Carton Brewing Company

Carton Brewing CompanyCarton Brewing Company
Carton Brewing CompanyCarton Brewing Company
Brewery, Bar, Beer-to-go

6 East Washington Ave
Atlantic Highlands, New Jersey, 07716
United States

(732) 654-2337 | map

Notes: Having decided they had something to contribute to the very exciting conversation going on in craft brewing, cousins Chris and Augie Carton teamed up and started Carton Brewing. In the seashore community where they were born and raised, the Carton boys found a turn-of-the-century red brick warehouse and adapted it to accommodate a state-of-the-art Newlands Systems 15 barrel brew house. 6 E. Washington Avenue was turned into an independent craft brewery and their hats were in the ring. Applying a passion for stimulating flavor to inspiration found all around them, they set about their goal: to make tasty beer in the place their tastes were formed.

Brewery Tours on Wednesdays and Thursdays 5-8PM, Fridays 4-8PM, Saturdays 12-8PM, and Sundays 12-5pm. The entrance to the brewery is 6. E. Washington Ave, street parking is available.
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077-07006 - Sorachi AceIPA - Imperial7.8874.1104-21-2018
077-07302 - WarriorIPA - Imperial7.8704.1903-21-2017
077-07603 - EkuanotIPA - Imperial7.844.3703-21-2019
077-07871 - MosaicIPA - Imperial7.8954.408-11-2020
077-08204 - El DoradoIPA - Imperial7.8294.2404-23-2018
077-10990 - ChinookIPA - Imperial7.8104.1103-02-2019
077-19148 - CitraIPA - Imperial7.8134.1908-24-2018
07701 - ApolloIPA - Imperial7.8174.2102-16-2021
07740 - SimcoeIPA - Imperial7.854.306-20-2018
07747 - GalaxyIPA - Imperial7.8324.2206-06-2021
07750 - NelsonIPA - Imperial7.81054.3208-16-2020
077CT - JarryloIPA - Imperial7.864.0901-13-2020
077NY - ChinookIPA - Imperial7.814.2401-25-2020
077NYC - MotuekaIPA - Imperial7.854.1102-17-2020
077XXIPA - Imperial7.81,4374.2606-19-2022
2020 is HindsightStout - American Imperial1114.1802-27-2022
2021 Is HindsightStout - American Imperial1124.2202-27-2022
All Orange EverythingIPA - Imperial10.51394.2505-09-2021
All TogetherIPA - New England6.584.1505-09-2021
An IotaFarmhouse Ale - Bière de Garde5.114.1608-22-2021
AnaneònoIPA - Imperial10.10001-06-2021
And a JellyCream Ale120001-06-2021
AndrésSour - Berliner Weisse3.953.9709-16-2020
ApiogeretlaIPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale10304.1210-10-2018
Appose 2Wild Ale7.633.9102-15-2020
Austen 1Smoked Beer4.834.1104-30-2022
BalinatorBock - Doppelbock8113.9210-08-2019
BalinatoreisedBock - Eisbock1134.4906-15-2019
Barrel Aged 2021 Is HindsightStout - American Imperial1123.9504-11-2022
Basic CoffeeCream Ale8264.1203-01-2022
Battle of MonmouthLager - Kellerbier / Zwickelbier5.944.208-02-2020
BeachPale Ale - American41073.7706-25-2022
BičPilsner - Bohemian / Czech4.443.7204-22-2022
BiczPilsner - Imperial414.104-11-2022
Bit Of The CraicStout - Irish Dry4.424.1104-13-2022
Bit Of The FilthIPA - Imperial10.513.9901-21-2022
BlossomWild Ale5.9444.0810-30-2019
Boat BeerPale Ale - American4.21,3244.0806-04-2022
Brunch. Dinner. Grub.Brown Ale - American63323.8105-08-2022
But When WeIPA - Imperial10.50012-31-2020
Cafe RevolverCream Ale1234.1901-31-2022
Cafe Y ChurroCream Ale122414.4102-01-2022
Caffé CorrettoCream Ale12724.1602-22-2021
Can We Boston Cream?Cream Ale10.523.9602-23-2022
CanesStout - Sweet / Milk7.70001-06-2021
CanoeCream Ale3183.7110-22-2021
CanyonLager - Adjunct6.4733.7604-04-2022
Capra Di MaggioBock - Maibock6.654.1305-06-2022
Caramel Peach SwishrSmoked Beer6.20004-19-2021
Carton Of MilkStout - Sweet / Milk43303.8311-24-2021
Chat de Grande TailleDubbel7.514.2102-20-2022
Chaz 1Red Ale - Imperial624.3304-29-2021
Coffee & PavlovaCream Ale12213.9702-04-2022
Cold OpenStout - American Imperial1014.5702-16-2021
Comfortably BitterIPA - Imperial814.2710-17-2021
