Kettlehead Brewing Company

Kettlehead Brewing CompanyKettlehead Brewing Company
Kettlehead Brewing CompanyKettlehead Brewing Company
Brewery, Bar, Eatery, Beer-to-go

407 W Main St
Tilton, New Hampshire, 03276
United States

(603) 286-8100 | map

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#Cold Yellow And Hoppy (Huell Melon)IPA - New England6.514.2311-12-2020
#Cold Yellow And Hoppy (Strata)IPA - New England6.554.2912-22-2021
(VEEK) TOR 2.0 Rum/Bourbon BarrelsStout - American Imperial10.534.0602-10-2019
(VEEK)TOR 3.0Stout - Russian Imperial10.524.3204-30-2019
(VEEK)TOR 4.0Stout - Russian Imperial9.523.9602-27-2021
(VEEK)TOR 5.0Stout - American Imperial9.514.0103-04-2022
3 Week VacationIPA - New England8.314.5308-29-2021
3KDIPA - Imperial1154.3911-14-2020
407 PorterPorter - American6.553.908-09-2020
ABRACASABROIPA - New England874.3712-22-2021
Ahead Of The CarvePumpkin Beer7.544.1311-01-2021
Alexander’s QuestIPA - New England834.4206-06-2021
All Good ThingsIPA - New England844.2708-18-2021
Aloha SummerIPA - New England414.2204-26-2019
Alpha Acid Hot TubIPA - New England7.224.0405-22-2022
Alter Your BeastIPA - New England724.5506-30-2020
AmbrosiaSour - Berliner Weisse524.2507-05-2020
Asteroids And AlpacasIPA - New England753.9505-28-2022
Beer BrainIPA - New England714.0409-16-2020
Between The LinesIPA - New England834.3112-26-2020
Black Raspberry Vanilla SwirlSour - Berliner Weisse524.2101-26-2020
Bomb BlueSour - Berliner Weisse514.0508-28-2019
Bomb PopSour - Berliner Weisse5134.2102-26-2022
Bombin' Still Poppin'Sour - Berliner Weisse524.3905-22-2022
Brew League ChewSour - Berliner Weisse524.1203-29-2020
Brew Witch ProjectSour - Fruited Kettle Sour514.7811-05-2021
Brown Pow Nut BrownBrown Ale - American663.8802-05-2020
Bru RigIPA - New England864.1504-21-2022
Bye Bye BeautifulIPA - New England7.144.2406-19-2022
California Steampunk AleCalifornia Common / Steam Beer5.513.7302-07-2022
Change of SeasonFarmhouse Ale - Saison613.710-01-2020
Charlie Don’t SurfSour - Berliner Weisse554.109-08-2018
Cherry Cheesecake Vanilla SwirlSour - Berliner Weisse514.605-20-2020
Choc StoutStout - American4.50004-04-2021
ChocoLate Banana Dream PieStout - American Imperial10.224.2607-02-2020
Claymore Scotch AleScotch Ale / Wee Heavy9.65404-24-2021
Claymore Scotch Ale - Whiskey Barrel AgedScotch Ale / Wee Heavy9.624.3505-01-2021
Clip OutIPA - New England6.824.2102-05-2022
Cobble Cobble YoSour - Fruited Kettle Sour554.2705-29-2022
Cold Yellow And HoppyIPA - New England6.524.4103-03-2022
Cold Yellow And Hoppy (3 Southern Tropic Hops)IPA - New England6.524.3303-03-2022
Cold Yellow And Hoppy (Amarillo)IPA - New England6.514.5303-25-2020
Cold Yellow And Hoppy (Cryo Loral)IPA - New England6.524.4205-10-2021
Cold Yellow and Hoppy (Cryo Sabro)IPA - New England6.534.0702-17-2022
Cold Yellow And Hoppy (Simcoe)IPA - New England6.524.4202-17-2022
Cousin PulpyIPA - New England734.4306-21-2022
Das KettleheadLager - Märzen5.524.3909-29-2020
DDH NovaIPA - New England80004-16-2019
DDH Voice Of ReasonIPA - New England814.8806-05-2021
DeboStout - Sweet / Milk624.1207-08-2019
Different Shades Of GreenIPA - New England814.4407-10-2020
Dinosaurs Skiing In The SkyIPA - New England8.644.212-05-2021
Dinosaurs Swimming In The SkyIPA - Imperial7.8194.2904-02-2022
Double Fruited Bomb PopSour - Fruited Kettle Sour514.3209-19-2019
Double Secret AgentIPA - New England9134.4502-19-2022
DreamshiftIPA - New England8.274.3106-17-2022
DreamstateIPA - New England9144.4205-09-2022
Duck TrafficIPA - New England7.334.207-18-2021
Employee of the Month (Darrel)IPA - American744.0104-19-2020
Employee of the Month (Frank)IPA - American724.2706-02-2021
Employee of the Month (Leroy)IPA - New England724.405-09-2020
Employee of the Month (Old Blue)IPA - New England714.5307-04-2020
Employee of the Month (Steve)IPA - New England714.1306-06-2020
ESBBitter - English Extra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB)4.823.9803-04-2022
