Fair State Brewing Cooperative

Fair State Brewing CooperativeFair State Brewing Cooperative
Fair State Brewing CooperativeFair State Brewing Cooperative
Brewery, Bar, Beer-to-go

2506A Central Ave NE
Minneapolis, Minnesota, 55418
United States

(612) 444-3209 | map

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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
100 PiesLager - European Dark5.20001-23-2021
25th & HarrisonStout - American5.814.1908-08-2021
A Light In Dark PlacesPale Ale - American5.463.9707-04-2022
Air FiveSour - Fruited Kettle Sour724.4303-22-2021
All Of All Of UsIPA - American6.354.2505-19-2022
All of All of UsIPA - American6.31404-08-2022
Art & AgricultureIPA - New England6.6134.1202-19-2022
As One DoesStout - American Imperial1214.3209-04-2021
Aw Jeff-ItIPA - Imperial8.163.7911-24-2018
BA Main BossStout - American Imperial130006-25-2022
Back of the HouseLow-Alcohol Beer1.523.5809-12-2021
Barrel Aged Black is BeautifulStout - American Imperial1214.2511-27-2021
Barrel Aged Main BossStout - American Imperial1314.507-01-2022
BBRRWild Ale5.883.8503-13-2022
Beach UmbrellaSour - Fruited Kettle Sour8.2564.0803-17-2021
Bee's KneesWild Ale5.70001-14-2020
Best Friend's DayStout - American Imperial1314.2509-18-2021
Big DoinksIPA - American6.5473.9606-25-2022
Brave NoisePale Ale - American5.30011-07-2021
Bread RetentionFarmhouse Ale - Saison4.353.9106-27-2022
Brown AleBrown Ale - American5.114.2506-20-2015
Brown Ale’s Don't SellBrown Ale - American5.40001-23-2021
Buh. Bye. TDHIPA - Imperial914.2502-26-2021
CallistaPilsner - German4.824.1708-27-2021
Candy PaintSour - Fruited Kettle Sour6.90001-14-2020
CanyoneroLager - American Amber / Red4.713.503-23-2021
Circles of ConfusionIPA - New England8344.1202-14-2021
Coconut Rum Barrel Aged Lobster Stuffed With TacoStout - American Imperial13.724.4503-05-2022
Cooperator DoppelbockBock - Doppelbock7.533.902-21-2022
Corporate Sellout MoveIPA - New England6.354.1707-04-2022
Crankin' FoamersLager - Adjunct4.5343.804-24-2022
Crazy SniffableIPA - New England8.214.2503-13-2021
CromulenceSour - Berliner Weisse4513.9307-10-2017
Cryo Pop Hazy IPAIPA - New England6.60006-18-2021
Cuttin' GrassFarmhouse Ale - Saison4.711.6609-04-2021
Dakota SkipperFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.773.8709-20-2017
Dessert WeekStout - Sweet / Milk8.114.1503-27-2021
Doin' HowdiesIPA - American6.554.1306-25-2022
Dorado GoldFarmhouse Ale - Saison611406-23-2019
Double Barrel Heckin' ChonkerStout - American Imperial014.2108-14-2021
Double Barrel Sun & RainWild Ale60001-14-2020
Double DoinksIPA - American7.913.511-13-2021
Double Raspberry RoselleWild Ale8.144.2708-28-2021
Double Spirit FøulIPA - New England8.2254.2605-02-2022
Double StrataIPA - New England8.6124.1301-03-2022
Double UniverseIPA - New England8.6344.2602-19-2022
Dream Universe No. 755IPA - New England7164.2102-19-2022
Dry JanuaryIPA - American3.533.7701-22-2020
Du PoundeFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.3223.8102-29-2020
Even Less HypeLager - European Dark4.424.2808-08-2021
Favor of the FoxesIPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale6.60001-14-2020
Ferm LyfePilsner - German4.30005-03-2022
FestbierLager - Festbier / Wiesnbier5.4413.9203-01-2022
Floatin' HowdiesIPA - American6.50005-07-2022
Foamers GrapefruitLager - American4.50006-12-2022
Foamers LimeLager - American4.563.9106-03-2022
FoamoLager - Helles4.713.7509-18-2021
Focus GroupLow-Alcohol Beer0.40006-18-2022
Foeder PilsPilsner - German4.914.1311-06-2021
Freak Gasoline Fight AccidentStout - American Imperial1414.1503-25-2021
