North Park Beer Company

North Park Beer CompanyNorth Park Beer Company
North Park Beer CompanyNorth Park Beer Company
Brewery, Bar, Eatery, Beer-to-go

3038 University Ave
San Diego, California, 92104-3002
United States

(619) 880-6722 | map
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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
(Insert Collab Name Here)American IPA6.514.5411-25-2022
10 Degrees Of LightCzech Pale Lager424.0102-26-2023
15 SpeedAmerican IPA6.214.5502-25-2024
2020 Is Over! (DIPA)New England IPA8.534.2706-06-2021
2020 Is Over! (Stout)American Imperial Stout13.524.4406-06-2021
4American Imperial Stout1314.0904-17-2021
A Better Place To PlayImperial IPA1024.4810-18-2023
A Swim In The ParkNew England IPA8.224.1806-06-2023
A Wasp Of Bees!New England IPA8.544.0612-23-2022
Action & ActionNew England IPA7.614.405-12-2022
All OH EverythingImperial IPA1044.3810-05-2023
An Alvarado St Collab?? Heck Yeah!!Imperial IPA8.513.7712-06-2023
An Everywhere Collab?? Heck Yeah!!Imperial IPA8.524.4801-28-2024
Ancient CivilizationImperial IPA8.534.3212-03-2022
Anything Less Would Be UncivilizedImperial IPA8.524.411-19-2022
Approach The ThroneAmerican IPA734.2901-04-2024
ApricitoFruited Kettle Sour814.1212-18-2022
Archaic TechnologyAmerican IPA6.524.3912-28-2021
Art Is HardNew England IPA6.7374.1707-21-2023
Art Is Hard - Double Dry-HoppedNew England IPA6.734.3309-05-2023
Art Is Hard - Triple Dry-HoppedNew England IPA754.3209-30-2023
Art Is Hard - Triple Dry-Hopped: Blue LabelNew England IPA724.1207-27-2023
Art Is Hard - Triple Dry-Hopped: Pink LabelNew England IPA724.4310-09-2023
Aways AwayNew England IPA8.524.3506-19-2023
Axe BrosNew England IPA8.214.0912-03-2022
Axes of Fu!New England IPA8.534.4403-17-2023
Axes of Fu! Vol. 2New England IPA8.224.1802-04-2024
Back To The Phuture IIINew England IPA1024.4106-04-2023
Banana WhipNew England IPA7.524.0111-18-2020
Beaufort BlackAmerican Stout7.923.9511-08-2020
Bine SweeperAmerican IPA7.134.301-03-2023
Bird ParkBohemian / Czech Pilsner4.7123.7602-12-2024
Birdie to BogeyGerman Pilsner5.4114.1803-11-2022
Blanton's Barrel Aged Original GeezerAmerican Barleywine12.624.404-18-2023
Blue WhipNew England IPA6.533.6603-19-2020
Blurry BudsNew England IPA8.514.1106-18-2023
Blurry NugsNew England IPA714.3510-23-2022
Bourbon Barrel Aged Macaroons Before Dying (2022)American Imperial Stout13.634.6406-03-2023
Bourbon Barrel Aged Velvet NougatAmerican Imperial Stout17.914.2311-02-2022
Brain ParkImperial IPA8.534.4311-06-2022
Brainier ParkImperial IPA1034.3812-18-2023
Brewer's Delight: Citra GangAmerican IPA6.214.4503-27-2023
Bunch of Savages In This ParkImperial Pilsner1024.4601-29-2023
BurlingameEuropean Dark Lager643.902-28-2024
Burritos and LighthousesNew England IPA1024.2312-08-2023
Carving Is HardNew England IPA724.2611-17-2023
Castle DankskullImperial IPA8.224.1406-23-2022
Chop ButcherNew England IPA8.524.2507-23-2022
