Surly Brewing Company

Surly Brewing CompanySurly Brewing Company
Surly Brewing CompanySurly Brewing Company

4811 Dusharme Dr
Brooklyn Center, Minnesota, 55429
United States

(763) 535-3330 | map

Notes: Not Open to the Public. Visit Surly Brewing Beer Hall (
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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
#MericaLager - Adjunct52083.6108-05-2021
13Stout - American Imperial12.5874.2606-26-2022
3DH Triple IPAIPA - Imperial10423.8902-04-2020
60 BelowIPA - American6.5423.9502-04-2020
Abrasive AleIPA - Imperial9.24,8174.506-21-2022
Age of LeviathansStout - American Imperial11.9253.7704-14-2022
ALTernative FactsAltbier5.463.5212-26-2017
And The Devil Makes ThreeIPA - Imperial10.6273.6704-07-2022
Axe ManIPA - American7.23,0174.4305-30-2022
Bandit EyesWheat Beer - Hefeweizen5.514.0609-03-2018
Battle VestIPA - American6.894.0605-16-2020
BenderBrown Ale - American5.51,9994.0710-31-2021
Best CoastIPA - Imperial8.60003-13-2022
Black Cherry SupremeSour - Fruited Kettle Sour4.573.4302-19-2022
Black Is The New BlackIPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale6.70005-28-2022
Blanche GoseSour - Gose5.344.2901-26-2018
Blast BeatIPA - American6.764.1406-25-2022
Blond AmbitionBock - Doppelbock9123.4701-21-2022
Blueberry Crumble Darkness (2021)Stout - Russian Imperial12173.7305-07-2022
Cacao BenderBrown Ale - American5.14984.2911-27-2021
Cash Me Out WestCalifornia Common / Steam Beer5.80008-13-2018
Castles In The SkyIPA - New England743.5206-19-2022
Celestial DoomStout - Sweet / Milk11.50008-20-2021
Chai- Carumba!Stout - Sweet / Milk70005-28-2022
Chroma KeyWild Ale7.823.9804-30-2019
Coffee BenderBrown Ale - American5.52,8094.1506-29-2022
Continental GriftIPA - American7.20012-06-2021
Controlled ChaosIPA - American7.2193.9606-12-2022
Crucial Cream AleCream Ale50008-20-2021
DamienIPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale6.54443.9603-17-2022
DarknessStout - Russian Imperial124,2174.4806-26-2022
Darkness - Bourbon Barrel-AgedStout - Russian Imperial123354.4606-22-2022
Darkness - Rye Barrel Aged (2020)Stout - American Imperial1214.4304-14-2022
Direct CurrentIPA - New England6.8223.5804-15-2021
Doom TombIPA - New England7.40012-06-2021
DoppelbockBock - Doppelbock9.9934.1304-13-2019
Dots and LoopsIPA - American6.7443.804-18-2021
Double Bladed Axe ManIPA - Imperial10.8164.1504-26-2022
Double FuriousIPA - Imperial13.614.0106-03-2022
Double Furious - BAIPA - Imperial13.6104.1704-23-2022
Drips & DropsIPA - New England7.4114.1306-27-2022
Dumpster FireIPA - American6.83743.7502-25-2019
Edge LordIPA - American7.824.1408-28-2020
Fall To Pieces - Mosaic IPAIPA - American6.8303.9101-31-2021
FifteenStrong Ale - Belgian Dark10.5324.0506-21-2022
First Avenue +1Blonde Ale - American5.1653.4501-15-2022
Flow StateIPA - American7.313.8108-04-2019
Four Seam ScreamerIPA - American6.543.8810-29-2019
Fresh InkSour - Fruited Kettle Sour9.3123.8901-21-2022
FrissonFruit and Field Beer9253.7605-25-2021
FuriousIPA - American6.75,9354.2806-22-2022
Furious BlackIPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale6.61044.1111-27-2021
