Humble Sea Brewing Co.

Brewery, Bar, Beer-to-go

820 Swift St
Santa Cruz, California, 95060-5866
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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
2021 Kooks Blend 2Wheat Beer - Wheatwine10.7513.905-19-2022
A JOOOSY MovieIPA - Imperial8.514.107-01-2021
A Space OtterseaIPA - Imperial8.624.1309-16-2021
Accio Phantasm!IPA - American7.50006-10-2021
Ace VentunaIPA - American6.30004-28-2021
All Is SwellIPA - Imperial8.40001-13-2022
Allie BlondeBlonde Ale - Belgian5.114.0412-01-2017
Alpha Brett SoupFarmhouse Ale - Saison614.0404-21-2017
Amarillo BoyPale Ale - American5.80003-10-2019
Are You Afraid of the SharkIPA - New England6.90011-20-2021
Arr2-D2IPA - Imperial8.813.7206-24-2021
Baby Socks and SandalsPale Ale - American4.914.1107-28-2021
Backstreet BuoysIPA - American6.50009-12-2020
Baleen on MeIPA - New England7.213.8607-28-2021
Banana Coco Gnar GnarStout - American Imperial110002-10-2021
Barrel-Aged Coconut BrahPorter - Imperial10.214.411-20-2021
Barrel-Aged Feel GüdLager - Schwarzbier5.30002-10-2021
Bart ShrimpsonIPA - Imperial80007-30-2021
Battle ShrimpIPA - Imperial823.808-29-2021
Beverly Krills 90210Pilsner - Bohemian / Czech5.40009-12-2020
Blood Orange Socks & SandalsIPA - New England6.50004-28-2021
Boardwalk Dreamin’IPA - American6.314.0106-22-2022
BoatërheadPale Ale - American5.90011-23-2020
Boatloads of CitraIPA - New England6.50002-26-2021
Boatloads of NelsonIPA - American6.814.1204-16-2021
Boatloads of SimcoePale Ale - American5.613.9704-18-2021
Boatloads of StrataIPA - American7.113.9605-23-2021
Boogie Board PorterPorter - American613.7704-21-2017
Brewer ChumsLager - Japanese Rice4.80009-29-2021
Brews GüdKölsch4.90002-10-2021
Bruce KrillisPilsner - German5.70004-28-2021
Burning MermanIPA - Imperial10.20002-09-2022
Capri SuhIPA - Imperial8.414.1408-10-2020
CatfogIPA - New England6.433.8801-16-2022
Chiller WhaleIPA - American7.114.2107-20-2021
Clarity Is KindnessIPA - Imperial8.523.4201-14-2021
Classic FogIPA - New England6.734.0508-14-2021
Clever KookLager - Kellerbier / Zwickelbier5.50012-17-2021
Clifford the FogIPA - Imperial8.514.1509-08-2020
Coast MaloneIPA - New England6.624.5401-27-2021
Coconut BrahPorter - Imperial85407-15-2018
Count FogulaIPA - New England6.414.0507-01-2021
Courage The Cowardly FogIPA - New England714.202-14-2021
Crash BandikookIPA - American6.513.7412-05-2020
Crate & BarreledPilsner - Bohemian / Czech4.70010-10-2020
Crawdad BodIPA - Imperial8.413.9409-28-2020
Creedence Clearbeer RevivalIPA - American7.114.5901-27-2021
Crispy KoisLager - Japanese Rice5.80003-22-2021
Cut And RunIPA - American6.913.9104-21-2017
Cuttle PuddlePale Ale - American5.513.506-21-2021
Cypress AbyssStout - American Imperial1114.0207-01-2021
David BoatyPale Ale - American5.60004-29-2021
David BouyStout - American Imperial12.50007-22-2019
Davy Jones' LagerLager - Helles5.20009-12-2020
Deeeeep FogIPA - Imperial8.824.2804-09-2022
Defense Against the Shark ArtsIPA - Imperial10.40010-28-2021
Dessert Pops! Chocolate BananaramaWild Ale80012-17-2021
Dessert Pops! Super Sundae DeluxeWild Ale80003-03-2021
Dessert Pops! Vegan Blueberry Oatmeal CookieWild Ale80007-01-2021
Dolphin KickflipIPA - American6.51503-07-2022