ESOTERIC Sour IPAIPA - American6.514.0208-09-2019
Extra Extra Sweet StoutStout - American7.343.9505-30-2022
FakieIPA - New England814.1705-31-2020
Fat CutIPA - New England8.244.303-19-2022
Flow Switch (Cashmere, Loral, Strata)IPA - New England824.3101-22-2022
Flow Switch (Citra & Idaho 7)IPA - New England834.1508-09-2020
Flow Switch (Experimental)IPA - New England824.3202-17-2022
Flow Switch (Galaxy, Mosaic, and Columbus)IPA - New England824.6602-14-2020
Flow Switch (Loral, Comet, and Galaxy)IPA - New England824.5201-22-2022
Flow Switch (Lotus, Citra, and Sabro)IPA - New England814.2907-30-2021
Flow Switch (Nelson, Mosaic, Simcoe)IPA - New England834.5203-25-2021
Flow Switch (Sabro, Strata, Cashmere)IPA - New England824.3602-17-2022
Flow Switch (Simcoe & Idaho 7)IPA - New England824.3202-26-2022
Fourteen Forty: Batch 001Barleywine - American10.444.3806-26-2022
Fresh BloodIPA - Imperial7.984.2105-22-2022
FTFISour - Fruited Kettle Sour514.0412-18-2021
FTFI Pulp Up The JamSour - Fruited Kettle Sour714.7501-04-2021
FTFI Pulp Up The Jam #2Sour - Fruited Kettle Sour734.4103-29-2021
FTFI Pulp Up The Jam #3Sour - Fruited Kettle Sour734.1202-07-2022
FTFI Pulp Up The Jam #4Sour - Fruited Kettle Sour624.3605-19-2021
FTFI Pulp Up The Jam Vol. 10Sour - Fruited Kettle Sour724.4305-20-2022
FTFI Pulp Up the Jam Vol. 11Sour - Berliner Weisse714.0502-26-2022
FTFI Pulp Up the Jam Vol. 12Sour - Fruited Kettle Sour724.1704-01-2022
FTFI Pulp Up The Jam Vol. 8Sour - Fruited Kettle Sour6.524.1711-13-2021
Full Blown RealityIPA - New England7.824.2704-11-2021
Future RealityIPA - New England7.614.3806-17-2022
G.O.A.T.IPA - New England8.544.5806-12-2022
Ghost TownBarleywine - American1144.2607-28-2020
Glitchin'IPA - American7.134.2602-05-2022
Golsen MoldenLager - American513.8903-04-2022
Hammer DownIPA - New England844.1411-05-2021
Hazy StrainerIPA - American7.213.7502-18-2021
Heavy WeightIPA - New England9.564.3306-11-2022
Here Kitty KittyIPA - New England774.4404-17-2022
Hits DifferentIPA - New England8.534.2611-20-2021
Hits Different #2 (Nunchuck & Falcon)IPA - New England824.2302-17-2021
Hits Different (MI6 & Voice Of Reason)IPA - New England814.5711-23-2021
Holiday SauceStout - American7.233.5501-18-2022
HookahIPA - New England8.174.2502-17-2022
Hoppie Nights (Nelson)IPA - New England814.505-29-2020
Hoppie Nights (Waimea)IPA - New England834.3603-23-2021
House MargaritaSour - Gose5.523.7505-28-2022
House Saison With PeachTripel9.544.1506-16-2019
I Feel Like Amazing BucksIPA - New England834.2205-25-2022
Iced Mocha MacchiatoStout - American7.214.2507-13-2020
Imperial Bombin Still PoppinSour - Berliner Weisse7.514.1810-31-2020
Intergalactic Wolf SweaterIPA - New England7.584.3802-17-2022
Its All About The BearingsIPA - New England874.2902-10-2019
It’s The “Pits”Pale Ale - American6.524.0910-10-2019
Java The Nut PorterPorter - American6.5103.9302-26-2022
Kettlehead HefeweizenWheat Beer - Hefeweizen5.523.7403-13-2022
Kettleton Pub AleBitter - English524.0102-26-2022
LambIPA - American413.6308-01-2020
Light HeavyweightIPA - New England834.6106-05-2022
Light WeightIPA - New England724.0412-06-2020
LikewiseIPA - New England844.3705-19-2022
Lil PulpyIPA - New England4.224.2609-25-2019
LionIPA - New England824.2710-23-2021
Little StepsIPA - American214.2204-02-2022
Local BlueFruit and Field Beer5104.1507-15-2021
Local HooliganKölsch5.2543.6810-24-2021
Loophole ThresholdIPA - New England824.3907-20-2019
Lunch RocksIPA - New England874.1604-01-2022
Lupulin Milkshake (Strawberry & Guava)IPA - New England714.5103-06-2020
Lupulin Milkshake Pina ColadaIPA - New England724.5107-02-2020
Lupulin Milkshake With Blueberry & BlackberryIPA - New England70009-24-2020
Lupulin Milkshake With Pineapple & MangoIPA - New England734.0910-07-2019
Lupulin Milkshake with Raspberry SprinklesIPA - New England784.1901-24-2022
MIPA - Imperial834.2705-22-2022