FUZZ boxFruit and Field Beer662.9704-07-2022
Galactic DescentIPA - New England6.674.3304-12-2018
Galaxy GatePale Ale - American5.573.9604-21-2022
Garden VarietySour - Fruited Kettle Sour953.5701-21-2022
Get Loud!IPA - New England7.2163.8807-23-2021
Ghost EmpireLager - European Dark5.483.6805-27-2022
Gimme S’more Darkness (2021)Stout - Russian Imperial12184.2304-02-2022
Give the Devil His DueIPA - Imperial9.3343.8612-11-2021
Gose BlancheSour - Gose5.344.0101-19-2018
Grapefruit SupremeSour - Fruited Kettle Sour4.5583.7706-23-2022
Grind Core Espresso Milk StoutStout - Sweet / Milk5.3443.9505-13-2022
Grindcore NitroStout - Sweet / Milk6304.1611-09-2020
Havoc MachineIPA - American7.5283.9305-23-2022
Head In CloudsIPA - Imperial9.234.5604-28-2019
Heat SlayerKölsch5373.7706-29-2021
Hell LagerLager - Helles51,2713.8205-09-2022
Hop Shifter #7 - Ekuanot, Eureka And Huell MelonIPA - American6103.904-21-2017
Hops For The People #1IPA - New England713.9905-30-2022
Hops For The People #3Pale Ale - American5.51405-28-2022
Hops For The People #4IPA - American7.20005-28-2022
Hymn to BeautySour - Fruited Kettle Sour813.9908-02-2021
Hyper ModernIPA - American7.663.6805-29-2022
Idol WorshipPale Ale - American5.683.8906-25-2022
Impossible ObjectsIPA - New England7203.7510-29-2021
Invisible RaysIPA - New England6.873.9102-09-2022
Jelly LegsSour - Fruited Kettle Sour7.71411-04-2018
Kettle SourSour - Fruited Kettle Sour6.413.501-21-2022
Key Lime SupremeSour - Fruited Kettle Sour4.583.5510-22-2021
Kitsch Hoppy LagerLager - American6.1273.902-04-2020
LacunaIPA - American7.253.8106-20-2022
Lager Al PastorLager - European Strong7.20001-02-2022
Layer UpWheat Beer - Hefeweizen5.563.8804-21-2019
Liberty SpikesIPA - American6.923.8809-30-2019
Lime LagerLager - Adjunct5.523.7509-04-2018
Liquid StardustIPA - Brut7263.707-23-2020
Logic BombPale Ale - American5.5143.9106-26-2022
Long of ToothOld Ale1013.8211-15-2021
Losin’ My Rind- WatermelonIPA - American6.40005-28-2022
LuLu's Juicy Minnesota MidwayIPA - New England7.314.0811-09-2021
MadradPale Ale - American5.60006-12-2022
Magic Formula for PeaceStout - American Imperial10.1144.104-10-2020
Mango Axe ManIPA - American7.2134.1602-16-2019
Mango SupremeSour - Fruited Kettle Sour4.5203.4403-13-2022
Mapping the MultiverseIPA - New England7.3393.8404-13-2022
Mean Mister MangoPale Ale - American5.50005-28-2022
Mean StreetsIPA - American6.8183.8709-24-2021
Midnight Manhattan Darkness (2021)Stout - Russian Imperial12163.8904-10-2022
MildMild Ale - English Dark4.21953.8812-27-2018
Mind The BombPale Ale - American5.814.0507-03-2019
Minor MiracleIPA - American6.3113.810-15-2021
Mix IPAIPA - American7.223.6610-12-2018
Mortal SunPorter - American5.5244.0204-11-2021
Moving PicturesIPA - American6.5193.7709-26-2021
MSP PalePale Ale - American5.4144.0504-26-2017
Neon PixelsIPA - New England7.253.6706-24-2022
Nerd BattleIPA - Brut7.114.0911-03-2018
Occult PhilosophyIPA - New England9.219401-03-2022
OktoberfestLager - Festbier / Wiesnbier6473.7501-29-2022
One Man Mosh PitIPA - New England7.21804.0512-11-2021
Onesie, Twosie LuLu LuckyIPA - American6.834.2305-16-2020
Overrated West Coast Style IPAIPA - American7.31,7094.0810-16-2021
