New Image Brewing Company

Brewery, Bar, Eatery, Beer-to-go

5622 Yukon St
Arvada, Colorado, 80002
United States

(770) 881-1010 | map

We are a craft brewery located in Olde Town, Arvada specializing in seasonally inspired beers, tapas-style food, and social dining.

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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
#life unpluggedAmerican Barleywine14.113411-25-2023
...and A Happy New YearImperial IPA10.524.3102-01-2022
6.1 Anniversary StoutAmerican Imperial Stout1614.4901-09-2023
9 Degree LennyEuropean Dark Lager3.544.1507-11-2022
9505American Barleywine16.0164.4210-07-2023
9° LennyCzech Amber Lager3.513.4407-08-2022
Also PaulImperial IPA874.0903-20-2020
AnaphoraAmerican Imperial Stout14.8144.309-23-2023
Anaphora - Blend No. 3American Imperial Stout16.1724.1903-10-2023
Anaphora - Blend No. 4American Imperial Stout15.4524.4903-17-2023
Anaphora - Blend No. 5American Imperial Stout16.1714.2509-30-2023
Anaphora - Blend No. 6American Imperial Stout14.4414.411-20-2023
Anaphora Blend No. 2American Imperial Stout15.114.502-15-2023
AnustartAmerican Stout6.523.3806-24-2021
Apple GaletteAmerican Barleywine13.514.2808-01-2022
Apricot and Peach MacerationSaison7.513.9506-21-2020
Baker of SoulsAmerican Brown Ale7.513.9706-02-2022
Barrel Aged Underworld Barista - AffogattoAmerican Imperial Stout14.950005-26-2023
Barrel Aged Underworld Barista - AffogattoAmerican Imperial Stout14.9514.3505-26-2023
Better TogetherNew England IPA6.343.6107-23-2020
Big Nelson EnergyImperial IPA9.524.3104-23-2021
Blackberries & Cream DyadFruited Kettle Sour7.553.8906-08-2020
Blackberry & Raspberry MacerationFruited Kettle Sour6.514.2201-14-2021
BluebirdAmerican IPA513.7504-22-2019
Breakfast At Molly'sVienna Lager512.5112-13-2020
Brother ShamusAmerican Imperial Stout10.534.2511-21-2023
Can You Milk an Oat?Milkshake IPA7.512.4907-20-2021
CannaheimImperial IPA964.1110-24-2023
Chaos PigsQuadrupel (Quad)924.1611-02-2023
Cherry FillingFruited Kettle Sour6.873.801-21-2022
Closer to the EdgeAmerican Imperial Stout15.3644.1404-01-2023
Confusing What Is RealAmerican Imperial Stout15.3314.6802-19-2022
Coriolis EffectNew England IPA6.5623.9711-05-2023
Cozy VibesSmoked Porter6.673.7211-25-2022
Creamsicle FluffyNew England IPA7.514.0405-21-2021
Cryogenicaally Phantastic IPAAmerican IPA7.523.9807-23-2022
Cuban MelanoidinAmerican Stout613.9911-18-2017
DagonEnglish Barleywine10.544.0507-07-2023
DDH Coriolis Effect - CitraNew England IPA6.514.2402-26-2022
DDH Coriolis Effect - EllaNew England IPA6.544.205-18-2020
DDH Coriolis Effect - GalaxyNew England IPA6.574.1312-04-2020
DDH Coriolis Effect - Idaho GemNew England IPA6.543.9902-21-2022
DDH Coriolis Effect - Nelson SauvinNew England IPA6.514.4111-17-2019
DDH Coriolis Effect - Sabro CryoNew England IPA6.524.4509-06-2021
DDH Coriolis Effect - StrataNew England IPA6.514.405-27-2021
DDH Coriolis Effect - TopazNew England IPA6.533.9612-12-2022
DDH East Coast Transplant - GalaxyNew England IPA8.514.2403-17-2022
DDH East Coast Transplant - Idaho 7Imperial IPA8.51408-02-2021
DDH East Coast Transplant - Idaho 7 & El DoradoImperial IPA8.514.0109-03-2022
DDH East Coast Transplant - MosaicImperial IPA9.514.1906-10-2023
DDH East Coast Transplant - SabroNew England IPA8.534.1710-26-2020
