Fonta Flora Brewery

Fonta Flora BreweryFonta Flora Brewery
Fonta Flora BreweryFonta Flora Brewery
Brewery, Bar, Eatery, Beer-to-go

317 N Green St
Morganton, North Carolina, 28655-3324
United States

(828) 475-0153 | map

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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
A New Home #1Pale Ale - American5.514.0405-10-2021
A Rustic MigrationFarmhouse Ale - Saison4.16402-25-2018
A Very Merry Un-Birthday, To YouIPA - American6.42409-04-2016
ABAS Barleywine Blend #1 (2022)Barleywine - English1214.7406-11-2022
ABAS Barrel-Aged Imperial Stout Barrel Three (2020)Stout - American Imperial1534.2204-08-2022
ABAS Imperial Stout Blend #1 (2021)Stout - American Imperial1424.2607-19-2021
ABAS Imperial Stout Blend #2 (2021)Stout - American Imperial1424.3105-30-2022
ABAS Wild Ale Blend #1 (2021)Wild Ale7.224.404-08-2022
ABAS Wild Ale Blend #1 (2022)Wild Ale6.814.0306-27-2022
ABAS Wild Ale Blend #2 (2021)Wild Ale7.224.1804-08-2022
Access GrantedBrett Beer4.864.2308-10-2020
Alpha Vs. Beta CaroteneIPA - American5.6183.9401-07-2022
Appalachian BitterPale Ale - American4.213.3908-08-2015
Appalachian TableCream Ale4.814.2512-11-2014
AquavibeIPA - American7.513.9203-01-2021
Are You Smellin' What I'm Steppin' In?IPA - Imperial1014.3206-16-2021
AWAS Blend #1 (2020)Wild Ale7.213.8107-14-2021
AWAS Blend #2 (2020)Wild Ale7.214.7103-29-2021
AWAS Blend #3 (2020)Wild Ale7.214.4704-04-2021
Bad SeedKvass2.824.1906-23-2022
BanditBitter - English3.90009-13-2015
Barrel-Aged Wolf SpitPorter - Baltic1134.3805-30-2022
Beets, Rhymes, And LifeFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.2573.8503-30-2020
Biere De RiverbendStrong Ale - Belgian Dark1023.704-04-2022
Big ShoveWild Ale6.434.3703-09-2022
Big ShrugWild Ale5.2464.1601-23-2020
Billy MaizeCream Ale4.12407-26-2017
BirthdaywineBarleywine - English12.534.5711-30-2021
Blaze the StratusIPA - New England844.1312-31-2019
Bloody ButcherFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.2613.9806-10-2022
BlübadeWild Ale6.4104.1807-18-2020
Blueberry Belgian WitWheat Beer - Witbier013.7509-30-2014
Boogie WoogieIPA - Imperial8.5133.9507-30-2019
Boom BapFarmhouse Ale - Saison3.524.1311-09-2015
Boom Bap IPAIPA - American6.112.6208-14-2020
BrackishStout - Irish Dry6.5164.0204-30-2021
Brass MonkeyFarmhouse Ale - Saison4.5273.8902-07-2018
Bread Tie KnotsKvass2.833.8912-16-2020
Bread TreeBrown Ale - American6.8153.8603-11-2022
Break of MoonFruit and Field Beer4.8144.0209-04-2019
Broken EnglishMild Ale - English Dark4.544.0403-17-2017
BrouwerbierFarmhouse Ale - Saison4.553.1910-08-2020
BrutusFarmhouse Ale - Saison3.5604.1506-16-2022
Calf MilkPale Ale - American4.823.8409-17-2020
Carolina CustardWild Ale5.9584.1302-08-2019
Carolina GoldFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.2183.9708-06-2021
Carolina RhythmWild Ale6.414.3409-26-2021
Carrot Cake MonkStout - American Imperial10.244.3409-21-2019
Catch the CoolFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.213.7504-23-2018
Charleston GoldFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.274.0603-24-2018
Check the CheersFarmhouse Ale - Saison4.834.1306-30-2019
Cheer-A-DoteStout - American Imperial1424.2505-20-2022
Chicken BridgeKvass2.823.7502-14-2020
CoracoidStrong Ale - American1434.3706-03-2022
Cowboy CoastIPA - American723.9505-25-2022
Dance JuiceIPA - New England8.223.7910-07-2021
Dandy PaleFarmhouse Ale - Saison514.1901-08-2022
Danktron 30-30IPA - American5.283.8406-13-2016
Darwin's ForeheadPorter - American5.9273.9804-06-2022
DecoyStout - American Imperial1434.602-28-2022
Decoy - Double Barrel-AgedStout - American Imperial1513.9201-23-2022
Decoy - Double Barrel-Aged - Pistachio & VanillaStout - American Imperial1524.4804-24-2022