Froo-it!Fruit and Field Beer6.2513.7708-29-2017
FSB 2021: Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout w/ VanillaStout - American Imperial13.534.0801-11-2022
FSB: 2020Stout - American Imperial1324.3202-19-2022
FSB: Double MacaroonStout - American Imperial130001-14-2020
FSB: Maple S'moresStout - American Imperial130001-14-2020
FSB: Salted Caramel CoffeeStout - American Imperial130001-14-2020
Funkel-WeizenSour - Berliner Weisse3.6103.708-28-2020
GiantsbaneStout - American Imperial8624.0603-14-2022
Glorified RiceWild Ale70007-19-2020
GrodziskieSmoked Beer3.884.0507-31-2021
Hazy Double IPAIPA - Imperial80008-06-2019
Heated AgreementIPA - Imperial8.484.0905-26-2022
Heckin' ChonkerStout - American Imperial10.5204.0107-03-2022
HefeweizenWheat Beer - Hefeweizen4.8673.9912-28-2021
Hey, Remember Pale Ales?Pale Ale - American51402-07-2021
Hey, Remember Pale Ales? Vol. 2Pale Ale - American50005-10-2021
Hey, Remember Stouts?Stout - Oatmeal50001-23-2021
High Plains SnifterBarleywine - American1114.3402-17-2020
Hot Sports OpinionsPale Ale - American5.10003-10-2022
Hyper Cold - AmberLow-Alcohol Beer0.50001-06-2022
I Can't Say I've Seen LondonPorter - American6.213.7901-20-2022
I'm Not Cryo, You're Cryo!Wheat Beer - American Pale4.50003-10-2022
India Pale AleIPA - American6.41494.0810-30-2021
Invented TraditionsAltbier4.90003-24-2022
IPA: Amarillo/Nelson/SimcoeIPA - American6.523.7301-25-2017
IPA: Belma/CascadeIPA - American6.313.403-21-2017
IPA: Chinook/El DoradoIPA - American624.1107-08-2017
IPA: Citra/MosaicIPA - American6.414.3710-10-2016
IPA: X331 ExperimentalIPA - American614.0512-02-2016
Jinx! Flavored LagerLager - American4.513.8206-29-2020
Keller KazbekLager - Kellerbier / Zwickelbier4.9353.9503-23-2019
LÄCTOBÄC: ElevenWild Ale5.783.9207-29-2018
LÄCTOBÄC: WinterWild Ale6.143.8606-03-2020
Legalize Big DoinksIPA - American6.524.305-19-2022
LichtenhainerSmoked Beer5.1134.1608-26-2018
Lil' LonghornIPA - American5.90006-25-2022
LimooWild Ale6.374.1206-22-2017
Little BubblesFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.714.305-21-2021
LorienPilsner - German5.12402-26-2022
LuminosaIPA - American6.30005-03-2022
Machine In The GardenLager - Kellerbier / Zwickelbier5.10005-03-2022
Magic MissileStrong Ale - American953.6102-11-2015
Main BossStout - American Imperial12214.1304-25-2022
Mango Brett. Blonde AleBlonde Ale - American7.80001-14-2020
Maximum StokeIPA - American6.50011-18-2020
Methode TraditionelleLambic - Traditional6.10008-14-2021
Midnight BoilPorter - American5.524.1201-16-2021
Mirror UniverseIPA - New England72034.1906-01-2022
Mister FalconIPA - New England7.3324.2404-17-2022
More is MoreStout - American Imperial13.944.3104-21-2022
Mosaic SourWild Ale5.3144.107-23-2017
My Whole Life Is ThunderIPA - New England7.20004-15-2022
New TerritoriesIPA - New England5.8123.9605-27-2022
Nitro StoutStout - American6.10001-14-2020
North/South IPAIPA - American5.933.9309-28-2016
Oat SotaIPA - American6.50001-14-2020
Oh. My. Grodz.Lager - European Pale3.50004-10-2021
Oh.My.Grodz.Smoked Beer3.51511-09-2021
Old SodStout - Irish Dry4.40003-24-2022
Our JusticePilsner - German5.10011-07-2021
PahlayPale Ale - American51524.0106-12-2022
ParadisiacWild Ale6.183.9604-29-2017
Party ForwardIPA - New England6544.0506-25-2022
Peachtea KeenWild Ale4.50001-14-2020
Petty CashSour - Berliner Weisse40004-10-2021
Pic-A-Nic BasketFarmhouse Ale - Saison50003-11-2022
PilsPilsner - German5.11054.0506-24-2022
Pina Joe LadaIPA - New England6.574.0406-02-2019
Ping Pong TiddleyPorter - English4.81407-10-2017
