Cushwa Brewing Company

Cushwa Brewing CompanyCushwa Brewing Company
Cushwa Brewing CompanyCushwa Brewing Company
Brewery, Bar

10210 Governor Lane Boulevard
Williamsport, Maryland, 21795-4097
United States | map

We often get the question "Where does the name Cushwa come from?"

Well, the name Cushwa comes from the the Cushwa Basin located in Williamsport, MD. When the C&O Canal was built, canal boats would turn around at the basin. The C&O Canal Towpath is about 187 miles long and the Basin sits at about mile marker 100. It's not exactly halfway but it sounds like a good place to turn around.

Exceptional Beer. Positive Impact. Respect.
With our personalities and interests being different, each of us brings a different level of expertise to this wild but exciting endeavor.

In spite of our differences, we come together with similar values expressed in the mission statement. We aim to provide the best product possible, while having a positive impact in our communities, and respecting every aspect of the business.
WED: 4-9
THUR: 4-10
FRI: 3-11
SAT: 12-11
SUN: 12-6
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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
13 EmojisNew England IPA1074.1811-29-2022
221BEnglish Bitter5.833.7906-09-2019
8.5 EmojisNew England IPA854.1108-04-2021
Advanced StateImperial IPA1014.2512-21-2021
After School SnackHerb and Spice Beer6.213.702-02-2017
Alternative FactsAltbier534.2601-01-2022
Always SunnyAmerican Pale Ale5.184.0406-11-2020
Amateur MagicianNew England IPA6.824.1312-31-2021
AtmosphericalAmerican IPA7.554.2306-13-2022
Back To EarthBohemian / Czech Pilsner5.213.5503-12-2022
Big CushNew England IPA894.3209-19-2021
Big Cush - CitraNew England IPA854.1507-17-2022
Big Cush TDH w/NelsonNew England IPA864.3703-26-2022
Biggest CushNew England IPA10134.3108-18-2022
Billable HoursNew England IPA854.0407-09-2022
BrinnerAmerican Imperial Stout14.51405-10-2021
Burn SlowImperial IPA100006-07-2022
Cali CushAmerican IPA6.534.0711-12-2022
Captain Cuvée and The Sour BeersFruited Kettle Sour613.510-09-2022
Chocolate LoveSweet / Milk Stout4.623.8603-05-2017
Collapsible False Bottoms (CFB)American Porter7.213.8102-02-2017
Collective DreamAmerican Pale Ale654.1208-28-2020
Computed EmotionImperial IPA8.214.0311-29-2019
Confirmation BiasImperial IPA824.2210-03-2021
Couldn't We AllCalifornia Common / Steam Beer5.313.8704-04-2022
Cowboy BebopEnglish Bitter4.424.0803-01-2022
CushNew England IPA6.5343.8911-03-2022
Cush - NelsonNew England IPA6.513.9810-04-2021
Cush Jr.American IPA4.20012-28-2019
Cushwa ClassicGerman Pilsner5.534.0905-07-2022
Cushwa LightCream Ale5.233.5401-03-2022
Dank PursuitImperial IPA8144.1504-18-2022
Delusions of VirtueNew England IPA814.502-19-2022
Dense FogNew England IPA8.394.2405-31-2021
Earthly RichesEuropean Dark Lager5.524.0801-06-2022
Electrofruit - Berry BlastFruited Kettle Sour664.1512-05-2020
Electrofruit - Blackberry & Key LimeFruited Kettle Sour614.1110-03-2020
Electrofruit - Blueberry & Blood OrangeFruited Kettle Sour614.4807-24-2020
Electrofruit - Cherry CrispFruited Kettle Sour61409-25-2021
Electrofruit - Orange CrushsicleFruited Kettle Sour60005-19-2022
Electrofruit - Pineapple & GuavaFruited Kettle Sour614.506-21-2019
Electrofruit - Plum & ApricotFruited Kettle Sour613.4901-25-2020
Electrofruit Peaches and CreamFruited Kettle Sour614.2807-22-2022
Electrofruit Watermelon PizzaFruited Kettle Sour613.7612-02-2022
Ella PleaseAmerican Pale Ale5.823.8804-20-2018
EmotionalismNew England IPA6.733.8310-30-2022
English Strong BitterExtra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB)5.513.8402-12-2017
Even More TyPANew England IPA824.306-19-2022
Face ChopImperial IPA8.2214.1207-12-2022
False DichotomyNew England IPA6.213.6909-24-2020
Father TimeBelgian Pale Ale4.833.9601-21-2021
Fog At DaybreakAmerican Pale Ale5.6214.0406-17-2022
Fraction of FrictionNew England IPA6.60006-07-2022
French FogBelgian Pale Ale6.453.9805-24-2021
Funk N' FuzzSaison6.30001-31-2017
Future You Hates YouRussian Imperial Stout13.50005-15-2020
Geographically ChallengedImperial IPA8.514.1611-18-2022
Glimpse of LightNew England IPA8.214.3211-17-2022