Doodle JuiceIPA - Imperial813.8507-20-2021
Doom TreeKölsch5.2163.910-16-2021
Double Hop BeardIPA - Imperial8.5374.1506-18-2022
Drunkship Of LanternsFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.124.2507-26-2017
Equinox (Vernal)Stout - American Imperial1414.6204-04-2022
ErrdayFarmhouse Ale - Saison3.8184.1811-04-2021
Fanny Pack ConventionFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.954.1703-31-2018
Float the StarsSour - Flanders Red Ale7.224.2504-15-2020
Flock To BoomsFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.934.505-23-2021
FontaFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.224.206-22-2022
Fonta Paloma GoseSour - Gose4.813.8409-01-2021
FortomeFarmhouse Ale - Saison3.92407-26-2017
Freaks The ClipsFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.233.9404-12-2019
From Nebo With LoveIPA - American714.0303-20-2021
Fruit Bat DiscoFruit and Field Beer5.8153.806-30-2019
Funk FuzzWild Ale5.9364.2405-03-2020
FuyuFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.2144.1205-12-2019
Gator Jaw LockdownBitter - English Extra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB)4.523.7807-30-2021
Gose - Black RaspberrySour - Gose4.80007-09-2021
Gose - BlueberriesSour - Gose4.813.5711-20-2019
Gose - CantaloupeSour - Gose4.823.8802-12-2020
Gose - Paw PawSour - Gose4.813.6409-14-2020
Gose - PeachSour - Gose4.80004-29-2022
Gose - StrawberriesSour - Gose4.822.710-12-2021
Gose - WatermelonSour - Gose4.80006-02-2021
GrodziskieSmoked Beer3.2133.9804-28-2022
Hello NeboIPA - American714.2905-11-2021
High Like A Dove (Batch #1)Wild Ale6.414.3504-17-2022
Holla'gramStout - American2.893.9901-07-2022
HoneysuckleStout - American Imperial1444.5310-30-2021
Hop BeardIPA - American6.9903.9504-16-2022
Hoppin John LagerbierLager - Adjunct5.223.508-16-2020
Hulihe'e IPAIPA - American6274.1704-10-2021
Human RumenFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.643.6612-01-2016
Irish Table BeerStout - Irish Dry4.5243.9105-10-2022
JitterbugWild Ale5.9294.2312-06-2020
June BugWild Ale6.454.0601-26-2022
Lake James IceLager - Adjunct6.563.9506-15-2022
Lake James LifeLager - Adjunct5.423.8407-10-2021
Lake James LimeLager - Light3.8113.8608-15-2021
Lake James LiteLager - Light3.893.7201-15-2020
Lake James RindLager - Light3.833.8808-04-2021
Land TrustFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.2363.9905-18-2019
Leftover FuzzFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.994.2105-27-2019
Leguminous GroundystoutStout - American Imperial8.534.1806-14-2022
Les Double GunsIPA - Belgian843.704-07-2020
Light-BringerIPA - Imperial8.614.1211-01-2020
Little GuatemalaStout - American Imperial8.573.9905-09-2022
Local SnacksWild Ale6.4194.1311-24-2019
MaibockBock - Maibock6.4244.0305-06-2022
Maple SallyIPA - Imperial823.7806-06-2022
MärzenLager - Märzen5.6243.8901-27-2022
MeemawWild Ale5.9534.2705-02-2022
Mega Flora: Super SaisonFarmhouse Ale - Saison8.163.9806-09-2015
Mexi MonkStout - American Imperial10.674.4203-01-2017
Micro FloraFarmhouse Ale - Saison3.613.5204-19-2016
Might CouldWild Ale7.114.2107-05-2021
Might ShouldWild Ale7.324.3109-09-2021
Nebo PilsnerPilsner - German5.2133.7909-13-2021
Nebo State of MindIPA - American714.0408-22-2021
Neck BeardPale Ale - American5.534.107-26-2017
Need A HugWild Ale5.9554.2405-11-2021
O'Zapft'isBarleywine - American913.705-15-2022
Outer VisionsStout - American Imperial1224.2104-08-2021
Owl in a Day's WorkPale Ale - American6.1103.8602-18-2020
Oyster StoutStout - American084.1211-22-2018
Periodic MotionBarleywine - English1264.3305-22-2022
Periodic Motion - VanillaBarleywine - English1234.4102-14-2022
Pil-ZenPilsner - German5.233.7507-06-2020
Pine ZipsIPA - American7.5143.9501-17-2021
Pit PonyWild Ale5.914.3305-27-2019
