Moonraker Brewing Company

Moonraker Brewing CompanyMoonraker Brewing Company
Moonraker Brewing CompanyMoonraker Brewing Company
Brewery, Bar, Beer-to-go

12970 Earhart Ave, Ste 100
Auburn, California, 95602
United States

(530) 745-6816 | map
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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
All Hops On DeckImperial IPA8.3264.0912-01-2022
All Night InBohemian / Czech Pilsner50007-22-2023
All The NelsonsNew England IPA764.1712-24-2021
Amarillo By MorningAmerican IPA6.21412-09-2020
AmeliaNew England IPA7284.0808-18-2023
Americano CoffeeAmerican Stout624.0707-03-2021
As Above.......So BelowNew England IPA743.9112-01-2022
As Soon As NightBlack IPA6.20002-01-2020
Atomic BettyNew England IPA8.5574.311-27-2023
Barrel TherapyAmerican Imperial Stout1314.5502-06-2021
Beam ReachNew England IPA712.8103-14-2021
Beautiful TyrantNew England IPA8.2174.2608-04-2021
Benevolent OverlordImperial IPA10.5174.1201-01-2020
Beyond The HinterlandHelles5.533.7109-03-2021
Blue ChronicAmerican IPA7.5124.1710-05-2023
Blueberry Mosaic MilkshakeMilkshake IPA7104.0208-21-2020
Bob's Your UncleExtra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB)5.614.3812-26-2022
Bohemian PilsnerBohemian / Czech Pilsner5.314.4212-26-2022
Bone FrogAmerican Pale Ale5.8124.1908-24-2023
Boruca DiabloImperial IPA8.5264.2111-28-2019
Bubble DustNew England IPA8374.308-06-2023
Cabana HammockNew England IPA8.5234.2308-22-2022
California ResinsImperial IPA8.563.9909-12-2021
Captain MoAmerican Pale Ale624.0901-31-2023
Captain Mo - Wet Hop EditionAmerican Pale Ale614.2110-01-2022
Chain ShotAmerican IPA7.118401-21-2019
Citra Crush'dAmerican Pale Ale6354.1112-01-2022
Citra DoubleNew England IPA8474.3703-11-2021
Citra Double (Crushable Series)Imperial IPA8.5214.2411-19-2023
Citra Mango MilkshakeMilkshake IPA7184.0907-09-2021
Citra Nelson Double CrushImperial IPA8.514.1308-16-2022
Citra VisionsAmerican Pale Ale624.1303-22-2022
Citra Visions - Wet HopAmerican Pale Ale5.514.0712-02-2021
ClairsensientAmerican IPA713.512-01-2022
Cloud CastlesNew England IPA6.664.1310-03-2019
Coast WestAmerican IPA714.2512-24-2021
Cool CoolNew England IPA784.2112-02-2023
Czech PilsnerBohemian / Czech Pilsner5.213.9912-04-2020
Deafening SilenceAmerican Imperial Stout13154.4712-28-2021
Dean the MachineNew England IPA6.864.212-01-2022
Desert StarLight Lager4.313.6412-09-2022
DilorisNew England IPA7.1104.2301-07-2019
Dishonorable VillainImperial IPA100012-11-2021
Doin' the MathNew England IPA8.543.8501-14-2019
DOJONew England IPA8.4874.4311-22-2022
Doom NugsImperial IPA814.2701-20-2021
Double Raspberry MilkshakeMilkshake IPA873.7310-04-2019
Dr. ChillNew England IPA7114.0902-08-2021
Dream VibesNew England IPA6.414.2210-01-2021
Dry Hop PilsGerman Pilsner5.824.0511-04-2022
DunkelMunich Dunkel524.4912-26-2022
Dusting For PrintsNew England IPA7124.0801-15-2023
Electric LettuceNew England IPA8.5904.2809-07-2023
Ethereal ExistenceAmerican IPA724.0401-20-2020
Existential ExistenceWild Ale724.1603-10-2021
ExtremisImperial IPA10.1264.2506-11-2023
FestbierFestbier / Wiesnbier5.534.1910-23-2020
Fickle BeastImperial IPA8.5154.0409-13-2021
Five Oh FiveAmerican Pale Ale564.1710-22-2019
Five Oh Five - Wet Hop EditionAmerican Pale Ale664.2301-03-2021
Flowers, Terps and OilsNew England IPA7.21405-06-2022
Foam WalkerAmerican Imperial Stout8434.2206-11-2023
Fresh Juicy CitraNew England IPA6.824.2311-18-2021
Fresh Juicy Citra - Wet Hop EditionNew England IPA6.80009-19-2022
GalaxiumNew England IPA734.0606-03-2020
Galaxy CrushAmerican Pale Ale684.3112-12-2019
Galaxy Double CrushImperial IPA884.2108-20-2020
Gamma LightAmerican IPA6.533.9412-13-2018
German Chocolate CakeAmerican Imperial Stout8.553.9608-19-2020