Chopped GreensImperial IPA8.514.2501-10-2024
Citra ColliderNew England IPA1013.802-21-2022
CitracitoNew England IPA814.2301-10-2022
City of the FutureNew England IPA8.514.5112-05-2022
Classic EyezAmerican IPA7.512.7309-11-2022
Cloud UniverseNew England IPA7.243.9912-25-2021
Community GuidelinesAmerican IPA7.124.1612-13-2023
Consonant IntervalsNew England IPA8.524.2912-09-2022
CovingtonAmerican Lager614.2910-10-2021
Crispy-FulBohemian / Czech Pilsner5.613.7501-27-2024
Dank Before DyingImperial IPA8.234.3703-18-2022
Dankers HillAmerican IPA7.414.4207-15-2023
Darkness RefinedAmerican Imperial Stout1024.2808-30-2022
Daydream State of MindImperial IPA8.544.0802-09-2024
Denny KongAmerican IPA7.424.3708-14-2023
Digital JediIndia Pale Lager (IPL)4.70005-05-2023
Disciples of Fu! - Mosaic MobImperial IPA8.284.4405-06-2022
Disciples of Fu! - Simcoe SyndicateAmerican IPA7.433.9901-12-2022
Disciples of Fu! Amarillo SquadAmerican IPA6.513.8912-29-2021
Double ConstrictorImperial IPA8.514.3810-07-2023
Double Mosaic Robot FighterImperial IPA8.534.2412-12-2022
Double-Fu!Imperial IPA8.724.3404-04-2023
Dream CollectorNew England IPA7.124.1412-28-2021
Drip TripImperial IPA1014.506-16-2023
Eagle SquadronImperial IPA814.1806-13-2023
Electric ParkNew England IPA10.544.4508-03-2023
Emperor’s JoyAmerican Imperial Stout1314.504-11-2022
Evil CupAmerican Lager533.707-05-2022
Farmer-Fu!American IPA7.524.1611-30-2022
FiestavezaAmerican Lager523.8605-28-2022
Flamingo-Fu!American IPA734.1912-18-2023
Fluid & FlowImperial IPA8.514.3807-29-2023
Fortified By FireNew England IPA8.544.4109-22-2023
Free Stylin'Imperial IPA8.534.4505-22-2023
Freestyle ColliderNew England IPA1044.507-12-2022
FresacitoFruited Kettle Sour733.9904-20-2022
Fresh ExpressAmerican IPA6.514.4410-15-2023
Friends & NeighborsVienna Lager5.343.9503-02-2024
FrosecitoFruited Kettle Sour814.4903-14-2022
Frozen In SpaceNew England IPA724.3407-22-2022
Galactic SimulationImperial IPA8.20004-11-2023
Geometric GalaxyNew England IPA8.534.3201-05-2023
Goshawk Park II: Bluth BananasAmerican Imperial Stout13.514.510-31-2022
HakosukaJapanese Rice Lager553.9302-01-2023
Hang A Star On That One, Hazy!Imperial IPA8.524.3506-23-2022
Harvest RocketAmerican IPA7.414.5910-01-2023
Heaven Hill Barrel Aged Old GeezerAmerican Barleywine12.213.8405-21-2022
Here To ForeverAmerican IPA713.9902-26-2023
Hitcha With CitraAmerican Lager5113.9902-08-2023
Homes HomeAmerican IPA7.513.8806-12-2023
Hop-Fu!American IPA7.5454.1401-27-2024
Hoppy Holidays, Pally!!American IPA724.0201-27-2024
Hoppy PupImperial IPA8.50003-01-2024
Hops&Thiols&Chit.Imperial IPA8.524.1205-29-2022
Hydra Parking: Triple Berry FluffFruited Kettle Sour734.4312-24-2023
I Like The One That Says Extra PulpNew England IPA1024.1611-09-2022
I Like the One That Says Some PulpNew England IPA8.534.4212-08-2023
I Pity The Fu!American IPA7.214.312-08-2021