Mango Space MuleIPA - New England714.5304-08-2020
Margarita GoseSour - Gose4.524.1606-05-2019
MasonStout - Sweet / Milk10.413.7903-04-2022
MI6IPA - New England8224.302-17-2022
MIDIRed Ale - Imperial944.2903-16-2021
Mokaya With Cookies And CreamStout - American6.534.3305-07-2019
Moon RoverIPA - New England7.8224.2409-02-2021
Mr. RobotronPale Ale - American5.224.3111-03-2021
Northern HemiIPA - New England1054.2806-18-2021
Not Tom’s Vienna LagerLager - Vienna5.62404-20-2019
NovaIPA - New England8144.1104-17-2022
Nunchuck Ping PongIPA - Imperial8.2294.2704-10-2022
Pallet Jack KickflipIPA - New England7.864.2902-26-2022
Panama IPAIPA - New England6.594.108-06-2020
Penny Red IPARed Ale - American Amber / Red7.514.3703-01-2020
Perennial Harvest Ale (Centennial)IPA - New England734.0210-10-2019
Perennial Harvest Ale (Comet)IPA - New England734.110-09-2021
Perennial Wet Hop HarvestIPA - New England6.524.1210-28-2018
PippiLager - American Amber / Red8.123.9412-20-2021
Pocket MacheteIPA - New England844.3706-23-2022
PoemIPA - New England7.924.4504-24-2021
PulpyIPA - New England7154.1805-25-2022
PyramidsIPA - New England844.2106-11-2022
QIPA - New England9.584.2905-13-2022
QuestIPA - New England8424.302-17-2022
Razor No ComplyPale Ale - American5.634.1411-21-2021
Relax Relax RelaxIPA - New England744.1302-26-2022
REM StateIPA - Imperial844.1402-20-2022
Rock Wall Campfire StoutStout - American Imperial9.644.0708-29-2020
Sack LunchSour - Berliner Weisse523.8601-04-2021
Santas Milk (Peanut Butter Cookies)Stout - American Imperial8.514.1712-24-2021
Shape ShifterIPA - New England80008-20-2020
Shuttle BusIPA - American7114.1702-26-2022
Sidekicks Don't Wear CapesPale Ale - American4.913.9805-25-2022
Sit Wherever You’d Like FolksSour - Berliner Weisse513.512-17-2019
Skunk ZoneIPA - New England7.544.1202-08-2021
Smooth Summer CometsIPA - New England864.2505-22-2019
Sonic PulseIPA - New England6.824.2507-18-2021
Soul FightIPA - New England8.584.2311-21-2021
Soul Hop (Columbus)Pale Ale - American5.324.0401-10-2021
Soul Hop ChinookIPA - American5.313.7907-26-2018
Soul Hop Huell MelonPale Ale - American5.344.0707-03-2018
Soul Hop Kohatu HopPale Ale - American5.314.308-23-2018
Soul Hop Lemon DropPale Ale - American5.323.8806-04-2018
Soul Hop Medusa HopPale Ale - American5.363.909-27-2018
Squirrel MasterStout - American6.833.9812-21-2019
Summit SodaIPA - New England824.2809-18-2020
Sundae NightStout - Sweet / Milk10.814.2109-06-2020
Sundae Night Stout (Mint Chocolate Chip)Stout - American Imperial10.813.5611-15-2020
Superheroes Wear CapesIPA - New England6.814.4702-12-2022
SyncedIPA - New England7.534.4401-26-2022
Talk Birdie to MeSour - Fruited Kettle Sour614.1903-20-2021
TEXT QUITIPA - New England7.234.2902-12-2022
The AgentIPA - American7364.1904-13-2022
The Agent (In Cognito)IPA - New England744.302-26-2022
The Agent Galaxy Double Dry HoppedIPA - New England724.5802-17-2022
The Longest NightIPA - New England814.4812-26-2020
The ProfileStout - American814.3710-31-2019
The Sun Doesn’t Rise At AllStout - American Imperial10.844.1106-23-2021
There Is No PatternIPA - New England6.824.3201-05-2022
Toasted Butter Pecan PieBrown Ale - American6.523.1701-04-2021
Trash PlateSour - Berliner Weisse50012-10-2020
Tunnel VisionIPA - New England824.0501-16-2021
Udder Punch Lactose IPAIPA - American6.553.703-16-2018
Uncle PulpyIPA - New England8.154.3601-19-2022
Vampires Don’t Do DishesSour - Berliner Weisse514.0610-16-2020
Voice Of ReasonIPA - New England8154.404-14-2022
War Helmet BicycleIPA - Imperial8.133.9304-04-2021
War Helmet UnicycleIPA - New England714.1611-11-2021
Whoa Cap’nSour - Berliner Weisse514.0211-19-2020
Wicked PulpyIPA - New England884.4203-07-2022
You Do YouIPA - American6.953.9301-16-2022
“You’re Hefe’n Crazy”Wheat Beer - American Pale523.9808-09-2019

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Kettlehead Brewing Company in Tilton, NH
Brewery rating: 4.2 out of 5 with 816 ratings