.214.0103-08-2020
Lifted: SangriaFruited Kettle Sour713.4806-09-2022
Lime Cucumber GoseGose4444.1911-10-2022
Liquid Lollipop SpillsFruited Kettle Sour513.9701-14-2022
Little StitiousCalifornia Common / Steam Beer7.513.6805-30-2021
Lizard LoungeSaison3.213.7811-24-2021
Loudest Quiet PlaceNew England IPA8.2513.6512-30-2020
Mango DIPAImperial IPA013.6709-02-2021
Marsh Marsh MarshFruited Kettle Sour013.3608-13-2021
Mecca Hay: PilsnerGerman Pilsner5.723.5403-29-2021
Mexican PizzaFruited Kettle Sour514.1502-25-2022
Midnight HourRussian Imperial Stout1224.2901-03-2020
Midnight KissImperial Porter8.50002-09-2020
ModillionAmerican IPA8.3184.206-02-2018
Morning FixAmerican IPA6.524.1405-27-2020
Na ZdraviBohemian / Czech Pilsner513.7504-05-2022
Nectar Cream Snoball JuiceNew England IPA774.1705-31-2021
Neutral Ground IPANew England IPA8.50002-09-2020
Never Bitter (But Slightly Petty)American IPA023.2509-12-2019
Nothing Is Under ControlImperial IPA823.7704-20-2020
Oat Ale - Reese's PuffsCream Ale623.8807-16-2020
Oh! The Humidity!Fruited Kettle Sour723.4609-20-2022
Oreo Strawberry Gummy BearsFruited Kettle Sour00001-01-2021
OrleanianWild Ale833.8312-21-2018
Paradise ParkAmerican Lager4.5373.5710-15-2022
Paradise Park 100Japanese Rice Lager413.8303-17-2021
Paradise Park HTXAmerican Lager4.50005-07-2022
PeachnanaAmerican IPA6.514.2104-21-2020
Peanut Butter Jelly TimeAmerican Stout744.0603-05-2021
Pecan Sandy StoutAmerican Imperial Stout91408-01-2022
Pina Colada GoseGose5.513.8506-24-2018
Pink Lemonade GoseGose523.6508-19-2018
Po-Boy Fest AmberAmerican Amber / Red Ale3.713.6910-14-2022
POG Fruit SmoothieFruited Kettle Sour51404-28-2018
Pop!Wild Ale4.563.903-01-2021
Puft - Marshmallow IPAAmerican IPA6.533.7606-03-2021
Punch ItNew England IPA5.323.7506-09-2022
QuatrefoilAmerican IPA5.5113.9412-26-2018
RadlerFruit and Field Beer023.8510-01-2018
Raspberry Berliner WeisseBerliner Weisse4.523.8310-17-2022
Raspberry WavesFruited Kettle Sour3.513.9312-18-2021
RectifyAmerican Porter5.893.9909-03-2020
ResonanceAmerican IPA7.823.8809-05-2022
Retrograde Barrel Aged StoutAmerican Imperial Stout10.524.604-04-2022
Retrograde: Vanilla and CoffeeAmerican Imperial Stout1024.1301-29-2022
ReverbAmerican IPA7.513.8506-02-2022
Rocket Pop GoseGose4.554.2601-13-2022
RowdyNew England IPA9.124.2405-31-2020
Russian TiesRussian Imperial Stout11.534.2212-31-2018
SailingFruited Kettle Sour813.9307-31-2022
Satsuma Snoball JuiceNew England IPA714.0804-26-2020
Sends Snacks #2American Stout8.524.1404-27-2021
Shuck Cancer (Hazy Pale Ale)American Pale Ale5.814.0603-07-2021
Side LineGose5.413.7403-05-2021
Side Walk IPAImperial IPA7.623.7603-13-2022
Single ServingAmerican Imperial Stout11.214.0512-30-2020
Snoball JuiceNew England IPA7174.1811-22-2021
Snoball Juice - Nectar CreamNew England IPA714.1907-10-2021
Snoball Juice - Pina ColadaNew England IPA724.2308-07-2021
Southpaw Sour IPAAmerican IPA70003-06-2021
Space SkatesNew England IPA923.9108-02-2021
Spill - Blackberry SpriteFruited Kettle Sour513.9510-23-2020
Spill - Blueberry, Lemonade SlushyFruited Kettle Sour014.2908-10-2020
Spill - Blueberry, Pineapple, OrangeFruited Kettle Sour013.9411-26-2020
Spill - Guava MangoFruited Kettle Sour024.2508-02-2020
Spill - Mango CarrotFruited Kettle Sour514.105-12-2020
Spill - Mango Fanta, Mango, LuloFruited Kettle Sour4.514.3307-13-2020
