J. Wakefield Brewing

J. Wakefield BrewingJ. Wakefield Brewing
J. Wakefield BrewingJ. Wakefield Brewing
Brewery, Bar, Beer-to-go

120 NW 24th St
Miami, Florida, 33127-4414
United States | map

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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
'Member When...Sour - Berliner Weisse61406-22-2020
24th St. Brown AleBrown Ale - American6.8413.9102-13-2020
6IX Days In DadeSour - Fruited Kettle Sour6264.2103-20-2021
Abstract SettingStout - American Imperial13.70005-02-2021
All Green EverythingIPA - Imperial10.51411-23-2020
All Hail!IPA - New England954.3806-22-2020
All Tea, All ShadeIPA - New England6.50010-21-2021
Amber WavesRed Ale - American Amber / Red6.9213.6402-04-2020
Another Day In My BathrobeIPA - New England8.30004-11-2021
Anytime Is A Good Time to...Stout - American Imperial120004-11-2021
AprikosenkuchenSour - Berliner Weisse60005-18-2021
As If!Blonde Ale - American6.914.0612-15-2021
A’int No Love In The Heart Of The CityStout - American Imperial80010-10-2021
B. A. Thiccc 2.0Stout - American Imperial1324.6212-23-2021
BA 6th Anniversary StoutStout - American Imperial1424.611-01-2021
BA A Stout With No NameStout - American Imperial054.2702-04-2021
BA Bout It Bout ItStout - American Imperial18144.309-01-2020
BA GourditaPumpkin Beer1434.2501-12-2020
BA Live and Let BrewStout - American Imperial1474.2306-14-2020
BA Making WhoopieStout - American Imperial120011-28-2021
BA Man In The BoxStout - American Imperial140004-18-2021
BA MongoBarleywine - English13164.1809-01-2020
BA No RestStout - American Imperial12.50006-29-2021
BA OtagoffaStout - American Imperial1234.502-28-2021
BA Stout CloutStout - American Imperial140004-18-2021
Bake Kujira Burnt TitaniumStout - American Imperial173501-03-2022
Bake Kujira IlluminatingStout - American Imperial173501-03-2022
Bake Kujira TitaniumStout - American Imperial1754.7101-03-2022
BangarangSour - Berliner Weisse643.9712-18-2020
Barrel Aged CoquitoStout - American Imperial1414.3312-29-2021
Barrel Aged THICCCStout - American Imperial1414.7502-28-2021
Barrel-Aged Coquito (Coffee)Stout - American Imperial1414.5901-18-2022
Beads & BlingIPA - New England8.634.0811-07-2021
Big PoppaStout - American Imperial171454.4501-05-2022
Black Is BeautifulStout - American Imperial1014.3204-04-2021
Blocked ShotsIPA - New England7.214.808-03-2021
Blood In The WaterSour - Gose70010-10-2021
Blueberry CrumbleSour - Berliner Weisse614.3808-14-2021
Bonzer!IPA - New England723.902-24-2020
Boss TycoonStout - American Imperial14514.3407-19-2021
Boutit BoutitStout - Russian Imperial17294.203-26-2021
Bruce All HazyIPA - New England6.524.0407-05-2020
Café Con LecheStout - American Imperial8104.0605-01-2021
Campfire S'moresStout - American Imperial1414.0811-20-2021
Campos De FresasBlonde Ale - American9.534.0701-05-2022
Cellarmaker Moon SistersSour - Fruited Kettle Sour6.30004-22-2021
Cellarmaker MO’ StrataIPA - American6.90004-18-2021
ChainsIPA - American7104.210-10-2021
Coco HazyIPA - New England8.624.0307-01-2021
Coconut Stimulus PackageStout - American Imperial1424.2512-28-2021
Con SazonIPA - Imperial10.534.2301-03-2021
Count MashulaStout - American Imperial1234.0310-14-2020
Cubans with the Jesus PieceStout - American Imperial1414.7501-03-2022
Cuvée de WakefieldSour - Berliner Weisse7624.4801-06-2022