Don't be a ShelloutIPA - Imperial814.2506-17-2022
Don't Quit Your Day FogIPA - New England6.434.0812-24-2020
Don't Worry Be HoppyIPA - American6.90009-12-2020
Double Boatloads of RiwakaIPA - Imperial8.824.1104-21-2021
Double Brain FogIPA - Imperial8.114.505-31-2021
Double Galaxy Socks & SandalsIPA - Imperial8.514.3512-24-2020
Double Nelson Socks & SandalsIPA - Imperial8.223.9506-16-2021
Double Norcal MedsIPA - Imperial8.154.3105-20-2021
Double Riwaka Socks & SandalsIPA - New England834.0808-20-2021
Double Socks & SandalsIPA - Imperial7.924.0510-18-2020
Double West Coast Socks & SandalsIPA - Imperial80007-20-2021
Downward Facing FogIPA - Imperial8.823.8911-05-2021
Dragon Ball SeaIPA - Imperial8.514.4112-09-2021
Duke SwellingtonIPA - New England6.614.1703-06-2019
Dungeness DragonsIPA - American6.80006-10-2021
Dwayne The Kook JohnsonIPA - Imperial8.30009-12-2020
Eelton JohnIPA - New England6.924.1412-05-2020
El Dorado Pale AlePale Ale - American5.60003-10-2019
Electric Light OrcastraPale Ale - American5.50012-27-2020
Electro ShakaIPA - American5.813.7501-12-2019
Elon MolluskIPA - American6.613.9407-28-2020
En La BocaIPA - Imperial8.384.2810-02-2019
Ernest ShackeltonIPA - Imperial8.114.2502-04-2018
Existential ShredIPA - New England8.334.0806-04-2022
Expecto FogtronumIPA - Imperial10.224.3803-06-2021
Eye of the Tiger SharkIPA - American70009-12-2020
Fall Out KoisIPA - American6.114.2511-20-2021
Feel GüdLager - Schwarzbier4.50002-10-2021
Feijoa SasionFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.70003-10-2019
Ferris WhaleIPA - Imperial10.713.810-18-2020
FFFOOOGGGIPA - Imperial8.30003-03-2021
Fin BurtonPale Ale - American5.724.1301-10-2022
Fin DieselIPA - American71410-18-2020
Final FantaseaIPA - Imperial8.30012-27-2020
FinfomercialIPA - Imperial8.333.5904-24-2021
Fish Don't Krill My VibeIPA - New England7.224.1603-17-2020
Flamingo Party IslandIPA - Imperial8.214.2502-20-2022
Flower of NatureFarmhouse Ale - Saison7.40004-28-2021
Foam AlonePale Ale - American5.523.7911-26-2018
Fog & JerryIPA - Imperial81412-10-2021
Fog BarkerIPA - New England7.20009-12-2020
Fog Days Are OverIPA - American6.50009-12-2020
Fog RossIPA - New England6.71408-07-2020
Fog SegerIPA - New England6.824.211-11-2020
Fog This!IPA - New England6.334.1805-03-2022
Fog to TableIPA - New England6.50001-29-2022
FOG!IPA - New England6.414.1105-21-2021
Foggin’ WhateverIPA - New England6.114.2503-18-2022
Foggy By NatureIPA - Imperial8.634.3410-20-2020
Foggy Walk the DankIPA - Imperial8.734.0910-15-2018
Foggy With A Chance of Beach BallsIPA - New England6.914.0308-06-2021
FogwartsIPA - Imperial10.20009-12-2020
FogzillaIPA - Imperial1023.6502-21-2022
Forever StokedPale Ale - Belgian5.213.4805-13-2022
Freaky FogdayIPA - New England713.8607-28-2021
French BoyfriendFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.20003-10-2019
Friends & AnemonesPale Ale - American5.713.909-21-2020
Fruit Emoji Sour IPAIPA - New England733.8801-16-2019
Fruit Of The LoinIPA - New England6.40003-10-2019
Fuck The WallIPA - Imperial8.243.9301-10-2021
Full SendrixIPA - Imperial10.424.1210-22-2020
Gill MurrayIPA - New England6.924.0808-03-2019
Gillmore GirlsPale Ale - American5.813.910-20-2021
Give No FogsIPA - Imperial814.0511-26-2019
Gnar-V CamperIPA - Imperial8.20001-18-2022