German PilsGerman Pilsner5.524.1110-07-2020
Ghost ShipAmerican Pale Ale5.874.0404-04-2022
Ghost Ship - Wet Hop EditionAmerican Pale Ale60010-19-2022
Give and TakeAmerican IPA734.1203-22-2021
Green CurtainNew England IPA744.0906-29-2021
Grow & GatherAmerican IPA724.2601-04-2023
Hazy Duz ItNew England IPA8.5344.1509-02-2022
Hazy RiderNew England IPA712403-17-2019
Head ChangeAmerican Blonde Ale533.8404-26-2019
HeadwayImperial IPA7.864.2312-06-2023
Here Lies...Imperial IPA834.3910-18-2021
Hermits ReserveAmerican Barleywine12.60005-03-2023
HexxusAmerican Imperial Stout1334.0408-21-2020
Hollow BonesAmerican Imperial Stout13.3364.4704-29-2023
Honorable VillainImperial IPA8.593.9606-26-2023
Howling LandsNew England IPA60002-01-2020
Ice VogelAmerican Lager713.3409-23-2020
Idaho BoundAmerican IPA6.824.0706-08-2021
Island JammerFruited Kettle Sour4.214.0809-07-2020
Jingle CrushAmerican Pale Ale6144.0702-01-2023
Juice NukemNew England IPA8114.2109-05-2021
Juice StackNew England IPA814.2805-30-2023
Juicy PailAmerican Pale Ale643.9911-30-2023
JukeImperial IPA8124.2111-14-2021
Jungle CrushAmerican Pale Ale6274.1806-08-2019
Jungle Double CrushImperial IPA8184.1704-18-2019
L'il BettyNew England IPA774.1803-29-2019
Las PiñasNew England IPA754.0506-08-2021
Lazy JackNew England IPA7.144.1109-03-2023
LizzieNew England IPA7.223.7707-30-2020
Low VizImperial IPA10184.3111-23-2019
Lupulin DreamsImperial IPA834.1902-12-2019
Matte BlackAmerican Stout5.50002-01-2020
Mellow EyesAmerican IPA6.2104.1211-15-2019
Mind MelterAmerican IPA724.1908-18-2021
Mint TravelerAmerican Imperial Stout8.533.6804-15-2019
Miss ConductAmerican Blonde Ale5.463.912-26-2022
Mist and MythAmerican IPA6.834.1404-30-2021
MomoNew England IPA7.113.9703-25-2019
MooniverseAmerican IPA6.713.9408-08-2022
Mosaic Cashmere Crush'dNew England IPA633.9405-28-2021
Mosaic CrushAmerican Pale Ale6334.2811-07-2022
Mosaic Crush with StrataNew England IPA614.0911-25-2020
Mosaic Double CrushImperial IPA8.5314.302-12-2023
Mosaic VisionsAmerican Pale Ale614.1810-06-2021
Mountain LinesAmerican Pale Wheat Beer623.5201-11-2021
MozaccaAmerican IPA724.1901-12-2022
Nectaron Strata CrushNew England IPA6.224.2712-25-2021
Ned HoldingsAmerican IPA6.514.2507-23-2018
Neltronian EnforcerAmerican IPA7.834.1106-18-2022
Neltronian EnforcerImperial IPA7.814.1605-26-2022
New DigzNew England IPA6.813.9406-08-2023
Nitro Amelia With Coconut And LimeNew England IPA724.2707-19-2020
No Plans No Problems (Caravan)American Pale Ale634.0403-06-2023
No Plans No Problems (Fish)American Pale Ale60009-22-2021
No Plans No Problems (Kayak)American Pale Ale624.2808-06-2021
No Plans No Problems (Mountain Bike)American Pale Ale614.2409-22-2021
No Plans No Problems (Off-roader)American Pale Ale624.2510-03-2022
No Plans No Problems (Skier)American Pale Ale5.50001-25-2022
No Plans No Problems (Windsurfing)American Pale Ale614.0401-25-2023
Northern LitesImperial IPA8.5144.1803-29-2021
Nuclear WavesNew England IPA7.50007-29-2022
Oceanic Gin SaisonSaison7.813.9203-11-2023
Original OilAmerican Imperial Stout1334.1801-09-2022
Original Oil V2American Imperial Stout1324.1208-27-2022
Original Oil V4American Imperial Stout1314.4502-07-2023
Outdoor ActivitiesCream Ale514.0306-12-2021
OutriggerAmerican IPA7234.0512-26-2022
Outrigger - Wet Hop EditionAmerican IPA714.2309-27-2022
P.Y.G. GoseGose50007-22-2023
Pan Dimensional Gargle BlasterAmerican IPA6.513.8411-19-2022
PapillonNew England IPA8.5314.302-07-2023
Passion Queen (Crush)American Pale Ale633.6102-16-2019
Peanut Butter StoutSweet / Milk Stout823.7302-15-2021
Pecan PieAmerican Brown Ale8.224.2306-14-2021
Petite PlanetFruited Kettle Sour4.824.2601-07-2019
Pie of the Beholder - Cherry VanillaFruited Kettle Sour5.524.3210-06-2021