CommaFarmhouse Ale - Saison6463.8405-19-2019
Context 1Wild Ale8.563.8812-30-2019
Context 2Sour - Fruited Kettle Sour5.314.2303-05-2022
CosmonautStout - Russian Imperial102024.0302-03-2022
CupidStout - American6.6413.8904-23-2020
DeargRed Ale - Irish5.223.7402-20-2022
DecoyWinter Warmer121214.0304-20-2020
Dethrone The DictaphoneIPA - American754.1411-28-2021
Dogs Of WarStout - American Imperial923.6112-26-2021
Don't PanicBitter - English Extra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB)5.4143.7101-06-2022
Down To The Well NJ IPAIPA - American723.7110-11-2020
Dune FruitSour - Fruited Kettle Sour3.91484.0209-13-2021
Dunning-KrugerIPA - American7143.705-23-2021
East Of Eden MamaIPA - American754.1705-10-2022
East OF Eden MamaIPA - American70003-27-2022
Echo ChamberIPA - New England7.524.3505-19-2021
EdenFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.2303.9910-26-2018
EGOIPAIPA - Imperial10614.1802-08-2019
EpitomeIPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale10.33244.2804-23-2018
Epitome (Double Dry-Hopped)IPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale10.3224.2901-05-2022
EWR-MIASour - Berliner Weisse3.9133.7905-09-2021
FestyLager - Festbier / Wiesnbier5.5123.805-24-2022
Fifty-One Years LaterSour - Fruited Kettle Sour9.514.5311-20-2021
FloresinatorBock - Doppelbock843.7905-01-2021
FloresinatoreisedBock - Doppelbock110004-02-2021
French CoffeeCream Ale12144.1712-05-2019
Fruity CanesIPA - Imperial814.1612-09-2021
FrustaPilsner - Bohemian / Czech4.2104.0604-12-2022
G.O.R.P.Porter - Imperial8.41273.9509-20-2020
Gilded LilyTripel10.61563.9607-10-2021
Hang the DJIPA - Imperial10.524.0906-04-2021
Harvest 2020 CascadeIPA - American6.214.2910-23-2020
HoippuLager - Japanese Rice514.0406-18-2022
HopPunPale Ale - American5.33033.9506-30-2019
IDIPAIPA - American72974.1202-17-2021
Inside Our DNAIPA - American6.664.2110-14-2018
IntermezzoWild Ale3.9683.4506-20-2019
Irish CoffeeCream Ale121874.0507-25-2021
Jelly JamSour - Berliner Weisse724.1512-20-2021
Joe B. TownLager - Helles4.924.1808-06-2021
Kaffee und KuchenCream Ale12364.1301-30-2020
LagomSour - Berliner Weisse3.934.1803-20-2020
LarrySour - Berliner Weisse3.963.9805-08-2022
LatigoPilsner - Bohemian / Czech5.51405-08-2022
Light & SweetCream Ale625406-17-2021
Max 1Bock - Doppelbock6.224.0801-06-2022
McGurk EffectIPA - New England7.514.0309-10-2021
Mexican CoffeeCream Ale12114.1207-20-2019
MIA-EWRSour - Berliner Weisse3.964.1204-16-2021
MilkStout - Sweet / Milk413.4212-04-2021
Monkey Chased The WeaselSour - Berliner Weisse3.93413.9510-18-2021
Neath The Refinery's GlowIPA - American754.1705-02-2021
Never Punch FirstIPA - New England814.3511-20-2021
Ninja ChromaticWild Ale6.50003-31-2021
No, You AreIPA - Imperial7.813.9906-24-2022
Not So PlainIPA - English8.524.1506-24-2022
Oaty McOat FaceIPA - New England10.324.1604-11-2022
Oh You PhancyStrong Ale - American7.514.3510-09-2021
Orange SwisherLager - Rauchbier6653.9312-01-2015
Peach SwisherLager - Rauchbier6273.9704-26-2017
PeitschePilsner - German514.2204-08-2021
Pineapple HazeIPA - Imperial824.2712-27-2020
PlainBlonde Ale - American3.523.9406-25-2022
Planning Jersey (2020)Wild Ale4.614.4905-30-2021
Planning Jersey 2021Wild Ale4.814.5304-20-2022
Plus OneWild Ale6.324.1506-18-2022
Pool: Lemon LimePale Ale - American3.70007-05-2021
Pool: Strawberry-RhubarbKölsch3.70008-29-2021
Pumpkin Cream AleCream Ale9803.810-24-2020
Punch LastTripel101412-20-2021
Puncheon UpWild Ale6.50002-23-2021
Pure YayIPA - American714.1605-20-2021
Rattlesnake SpeedwayIPA - Imperial10.534.1404-05-2021
RavFruit and Field Beer8.6413.7611-25-2021
Red Rye ReturningRye Beer6.52253.8811-25-2019
Regular CoffeeCream Ale126624.2305-20-2022
Regular Coffee - NitroCream Ale12114.3601-05-2022
Reserve Sundae 2021Stout - American Imperial9.50008-11-2021