DDH Phanny PackNew England IPA7.534.2308-08-2023
DDH West Coast IPAImperial IPA7.50011-12-2023
Denomination of Origin: BrazilAmerican Imperial Stout12.524.4504-11-2020
Denomination of Origin: EcuadorAmerican Imperial Stout12.544.2502-23-2020
Denomination of Origin: Papua New GuineaAmerican Imperial Stout12.524.602-07-2020
Denomination of Origin: UgandaAmerican Imperial Stout12.554.0309-08-2022
Denomination of Origin: WashingtonAmerican Imperial Stout12.50012-12-2021
Do LessHelles4.923.6110-16-2023
Double Barrel AnaphoraAmerican Imperial Stout17.9414.2908-08-2023
Double Double - Citra & CitivaImperial IPA9.564.2911-25-2021
Double Double - Citra & El DoradoImperial IPA9.544.302-17-2021
Double Double - Citra and NelsonImperial IPA8.514.1105-20-2022
Double Double Double - Simcoe, Strata, Idaho GemImperial IPA9.564.2708-25-2022
Double Double Double Double - Citra, Citra & More CitraImperial IPA10.534.201-06-2023
Double Double Double Double - Citra, Montueka, NelsonImperial IPA10.524.3909-09-2023
Double Double Double Double - Simcoe, Mosaic, SatusImperial IPA9.564.1207-07-2021
Double Double Double: Citra Motueka NelsonImperial IPA9.524.3607-01-2023
Double Double: CitraImperial IPA8.513.9310-07-2021
Double Double: Sabro Cryo and Cryo PopImperial IPA9.513.2807-26-2021
Double MacerationFruited Kettle Sour7.523.7906-24-2021
Double Maceration: Passionfruit and BlueberryFruited Kettle Sour5.524.208-23-2021
Double PhanterineAmerican IPA823.9103-17-2023
Dulcet TonesNew England IPA9.513.507-03-2021
Dyad (Cold Weather Release)Wild Ale6.8123.5102-12-2021
Dyad (Cran Cherry Crumble)Wild Ale7.514.106-20-2019
Dyad (Kiwicumber Jalapeno)Wild Ale7.594.1809-15-2019
East Coast TransplantImperial IPA8.5833.8709-23-2023
Eject MindcapsuleImperial IPA10.5114.2811-27-2022
Eject Mindcapsule - CitraNew England IPA10.534.1107-01-2022
Eject Mindcapsule - Citra & Mosaic CryoImperial IPA10.514.3502-12-2023
Eject Mindcapsule - El Dorado & Idaho 7New England IPA1013.6612-31-2021
Eject Mindcapsule - Simcoe, Idaho 7, Mosaic CryoImperial IPA1014.0309-05-2023
Farm FriendsWild Ale864.1501-02-2023
Flash FreezeAmerican IPA7.813.8911-21-2021
Flora (Warm Weather Release)Wild Ale6.5113.7111-20-2018
Fresh and NewGrisette3.823.6306-10-2023
Fresh HopAmerican IPA6.514.2509-30-2023
Genetic NurtureNew England IPA7.824.0808-24-2020
Grapefruit MopedWitbier513.407-23-2021
Half HalfAmerican IPA514.1301-17-2021
Have My Cake & Eat Yours TooAmerican Imperial Stout13.8714.3601-21-2022
Hella PhantasticImperial IPA853.9907-14-2022
Hella PillowyNew England IPA7.524.1506-30-2021
High School DietSweet / Milk Stout10.524.102-18-2022
High School S’Wheat HeartAmerican Pale Wheat Beer4.214.106-10-2023
Home For Pit-masImperial IPA9.514.2401-14-2021
I Can’t Believe It’s Butter!American Imperial Stout10.523.6407-30-2019
Ice KöldAmerican IPA7.7514.0210-11-2021
Infinite Sequence: CinnamochaAmerican Imperial Stout12.524.1711-02-2020
Intent - Barrel AgedAmerican Barleywine15.824.0904-08-2023
Intent - Barrel Aged - Blend 2 (2023)American Barleywine16.9434.4911-25-2023
Intent - Wood FinishedAmerican Barleywine15.8614.5112-23-2022
IPAAmerican IPA7.514.1511-23-2023
Just Another Phantastic NelsonerImperial IPA7.514.105-02-2022
Left Brain - Honeydew & ApricotsNew England IPA6.513.7501-23-2019