Pie of the Beholder - Key LimeFruited Kettle Sour524.2305-23-2023
Pie of the Beholder - Lemon MeringueFruited Kettle Sour713.2206-15-2022
Pie of the Beholder - PeachFruited Kettle Sour514.3509-10-2020
Pie of the Beholder - Strawberry RhubarbFruited Kettle Sour60007-29-2022
Pilsner, Because We Like ItKellerbier / Zwickelbier50002-01-2020
PineAmerican IPA714.0512-26-2022
Puzzle DustAmerican Pale Ale6174.0312-01-2022
Rattlesnake FallsAmerican Pale Ale5.523.6610-14-2021
Recorded LiveNew England IPA714.1307-31-2021
RiiprakerImperial IPA8.543.8201-26-2019
Roots to NeedlesAmerican IPA744.7510-24-2019
Rye LagerRye Beer513.9508-02-2021
Sails MeetingImperial IPA8104.1612-26-2022
SalienceAmerican Pale Ale613.9111-10-2019
Scooter McGavinNew England IPA833.9604-15-2021
Sea ThriftKölsch5.523.9707-16-2022
SerengetiAmerican IPA713.8701-03-2023
Shake This S'More!!American Imperial Stout813.3803-23-2022
Shreddy Shreddy Gnar GnarNew England IPA6.534.2201-18-2023
Simcoe CrushAmerican Pale Ale6104.1506-12-2021
Simcoe Double CrushImperial IPA854.0101-01-2019
Simcoe Strata Double CrushImperial IPA8.5154.1810-18-2020
Simcoe VisionsAmerican Pale Ale634.1610-27-2020
Slack TideAmerican IPA714.3510-18-2020
Sling JawNew England IPA7.3344.2511-16-2021
Sling JawzzzNew England IPA8.554.1303-09-2019
SlurveAmerican IPA7.80007-29-2022
Some GrassNew England IPA7224.1405-05-2023
Something ViciousAmerican Pale Ale6.424.4510-05-2022
Space Monkey MafiaIndia Pale Lager (IPL)7.814.1108-28-2022
Space NectarNew England IPA6.8224.1705-20-2023
Spinal SapImperial IPA834.302-09-2022
Spinal Sap (Wet Hopped)Imperial IPA833.9809-26-2021
SquizNew England IPA7.553.6412-01-2022
Strange MagicNew England IPA7244.2508-25-2022
Strata CrushAmerican Pale Ale654.0208-21-2020
Strata Mosaic VisionsAmerican Pale Ale5.20008-12-2022
Strata VisionAmerican IPA4.814.512-18-2019
Strawberry Rhubarb PieFruited Kettle Sour6.20012-20-2020
Suddenly a SaintBelgian Pale Ale5.514.0703-12-2020
Summer Lovin' (Blood Orange)American IPA723.5304-29-2021
Summer Lovin' (Mango)New England IPA714.1906-08-2021
Summer Lovin' (Pineapple Tangerine)American IPA713.6809-13-2021
Super ChronicImperial IPA8.534.1507-09-2023
Systematic ChaosImperial IPA8.534.2304-11-2020
That's What's UpImperial IPA8.5104.2712-27-2022
The CreatureNew England IPA7114.1302-17-2020
The Great ConeholioImperial IPA8.264.3210-08-2023
The HermitNew England IPA7394.2511-13-2021
The Holiest HermitImperial IPA100012-09-2022
The Holy HermitNew England IPA8.5864.312-01-2022
The SheilaNew England IPA6.614.4912-24-2019
The Tops of the HopsNew England IPA6.20002-01-2020
There Is No Planet BNew England IPA654.0305-12-2021
Throwback JamsImperial IPA8.50012-11-2021
Thunder CabbageImperial IPA10144.3705-15-2022
ToppenishAmerican IPA714.0311-27-2021
Udderly DarkSweet / Milk Stout8.543.9403-24-2023
Umbrella Sky ProjectNew England IPA6.833.8711-14-2022
Unknown DanknessAmerican IPA7.40005-10-2022
Vic Secret El Dorado CrushNew England IPA623.8511-19-2019
Video FeedbackNew England IPA7204.0805-05-2021
Vienna LagerVienna Lager51410-06-2021
Watermelon Lime GoseGose40009-19-2022
Weed SlayerNew England IPA6.514.2107-01-2021
Weird Boy Breakfast PorterAmerican Porter6.584.3304-12-2021
What Would Cletus Do?American IPA714.2602-07-2023
Y33New England IPA7.2414.2112-18-2021
Yeastbound and DownImperial IPA814.1109-05-2020
YojoNew England IPA71214.4409-07-2023
YOJO 66 1/6Imperial IPA8374.1907-07-2020
YOJO JrNew England IPA523.4502-24-2019
Zam BoneNew England IPA8244.1606-15-2022
Zamboni HazeImperial IPA8.5124.2807-15-2020
ZebuAmerican Pale Ale524.1603-12-2020
Zulu HazeNew England IPA7.2544.1602-18-2023

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Moonraker Brewing Company in Auburn, CA
Brewery rating: 4.1 out of 5 with 2033 ratings