Gnar-WhalIPA - New England7.424.3506-22-2019
Gnarcolas CageIPA - Imperial8.223.7610-18-2020
GnarcoticsIPA - American6.50009-12-2020
GnarfieldIPA - Imperial10.224.3103-06-2021
Gnarly & MeIPA - American6.80006-03-2021
Go With the FloatIPA - Imperial8.50006-09-2022
Good Year ShrimpIPA - Imperial8.414.2905-14-2021
Groundfog DayIPA - Imperial8.244.2504-18-2022
Guate! Guate!IPA - Imperial8.734.1308-14-2018
Güd VibrationsLager - European / Dortmunder Export5.90008-14-2021
Guppy the Vampire SlayerPale Ale - American5.80010-28-2021
Hairy OtterPale Ale - American5.644.0905-11-2021
Hangin' TentaclesIPA - Imperial8.214.2602-27-2022
Happy KrillmoreIPA - New England8.514.0211-23-2020
Harry and the SendersonsIPA - Imperial8.10009-12-2020
Harry Fogger and the Deathly ShallowsIPA - Imperial10.40004-29-2021
Harry Fogger and the Foglet of FireIPA - Imperial10.20007-20-2021
Hefen is a HalfpipeWheat Beer - Hefeweizen4.714.0605-29-2021
Hella FogIPA - Imperial10.50006-09-2022
Hella Juice BagIPA - Imperial8.224.2701-15-2021
Hella SeaLager - European Dark4.814.2509-11-2021
Helle GüdLager - Helles5.134.0711-26-2020
HellesLager - Helles4.914.103-12-2022
Here Comes The SunfishPilsner - Imperial6.70002-26-2021
Hey Gnarnold!IPA - American6.60008-14-2021
Hey PacificaIPA - New England5.713.9203-21-2021
High SeasIPA - American6.533.4706-08-2022
HitchFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.10003-10-2019
Hocus PorpoiseIPA - Imperial90010-29-2020
Hold Your SeahorsesIPA - Imperial8.20002-17-2022
Homer ShrimpsonIPA - Imperial8.134.3301-04-2022
Honey, I Shrunk the KooksPale Ale - American5.60008-14-2021
Hop Blood PrinceIPA - New England6.50009-12-2020
Hop Fusion 2.0IPA - Imperial8.614.0605-16-2021
Houseboat PartyIPA - American6.50002-09-2022
HS4 (w/ Beachwood)IPA - American7.21404-07-2021
HS4 (w/ Cloudburst)IPA - New England734.104-08-2021
HS4 (w/ Equilibrium)IPA - New England8.634.3404-08-2021
HS4 (w/ Highland Park)Pilsner - Bohemian / Czech5.80003-15-2021
HS4 (w/ Other Half)Stout - American Imperial110003-17-2021
HS4 (w/ Other Half) (Brewer Edition)Lager - European Pale4.824.3104-08-2021
HS4 (w/ RIIP)IPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale10.20003-22-2021
HS5 with ElectricIPA - Imperial10.20003-25-2022
HS5 with Ghost TownIPA - American6.70003-25-2022
HS5 with J. WakefieldStout - American Imperial110003-25-2022
HS5 with North ParkStout - American Imperial150003-25-2022
HS5 with Oozlefinch Beers & BlendingSour - Fruited Kettle Sour60003-25-2022
HS5 with Vitamin SeaIPA - Imperial8.214.2104-11-2022
HS5 with Wayfinder - DDH Cold DIPAIPA - Imperial80003-25-2022
HS5 with Wayfinder - Pre-Prohibition LagerLager - American4.70003-25-2022
Humble BuddiesIPA - New England6.50009-12-2020
Humble Sea HellesLager - Helles4.90003-25-2022
Humbolt SeedIPA - American6.543.9505-24-2021
Humpback to the FutureBitter - English Extra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB)5.513.5608-20-2021
Hungry Like The Wolf EelIPA - New England6.80002-10-2021
In Between SpaceFarmhouse Ale - Saison4.813.8505-01-2021
Inclusion Beer Project: Drake's & Hella CoastalIPA - New England6.50009-08-2021
Infinite AbyssStout - American Imperial11.40009-12-2020
International House of PankooksStout - American Imperial1114.2708-20-2021