Levels 2.2American IPA6.524.1702-09-2023
Levels: Level 1American IPA6.513.7806-05-2022
Life in ColorADOSaison6.143.810-27-2023
Live Resin (Citra & Mosaic)New England IPA7.813.7512-04-2021
LLama BiteBohemian / Czech Pilsner4.843.6702-26-2021
Lonely FansImperial IPA9.514.3406-08-2021
Machine LanguageSaison6.553.8706-17-2018
MaderaEnglish Barleywine16.1484.311-25-2023
Madera (PX Sherry)English Barleywine16.8943.9708-13-2023
Madera 2023 - Blend 2 (Maple Bourbon)English Barleywine15.4524.1911-04-2023
Making WavesAmerican Blonde Ale4.514.0706-03-2021
Mango Guava DyadWild Ale7.514.1506-10-2023
MelanoidinAmerican Imperial Stout10.583.8101-23-2019
Melanoidin Vanilla MapleAmerican Imperial Stout1364.1604-26-2019
More West Than WestAmerican IPA7.813.5212-05-2021
Neapolitical Interests - Bourbon Barrel AgedSweet / Milk Stout13.8524.2502-20-2023
Never Come DownAmerican Imperial Stout13.7634.0812-07-2022
NoemaAmerican Imperial Stout15.3924.0907-05-2023
Noema - Blend No. 4American Imperial Stout15.814.4911-06-2023
Noema - Blend No. 5American Imperial Stout15.8724.1710-26-2023
Noema - Blend No. 6American Imperial Stout15.440011-30-2023
Now BeerEuropean Pale Lager5.31411-15-2023
Oh, Danny BoyImperial IPA833.9201-12-2023
Olaf, The Other ReindeerAmerican Imperial Stout10.513.7501-06-2022
Olde Town Regular KolschKölsch5.363.8507-23-2018
One More TimeNew England IPA7.8104.0608-16-2022
One Punch LagerIndia Pale Lager (IPL)4.233.8502-21-2023
One.7New England IPA7.843.9608-02-2023
Over RipeAmerican IPA6.523.9703-29-2019
Palindromic RepeatAmerican IPA7.553.9412-18-2022
Palisade Peach MacerationFruited Kettle Sour7.513.5601-21-2022
Passion Fruit DyadFruited Kettle Sour7.50009-10-2023
Passionately PhantasticNew England IPA7.524.1302-07-2022
Passionfruit MopedWitbier513.5509-17-2021
Passively AggressiveAmerican IPA6.513.8106-10-2023
PaulNew England IPA5123.8406-10-2023
Pay It ForwardNew England IPA7.8124.0211-06-2020
Pay It Forward With Simcoe And El DoradoNew England IPA7.823.901-16-2021
PeachraNew England IPA574.0110-27-2019
Perpetual BetaAmerican IPA7.523.8810-14-2021
Phanny PackNew England IPA7.594.0809-23-2023
Pint Cake: Apple PieBerliner Weisse7.2524.1302-27-2021
Pint Cake: Blueberry MuffinFruited Kettle Sour7.2513.8802-24-2021
Pint Cake: GingerbreadFruited Kettle Sour7.2513.9412-04-2021
Pint Cake: Palisade Peach CobblerFruited Kettle Sour7.7513.7111-28-2021
Pint Cake: Peanut Butter MarmaladeFruited Kettle Sour7.513.5808-18-2022
Pint Cake: Raspberry CheesecakeBerliner Weisse7.213.603-28-2021
Pint Cake: Tres LechesFruited Kettle Sour7.2513.9906-30-2022
Pog DyadWild Ale7.51401-23-2019
Politics, Money & ReligionAmerican Barleywine1233.9504-10-2021
Premium PilsGerman Pilsner4.5133.8502-18-2023
Produce The JuiceNew England IPA6.55409-19-2021
Pure Gem 7American IPA7.533.9311-07-2021
Pure IsolateImperial IPA9.5163.9106-24-2022
Pure Isolate - Galaxy And StrataImperial IPA8.524.1311-09-2021
Pure Isolate - Talus, Simcoe, Mosaic TerpenesImperial IPA9.524.3405-25-2021
Pure Isolate Idaho 7 TerpeneImperial IPA9.534.2109-02-2021
Pure Isolate: Citra and El Dorado TerpenesImperial IPA8.514.112-05-2021
Quadruple Double One More TimeNew England IPA9.534.207-04-2023
RE: Your Car's Extended WarrantyIndia Pale Lager (IPL)712.9305-06-2021