Spill - Mango FeijoaFruited Kettle Sour524.2705-30-2020
Spill - Mango, Goldenberry, ChiliFruited Kettle Sour014.1711-17-2020
Spill - Passionfruit, Banana SlushFruited Kettle Sour014.2111-08-2020
Spill - Passionfruit, Marshmallow, VanillaFruited Kettle Sour014.0806-22-2020
Spill - Passionfruit, Papaya, TangerineFruited Kettle Sour014.1611-25-2020
Spill - Peach CoconutFruited Kettle Sour013.9206-17-2020
Spill - Peach, Peach Rings, Apricot SlushyFruited Kettle Sour014.5609-04-2020
Spill - Peach, PineappleFruited Kettle Sour00008-01-2020
Spill - Peanut Butter & Very Berry JellyFruited Kettle Sour014.2105-03-2020
Spill - Pineapple SpriteFruited Kettle Sour013.9910-25-2020
Spill - Pineapple, BananaFruited Kettle Sour014.1511-26-2020
Spill - Pineapple, Orange, BananaFruited Kettle Sour014.4109-12-2020
Spill - Pineapple, Pink LemonadeFruited Kettle Sour024.1910-01-2020
Spill - Pineapple, White ChocolateFruited Kettle Sour024.3807-27-2020
Spill - Raspberry, Lemonade SlushyFruited Kettle Sour014.1408-23-2020
Spill - Raspberry, Orange SlushyFruited Kettle Sour024.1509-12-2020
Spill - Raspberry, StrawberryFruited Kettle Sour034.2207-21-2020
Spill - Strawberry BananaFruited Kettle Sour513.9905-12-2020
Spill - Strawberry, GuavaFruited Kettle Sour00008-01-2020
Spill - Strawberry, Pineapple, MangoFruited Kettle Sour024.3907-16-2020
Spill - Strawberry, Pink LemonadeFruited Kettle Sour024.2110-14-2020
Spill - Strawberry, Strawberry Kiwi SlushyFruited Kettle Sour014.5807-24-2020
Spill - Tropical Sprite - Pineapple, Guava, PapayaFruited Kettle Sour014.1809-12-2020
Spill TrippingFruited Kettle Sour024.4704-21-2021
Spillage - Blueberry, PeachFruited Kettle Sour013.8706-13-2020
Spilled - #24 (Blackberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Black Currant, Strawberry Marshmallow Puff Candy)Fruited Kettle Sour014.2209-02-2021
Spilled - #8 (Mango, Pineapple, Orange, Marshmallow, Ice Cream)Fruited Kettle Sour014.1609-02-2021
Spilled - Apple PieFruited Kettle Sour60011-23-2022
Spilled - Banana and PassionfruitFruited Kettle Sour5.844.1603-15-2020
Spilled - Banana, Strawberry, KiwiFruited Kettle Sour60005-21-2022
Spilled - Berry, White ChocolateFruited Kettle Sour014.6809-10-2020
Spilled - Black FlameFruited Kettle Sour6.50011-12-2022
Spilled - Blueberry, BananaFruited Kettle Sour023.7602-12-2021
Spilled - Blueberry, Marshmallow LemonadeFruited Kettle Sour014.1605-24-2021
Spilled - Candy Paint JobFruited Kettle Sour613.9606-08-2022
Spilled - Cotton Candy Blueberry Ice CreamFruited Kettle Sour014.1602-19-2021
Spilled - Guava, Guava SlushFruited Kettle Sour044.3911-22-2021
Spilled - Guava, Passionfruit, MangoFruited Kettle Sour013.0907-31-2020
Spilled - Guava, Raspberry, MarshmallowFruited Kettle Sour614.2103-30-2021
Spilled - HWhipFruited Kettle Sour60011-12-2022
Spilled - Mango, White ChocolateFruited Kettle Sour00007-02-2022
Spilled - Peach, LemonadeFruited Kettle Sour014.1610-07-2020
Spilled - Popston (Coconut, Mango, Marshmallow, Lemonade)Fruited Kettle Sour024.2705-18-2022
Spilled - Schmoojee (Watermelon, Raspberry, Passionfruit, White Chocolate)Fruited Kettle Sour014.1901-24-2021
Spilled - Shirley TempleFruited Kettle Sour01405-29-2020
Spilled - Strawberry & WatermelonFruited Kettle Sour634.202-21-2021
Spilled - Strawberry Ice CreamFruited Kettle Sour613.9901-14-2022
Spilled - Strawberry, Watermelon & Watermelon CandyFruited Kettle Sour00002-21-2021
