de Garde Brewing

de Garde Brewingde Garde Brewing
de Garde Brewingde Garde Brewing
Brewery, Bar, Beer-to-go

114 Ivy Ave
Ste A
Tillamook, Oregon, 97141-8043
United States

(503) 815-1635 | map

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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
Anianish (Dry Hop Cuvee)Wild Ale5.2114.2605-09-2018
Archerphora BridgiversaryWild Ale7.413.4705-21-2023
Autre Grand RougeWild Ale6.3274.1707-27-2021
Azacca HoseGose4634.2512-08-2021
Blue BuVeauxWild Ale533.5808-26-2021
Blueberry PremiereWild Ale8.474.0504-12-2023
Bu WeisseBerliner Weisse2.33714.1504-28-2020
BuVeauxWild Ale3.93412-06-2022
Chamomile IvyWild Ale634.3401-29-2022
Citra HoseGose41414.406-29-2022
Cran BuBerliner Weisse2.31314.2908-17-2019
Cranberry Premiere: Gin Barrel CuveeWild Ale814.502-18-2022
Desay A L'OrangeSaison8914.2411-02-2022
Earl DesaySaison5.2534.2707-22-2020
ÉponymeWild Ale6393.8812-20-2018
F.A.I.LWild Ale5.5184.1509-20-2021
Framboise BuVeauxWild Ale543.9801-10-2022
Grand Rouge ReserveWild Ale6.7224.2312-03-2018
IvyWild Ale613.7504-12-2023
jin∙jrWild Ale3.634.2608-08-2022
Kriek BuVeauxWild Ale574.4607-03-2022
Kriek PremièreWild Ale8.4624.2603-31-2022
Lee KriekWild Ale8.41094.3402-21-2023
Lee Kriek Réserve: Bourbon Barrel CuvéeWild Ale7.944.2404-12-2023
Lee Kriek Réserve: Cacao & Vanilla CuvéeWild Ale7.754.1904-12-2023
Lee Réserve: Bourbon Barrel CuvéeWild Ale7.924.2210-23-2022
L’Assemblage du ChatWild Ale8.314.6609-06-2022
Marion De MerWild Ale6.2174.2107-19-2022
MidiWild Ale4.524.2609-09-2022
Midi FraisWild Ale4.533.4203-26-2023
MinuitWild Ale13.914.2602-06-2023
Minuit: Triple Barrel CuvéeWild Ale13.924.3505-14-2023
Muscat PremiereWild Ale6.5124.0507-10-2020
Nectarine IvyWild Ale6.624.3711-13-2022
Nectarine PremiereSaison7.14094.6205-26-2023
Nelson HoseGose51944.3904-14-2023
OchoversaryWild Ale614.2405-21-2023
Oude DesaySaison5774.2506-10-2020
Peach PremiereWild Ale8.4104.3403-12-2023
Peach Premiere: Gin Barrel CuveeSaison8.224.3507-12-2022
Petit BlancWild Ale7.1614.0808-05-2020
Petit Blanc Dry Hop CuveeSaison7.184.1310-28-2017
Petit DesaySaison53224.2312-12-2022
PurpetuaWild Ale6.524.0107-10-2022
Riesling IvyWild Ale753.8302-05-2023
RoseberryWild Ale6.2824.3612-03-2022
Special RougeWild Ale6.42004.402-05-2021
Special VioletWild Ale6.4584.3906-27-2020
Spring AmusementSaison6.574.0901-02-2022
Spruce Desay No. 2Wild Ale7204.2105-05-2017
Sucre BrunWild Ale5243.8402-25-2019
The Anniversary - EighthWild Ale5.5114.3603-20-2023
The Anniversary - NinthWild Ale5.514.3207-11-2022
The Anniversary - SeventhWild Ale5.544.2706-21-2021
The ApricotWild Ale6.5184.3604-12-2023
The Apricot: Armagnac Barrel CuveeWild Ale6.514.205-07-2022
The ArcherWild Ale71884.3901-29-2023
The Archer RéserveWild Ale824.3210-26-2021
The ArchitectWild Ale694.2611-12-2022
The BlackberryWild Ale6.8294.3604-25-2023
The Blanche RéserveWild Ale734.4210-13-2021
The BlossomWild Ale5.3254.3112-13-2022
The Blossom: Moacatel Barrel CuveeWild Ale5.514.2503-23-2023
The BluestWild Ale7504.3907-22-2022
