Top Rated Beers: American Amber / Red Lager

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Top Rated Beers: American Amber / Red Lager
    Score Ratings
1Lashes Hopbock Lager3.93340
2Creemore Springs Premium Lager3.84407
3Riverwest Stein Beer3.79748
4Toast (Slightly Burnt)4.0941
5Short's Lil' Wheezy3.84133
6Cold Brew Coffee Lager3.87100
8Brooklyn Lager3.723,708
9American Dream3.9842
10Red Oak Amber3.74379
11Lashes Red IPL3.8649
12Standard Lager3.8548
13Session Fest3.68209
14Coney Island Lager3.65502
15Winter Skål3.66304
16Preseason Lager3.67115
17Wild Oats Series No. 9 - Winterbrewed3.7739
18Budweiser 1933 Repeal Reserve Amber Lager3.64166
19Colorado Native Amber Lager3.62230
20Rudolph's Red3.7733
21Papaw's Red414
22Grande Cuvée Réserve De Noël3.7731
23Cave City Lager3.7339
24LTD Series - 053.61198
25Highland Lager3.6569
26Coastal Common3.7137
27Primátor Polotmavý Märzen3.822
28Town Hall Lager3.820
29Long Play (LP) IPL3.9911
32Fisherman's Brew3.56240
33Wisconsin Amber3.55448
34"Storm Watcher" Winter Lager3.7619
35Naked Selfie3.726
36Blue Point Toasted Lager3.541,794
37Red Oktober3.8113
38Wibby IPL3.8312
39Pretzel Assassin3.7417
40Bayern Killarney Red Lager3.6237
41Ramstein Amber Lager3.6921
42Half Acre Lager3.5860
43DELCO Lager3.5949
44Saranac Irish Lager3.6526
45Grain Belt Lock & Dam3.5854
46Ungurio Kojos (Eel Legs)3.8410
48Muddy Creek Lager3.5582
49Lizzy's Lager3.6424
51Dock Time3.5653
52Mill Street 100th Meridian3.52140
53Saranac Season's Best Winter Lager3.5833
54Rochester Mills Rochester Red3.52107
55RT Lager3.5732
56Kross Golden Ale3.5925
57De Koninck Anno 18333.6912
58Kickin' Back Amber Lager3.6911
59Dirtyface Amber Lager3.5824
60Hangry Bock3.6711
61Chrome Satan3.5437
63Devils Lake Red Lager3.5338
64Nature Of Ego And Self3.6410
65Queens Lager3.559
66Freedom Road3.612
67Dam Lager3.4970
68Barking Squirrel Lager3.47593
69Hudepohl Amber Lager3.47150
70Fisher's Popcorn Caramel Lager3.5511
71Craft American Lager3.5118
72Grain Belt Nordeast3.46471
73Fegley's Amber Lager3.4830
74Chin Music Amber Lager3.4749
75RT Lager3.4743
76Dundee Irish Red Lager3.4695
77Stray Dog Lager3.4656
78Traditional Lager3.4817
79Yard Sale Winter Lager3.45203
80Tijuana Morena3.4631
81Lazy Daze Amber Lager3.4810
82Rooster Lager3.4616
84Wild Bill's Wild Rice Lager3.4417
85Sigtuna East River Lager (East River Spring Lager)3.4311
86Bayern Amber3.4367
87Woodhouse Lager3.4216
88Black Diamond Lager3.4111
89Avenel Amber3.4226
90Sequoia Amber Lager3.415
91Old Credit Holiday Honey3.416
92Red Dragon Red Lager3.3510
93Stegmaier Amber Lager3.4185
94Straub American Amber3.41109
95Detroit Beer Co. Grand River Red3.3614
96Rough Rider Red Lager3.3825
97La Crosse Amber Lager (Session Series)3.3414
98Yuengling Traditional Lager3.416,558
99Hudepohl Pure Lager3.3112
100Dos Equis Roja3.3418