Dancing GnomeIPA - Imperial8.50004-22-2021
Dark Side Of FoederLager - European Dark4.844.0908-30-2021
Den of SnakesSour - Berliner Weisse624.1105-18-2021
DesperadoStout - Russian Imperial13304.3603-15-2020
DFPFSour - Berliner Weisse3.54824.5101-18-2022
Double BA I Believe In A thing Called StoutStout - American Imperial140004-18-2021
Double Stacking CashIPA - Imperial853.9401-05-2022
Down to SplitStout - American Imperial1264.2601-06-2021
Down To Split - Barrel AgedStout - American Imperial1434.7204-21-2021
DreadnaughtStout - Sweet / Milk6.524.0302-20-2020
Drink ChampsIPA - New England70010-10-2021
Dropping DimesIPA - New England814.0802-10-2021
Dunes On The CapeSour - Fruited Kettle Sour71408-03-2021
El Jefe HefeweizenWheat Beer - Hefeweizen5.51283.9107-18-2021
El Mayor DeseoSour - Fruited Kettle Sour60010-21-2021
EntanglementIPA - American6.514.1509-05-2020
Epirus Bow - Barrel AgedStout - Russian Imperial1444.4307-15-2021
Everybody Dance NowStout - Russian Imperial14214.4709-01-2020
Everything FloatsStout - American Imperial1424.7911-25-2021
Extra Special BitterBitter - English Extra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB)5.50010-21-2021
FRANStout - American6.583.9603-04-2020
Frank White Pineapple IPAIPA - New England6.5284.0602-01-2020
From DowntownIPA - Imperial824.2711-29-2020
Future Sounds ClassicStout - Russian Imperial1314.4709-12-2021
Future Sounds Classic With VanillaStout - Russian Imperial1314.4709-12-2021
Going Back To CaliIPA - American7.723.8309-05-2021
GourditaPumpkin Beer8224.0802-10-2020
Grape STUSH BerlinerSour - Berliner Weisse3.544.202-17-2020
Greetings From BroussardSour - Berliner Weisse634.202-11-2021
GTESour - Berliner Weisse624.1112-05-2021
Guaperia Full TimeIPA - American6.513.8301-26-2020
Han Shot FirstStout - American Imperial14424.2212-22-2021
Hard Hop LifeIPA - Imperial984.2509-01-2020
Harland - I Remember WhenSour - Fruited Kettle Sour8.50004-22-2021
Harlen Fitzy OneStout - American Imperial10.80004-18-2021
Hate Rage - Blue Raspberry LemonSour - Berliner Weisse60009-01-2021
HateradeSour - Berliner Weisse624.1505-31-2021
Haterade (Blue Raspberry Lemon)Sour - Berliner Weisse614.510-13-2021
Haterade STUSH BerlinerSour - Berliner Weisse4894.2603-23-2021
Hawaiian DreamsSour - Berliner Weisse60001-09-2021
Hazy RiverIPA - New England824.2302-11-2021
Highway To The Danker ZoneIPA - Imperial80005-02-2021
Hops 4 TeacherIPA - American61733.9509-20-2021
How Can It Be A Plan If Its Improvised?Sour - Fruited Kettle Sour40005-09-2021
Human/Cyborg RelationsSour - Fruited Kettle Sour40005-09-2021
Hyphy In MiamiIPA - Imperial7.82405-09-2021
I Believe In A Thing Called StoutStout - American Imperial12154.4705-09-2021
I Can Bring You In Warm Or I-Can Bring You In ColdSour - Fruited Kettle Sour40005-09-2021
I Found My Thrill On Tropical HillIPA - Imperial814.1708-06-2021
I Got Fog On ItIPA - Imperial823.9202-14-2021
I Let My Tape RockStout - American Imperial17824.6401-17-2022
I Let My Tape Rock - 2021Stout - American Imperial1414.7512-10-2021
I Woke Up In A New BiscottiStout - Sweet / Milk6.543.9609-01-2020
Ice Cream Socially Distant : BaseStout - American Imperial12.514.2510-14-2021
Ice Cream Socially Distant : ToppingsStout - American Imperial12.514.2510-14-2021
Ides Of MarzenLager - Märzen5.50010-10-2021