Interviews By The PoolFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.50011-20-2021
Is GüdAltbier4.813.9607-03-2021
It’s the Fog That CountsIPA - New England6.514.502-12-2021
Jammy Pops!Wild Ale80003-17-2021
Jean Fog Van DayumIPA - Imperial8.50009-12-2020
Jetski JuiceIPA - Imperial10.30004-12-2022
Juice Bag DDH Citra and GalaxyIPA - New England844.1902-09-2022
Juice JourneyIPA - New England70001-29-2022
Juice TubeIPA - Imperial8.824.1711-27-2018
Jurassic SharkIPA - American6.514.3611-26-2021
Just Foggin Send ItIPA - Imperial8.40009-12-2020
Just Foggin Vote!IPA - Imperial8.20010-10-2020
Just Keep SurfingIPA - New England6.214.0806-06-2022
Just SquiddingMild Ale - English Dark3.713.5307-01-2021
Karate SquidIPA - American6.514.3409-11-2021
KC and the Sunshine SandIPA - American6.844.107-19-2021
Keanu Reef SharkIPA - Imperial100007-24-2021
Kelp! I Need Somebody!IPA - American6.70002-10-2021
Kermit the FogIPA - New England6.843.9103-17-2021
King of the KrillPilsner - Bohemian / Czech5.60009-12-2020
Know Thy SurfboardIPA - New England6.924.0603-08-2022
Koi StoryIPA - American6.614.1412-06-2020
Kook DeckIPA - Imperial90010-28-2021
Kook FoodStout - American Imperial13.113.9908-22-2020
Kook SkyfoggerIPA - New England6.524.1903-09-2021
Kook, I Am Your FoggerIPA - New England8.313.6504-08-2021
Kook, Where's My Fog?IPA - New England6.90010-28-2021
KookasaurusIPA - American724.0707-27-2019
Kookbox HeroIPA - New England6.413.6812-11-2020
KookonutWheat Beer - Hefeweizen4.50005-06-2022
Kooks And LaddersIPA - New England7.40008-14-2021
Kooks Blend 4Stout - American Imperial10.5714.0909-10-2021
Kooks, I Did It Again!IPA - Imperial8.314.2411-19-2020
KookuleleIPA - American5.344.0811-28-2019
Kookumber GoseSour - Gose4.524.2901-04-2022
Kook’s Blend #6Barleywine - American12.11411-06-2021
KrillexIPA - Imperial8.814.5403-09-2020
Krilling Me SoftlyIPA - Imperial8.434.309-11-2020
Krusty the ClownfishIPA - American6.913.9603-10-2021
Lady in ShredPale Ale - American5.813.8607-01-2021
Land to ReformFarmhouse Ale - Saison7.70008-14-2021
Le Farmers TanFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.30003-10-2019
Le JetskiFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.30003-10-2019
Leonardo Da PinchiPale Ale - American5.70001-25-2022
LePrawn JamesIPA - American6.944.1806-20-2021
Let It BeachPale Ale - American5.713.7108-10-2020
Let’s Foggin Go!IPA - New England6.40010-28-2021
Life in the Splash ZonePale Ale - American5.60005-06-2022
Linda GnarIPA - New England5.813.9206-17-2021
LinkedFinIPA - Imperial8.10009-08-2021
Liquid HorizonPale Ale - American5.60003-25-2022
Literally Your Father’s Pale AlePale Ale - American5.514.1107-03-2021
Live, Laugh, FogIPA - Imperial10.30001-13-2022
Mackerel MulletIPA - American6.80004-12-2022
Magic Whale BabiesIPA - New England8.234.3812-06-2018
Mankini LinesIPA - Imperial8.144.2812-26-2019
Many Worlds I've ComeFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.60003-15-2021
Maple Coco Gnar GnarStout - American Imperial1113.2910-19-2021
Maritime LagerLager - American5.50003-10-2019
Maximum SendIPA - Imperial10.40009-12-2020
May The Fog Be With YouIPA - Imperial8.50009-29-2021
Melon CutsIPA - New England7.20006-10-2021
Melon JarIPA - New England5.424.1706-22-2019