I See Dead PeopleAmerican IPA6.514.3505-08-2023
Ice-Fu!American IPA734.3609-25-2023
In The BeginningNew England IPA724.3307-04-2023
In The Freezer SectionIndia Pale Lager (IPL)6.50009-30-2023
Infernal CombustionAmerican IPA7.4114.112-25-2021
Infinite ContentNew England IPA7.274.2703-19-2021
Infinitely ContentNew England IPA10.524.0606-06-2023
Interstellar ExcursionNew England IPA6.50012-14-2023
Into The EndlessAmerican Imperial Stout1224.2405-25-2023
Inversion of TimeNew England IPA1013.9402-10-2023
It's... Super Bomb!New England IPA8.524.4905-28-2022
Jazz Is HarderNew England IPA6.644.2512-02-2023
Just Claggin' AroundImperial IPA1024.5102-25-2024
Keen On PeacharineImperial IPA8.534.409-19-2023
Knight FightNew England IPA8.533.9606-05-2021
Larp LagerHelles524.0303-17-2021
Lightning-Fu!American IPA7.214.1912-13-2023
Lupulin Collider Batch 2New England IPA1034.3402-14-2022
Lupulin Collider: Batch 3Imperial IPA1024.6305-25-2023
Mac & CheeseImperial IPA8.534.4909-16-2022
Macadamian HeavenAmerican Imperial Stout014.2505-24-2022
Macaroon PhenixSweet / Milk Stout60005-31-2023
Macaroons Before DyingAmerican Imperial Stout11.654.5602-18-2022
Macaroons Before Dying - Bourbon Barrel-Aged (2021)American Imperial Stout13.924.5311-29-2022
Macaroons Before Dying - Triple Vanilla HazelnutAmerican Imperial Stout14.514.505-24-2022
Magic AxeImperial IPA8.534.5310-05-2023
Mango Lassi WhipMilkshake IPA723.9312-28-2021
Maple Barrel-Aged Brunch Before DyingAmerican Imperial Stout14.464.3909-13-2022
McNair'sScottish Ale5.553.7506-04-2023
Mechanical DanknessAmerican IPA7.224.3410-29-2022
Mega-Fu!New England IPA1334.2207-16-2022
Memento MoriAmerican IPA723.9701-04-2024
Mocha MassageOatmeal Stout1064.309-03-2020
Mocha PhenixOatmeal Stout614.2910-16-2023
Mosaic MelodyAmerican Pale Ale534.3706-25-2020
Mosaic MenagerieAmerican IPA7.134.1107-26-2022
Mosaic Robot FighterNew England IPA6.734.2310-12-2020
Mostra Before Dying - Bourbon Barrel-AgedAmerican Imperial Stout1474.5301-23-2024
Mounds Of The EmperorAmerican Imperial Stout1314.504-11-2022
Mr. HoppyAmerican IPA7.1104.306-14-2023
Nah…We’ll Take the LagerGerman Pilsner5.814.3706-10-2022
Nearly DepartedAmerican IPA7.524.404-30-2023
Nectar of the BineMilkshake IPA8.534.2409-18-2021
Nelson ColliderNew England IPA1024.4906-04-2022
Neuro-Atomic ShadowsAmerican Imperial Stout9.524.3702-26-2023
Night Of The Ninja Hop ZombiesNew England IPA8.524.1808-10-2023
Nilla WhipMilkshake IPA6.923.8312-30-2021
Ninja Hop ZombiesNew England IPA1024.2207-03-2022
NP DunkelMunich Dunkel4.814.0902-17-2024
NP PilsGerman Pilsner4.624.1212-10-2022
NPBC5 BBA Imperial Dessert StoutAmerican Imperial Stout14.514.505-24-2022
NPBC5 TDH Hazy Triple IPANew England IPA1054.2312-12-2022
NPBC5 TDH West Coast DIPAImperial IPA8.544.4112-12-2022
NPBC6 TDH Hazy QIPANew England IPA1324.1509-03-2022
NPBC6 TDH West Coast TIPAImperial IPA1024.209-04-2022
NPBC7 Barrel Aged Dessert StoutAmerican Imperial Stout13.524.3102-23-2024