Spilled - TangerineFruited Kettle Sour014.3507-30-2020
Spilled - Thicc Bois (Watermelon, Coconut, Ice Cream)Fruited Kettle Sour014.1611-26-2021
Spilled - White Chocolate, Toasted Coconut, Marshmallow, Coconut CreamFruited Kettle Sour6.414.2211-22-2021
Spilled - Yum Series - Coconut, MarshmallowFruited Kettle Sour014.1604-07-2021
Spilled Box - Mango, Banana, Strawberry, White ChocolateFruited Kettle Sour014.1504-19-2021
Spilled From the BottomFruited Kettle Sour00002-28-2021
Spilled From the Bottom - Banana, Pineapple, ChocolateFruited Kettle Sour013.903-17-2021
Spilled SchmoojeeFruited Kettle Sour014.3804-04-2021
Spilled Skates with MarshmallowFruited Kettle Sour014.3405-23-2021
Spilled Space Skates Smoothie SourFruited Kettle Sour014.0105-24-2021
SPILT - Açaí BowlFruited Kettle Sour013.5405-29-2020
SPILT - Aloha Fruit PunchFruited Kettle Sour014.401-02-2021
SPILT - Pineapple⁴Fruited Kettle Sour024.2303-11-2021
Spooky Spilled: NerdsFruited Kettle Sour024.0803-25-2022
Spooky Spilled: Nerds! Nerds! Nerds!Fruited Kettle Sour60011-12-2022
Spooky Spilled: SkittlesFruited Kettle Sour013.7811-10-2021
Spooky Spilled: StarburstFruited Kettle Sour013.9311-10-2021
Strawberry Gummy BearsFruited Kettle Sour014.0901-01-2021
STUFFAmerican Imperial Stout101405-07-2020
Summer BreezeFruited Kettle Sour713.9907-31-2022
Sun Belt ShakeImperial IPA913.7304-04-2021
Sunshine Haze DreamNew England IPA6.533.911-29-2022
Sunshine Hazedream (Urban South HTX version)New England IPA5.613.806-09-2022
Super ShadyImperial IPA7.513.8812-01-2019
Sur UrbanoAmerican Adjunct Lager543.7207-30-2022
Sur Urbano: MicheladaFruit and Field Beer514.405-08-2022
Swamp GenieFruited Kettle Sour5.914.0610-10-2021
Sweet Potato Casserole StoutAmerican Stout714.1112-08-2018
Symbol Collab DIPAImperial IPA813.7509-05-2022
Talk To Me GooseNew England IPA6.323.7906-19-2022
TamarindoAmerican IPA713.9112-01-2019
Tangerine Cream Soda Marshmallow FloatFruited Kettle Sour00005-23-2021
Tart GrisetteGrisette4.253.6904-25-2020
TealImperial IPA8.534.1909-12-2020
The DeanQuadrupel (Quad)1233.8812-26-2018
The EscapeNew England IPA823.9501-25-2021
The Escape - PineappleNew England IPA814.1601-24-2021
Thiols From BerkeleyAmerican IPA523.6302-24-2022
Throwback VibesAmerican IPA6.443.4203-13-2022
Tighten UpGerman Pilsner4.853.7102-11-2022
Tighten Up - Oak Barrel AgedGerman Pilsner4.823.8410-10-2020
Timepiece #2German Pilsner4.52406-26-2020
Timepiece - Klaus Collaboration VersionHelles4.813.7907-15-2021
Timepiece - Oak Barrel AgedHelles013.7801-24-2021
Toasted Marshmallow Pumpkin PieFruited Kettle Sour6.113.5911-23-2021
Tranquil DawnImperial IPA10.524.2705-28-2018
Triple CheeseburgerNew England IPA10.213.7811-26-2021
Triple Decker TacoImperial IPA823.7207-05-2022
Triple IPANew England IPA913.7804-07-2021
Triple Spilled - Ambrosia SaladFruited Kettle Sour714.1402-09-2022
Triple Spilled - Banana, Coconut, LimeFruited Kettle Sour023.9808-22-2021
Triple Spilled - Banana, Grenadine, Pineapple, Orange, CranberryFruited Kettle Sour014.2306-18-2021
Triple Spilled - Banana, Mango, VanillaFruited Kettle Sour014.1607-27-2021
Triple Spilled - Banana, Orange, Coconut, VanillaFruited Kettle Sour013.9305-31-2021
Triple Spilled - Banana, Orange, GuavaFruited Kettle Sour014.1707-27-2021
Triple Spilled - Banana, Strawberry, KiwiFruited Kettle Sour013.9207-24-2022
