BeerAdvocate magazine #67

BeerAdvocate Magazine, Now Available on Google Play Beer Smack by

Good news! US Android users can now subscribe via the Google Play Magazines app available in the Google Play Store.

Beer News News by

Homebrewers banned from pouring at St. Louis’ Heritage Beer Festival; Kentucky Brewers found a nonprofit guild; buy a round for friends anywhere with the BuddyBeers app; Breckenridge mulls options after growth plans squashed; and AB-InBev purchases Grupo Modelo.

Teachings from the Tap: Life Lessons from Our Year in Beer Shelf Talker by

Why we’re reading Teachings from the Tap: Life Lessons from Our Year in Beer.

The Nebraska Shandy Kindred Spirits by

Gin, ginger beer and lemon juice complement Nebraska Brewing Co.’s Infinite Wit Witbier in this beer cocktail.

Beer in a Box Innovation by

ONCEMADE is a quarterly collaboration pairing two single-batch beers from Bay State brewers.

On the Wings of Armageddon by DC Brau Label Approval by

The guys at DC Brau aren’t afraid to creep people out. So when it came time to conceptualize their next beer, the dark side was the first place they went.

Milk, Honey, and Microbrews: Craft Beer in Israel Beer Without Borders by

As many brewers are quick to mention, fermentation is an ancient science, and is even referenced in the Bible. So, perhaps microbreweries are not such a new idea in Israel.

The Death of the Flagship Unfiltered by

Supplanted by seasonal brands, endangered by the race for the holy one-off grail, and lost in the hunt for more hops, these respected and balanced brands look increasingly out of place in the wider world of craft beer.

American Hops in British Beer History by the Glass by

How long have American hops been common in British beer? Twenty years, 30 years, 50 years? Think again. It’s much longer than that.

Over a Barrel BYOB by

This Rye Wine will be partly aged in a rye whiskey barrel to end up with three different kegs, two straight and one blended.

Beer Tacos Cooking with Beer by

Start with these base taco recipes, with the addition of Amber Ale, Pale Ale and Stout, and you’ll be on the way to beer taco heaven.

Married, With Beer Party-Gyle by

Beer has been integral to weddings and other festivities throughout history, much more so than champagne. In fact, the word “bridal” derives from “bride ale.”

Novare Res in Portland, Maine Barkeep by

When Eric and Julie Michaud opened Portland, Maine’s Novare Res Bier Café in 2008, the husband-and-wife pair hoped to start a revolution, as the bar’s name means in Latin.

Ryan Michaels of McKenzie Brew House Going Pro by

Ryan Michaels runs brewing operations at McKenzie Brew House, a small chain of brewpubs in suburban Philadelphia, but beer drinkers across the country seek out his work.

Iron Horse Brewery From the Source by

When Greg Parker took over in 2007, Iron Horse produced about 500 barrels per year. Today, they make more than that in a month.

Bend, Oregon Destinations by

Bend’s beer scene has built up around its marquee name. A city of only 75,000, it now boasts 10 breweries and some of the better beer bars and bottle shops on the West Coast.

Buy, Drink, Repeat: The Psychology of Brand Loyalty Feature by

True brand loyalty implies an attachment to the brand itself and what it represents. Like Harley-Davidson riders who equate the brand with outlaws and the open road, and Apple owners fanatically devoted to design.

Jonathan Permen, Homebrewer of the Year Last Call by

A manufacturing engineer by day, Permen applies the logic of inputs and outputs to homebrewing. As scientific as that sounds, Permen credits his Homebrewer of the Year win mostly to luck.