Half Acre Beer Company

Half Acre Beer CompanyHalf Acre Beer Company
Half Acre Beer CompanyHalf Acre Beer Company
Brewery, Bar, Eatery, Beer-to-go

2050 W Balmoral Ave
Chicago, Illinois, 60625
United States

(773) 754-8488 | map

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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
62 MoonsIPA - New England8.844.0712-27-2019
Akari MistWheat Beer - American Pale5.5204.0408-21-2015
Akari ShogunWheat Beer - American Pale5.57374.0109-27-2019
Alive In Its JawsIPA - Imperial8.5604.2106-30-2022
AlpenglowIPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale5633.7807-05-2015
Amaro HutWild Ale613.7507-16-2019
American YouthPale Ale - American5.5454.0801-18-2019
AnglesIPA - American6.41408-09-2018
Animal Print - Chocolate RaspberryStout - American Imperial1224.3504-27-2019
Animal Print - Red RaspberryStout - American Imperial1223.7803-01-2020
Aqua FurPilsner - German4.7133.8411-03-2018
AxilPale Ale - American5.633.9404-23-2021
Barrel Aged Big HugsStout - American Imperial12834.1406-25-2022
Barrel Aged Over AleBrown Ale - American6.7263.9602-20-2015
Barrel Aged RambisStout - Oatmeal063.9801-16-2016
Battle Of TrentonWild Ale5.2144.0905-17-2020
BeachweedPale Ale - American5143.5712-02-2021
BeamsPale Ale - American4.833.5103-15-2020
Beer Hates AstronautsIPA - American7.86284.3606-24-2022
BekosPale Ale - American533.9105-02-2017
BenthicStout - American Imperial13.81884.3806-25-2022
Big HugsStout - American Imperial108454.1404-01-2022
Bigs Hugs Coffee And VanillaStout - American Imperial10323.9411-20-2021
BivouacIPA - Imperial8.133.9803-16-2018
Black is BeautifulStout - American833.7411-10-2021
Bodega NightsLager - Schwarzbier513.7410-18-2017
BodemIPA - American6.72334.0806-15-2022
Bon HutWild Ale5.324.4101-16-2019
Boulevardier HutWild Ale7.30008-27-2021
Brave NoisePale Ale - American4.513.8612-17-2021
Breakin' 2Bitter - English3.843.8612-25-2016
Broken HillKölsch5.123.805-28-2019
Broken HornLager - American4.523.8407-03-2022
Bucket BrainsPale Ale - American5.213.6911-22-2016
Buffalo Woods: Pinot JuiceWild Ale6.434.0801-15-2020
Buffalo Woods: Pinot SkinsWild Ale6.424.2512-29-2019
BurlIPA - Imperial8.5984.2301-21-2022
BuzzardPale Ale - American323.8902-17-2022
CalvePale Ale - American51412-18-2019
Cantina BandIPA - American6.4113.7608-23-2018
Canyon Of HeroesIPA - American6.1673.911-12-2015
Cay HutWild Ale654.3108-19-2019
Cherry Cola-Inspired OrinStrong Ale - American13.933.0704-19-2020
Chocolate CamaroStout - Sweet / Milk62603.9201-16-2019
Chub StepPorter - American61473.9403-02-2019
Classic FutureIPA - Imperial8.5484.2301-21-2022
CliffsWild Ale5.834.1207-03-2022
Cliffs Of TephraIPA - American8194.0905-26-2018
ClinkLager - Helles5.414.2310-25-2019
Cold SetIPA - Imperial8.714.2504-30-2021
Cosmic RanchPale Ale - American5.523.9807-04-2022
Countryside BitterBitter - English4.31410-26-2020
Cove Blend 01: Rhythm SystemsWild Ale6.814.0904-30-2021
Cove Blend 02: LosslessWild Ale7.20006-10-2021
Cove Blend 03: Hot Hot DayWild Ale7.114.1309-04-2021
CrawLager - Kellerbier / Zwickelbier524.0803-04-2020
Creak To RiseBock - Traditional6.834.0505-31-2021
CrocusIPA - Imperial8.5404.1708-02-2020
Crown HutWild Ale52401-21-2022
Crystal NordePorter - Baltic7444.0404-28-2018