GlintNew England IPA844.1505-03-2022
Gone To PlaidScottish Ale5.343.807-22-2022
Gummy FrontmanNew England IPA894.2806-28-2022
Happening AgainAmerican IPA714.4303-26-2022
Helles YeahHelles51410-24-2020
History RepeatingGerman Pilsner5.554.1105-13-2022
Illusory CorrelationSchwarzbier554.2703-04-2022
Imperial Electrofruit - Blueberry RaspberryBerliner Weisse914.2510-13-2019
Imposter SyndromeImperial IPA823.8805-07-2022
Indian WinterAmerican Porter7.454.1511-12-2020
It Takes A VillageAmerican IPA70003-25-2021
It's All In Your HeadAmerican IPA713.7510-22-2022
Jell-Oh!New England IPA874.3206-29-2022
JelloAmerican IPA6.8124.0604-30-2022
Karmic EventAmerican IPA794.101-29-2022
Landmine HopscotchImperial IPA82406-06-2022
Librarians From Outer SpaceImperial IPA8.514.3709-03-2022
LiftedAmerican Blonde Ale5.20003-03-2019
Liquid BreadDoppelbock8.124.1210-24-2020
Literally FigurativelyNew England IPA6.864.3207-24-2022
Lock 44Kellerbier / Zwickelbier583.9711-13-2022
Me, Myself, And CitraAmerican IPA674.1507-12-2022
Mental DriftNew England IPA843.9302-27-2022
MephitisImperial IPA7.824.2512-08-2017
Mini PantsEnglish Dark Mild Ale434.103-27-2022
MisadventuresNew England IPA70010-08-2022
More FunAmerican Blonde Ale5.30008-06-2017
NanofluidAmerican Lager3.513.8308-13-2021
Natural Good TimeImperial IPA814.1610-26-2021
Natural ProgressionNew England IPA8.2164.3611-15-2022
NeePaaNew England IPA7.6124.4504-06-2022
Never Say HefeweizenHefeweizen523.8606-29-2022
Next EpisodeCream Ale5.533.9301-28-2022
Nihilism BeckonsImperial IPA12.514.1601-21-2019
No Hard FeelingsNew England IPA814.503-13-2021
Nobody SpeakImperial IPA8.524.3605-16-2022
Nothing To LoseAmerican Pale Ale60004-20-2020
Nothing Wasted V1 - House AleNew England IPA824.1402-07-2021
Nothing Wasted V2 - London FogNew England IPA824.2102-07-2021
Old HundredsFestbier / Wiesnbier614.2510-15-2021
OnwardAmerican IPA7.214.2710-28-2018
Outsider's PerspectiveImperial IPA854.0906-28-2020
Party On FifthNew England IPA80008-31-2021
Patchwork MosaicNew England IPA684.0912-15-2021
Peace Among WorldsNew England IPA8144.1712-06-2022
Permission SlipNew England IPA854.1504-03-2022
Pop-up HelicopterImperial IPA81411-08-2021
PotamoiNew England IPA1034.3610-07-2022
Power Of SuggestionNew England IPA6.813.4909-05-2021
Preemptive StrikeNew England IPA844.4810-10-2021
Progress for the Sake of ProgressNew England IPA814.502-19-2022
Puddin' - Peanut Butter & BananaAmerican Imperial Stout814.2906-11-2020
Pumpkin LatteAmerican Stout70001-31-2017
Rambo - SnickersAmerican Imperial Stout1314.2503-12-2021
Ramen ProfitableImperial IPA813.509-16-2022
Random SpaceKölsch5.30008-06-2017
Rich StrikeCalifornia Common / Steam Beer5.114.411-18-2022
Rickie Ryeds A RickshawAmerican IPA6.314.2804-20-2018
Same PageNew England IPA8.213.6107-18-2022
Second ContactAmerican Pale Ale5.913.9201-25-2020
She Said YesAmerican Blonde Ale5.814.2506-21-2019
Shifting TidesNew England IPA824.2105-27-2021
Silent FreewaysAmerican Imperial Stout10.514.1306-12-2019
Simple SaisonSaison4.443.9603-25-2017
Situational AwarenessNew England IPA8.153.9211-13-2020
Smile Like You Mean ItVienna Lager5.123.6709-03-2022
Social DoseNew England IPA1064.3607-26-2022
Stars CollideNew England IPA6.50005-15-2020
Stuck In The SkyImperial IPA87409-12-2022
Style PoliceAmerican IPA7.434.606-21-2020
Swept AwayNew England IPA81408-15-2020
SynonymousNew England IPA833.9209-18-2021
Tenuous PawnAmerican Brown Ale6.644.0610-27-2022
Tenuous Pawn - CoffeeEnglish Brown Ale6.614.0602-19-2021
The People's ChampagneBerliner Weisse3.173.7107-31-2018
Triple JelloNew England IPA1014.502-19-2022
Trust Fund HippieAmerican IPA6.744.1909-04-2020
TyPA Workflow DisruptionAmerican IPA743.9105-13-2020
Unintended ConsequencesImperial IPA8.174.3303-03-2022
Velvet RobeOatmeal Stout6.563.906-20-2021
Wit TFWitbier5.713.7508-06-2017
Yam Bam BigelowPumpkin Beer70001-31-2017
Zebra VibesNew England IPA843.7405-05-2022
Zip Up Vs. PulloverSweet / Milk Stout7.514.3204-20-2018

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Cushwa Brewing Company in Williamsport, MD
Brewery rating: 4.08 out of 5 with 511 ratings