NPBC7 DDH West Coast IPAAmerican IPA7.414.6409-01-2023
NPBC7 QDH Hazy QIPANew England IPA1544.4110-05-2023
NPBC7 West Coast PilsnerGerman Pilsner5.214.3509-06-2023
NZ-Fu!American IPA7.454.6209-05-2023
Older Than BonesImperial IPA8.534.3712-07-2023
Onyx PhenixAmerican Stout5.724.1602-17-2023
Orchestrated ParkingNew England IPA8.524.210-15-2022
PanoramicAmerican Pale Ale6.663.7811-07-2020
Park AttackNew England IPA1024.5805-01-2023
ParkKingNew England IPA10.524.506-25-2023
ParkManNew England IPA1024.5512-13-2023
Parks And WerksImperial IPA8.514.2808-09-2022
ParktoberfestFestbier / Wiesnbier5.513.2509-11-2022
Party CupIndia Pale Lager (IPL)5254.1502-10-2022
Peacock SurpriseAmerican Imperial Stout014.7510-10-2022
Permanent SunshineNew England IPA1034.4906-06-2022
Phantom HapticsNew England IPA7.243.9902-02-2021
Phuture IIINew England IPA1044.212-08-2023
Pierpoint's ReserveBaltic Porter9.143.8108-24-2021
Pipes & Pour OversSmoked Porter7.724.1703-01-2024
Pixel PusherNew England IPA914.0701-04-2022
Poets In The ParkImperial IPA1024.2402-17-2023
Pogo Stick WhipMilkshake IPA8.544.104-25-2020
POGocitoFruited Kettle Sour7.84407-28-2021
Price Is RightImperial IPA8.524.2706-28-2023
PrologueNew England IPA1024.4309-30-2023
Pseudo-Fu!New England IPA8.544.4610-18-2022
Raspberry FluffiesMilkshake IPA8.213.9812-12-2022
Ray StreetAmerican Amber / Red Ale633.711-07-2020
Razor BudsNew England IPA8.534.2810-09-2023
Re-Orchestrated ParkingImperial IPA8.534.4607-31-2023
Reanimated DanknessImperial IPA8.524.506-18-2023
Rice & BeansNew England IPA1044.5702-13-2024
RiiPin' In the ParkAmerican IPA6.834.0406-27-2023
Ruby Loves CatsAmerican IPA6.513.7704-16-2022
Rye Before Dying - Single Barrel AgedAmerican Imperial Stout12.614.4711-08-2022
Sam-Fu!American IPA7.114.5708-26-2023
Saturated SubstanceAmerican IPA7.114.5201-26-2024
Saturday In The ParkImperial IPA8.512.0305-05-2023
Save Versus FireGerman Pilsner4.794.1502-17-2024
ScarlettFruited Kettle Sour6.114.2110-15-2022
Scolari'sImperial IPA8.624.2808-23-2020
Secret Secret SecretsImperial IPA8.514.401-13-2023
Shred-Fu!American IPA724.310-09-2023
Simple DivisionNew England IPA8.534.3301-03-2022
Sleep MachinesNew England IPA8.584.2112-25-2021
Sleepier MachinesImperial IPA8.534.4301-03-2023
Sleepiest MachinesImperial IPA1014.5608-19-2022
Slice Fu!American IPA754.3406-18-2023
Smiley EyesAmerican IPA7.534.3907-05-2023
Snake ParkImperial IPA1324.3606-15-2023
So Hot Right NowAmerican IPA714.5404-06-2023
So Much Excite!New England IPA8.534.1604-20-2022
Sons Of Northern DanknessNew England IPA8.544.4804-02-2023
Sorta Mostly DeadAmerican IPA7.4174.1402-10-2022
Space AdventuresImperial IPA8.524.2311-28-2022
Space DojoAmerican IPA6.824.2408-01-2023
SpheromancyGerman Pilsner5.60003-01-2024
Spooky-Fu!American IPA714.2211-09-2023
Stacks In the ParkNew England IPA1014.105-21-2022
Stay Classy Small IPAAmerican IPA4.31409-03-2020
