Top Rated Beers: American Malt Liquor

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Top Rated Beers: American Malt Liquor
    Avg Ratings
1Colt 45 Double Malt Liquor2.9768
2Colt 45 High Gravity Lager2.967
3Bud Light Lime Lemon-Ade-Rita2.857
4Bud Light Lime Apple-Ahhh-Rita2.7463
5Molson Brador2.755
6Schlitz High Gravity V.S.L Very Smooth Lager2.69101
8Big Hurt Beer2.6673
9Schlitz O.M.L. (Malt Liquor)2.67186
10Red Horse Beer2.66139
11Haywards 5000 Super Premium Beer2.63137
12Bud Light Lime Raz-Ber-Rita2.62143
13Schlitz Red Bull X. L. Xtra Long Malt Liquor2.5546
14Crazy Stallion2.5160
15Red Horse Beer: Extra Strong2.52119
16Steel Reserve 211 Triple Export2.4983
17Country Club Malt Liquor2.596
18Natty Daddy (8%)2.54251
19Labatt Max Ice2.4792
20Bud Light Lime Mang-o-Rita2.51180
21Icehouse Edge2.47129
22Old Monk 100002.468
23Molson XXX2.51548
24Bud Light Lime Cran-Brrr-Rita2.4198
25Hurricane High Gravity Malt Liquor2.46336
26Steel Reserve 211 (High Gravity)2.481,199
27Rainier Ale2.362
28Bud Light Lime Straw-Ber-Rita2.41443
29Olde English 800 High Gravity2.34146
30Schlitz Bull Ice I.M.L.2.2472
31Colt 45 Malt Liquor2.38868
32Dog Bite High Gravity Lager2.27133
33Bud Light Lime-A-Rita2.33703
34Stack High Gravity Lager2.0557
35St. Ides High Gravity Malt Liquor2.26195
36Camo Silver Ice2.0262
38Hurricane Malt Liquor2.2239
39King Cobra Premium Malt Liquor2.19524
40Olde English 8002.181,034
41Camo High Gravity Lager1.8466
42Camo Black Ice1.8472
43Evil Eye1.5666
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