Top Rated Beers: New Mexico (US)

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Top Rated Beers: New Mexico (US)
    Score Ratings
1Project Dank4.41860
2Elevated IPA4.351,495
3Father Nelson4.35168
4Full Nelson4.33127
5Cafe Con Leche4.2970
6Malpais Stout4.12315
7Bourbon Barrel Imperial Stout4.16122
8Imperial Java Stout4.041,034
9Marble IPA4.05487
10Oatmeal Stout4.1136
11Marble Reserve Ale4.08159
12Scale Tipper IPA4.2546
13Double IPA4.07163
14A Slice Of Hefen4.04201
15Red Ryeot4.04158
16Marble Red Ale4.01259
17Imperial Red Ale4.0591
18Brett IPA4.234
19Double White Ale4127
21Postcards from Hell4.513
22Project Dank (Wet-hopped Edition)4.3217
23Gracias Por Fumar (Wine Barrel-Aged)4.1725
24Goya Imperial Stout4.2319
25Acequia Wet Hop IPA4.1523
26White Out4.1522
27Exodus IPA4.0235
28Fievre D' Abricot3.9189
29Strawberry Gose3.9939
30In the Money4.2712
31Scotia Scotch Ale3.9836
32Wet Hopped Elevated IPA4.2313
33Scale Tipper4.214
34Bosque IPA3.9257
36Acclimated IPA4.0620
37Panama Joe Coffee Stout4.1614
38111 Farmhouse Ale4.0520
39Imperial Stout3.9437
40Chocolate Milk Stout3.9926
41Big Door Prize4.2410
42Imperial Coffee Brown4.1612
43El Jugo4.0616
44State Pen Porter3.81358
45Imperial Smoked Rye Porter4.1311
46Black IPA3.81212
47Mind PHOQ4.1310
48Pyramid Rock Pale Ale4.0513
49Make IPA Clear Again4.0911
50Sucker Punch Double IPA4.0413
51Single Barrel Sour3.8453
52Blanche De Burque4.0412
53Wet Mountain IPA3.8543
54Gold Metal Oatmeal Stout3.8926
55Siberian Silk4.0311
56Helles Lager4.0410
58South Peak Pilsner3.8625
59Stout Americano3.9711
60Happy Camper IPA3.76647
62The Red Glove3.9410
63Jet Black Winter (Bourbon Barrel-Aged)3.912
65Bosque Lager3.8220
66Western Bloc IPA3.8810
67Milk Mustachio Stout3.7832
68Black And Blue Sour3.8512
70De La Vega's Pecan Beer3.7550
71Amber Ale3.7547
72Cholo Stout3.8211
73Cream Stout3.7819
74Dark And Lusty Stout3.7719
75Pale Ryder3.7719
76Elephants On Parade3.7913
77Pigtail Pilsner3.8110
79Paint It Black Milk Stout3.7716
80Uppercut IPA3.7813
81Taos Green Chile Beer3.7324
83Monks' Dark Ale3.7113
84Driftwood Oatmeal Stout3.712
86Road Runner IPA3.6939
87Pyramid Rock Amber Ale3.6510
88Dougie Style Amber3.6617
89Rod's Best Bitter3.6411
90Chicken Killer Barley Wine3.68366
91Kellys Session IPA3.6211
92Slow Down Brown3.6421
93Paw Swipe3.5910
94Freestyle Pilsner3.67168
96Brewer's Boot Amber Ale3.6114
97End Of The Trail Brown Ale3.5613
98Roamer Red Ale3.5313
99Farmer’s Almanac IPA3.5721
100Threshold IPA3.5315