Ring GameBarleywine - American120002-05-2021
RubPorter - Smoked6.5513.8612-01-2020
SakuraSour - Berliner Weisse4.5633.8711-12-2021
School Of HopsIPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale8264.1202-06-2017
Scoot Scoot ScootIPA - New England7133.7806-02-2021
Shake This World Off My ShouldersIPA - American7113.8207-11-2021
Ship WreckPorter - Imperial102084.2101-01-2021
Shorts In WinterStout - American Imperial80002-15-2021
Sit Down SonLager - American41613.8209-11-2018
Smash The GoldsLager - American7.3124.1103-16-2019
Smith SauceIPA - New England613.9806-05-2022
Something HarvestFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.324.2910-10-2021
Something Like SandyWild Ale5.5703.8504-17-2015
Something NiceFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.354.2803-07-2022
Something RomanticFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.314.1902-12-2022
SquashenatorFruit and Field Beer8233.910-31-2019
SS EsseIPA - Imperial10.514.3209-26-2021
SS HiefIPA - Imperial8.4234.1405-20-2019
SS LangkaIPA - Imperial8.40006-26-2022
SS YirgacheffeIPA - Imperial8.21494.1704-06-2020
SS-C.R.E.A.MCream Ale8.41604.0711-14-2020
St Kitts CoffeeCream Ale12464.401-30-2022
Stark 1Kölsch4.614.1107-01-2021
Stay DownLager - American4163.6702-02-2020
StormyPorter - Imperial10353.9408-09-2017
Strawberry CoughIPA - Imperial814.1807-18-2021
SUPEREGOIPAIPA - Imperial13514.1701-16-2022
SWISHR - Bourbon Barrel-AgedSmoked Beer654.1109-13-2019
Swishr HoneySmoked Beer6.264.1505-08-2022
TakSour - Berliner Weisse3.953.9108-12-2019
Take That RideIPA - American713.5405-02-2020
Tangerine HazeIPA - Imperial833.8101-17-2022
Tangled UpSour - Berliner Weisse7153.910-27-2020
TharsisFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.2374.0304-25-2020
The HookIPA - New England5.5333.9405-04-2022
The HooplaStout - American Imperial11.514.3705-10-2021
The Number 1 Nightclub In...IPA - New England7.584.0603-26-2022
Thieves OilDubbel714.1802-27-2022
This Is Definitely Not A Fake DuckWinter Warmer1244.0904-22-2022
This Old Thing?Barleywine - American11.514.2906-26-2021
This State Needs More PubsBrown Ale - English4.614.0509-26-2021
This TownLager - Helles4.9414.1205-13-2022
Turn Up The Hook - Cashmere RemixIPA - Imperial8.514.2310-04-2021
Turn Up The Hook - Ella RemixIPA - Imperial8.524.1803-19-2021
Turn Up The Hook - Enigma RemixIPA - Imperial8.573.9611-11-2021
Turn Up The Hook - Falconers Flight RemixIPA - Imperial8.513.7512-29-2020
Turn Up The Hook - Mandarina Bavaria RemixIPA - Imperial8.523.8708-29-2020
Turn Up The Hook - TridentIPA - Imperial8.514.2302-21-2022
Turn Up The Hook -ZappaIPA - Imperial8.514.4306-05-2022
Twin Outboard WhalerIPA - Imperial8.514.2105-28-2021
Unexamined LifeIPA - Imperial10.50005-25-2022
UnjunctStout - American Imperial8.51654.1205-08-2022
Vild BitsWild Ale63411-25-2019
We'll Walk In The SunIPA - Imperial863.6501-01-2022
Wedge Issue (Citra/El Dorado)IPA - Imperial8.2103.8412-28-2021
Wedge Issue (Warrior/Independence)IPA - Imperial8.214.2905-09-2021
Wedge Issue (Zythos/Nugget)IPA - Imperial8.214.1810-30-2021
Wedge Issue: Bravo | LotusIPA - Imperial8.234.1806-17-2022
WhalerIPA - New England6.5304.0205-15-2022
WhipPilsner - Bohemian / Czech5244.0206-27-2022
Will It Banana Cream Pie?Cream Ale1013.910-14-2021
Will it Linzer?Cream Ale1023.5103-31-2021
Will It Nog?Cream Ale1023.8812-20-2021
Willet Banana Cream PieCream Ale100011-07-2021
Willet LinzerCream Ale100003-22-2021
Willet WaffleCream Ale100002-26-2021
Wit WhaleWheat Beer - Witbier5.9683.8506-10-2021
XStout - American Imperial1124.4808-21-2021
Yam JamStout - American Imperial1124.1412-20-2021

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Carton Brewing Company in Atlantic Highlands, NJ
Brewery rating: 4.07 out of 5 with 10158 ratings