Paulie WalnutsPilsner - German5.30004-13-2022
PentagramWild Ale6.661,1034.1502-25-2022
Pentagram Aged In Rye Whiskey BarrelsWild Ale0704.3101-05-2022
Periscope Pale AlePale Ale - English5.5143.7109-26-2021
Permanent EchoIPA - Imperial9.2194.0506-29-2022
Petit AmiBlonde Ale - Belgian4.50005-28-2022
Pizza PartyLager - American4.50005-28-2022
Port Barrel-Aged StoutStout - American Imperial11.524.1208-02-2021
Pyrotechnic PilsPilsner - German5.51401-25-2019
Radiant FluxPilsner - German5.80011-07-2019
Razor GangStout - Irish Dry4.5173.7801-21-2022
Rising North Pale AlePale Ale - American5.4583.8301-19-2019
Rivet HeadIPA - American6.9163.5701-30-2022
Robot OverlordsIPA - American7.854.2708-04-2019
Rocket SurgeryIPA - New England5.51023.8305-20-2022
RoséLager - Adjunct5.20008-20-2021
Rusty Melvin (Intelligent Design Series)Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy1034.1711-11-2019
Rye Barrel-Aged StoutStout - American Imperial11.514.2307-12-2021
Sabro Tooth TigerIPA - American6.7263.9712-28-2021
Sardonic AleFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.7183.9912-26-2017
SchadenfreudeLager - Munich Dunkel52153.8802-16-2018
Screen TimePale Ale - American5.5203.7310-03-2021
SeafoamIPA - American613.6601-04-2019
Serpents In the GardenSour - Fruited Kettle Sour9.463.6904-23-2022
Shadow RealmIPA - American6.213.905-05-2019
Side EyeIPA - American6.523.5508-28-2019
Signal ProcessIPA - New England6.213.9705-05-2019
Simpson's Scottish AleScottish Ale5.4493.9311-27-2021
Sleek IPAIPA - American6.5723.8512-15-2021
SmokePorter - Baltic8.29144.0803-28-2021
Sonic Distortion Dry Hopped Tart AlePale Ale - American4.543.3302-04-2022
Space RaceIPA - New England9.5514.0712-13-2021
Star ColliderPale Ale - American5.51411-27-2021
StaycationIPA - American6.4213.1201-12-2021
Sticky BubblerLager - American634.4412-26-2017
StunnerPale Ale - American6253.9512-15-2021
Supreme PrideSour - Berliner Weisse4.50006-12-2022
Surly GoseSour - Gose5.3133.904-03-2017
Surly StoutStout - American6163.7903-17-2017
Take FiveLager - Adjunct6.40005-28-2022
Tart TatinFruit and Field Beer5.813.7501-07-2020
TempleWild Ale944.2503-10-2020
The Rye WolfIPA - American6.483.9811-27-2021
Thiol & ErrorIPA - Imperial9.233.3905-31-2022
Too Dumb For ButtonsIPA - American6.90008-04-2019
Triple IPAIPA - Imperial11.234.2309-08-2018
Twisted MidnightStout - Sweet / Milk5.524.1601-08-2022
Two Too MuchIPA - Imperial943.4303-27-2022
United CrushersPale Ale - American5.473.902-16-2018
Vision MixPale Ale - American6.114.1207-03-2019
Warp ZonePilsner - German5.2353.8501-21-2022
WeizenbockBock - Weizenbock8.434.1507-14-2019
WetIPA - American6.11,6114.2910-16-2021
Witch's TowerBrown Ale - American4.5743.704-16-2018
Xtra-Citra Pale AlePale Ale - American4.56663.9405-27-2022
Youthful ExuberanceIPA - Imperial9.553.8609-10-2019
YoyodyneWheat Beer - Hefeweizen5.234.1306-14-2017
Yummi BearIPA - American6.9453.9402-12-2022
Zest CrazedPale Ale - American5.5143.9802-04-2020

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Surly Brewing Company in Brooklyn Center, MN
Brewery rating: 3.93 out of 5 with 34479 ratings