CudaPale Ale - American6.1433.9305-05-2017
Cult VultureKölsch4.863.8411-30-2021
D7IPA - American7.234.2206-08-2021
Daisy CutterPale Ale - American5.24,1034.1507-06-2022
Dark TrailWild Ale694.1912-10-2021
Dawn of ManIPA - New England8.523.9906-22-2019
Deep SpaceIPA - Imperial102804.1501-06-2020
DexWaxWheat Beer - Hefeweizen4.813.7506-24-2018
Diamond 75Lager - American423.7709-06-2018
Dipped And FriedLager - American5.133.6605-20-2016
DopeeIPA - American6.334.0712-16-2017
Double Barrel BenthicStout - American Imperial15.3274.4406-20-2022
Double Barrel Catch HellStout - American Imperial15.3134.6406-16-2022
Double Blood from the MoonIPA - Imperial1124.206-16-2019
Double Daisy CutterIPA - Imperial81,1234.2607-02-2022
Double Daisy Cutter - CapraIPA - Imperial81214.0605-16-2019
Double Daisy Cutter - GalaxyIPA - American8274.0903-16-2022
Double Daisy Cutter - Idaho 7IPA - American7.844.3108-10-2021
Double Daisy Cutter - NelsonIPA - Imperial874.4205-20-2021
Double Daisy Cutter - Southern HemiIPA - Imperial7.754.2312-17-2021
Double Dose BenthicStout - American Imperial12.8154.5404-18-2021
DungeonsIPA - New England71084.1101-27-2020
Earth ShipKölsch4.253.4208-14-2018
Escape HutFruit and Field Beer6.714.201-28-2021
FaderPilsner - German5723.8205-21-2022
Field ExpressionIPA - Imperial8.524.0510-16-2021
Fill The AirStout - Oatmeal5.223.9511-18-2017
FlatlandIPA - American6.724.0110-07-2020
Fog BonePorter - American764.206-26-2022
Fog BowlIPA - American6.844.0902-21-2017
FramesWild Ale5.514.5502-15-2020
Fully Saturated Double Daisy CutterIPA - Imperial8934.2407-04-2022
FyraIPA - Imperial7.514.2101-14-2021
Galactic Double Daisy CutterIPA - Imperial88874.3106-07-2022
Garden BitterBitter - English Extra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB)4.213.906-09-2021
GeraldineWild Ale5.424.2806-08-2021
Get RightKölsch4.7213.7906-12-2017
GewurztraminerWild Ale8.514.2504-15-2021
Gin PonyPilsner - German6703.8905-14-2020
Ginger TwinRed Ale - American Amber / Red6.52293.9504-26-2020
GoneAway IPAIPA - American71,3544.1612-08-2021
Gossamer Golden AleBlonde Ale - American4.23723.7301-16-2019
Green BranchIPA - Imperial8284.0601-20-2022
Grow Greater EnglewoodIPA - American6.6233.9701-08-2022
Guest HouseFruit and Field Beer1043.4701-21-2022
Gummy ChunkIPA - American6.134.2203-10-2020
Half Acre LagerLager - American Amber / Red5.2603.5807-02-2017
HallowIPA - Imperial8584.1504-20-2022
Hearths AblazeStout - American6.5783.8509-01-2016
Heavy In The AirWild Ale6.763.9702-05-2021
Hiemal PorterPorter - American6.613.502-28-2021
High & DryIPA - American6.8313.9701-14-2022
Hot TropicPale Ale - American5.5323.6310-22-2019
Hypnagogic ConsciousnessIPA - Imperial8.534.0109-14-2018
ImagistIPA - New England6.924.0707-04-2022
In The PinesWild Ale6.424.103-15-2020
Incredible BeigeBitter - English5.253.8911-30-2021
Invisible Force Over AleBrown Ale - American633.901-12-2012
It PoursIPA - American734.0306-09-2021
Johnny’s 1 TonIPA - Imperial12.7104.2209-30-2017
KastPale Ale - American5.624.0212-17-2020
Know PlaceLager - American754.1908-17-2018
KotaIPA - American6.163.7407-01-2016
LA LooksIPA - American7.1133.8308-11-2018
Lager TownLager - Märzen62023.8205-29-2022
Lava RunIPA - American6.3144.0603-12-2022