Red Light, Black LightFruited Kettle Sour7.513.7610-30-2021
Remastered Amber AleAmerican Amber / Red Ale6.523.7801-14-2023
Restoration & RegrowthAmerican IPA6.634.0204-02-2022
Rust And Rot And DustAmerican Imperial Stout15.6524.5708-04-2023
Scaled DownNew England IPA50007-24-2022
School's OutAmerican IPA7.524.0208-15-2021
Schooley 12 Cerne PivoCzech Dark Lager4.36406-02-2023
Secret 'StacheAmerican Imperial Stout1243.7912-11-2021
SerenadeCzech Pale Lager4.313.7501-08-2023
Shameless DecadenceSweet / Milk Stout10.564.1304-24-2023
Single By Choice - AmarilloAmerican IPA50006-16-2018
Single By Choice - AzzacaAmerican IPA50006-16-2018
Single By Choice - CentennialAmerican Pale Ale50006-16-2018
Single By Choice - ChinookAmerican Pale Ale543.3806-03-2018
Single By Choice - CitraAmerican Pale Ale523.4611-21-2021
Single By Choice - ColumbusAmerican IPA6.50006-16-2018
Single By Choice - EquinoxAmerican IPA50006-16-2018
Single By Choice - JarryloAmerican Pale Ale50006-16-2018
Single By Choice - MotuekaAmerican IPA514.0809-20-2023
Single By Choice - RakauAmerican IPA524.1906-17-2018
Single by Choice - SabroAmerican Pale Ale524.1102-07-2021
Single By Choice - SimcoeNew England IPA533.503-08-2020
Single By Choice - SummerAmerican IPA514.1506-16-2018
Ski ShortsNew England IPA7.813.406-16-2021
Slobberin HobbsImperial IPA81406-17-2021
Spring Cleaning (2021)New England IPA7.514.0206-07-2021
SquishyNew England IPA7.513.406-19-2021
Strawberry XXIIIFruited Kettle Sour4.50001-19-2021
Summer BlenderFruited Kettle Sour4.833.5710-22-2022
Super Soaker Birthday PartyNew England IPA7.523.9810-15-2022
Taste of BetrayalAmerican Imperial Stout1313.8801-24-2022
TDH Coriolis Effect - Citra & CashmereImperial IPA9.544.1803-13-2021
TDH Coriolis Effect - Citra & ColumbusNew England IPA9.514.0407-24-2022
TDH Coriolis Effect - Southern Cross & Nelson KiefNew England IPA914.2407-31-2023
TDH Coriolis Effect: Sabro and Bio-TImperial IPA9.513.1807-10-2021
The Blizzard of Haahhhp'sBohemian / Czech Pilsner5.534.0905-01-2023
The Dream FlayerImperial IPA10.524.0203-23-2023
These Are Not Hash BrowniesAmerican Imperial Stout13.7613.5807-03-2023
Three Good ThingsAmerican Barleywine16.8924.3509-19-2023
Tigre EspecialAmerican Adjunct Lager4.523.8108-02-2023
Triple Double One More TimeNew England IPA7.894.204-30-2022
Tropically PhantasticNew England IPA7.544.0710-22-2022
Tu Hop ShakurAmerican IPA6.5133.9810-20-2023
Underworld BaristaAmerican Imperial Stout17.3104.2404-16-2023
Underworld Barista - Salted CaramelAmerican Imperial Stout13.6124.508-19-2022
Underworld Barista Pumpkin SpiceAmerican Imperial Stout12.674.0503-03-2023
Unreasonable NinjaSweet / Milk Stout10.513.7504-18-2021
VaNiller Time 2.0 - Tahitian VanillaAmerican Imperial Stout13.8714.3409-23-2021
West Coast FogAmerican IPA7.314.1504-21-2023
West Coast IPAAmerican IPA7.513.5807-16-2023
West Coast PilsGerman Pilsner5.523.7707-18-2023
Wood Experimental Trial 2: Cedrela OdorataEnglish Barleywine1334.2501-14-2022
Wood: Highland ScotchAmerican Barleywine1323.906-10-2023
Wood: Port ScotchAmerican Barleywine1314.1402-17-2022
World of PretendAmerican Barleywine15.5824.208-09-2023

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New Image Brewing Company in Arvada, CO
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