Impish Or AdmirableLager - European Dark5.20001-01-2022
Infinity Blend Gauntlet SeriesSour - Berliner Weisse60007-26-2021
IntramuralsSour - Berliner Weisse624.0411-08-2021
Invading FeelingsIPA - New England824.1202-19-2021
It Was All A DreamStout - American Imperial171784.701-18-2022
Jiu- Jitsu Juice (2021)IPA - Imperial714.0401-15-2022
Juice is Worth The SqueezeSour - Gose614.1202-20-2021
Just Up The RiverIPA - Imperial103405-31-2021
JWB BA Epirus BowStout - Russian Imperial120001-19-2021
JWB BA ThicccStout - American Imperial1224.4712-10-2021
Kentucky JazzStout - American Imperial1414.4111-05-2021
Know the RequirementsStout - American Imperial1324.3704-27-2020
Krone KuchenSour - Fruited Kettle Sour624.1803-21-2021
La NadaStout - Russian Imperial9.5414.0711-12-2020
Label Us Notorious - Calvados BA Big PoppaStout - American Imperial17764.601-17-2022
Lemon CityIPA - New England813.9504-18-2021
LibertadLager - American50005-09-2021
Life During Death StarStout - American Imperial1244.0401-17-2022
Little HavanaIPA - Imperial80005-29-2021
Little JarsSour - Gose5.50011-28-2021
LockdownStout - American Imperial1024.1509-05-2020
Ludicrous SpeedIPA - American6.564.1711-24-2020
Maganimous Max ProfitsStout - American Imperial120001-19-2021
Make Some NoiseLager - American50005-18-2021
Mark It Zero!Stout - American Imperial1254.2610-08-2020
Menehune TreasureSour - Berliner Weisse60011-12-2021
Mental HazinessIPA - New England6.524.0902-18-2021
Message In A BeakerIPA - New England7.534.1205-24-2021
Miami AirPilsner - Bohemian / Czech51406-07-2021
Miami MadnessSour - Fruited Kettle Sour5.54794.5601-19-2022
Mind Ya BusinessIPA - Imperial80010-10-2021
Mostra MadnessSour - Berliner Weisse624.2402-23-2021
Mystic Brewe Of Mardi GrasSour - Fruited Kettle Sour81406-06-2021
Never Tell Me The OddsSour - Fruited Kettle Sour40005-09-2021
Nightmare On 24th StreetStout - American Imperial1414.5301-16-2022
Nightmare On 8th StreetIPA - New England90007-04-2021
No Aspirations to Quit the GameStout - American Imperial1024.1409-25-2021
No Days OffSour - Berliner Weisse3.50006-19-2021
No Wake ZoneIPA - New England80009-15-2020
Nobody Says The B WordSour - Fruited Kettle Sour60010-21-2021
Notorious TBTStout - American Imperial1434.503-27-2021
Nowhere To BeStout - American Imperial110005-03-2021
NuzzleIPA - American4.6103.8709-01-2020
Nuzzle 10.0IPA - American4.514.0708-06-2021
Nuzzle 7.0IPA - American4.50006-19-2021
Off Tha RictorStout - American Imperial1574.4203-15-2020
Oh Now He's A PhilosophizerStout - American Imperial1224.212-30-2020
Oops, I Did It AgainIPA - New England6.50006-29-2021
Orange DreamsicleWild Ale6744.3511-12-2021
Paan WalaFarmhouse Ale - Saison7143.9802-09-2020
Pete’s Cherry LimeadeSour - Gose613.6905-16-2021
Pils, Pils, PilsPilsner - German4.80010-10-2021
Pineapple STUSH BerlinerSour - Fruited Kettle Sour3.533.902-17-2020
Port of MiamiPilsner - Bohemian / Czech524.1501-05-2022
Prime MinisterSour - Berliner Weisse60006-06-2021
Punch It ChewieSour - Berliner Weisse693.7701-24-2021
Red Headed Step SonSour - Berliner Weisse613.8309-25-2021
Respect The EscalatorIPA - New England6.514.2912-29-2021
Rolling CloudIPA - New England843.8704-30-2021
SakuraLager - Japanese Rice50004-11-2021
Salmon BonesIPA - New England6.50005-18-2021
Send In The CloneLager - European Pale6.50012-24-2021