The Bluest: Blend No. 2Wild Ale6.81404-12-2023
The BoysenberryWild Ale7944.3704-12-2023
The Broken TruckWild Ale53894.5804-25-2023
The Broken Truck #3Gueuze5.113.9905-10-2023
The Broken Truck #5Gueuze5.614.0605-10-2023
The Broken Truck #6Gueuze5.414.2405-10-2023
The Broken Truck #7Gueuze5.514.2105-10-2023
The Broken Truck #8Gueuze5.51405-10-2023
The Broken Truck Grande CuvéeWild Ale5.574.3503-07-2023
The ChâteauWild Ale5.5234.2806-01-2023
The DuoWild Ale6624.4110-31-2022
The ExamandiasWild Ale5.734.402-28-2023
The FlorWild Ale6.2494.2907-14-2019
The Floue FloueWild Ale7.4224.4608-15-2022
The FraisWild Ale5.5374.3304-14-2023
The Frais: StrataWild Ale5.554.2206-09-2022
The FramboiseWild Ale6.5174.4609-06-2022
The Framboise NoireWild Ale6.523.7708-08-2022
The Framboise Noire: Gin Barrel CuvéeWild Ale814.2505-13-2023
The IvyWild Ale6234.2510-13-2022
The KriekWild Ale7654.3804-12-2023
The KriekenbloesemWild Ale6.6124.4304-12-2023
The KriekenmaakWild Ale7234.3404-12-2023
The Law of Motion ReserveWild Ale6.544.202-07-2023
The LilyWild Ale72014.4912-31-2022
The Lily ReserveWild Ale814.4907-10-2022
The Lily RoséWild Ale6.554.210-21-2019
The LucyWild Ale81774.4511-14-2021
The MaisonWild Ale5.5454.2105-24-2023
The Marion: Sherry Whiskey Barrel CuveeWild Ale6.414.3103-23-2023
The NectarineWild Ale6.7174.4505-14-2023
The Nectarine CuveeWild Ale7.2204.5904-12-2023
The Noir TruffleWild Ale5214.3305-27-2023
The OrchardWild Ale6.4414.4704-12-2023
The PasWild Ale5.2394.3104-12-2023
The PeachWild Ale7.33254.5703-03-2023
The PêchenmaakWild Ale6.514.1305-13-2023
The PetriaWild Ale7.9114.4212-10-2022
The Petria ReserveWild Ale714.3409-09-2021
The PurpleWild Ale7584.3605-08-2023
The Purple KriekWild Ale71794.4311-19-2022
The Purple: Lavender & Spruce Tip CuveeWild Ale5.724.0512-04-2022
The Qi: Blend No. 1Wild Ale5.5104.3311-21-2022
The Qi: Blend No. 1 RéserveWild Ale5.534.5304-14-2023
The QuatreWild Ale5.634.3506-30-2022
The Quatre: a l'OrangeWild Ale5.834.2602-07-2023
The Quatre: Spruce Tip CuvéeWild Ale5.634.2201-02-2022
The RenrochaWild Ale7.91403-18-2023
The RochetteWild Ale824.506-15-2022
The Rocksanne Réserve 7/21Wild Ale814.4310-23-2022
The SamognierWild Ale8.494.0804-12-2023
The Serine Grand RéserveWild Ale924.5304-17-2023
The Sixth PeachWild Ale6.5354.4305-27-2023
The Sixth Peach CuvéeWild Ale6.544.3211-05-2021
The Sixth Peach: Armagnac Barrel CuvéeWild Ale6.534.501-02-2023
The Sixth Peach: Rum Barrel CuvéeWild Ale6.524.4410-16-2022
The Time TogetherWild Ale5.514.2504-09-2023
The TrioWild Ale6.523.9504-12-2023
The Trio: Spruce Tip CuveeWild Ale5.484.2408-15-2021
The TruffleWild Ale5634.4408-04-2021
The Unblended ArmagandiasWild Ale5.514.2406-21-2022
The Vanille KriekWild Ale7224.3305-19-2021
The VigneWild Ale7394.3705-08-2022
The Vintage:2018Wild Ale5.50004-01-2023
Vache De MerSaison5.9143.8307-24-2019
Violet BuVeauxWild Ale5104.3101-17-2022
Winter AmusementSaison7.543.9804-24-2021

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de Garde Brewing in Tillamook, OR
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