Triple Spilled - Bananas FosterFruited Kettle Sour613.7902-12-2022
Triple Spilled - Blackberry, Cotton Candy, Pink LemonadeFruited Kettle Sour6.523.8311-10-2022
Triple Spilled - Blackberry, White ChocolateFruited Kettle Sour023.7406-09-2021
Triple Spilled - Blood Orange, Cherry, BananaFruited Kettle Sour014.0105-25-2021
Triple Spilled - Blueberry, Cotton Candy, LemonadeFruited Kettle Sour514.1612-18-2021
Triple Spilled - Blueberry, Grape, Marshmallow, LemonadeFruited Kettle Sour013.9109-24-2021
Triple Spilled - Boysenberry, Cherry, CinnamonFruited Kettle Sour014.203-17-2021
Triple Spilled - Coconut, Mango, Pineapple, StrawberryFruited Kettle Sour014.3509-13-2020
Triple Spilled - Double Strawberry, Pineapple, Mango, CoconutFruited Kettle Sour014.1404-07-2021
Triple Spilled - Goldenberry, Banana, Peanut ButterFruited Kettle Sour043.9904-15-2021
Triple Spilled - Grape OverloadFruited Kettle Sour013.4805-31-2021
Triple Spilled - Grape, Raspberry, Strawberry, White ChocolateFruited Kettle Sour624.111-29-2021
Triple Spilled - Grape, Strawberry, Peanut Butter, MarshmallowFruited Kettle Sour624.0310-25-2021
Triple Spilled - Majik ColadaFruited Kettle Sour723.909-12-2022
Triple Spilled - Majik Colada Pineapple, Coconut, MarshmallowFruited Kettle Sour013.7608-31-2022
Triple Spilled - Mango, Banana, & PassionfruitFruited Kettle Sour014.2305-29-2020
Triple Spilled - Mango, Strawberry, & Strawberry Puff CandyFruited Kettle Sour01405-29-2020
Triple Spilled - Mango, Strawberry, OrangeFruited Kettle Sour024.2206-18-2021
Triple Spilled - Orange Slices, Orange, PineappleFruited Kettle Sour014.702-13-2021
Triple Spilled - Orange, Pineapple, Lime, GrenadineFruited Kettle Sour013.9607-15-2021
Triple Spilled - OrbitFruited Kettle Sour50004-20-2022
Triple Spilled - Oreo, Strawberry, Ice CreamFruited Kettle Sour023.9206-25-2021
Triple Spilled - Passionfruit, Cotton CandyFruited Kettle Sour034.1102-05-2021
Triple Spilled - Passionfruit, Grenadine, LimeFruited Kettle Sour013.9908-13-2021
Triple Spilled - Passionfruit, MangoFruited Kettle Sour014.2408-08-2020
Triple Spilled - Passionfruit, Papaya, Tart Cherry, Guava, Pineapple, AppleFruited Kettle Sour014.1606-20-2021
Triple Spilled - Passionfruit, Raspberry, Marshmallow, Vanilla Ice CreamFruited Kettle Sour6.513.9309-05-2022
Triple Spilled - Passionfruit, Strawberry, ApricotFruited Kettle Sour00002-26-2021
Triple Spilled - Passionfruit, Strawberry, Apricot, PeachFruited Kettle Sour014.1606-20-2021
Triple Spilled - Peanut Butter Cup, BananaFruited Kettle Sour024.0902-24-2021
Triple Spilled - Pineapple White Chocolate Sprite FloatFruited Kettle Sour524.302-26-2022
Triple Spilled - Pineapple, Orange, VanillaFruited Kettle Sour014.1609-02-2021
Triple Spilled - Pineapple, Pineapple, PineappleFruited Kettle Sour634.2401-03-2022
Triple Spilled - Pineapple, TangerineFruited Kettle Sour034.307-17-2020
Triple Spilled - RainbowFruited Kettle Sour613.9606-08-2022
Triple Spilled - Rainbow SherbetFruited Kettle Sour50002-12-2022
Triple Spilled - Rainbow Sour Belts, Pineapple, Banana, Orange, VanillaFruited Kettle Sour024.5904-04-2022
Triple Spilled - Raspberry, White Chocolate, Pistachio Ice CreamFruited Kettle Sour514.2202-25-2022
Triple Spilled - Red Soda, Strawberry, Raspberry, Marshmallow, Ice CreamFruited Kettle Sour014.2508-13-2021
Triple Spilled - Sour Patch Kids, Ice CreamFruited Kettle Sour014.0706-18-2021