PlumageFarmhouse Ale - Sahti7.2104.0601-22-2017
Plus LoveWild Ale6.474.2304-18-2022
Plz, PlzLager - American5.234.1211-27-2021
Pud Pale AlePale Ale - American5.284.0905-04-2018
Razzmatazz (Remix)Wild Ale6.4114.3706-11-2022
Razzmatazz Vol. 1Wild Ale6.4274.2802-23-2020
Razzmatazz Vol. 2Wild Ale6.4314.3103-15-2020
Rhythm RugWild Ale5.9794.3909-29-2020
Rhythm Rug - Gin Barrel-AgedWild Ale6.424.3401-27-2022
Rhythm Rug²Wild Ale6.813.9511-23-2021
RindSour - Gose4.473.9101-01-2022
SainnhusLager - Rauchbier6.643.8211-22-2020
Saison Du AnjouFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.934.1507-20-2016
SaloopIPA - Imperial814.0909-02-2020
Saltasaurus BrettFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.543.9407-05-2014
Scoop the CoreFruit and Field Beer5.234.0109-11-2019
ScuppadineWild Ale6.4184.2903-22-2020
Seasonal CreepStout - American Imperial834.5112-26-2021
Shopping SpreeKvass2.3224.0411-12-2018
Smoke SignalsKvass2.8103.9910-17-2018
Snug GloveWild Ale6.4154.2107-19-2021
Sorghum FestLager - Märzen4.513.6912-01-2016
Southern SaisonFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.2324.1108-13-2019
Space ConfettiFarmhouse Ale - Saison4.884.1311-05-2021
Splash KingLager - American7.254.0512-14-2019
SpoonbillStout - American Imperial1434.2612-30-2021
Spoonbill - Double CoconutStout - American Imperial1414.306-20-2022
Spoonbill - Rum Barrel AgedStout - American Imperial1414.5302-14-2022
Spruce JüceFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.214.2507-23-2017
SteinbockBock - Doppelbock8.173.9203-08-2022
StubbleIPA - American7.114.507-30-2017
Suede SmoothLager - American5.26410-10-2019
Supper TableFruit and Field Beer5.273.2306-01-2022
Swan's NeckMild Ale - English Pale40004-08-2022
Swoon UnitsFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.6104.1807-10-2019
Table ScrapsBrown Ale - English4.333.6508-08-2015
Take My HandStout - American Imperial1434.5611-28-2021
Terroir Project Native GrapesFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.513.8511-12-2021
The PearlPilsner - Bohemian / Czech5.513.8402-27-2022
Ticky Ticky BuzzKvass2.8173.9806-08-2020
Tiny BubblesFarmhouse Ale - Saison3.6103.9409-12-2021
Tip of the VibersWild Ale6.4164.2310-25-2020
TopwaterBlonde Ale - American4.284.0411-23-2019
Torches Vol. IFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.234.4906-17-2021
Torches Vol. IIIStout - American7.543.0905-09-2022
Triple Hop BeardIPA - Imperial1044.0301-18-2021
TuftIPA - American4.5144.0409-18-2019
Turkish MonkStout - American Imperial10.6153.9809-28-2018
Undercurrent (Bananas Foster-Inspired Latte)Stout - American Imperial1414.2405-30-2022
Unusual Frequency [BETA]IPA - New England8.234.0905-18-2022
Unusual Frequency [Gamma]IPA - New England8.224.2304-05-2021
Unusual Frequency [Track 1]IPA - New England8.323.8805-15-2022
Upper TablePumpkin Beer4.70012-04-2017
Urban MonkStout - Russian Imperial9.1404.1402-28-2021
VIIStout - American Imperial1414.2406-26-2021
Waves & PermsIPA - Imperial8.664.0701-01-2019
Well, I'll Be!IPA - New England5.20005-05-2022
We’ve ChangedIPA - American8.224.2910-01-2021
Whale ToothRye Beer4.823.5803-09-2016
Whip-Poor-WillWheat Beer - Witbier4.9404.0203-27-2022
Why 'CauseWild Ale6.414.1303-25-2021
Why 'Cause - Gin Barrel-AgedWild Ale6.80005-31-2022
Wisteria PorterPorter - American6.594.1807-23-2015
With Love From NeboIPA - Imperial8.214.0501-11-2022
Wolf SpitPorter - Baltic8.5244.1905-21-2021
YellahLager - Light4.244.1507-31-2016
Yes, Yes Y'AllIPA - American6.1113.7406-30-2019
YuletideStout - American Imperial1463.8804-10-2020
Yuns ChangedIPA - New England8.20005-05-2022

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Fonta Flora Brewery in Morganton, NC
Brewery rating: 4.05 out of 5 with 1885 ratings