ShiftyIPA - American5.30012-24-2021
ShiftyIPA - American5.30011-28-2021
Shorts And HoodiesSour - Berliner Weisse60001-09-2021
Show’s OverIPA - New England80009-15-2020
Sinister Sixth V1Stout - Russian Imperial1254.3101-05-2022
Slammin' Bones: Nightmare on 8th StreetIPA - Imperial924.0502-21-2021
Sleepy HollowSour - Berliner Weisse60011-06-2020
Snake And DesistIPA - Imperial8.224.0801-05-2022
Sneaker SharksStout - Russian Imperial1424.212-28-2021
Something LightPilsner - German533.6702-01-2021
Sponch-O VillaWild Ale614.0811-12-2020
Stop Copying MeStout - American Imperial100006-29-2021
Stout CloutStout - American Imperial1234.4809-05-2020
Straight CashIPA - New England6.524.2507-21-2020
StushSour - Berliner Weisse3.51514.0609-01-2021
Take It EasySour - Fruited Kettle Sour613.7712-09-2021
Tangerine WhipsicleSour - Fruited Kettle Sour60004-11-2021
TeacursionIPA - American6.50004-18-2021
That's No MoonStout - Russian Imperial131405-13-2020
That’s Your HomeCalifornia Common / Steam Beer50010-10-2021
The ArchetypeStout - American Imperial1454.3312-03-2021
The Calm Before The StormSour - Fruited Kettle Sour6.544.0111-22-2021
The ChildSour - Berliner Weisse414.3505-09-2021
The Crib (Chains 2020)IPA - Imperial824.2611-09-2020
The End Of HistoryLager - American514.0905-21-2021
The Glow UpIPA - New England964.2101-05-2022
The Juice Is Worth The SqueezeSour - Berliner Weisse60005-18-2021
The Last DanceIPA - Imperial854.2609-28-2020
The NightmarchersStout - American Imperial120010-21-2021
The Stout is Not EnoughStout - American Imperial1234.109-01-2020
Thiccc X HazyIPA - New England884.2101-15-2022
This Is The WaySour - Fruited Kettle Sour40005-09-2021
This That And The OtherIPA - New England80012-24-2021
Three the Hard WayIPA - Imperial1014.7503-22-2020
Tinky’s 12 Year ReserveStout - American Imperial1314.7101-05-2022
Tony Bag O' DonutsFarmhouse Ale - Saison9174.2912-29-2021
Toss it into the FireStout - American Imperial1213.7706-28-2021
Trading PlacesBarleywine - American140010-21-2021
Tropical ParadiseSour - Berliner Weisse100003-19-2021
U.J.P.Porter - English7113.8407-09-2021
Unity: SourSour - Berliner Weisse644.1612-07-2020
Unity: StoutStout - Russian Imperial1214.4112-30-2020
Vitamin Sea - Mexican BlanketStout - American Imperial10.50004-14-2021
Vitamin Sea- Another DimensionStout - American Imperial12.10004-14-2021
VorfreudePilsner - German50006-06-2021
Walking ContradictionLager - India Pale Lager (IPL)634.0305-31-2021
Warm Up The BusSour - Berliner Weisse724.1911-22-2020
Welcome To KendallIPA - Imperial80004-11-2021
Welcome To The Party PalSour - Berliner Weisse60012-24-2021
We’re Not Friends, We’re FamiliaIPA - New England6.524.0811-25-2021
Where Is My Super SuitSour - Berliner Weisse614.1702-24-2021
Where the Buffalo RoamStout - American Imperial1414.2504-20-2021
Whipped Into ShapeSour - Berliner Weisse613.9112-08-2020
Wild Pink RobotsSour - Fruited Kettle Sour60005-01-2021
Wynwood Starts HereIPA - New England80012-10-2021
You Yuzu Call Me On My CellphoneSour - Berliner Weisse60007-26-2021
You’ll Shoot Your Eye OutHerb and Spice Beer723.7902-02-2020
ZO.R.DStout - American Imperial1424.3806-26-2021
¿Que Onda?Lager - Light5.513.7501-23-2021

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J. Wakefield Brewing in Miami, FL
Brewery rating: 4.21 out of 5 with 2901 ratings