Triple Spilled - Starburst Gummies, Strawberry, Watermelon SlushFruited Kettle Sour014.1803-17-2021
Triple Spilled - Strawberry OverloadFruited Kettle Sour013.7508-22-2020
Triple Spilled - Strawberry, Banana, Vanilla CheesecakeFruited Kettle Sour014.1606-18-2021
Triple Spilled - Strawberry, Pineapple, Banana, WatermelonFruited Kettle Sour014.1901-03-2021
Triple Spilled - Strawberry, Pink Guava, Bubble GumFruited Kettle Sour5.514.1602-09-2022
Triple Spilled - Triple Blackberry, Marshmallow, VanillaFruited Kettle Sour014.1609-02-2021
Triple Spilled - Triple Blueberry, MarshmallowFruited Kettle Sour034.1601-05-2022
Triple Spilled - Triple RaspberryFruited Kettle Sour043.8604-09-2022
Triple Spilled - Triple Raspberry 2.0Fruited Kettle Sour513.904-05-2022
Triple Spilled - Triple WatermelonFruited Kettle Sour013.9905-24-2021
Triple Spilled - Watermelon, Mango, PineappleFruited Kettle Sour023.9311-23-2021
Triple Spilled - Watermelon, Marshmallow, LemonadeFruited Kettle Sour014.1907-27-2021
Triple Spilled - Watermelon, Pineapple, Habanero,Marshmallow, LemonadeFruited Kettle Sour513.9311-26-2021
Triple Spilled - Watermelon, Strawberry, BananaFruited Kettle Sour014.1608-13-2021
Triple Spilled - Yum Series - Blueberry, MarshmallowFruited Kettle Sour014.1104-19-2021
Twain TwacksAmerican Imperial Stout13.224.0403-02-2022
Two Levees - Raspberry TartFruited Kettle Sour524.0412-10-2021
Tyler & Tripp's Excellent DIPANew England IPA833.8906-21-2022
Unholy RollerNew England IPA6.513.6710-24-2022
Urban SaisonSaison523.5903-29-2021
Urban Saison - CashmereSaison6.913.7501-15-2022
Urban Saison - Fresh Hop CitraSaison013.9911-26-2021
Urban Saison - Mango Fresh HopSaison6.913.7402-09-2022
Urban Saison - SimcoeSaison6.713.7411-10-2021
Urban Saison - Strawberry Fresh HopSaison6.913.3301-15-2022
Urban Saison - Vic SecretSaison6.913.3502-25-2022
Urban Saison FruitedSaison4.813.7803-29-2021
Vanilla DreamAmerican Imperial Stout100010-18-2020
Vienna LagerVienna Lager4.523.5903-20-2021
Virtual ProstVienna Lager4.923.8909-30-2020
Watermelon GoseGose4.533.810-22-2019
Watermelon Strawberry Mint GoseGose424.1108-03-2018
Waves: BlueberryBerliner Weisse3.513.910-08-2021
Waves: Cherry LimeadeFruited Kettle Sour533.509-05-2022
Waves: Marionberry & Meyer LemonFruited Kettle Sour50004-23-2022
Western WavesAmerican IPA6.513.505-02-2022
Wet Hop Honey IPAAmerican IPA5.523.910-21-2022
What You Know About It - California CommonCalifornia Common / Steam Beer513.7802-25-2022
What You Know About It - Galaxy Dry HoppedKölsch4.913.8402-09-2022
What You Know About It: KölschKölsch4.913.6901-14-2022
Which Airport (Vic Secret)?New England IPA7.713.8510-08-2021
Which Airport?New England IPA7.224.1208-18-2020
White IPAAmerican IPA523.9306-27-2018
White Light: White StoutAmerican Imperial Stout10.233.8401-11-2022
White Oak IPAAmerican IPA6.323.9705-01-2018
Who DatAmerican Blonde Ale5.04163.7609-23-2022
Who Spilled the Snozzberries?Fruited Kettle Sour6.914.1609-12-2021
Wiped OutImperial IPA7.513.804-17-2020
Ya BasicForeign / Export Stout724.0810-13-2020
Ya Basic - Peppermint MochaSweet / Milk Stout714.3902-17-2020
Yea You RiceJapanese Rice Lager3.8913.7911-22-2021
Yo Quiero USB-HTXAmerican Lager523.8404-02-2022
Your Lights OnImperial IPA7.934.0703-17-2021
¡Viva Tequila!Gose6.533.3604-03-2019

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