Lead Feather Black AleIPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale63053.9301-21-2022
Light BreakerBlonde Ale - American4.823.6106-17-2022
Little DonkeyBrown Ale - English514.0402-22-2016
LOAM (Apricot)Wild Ale6.414.108-19-2019
LOAM (Black Raspberry)Wild Ale4.824.1108-02-2018
LOAM (Blueberry)Wild Ale6.86403-06-2021
LOAM (Paw Paw)Wild Ale6.40002-15-2021
LOAM (Peach)Wild Ale6.274.1801-30-2022
LOAM (Red Raspberry)Wild Ale6.334.0805-13-2021
LOAM (Rhubarb)Wild Ale5.41411-10-2019
LOAM (Strawberry)Wild Ale5.844.2508-06-2021
LogueIPA - Imperial8.2284.1301-21-2022
Loire HutWild Ale6.244.2112-11-2019
LonghousePale Ale - Belgian4.743.8612-17-2017
Magick Is PurpleWild Ale7.7124.1307-28-2018
MalibuStout - American5.963.9904-15-2016
Mecha HugsStout - American Imperial10294.1906-25-2015
MilaPorter - American613.910-25-2019
Monkey BusinessIPA - American5.913.7111-18-2017
Move Through The Hills Like A GhostWild Ale6144.1212-06-2021
Mr. Miller 2015Farmhouse Ale - Saison543.6909-30-2015
Mr. OuroborosPale Ale - American6464.0806-05-2015
NashPale Ale - American614.0301-31-2022
Natural PoolIPA - American724.0609-23-2021
NavajaIPA - Imperial107024.2408-13-2021
Nitro NeedlesMild Ale - English Pale413.0504-30-2016
No ApprehensionWild Ale634.1810-16-2019
No TensionWild Ale5.80006-02-2019
Now & ThenIPA - American71114.1512-10-2021
O-Mi MotelIPA - Imperial7.814.4605-14-2019
Oaked Lager TownLager - Märzen624.2811-05-2016
ObeliskIPA - Imperial81412-14-2019
Obsidian ThroneStout - American Imperial13.7104.4610-03-2021
OgonPale Ale - American4.513.7511-24-2016
OId CenturyBrown Ale - American8.754.0211-29-2021
On & On: Part 2Barleywine - English13.7204.4906-16-2022
On the LawnPale Ale - American5.293.9701-21-2022
Only GoldPale Ale - American5.543.807-04-2022
Original Reaper StoutStout - American6.5533.8901-21-2022
OrinStrong Ale - American13.9924.1412-28-2021
Parfait HutWild Ale7.324.103-10-2021
Parrot Of ParadiseIPA - American7233.9709-15-2021
Passing LandsWild Ale6.12410-06-2018
PennonWild Ale6.3214.2401-21-2022
People PowerIPA - New England834.2610-21-2020
Pink Sangria HutWild Ale814.4610-31-2021
Pipeline 5Pale Ale - American573.8407-05-2016
PluraFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.284.0708-17-2019
Pome HutWild Ale5.70007-22-2019
PonyPilsner - German5.54413.7506-21-2022
Port Barrel Aged OrinStrong Ale - American13.714.1906-25-2022
Powder BlueIPA - American7.643.8807-18-2018
QuakerbridgeBarleywine - American101543.8910-26-2020
RabbetWheat Beer - Hefeweizen5.113.8909-03-2021
Ray LayerIPA - Imperial8.153.9608-10-2019
Reptile HouseIPA - American6.413.9609-23-2021
RestWild Ale5.614.0403-03-2020
RingsWild Ale6.634.1703-28-2021
Rip RoomIPA - Imperial7.514.1111-28-2020
Riwaka Double Daisy CutterIPA - Imperial854.3807-03-2022
Rosato HutWild Ale6.514.2510-25-2019
Roses Are FallingIPA - Imperial854.0301-21-2022
Rum Coconut Benthic (2021)Stout - American Imperial13.7144.3106-26-2022
Rye Whiskey Barrel Aged BauméStout - American7.2203.406-08-2016
Sailor's KushIPA - Imperial8674.1601-21-2022
Salted Chocolate Espresso Big HugsStout - Russian Imperial10344.1604-11-2019
ScraperIPA - American613.9201-14-2021
Second SettingIPA - Imperial8294.2904-14-2021
Set And SettingWild Ale5.143.9604-30-2016
Several LevelsBarleywine - American8.743.9412-17-2017
