Top Rated Beers: Winter Warmer

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Top Rated Beers: Winter Warmer
    Score Ratings
1Coffee Cinnamon B-Bomb4.57902
2Bourbon Barrel Aged Winter Warmer4.08421
3God Jul4.08334
4Barrel Aged 12 Dogs Of Christmas4.12110
6Highland Cold Mountain Winter Ale4.01797
7Christmas Ale3.953,145
812 Dogs Of Christmas Ale3.96761
11Snow Melt Winter Ale3.99147
12Odell Isolation Ale3.92802
13Special Holiday Ale - Nøgne Ø/Jolly Pumpkin Artisan Ales/Stone Brewing Co.3.93259
14Barrel-Aged Christmas Ale4.2524
15Lead Dog Olde English Ale4.0168
16Barley's Christmas Ale4.1630
17Cabin Fever Winter Ale3.9782
18St. Peter's Winter Ale3.9263
19Rum Barrel Aged 4 Elf3.9499
20Winter Solstice Seasonal Ale3.871,841
21Iron Duke3.9489
22Brewer's Art St. Festivus Holiday Ale3.9574
23First Frost - Brandy Barrel Aged4.1226
24Our Special Ale 2017 (Anchor Christmas Ale)3.88229
25Stir Crazy3.86223
26Fuller's Old Winter Ale3.89105
27Double Diamond Winter Ale3.9177
28White Blaze4.0428
30First Frost3.982
31Red Racer Winter Ale3.9546
32Frosted Frog Christmas Ale - Barrel-Aged3.86157
33Vinter Varmer3.8985
34Cabin Fever Ale3.84337
36Winter Ale3.84204
37Full Sail Wassail3.82875
38Sweetwater Festive Ale3.82814
39Festivus Holiday Ale3.9830
40Winter Ale3.951
41Ale Mary3.8678
42Marley's Lament3.9336
43Yule Fuel3.9924
44Dark Horse 4 Elf3.8842
45Midvinter Ol4.0417
46Winter Warmer3.9330
47Christmas Ale4.1910
48Tannen Bomb3.8744
49Wintertide Ale3.8182
50Winter Warlock3.9720
51Happy Holidays Christmas Ale3.9720
53Joe Melt3.9719
54Emelisse Winterbier3.8835
55Winter Warmer3.8363
56Samuel Adams Old Fezziwig Ale3.773,699
57Kitten Mittens3.8734
59Snow Beast Winter Ale4.0711
60Black Mammoth Winter Ale3.9419
61Sweater Weather4.0412
62Fa La La La La3.889
63Winter Warmer3.79112
64Hoppy Holidays3.923
65Longjohns On3.9715
66Christmas Ale3.79100
67Ill-Tempered Gnome3.78127
68Christian Moerlein Christkindl Winter Warmer3.78122
72Icelandic Winter Ale3.9217
73New Zealand Summer Winter Warmer4.0210
743 Ho's3.9414
75Julebrygg (7%)3.8624
76Mary Ann's Ginger Spice3.9911
77Winter Warmer "Tog Grog"3.9513
78Esther’s Lil Secret (2017)3.9413
79Bonfire Ale3.76158
80Winter Wonderham3.9711
81Porch Crawler3.8818
82Mountain Boomer3.8136
83Genesee Brew House Winter Warmer3.9611
84Lions Winter Ale3.75256
85Winter Ale3.7781
86Winter Warmer3.75231
87Santa's Secret3.835
88Frosted Frog Christmas Ale3.74415
89Holidale (Whiskey Barrel Aged)3.9112
90Barley's St. Nick's Winter Warmer3.9310
91Old Bat Rastard3.7596
92Fish Tale Winterfish3.74180
93Nutcracker Winter Warmer Ale3.73913
94Casco Bay Winter Ale (Old Port Ale)3.7584
95Summit Winter Ale3.73587
96Radiator Winter Warmer3.9110
97Old Henry3.8911
99Festivus Winter Warmer3.8219
100Nørrebro Julebryg3.7646