Plant-BasedFruit and Field Beer5.473.5306-09-2020
Pomp FakeFarmhouse Ale - Saison4.81406-26-2016
Pomp Le MooseFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.813406-04-2016
Positive Jam - Meyer Lemon & Black TeaWild Ale5.313.3306-19-2021
Printing Money $$$Farmhouse Ale - Saison443.6904-10-2021
Productive ConfusionIPA - Imperial824.3810-14-2020
Profit MotiveFarmhouse Ale - Saison40001-14-2020
Purple ToothStout - American Imperial963.7503-13-2022
Questions + CommentsStout - American Imperial1413.502-26-2021
Raspberry RoselleWild Ale5.7344.2408-28-2020
RauchbockLager - Rauchbier653.9401-08-2015
Re-BillionizingFarmhouse Ale - Saison3.40002-16-2022
Received WisdomWild Ale40007-19-2020
RobertinePale Ale - American5.40004-01-2015
Rock, Flag, and EagleIPA - American6.10006-25-2021
RoselleWild Ale5.71163.9607-02-2022
Rum RaisinStout - American Imperial10.50001-14-2020
Saison DreiFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.7203.8803-24-2018
Sastrugi DDHIPA - New England7204.1803-13-2022
SatsumaSour - Fruited Kettle Sour60011-18-2020
SchwarzbierLager - Schwarzbier583.7803-17-2017
Scope CreepPilsner - German4.61406-07-2022
Scuzi?Pilsner - German5.30005-03-2022
Secret HighwaysWild Ale70001-01-2022
Serious LeisureSour - Fruited Kettle Sour543.6706-02-2022
Side PullPilsner - Bohemian / Czech4.1204.1905-12-2022
Simcoe SourWild Ale5.593.9806-08-2017
SkaflIPA - New England6.494.0106-25-2022
Slappers OnlyIPA - Imperial8.213.7509-04-2021
SMaSH: Eureka!Pale Ale - American5.133.9301-29-2017
Smoked Apricot and PeachWild Ale5.60001-14-2020
Smoked Apricot SourSour - Fruited Kettle Sour5.213.7708-05-2021
Space Hangs IPAIPA - American5.50007-19-2020
Spirit FøulIPA - New England6.31034.3503-06-2022
StoutStout - American5.5203.902-10-2019
Stranger In The AlpsLager - American5.1113.9806-24-2022
StrataIPA - New England6.2414.2205-02-2021
Strawberry Mint RoselleSour - Fruited Kettle Sour5.70006-25-2022
Such is MangoIPA - New England6.323.9605-08-2021
Super Massive Black Hole TsunamiPorter - American70003-10-2022
SuperClearPilsner - German4.5104.1406-10-2022
SuperclearPilsner - German4.513.7907-23-2019
SuperkviekFarmhouse Ale - Saison8.30001-14-2020
The Brut SquadIPA - Brut6.1394.0311-17-2019
The Luxury Of RestraintIPA - American693.9102-26-2022
The Next Big ThingIPA - New England6.514.2510-14-2020
The Shoulder Of OrionLager - American543.7509-12-2016
The WinklemanPale Ale - American843.8404-24-2015
TibannaIPA - New England6.7114.2611-14-2021
Tiki DrinksPale Ale - American5.723.8207-07-2018
Tmave PivoLager - European Dark4.4164.1606-14-2022
Tom DanksIPA - American6.113.507-03-2018
Too Far JuiceSour - Fruited Kettle Sour5.9124.1602-28-2022
Total LandscapingStout - American70002-03-2021
Triple UniverseIPA - New England10.314.4812-29-2021
TuqueFarmhouse Ale - Saison763.702-06-2017
U-PickWild Ale5.584.2605-25-2018
Union LagerLager - European / Dortmunder Export5.3224.1107-02-2022
Vegan Neapolitan StoutStout - American Imperial90001-14-2020
Vienna LagerLager - Vienna5.3584.0205-19-2022
Violetta PilsPilsner - German5.10005-03-2022
We All Need to Do BetterTripel9.514.1502-26-2022
Wired & Well-ConnectedStout - American4.70001-14-2020
YCH CY21IPA - New England6.313.6201-08-2022
YCH Oops, All Hops!IPA - American6.30008-08-2021
You Can Have The CrownStout - American Imperial12.4114.0304-17-2022
ZootWheat Beer - Witbier5.2123.8701-12-2020
… And The World Is MeanBarleywine - English1544.5805-15-2022

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Fair State Brewing Cooperative in Minneapolis, MN
Brewery rating: 4.01 out of 5 with 2170 ratings