Shallow BackSour - Berliner Weisse3.994.0612-14-2021
ShoveIPA - American724.0801-19-2022
Shrub TundraBrown Ale - American6.21194.0711-29-2021
SightsIPA - American6.524.0507-04-2022
Silk HeadFarmhouse Ale - Saison524.0107-23-2016
SlakkerPale Ale - American554.0302-25-2017
Smoking GullPale Ale - American5.3403.8706-25-2022
Soak In ShadowStout - American Imperial13.194.408-01-2021
SoftyBitter - English Extra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB)6123.7903-10-2016
Southern RangeLager - American5.434.0312-17-2017
SpaceIPA - American6.65204.2306-22-2022
SPFWheat Beer - Witbier5.133.6612-16-2016
Splatter BrainsIPA - American6.533.6508-09-2018
Split The NightIPA - Imperial8.134.310-01-2019
Spring BockBock - Traditional6.863.7905-19-2022
StallionPilsner - German6.834.1204-12-2018
Sticky FatIPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale6.31593.9809-25-2020
StillwellIPA - American6.344.0701-15-2020
Summer Rules! No Rules.Pale Ale - American4.8223.7208-27-2016
Sunken ShipWheat Beer - Witbier4.733.5107-03-2019
Sunset (Double) VallejoIPA - Imperial8.224.0406-27-2020
Super SlugIPA - Imperial7.864.3112-06-2021
SyrahFarmhouse Ale - Saison8.824.2511-26-2021
Taco Day CalistaPale Ale - American5.823.8805-29-2018
Tasty WavesPale Ale - American5734.1708-18-2020
TendIPA - American6.8414.0304-12-2022
The Big NorthFruit and Field Beer5.573.8208-22-2018
The GripWild Ale6.133.8907-17-2018
The GrottoPale Ale - American4.5233.8312-05-2014
Things We Don't SayIPA - American6.944.1807-17-2021
Thunder And Son Brown AleBrown Ale - American10.6783.8601-12-2015
Timbo PilsPilsner - German5.824.1107-04-2022
TomePale Ale - American5.5923.9507-03-2022
Tomorrow PeopleIPA - American754.0110-20-2017
Top NotchLager - American5.323.7508-18-2017
TrickyIPA - New England6.723.9502-24-2020
Triple Barrel Catch HellStout - American Imperial16.984.7606-20-2022
Tuna Session India Pale AlePale Ale - American4.74073.9703-10-2022
UptidePilsner - German4.874.0110-21-2021
VaksenPale Ale - American5.623.8307-14-2018
VallejoIPA - American6.79204.1206-11-2022
Vampira BenthicStout - American Imperial14.1134.4405-20-2022
Vanilla BenthicStout - American Imperial13.7474.4903-21-2022
Vanilla Big HugsStout - American Imperial101204.1312-31-2021
VelaIPA - American6.413.5612-18-2018
Vicious PetIPA - American6.7303.9707-23-2018
VIMPorter - Baltic11254.1606-25-2022
VincaIPA - American6.413.905-24-2019
VoloLager - American4.8343.7612-10-2021
WeebillIPA - American3.723.8409-03-2021
WeightlessLager - European / Dortmunder Export583.8508-31-2018
Western AutomaticPale Ale - American5.434.1111-20-2016
White NoiseMild Ale - English Dark3.993.9601-16-2020
WiccaIPA - American683.9804-19-2017
WijFruit and Field Beer5.623.7901-16-2019
WingsWild Ale7.914.3304-04-2020
Wooden TeethFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.1303.7507-18-2018
WoolpackWheat Beer - Witbier4.863.802-17-2016
Wyld Gin PonyLager - Adjunct5.513.8509-01-2018
XTRA DUBL BenthicStout - American Imperial13.5354.6203-19-2022
Young CobraIPA - American6.533.9311-27-2017
ZoorPale Ale - American5.533.9110-07-2020

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Half Acre Beer Company in Chicago, IL
Brewery rating: 4.02 out of 5 with 18834 ratings