Stay HazyNew England IPA5.144.0610-12-2020
Steve-Fu!American IPA7.414.2308-12-2022
Straight Outta North ParkNew England IPA1024.208-25-2022
Strata RocketAmerican IPA7.494.4111-27-2022
StratacadabraAmerican IPA7.454.1403-28-2022
Strategic SelectionAmerican IPA6.824.4710-09-2023
Sunny w/ Citra & RakauAmerican Pale Ale5.514.3607-15-2023
Sunny with Idaho 7 & RiwakaAmerican Pale Ale5.514.6211-25-2022
Tangerine WhipMilkshake IPA814.6501-10-2021
TDH Art Is HardNew England IPA70003-22-2023
TDH Art Is Hard: Black LabelAmerican IPA724.3604-30-2023
TDH Art Is Hard: Blue LabelNew England IPA714.4206-18-2023
TDH Art Is Hard: Green LabelNew England IPA714.4312-25-2022
TDH Dankers HillAmerican IPA6.814.2612-27-2023
TDH Hop-Fu! - Gold EditionAmerican IPA7.524.509-04-2022
TDH X-Raying FlowersImperial IPA8.524.5911-10-2023
Temple of NectaronAmerican IPA714.1707-22-2022
The Best Jokes! (...Are the Ones You Have To Explain)New England IPA1024.5108-16-2022
The Coast With the MostAmerican IPA7.134.1401-25-2023
The Dank Don't DieNew England IPA794.4112-27-2021
The Dank from Down UnderAmerican IPA7.214.4906-23-2022
The Dank VaultNew England IPA1224.5712-27-2023
The DankmobileAmerican IPA7.144.3807-01-2023
The Final DeathAmerican IPA6.824.4202-17-2023
The Fu! CrewAmerican IPA6.514.3803-17-2023
The Furthest* Anyone Traveled To Brew A Collab! *On FootNew England IPA8.524.0711-12-2022
The Good Ole WestAmerican IPA7.123.8703-04-2021
The Real Dog Dads Of HopewellNew England IPA9.524.5412-18-2023
The Spell Of The Sorcerer's SkullNew England IPA1224.2401-22-2024
This Is Strata!Imperial IPA8.534.2510-13-2020
Thought CloudsNew England IPA8.154.2104-09-2022
Three Times ThreeNew England IPA10.224.5902-25-2024
TikicitoBerliner Weisse8.584.1702-21-2022
Tin Full of HopsNew England IPA10.124.2808-05-2022
Triple Barreled Before DyingAmerican Imperial Stout17.980001-20-2024
Triple Dry Hop The WorldImperial IPA8.514.4202-14-2022
Triple Mosaic Robot FighterNew England IPA1034.1601-04-2023
Triple-Fu!Imperial IPA10.574.4203-01-2024
Truc de FouImperial IPA8.524.2410-05-2023
Unknown OriginImperial IPA8.524.7206-03-2022
Wading In The TidesImperial IPA100003-22-2023
Wake Waka WakaIndia Pale Lager (IPL)4.70005-05-2023
Wandering CloudsNew England IPA714.3101-18-2022
We Can Murk It OutNew England IPA8.664.0507-11-2021
Wee HarveyScotch Ale / Wee Heavy11.714.1306-28-2021
West AssuredAmerican IPA6.314.2311-23-2023
What Is the Answer?Fruited Kettle Sour5.514.1709-18-2022
What the Ek???American IPA7.42401-04-2022
Win The WestAmerican IPA6.524.3201-10-2022
X-Raying CitraImperial IPA8.544.3611-28-2023
X-Raying NelsonImperial IPA8.324.5810-30-2023
X-Tra X-Raying FlowersNew England IPA8.514.406-06-2023
Zap! Zap! DeadAmerican IPA7.234.3305-28-2022

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North Park Beer Company in San Diego, CA
Brewery rating: 4.25 out of 5 with 801 ratings