Midlife Send (Better Late Than Never)IPA - Imperial8.50004-28-2021
Mind Over MusselsIPA - American6.80006-09-2022
Mirage AtlasFarmhouse Ale - Saison7.614.2905-09-2021
Mister FoggersIPA - Imperial8.464.2108-23-2021
Modest OceanPale Ale - American5.714.0210-12-2021
Mr. MeeseasIPA - Imperial1013.7505-24-2021
Mrs. TroutfireIPA - Imperial10.513.7204-18-2021
Mumble MemoryIPA - Imperial100004-28-2021
My Neighbor TotobroIPA - American7.10004-28-2021
Nectar of the CodsIPA - Imperial10.20001-13-2022
Netflix And KrillPilsner - Bohemian / Czech5.40009-12-2020
Neville FogbottomIPA - Imperial11.80012-02-2021
New Squids on the BlockIPA - Imperial8.534.301-09-2021
New ZenglandIPA - New England6.60003-10-2019
Ninsendo 64IPA - Imperial8.424.2409-22-2021
Noodle ArmsIPA - New England6.513.7509-21-2019
NorCal MedsIPA - New England794.0312-14-2019
Now That's What I Call FoggyIPA - New England8.434.2101-08-2021
Ocean PartyIPA - New England6.743.5905-14-2022
OktoberfestLager - Märzen5.60003-10-2019
Orange Cream Socks & SandalsIPA - New England6.624.0701-25-2022
Orange Mango Socks & SandalsIPA - New England6.514.2103-29-2022
Otter Body ExperienceIPA - American70002-26-2021
Otter NonsensePorter - Baltic80004-28-2021
Otter SpaceIPA - New England6.514.0911-02-2020
Out of the MistFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.80003-25-2022
P.J.Farmhouse Ale - Saison70004-28-2021
Pacifica! Is! Open!IPA - New England6.714.1108-30-2021
Paddle StoutStout - American512.8502-10-2022
Paddle Stout - Imperial Chai Milk StoutStout - Sweet / Milk110012-02-2021
Paisley PilsPilsner - German5.323.8810-26-2021
Papaya Plum Socks & SandalsIPA - New England6.50005-06-2022
Parties OverboardIPA - New England6.824.1701-31-2022
PawtagoniaIPA - American6.313.411-20-2020
Peach Socks & SandalsIPA - New England6.514.1103-29-2022
Pelican PartyIPA - American6.514.1303-04-2022
Penelope PilsnerPilsner - German564.202-21-2022
Piña Colada Socks & SandalsIPA - New England6.523.8505-19-2022
Pineapple Socks & SandalsIPA - New England6.614.0702-20-2021
Playa GrandeLager - India Pale Lager (IPL)6.40003-10-2019
Playa Grande Barrel AgedPilsner - Imperial90003-10-2019
PlayitaLager - American5.10003-10-2019
Point PeelerLager - Munich Dunkel4.814.3905-13-2022
Pool PartyPale Ale - American5.50003-10-2019
Pool SnorklerIPA - New England6.564.106-22-2022
Port & StarboardFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.414.0305-01-2021
Portrait of a WaveIPA - New England7.20002-09-2022
Poseidon's Boogie BoardIPA - New England6.20001-13-2022
Powerpuff GullsIPA - New England724.3201-27-2021
Prawn in 60 SecondsIPA - New England6.60009-29-2021
Prawn SoloIPA - New England7.144.0306-03-2021
Psychedelic SmokeWheat Beer - Hefeweizen4.814.0901-30-2022
Pulled a MusselFarmhouse Ale - Saison613.1506-01-2021
Pulp Fishin'IPA - Imperial8.70006-10-2021
Pure FogIPA - Imperial8.553.9911-21-2020
Quarter FlounderIPA - Imperial814.2903-09-2021
QuipaIPA - Imperial11.80009-12-2020
Radio SharkIPA - New England7.113.912-18-2021
Rage Against the SardineIPA - New England6.313.9412-05-2021
Reef RodeoIPA - Imperial10.30003-25-2022
ReJoyce Solera SaisonFarmhouse Ale - Saison624.2704-03-2021
Remember Street Sharks?IPA - New England6.40004-28-2021
Ren & ShrimpyIPA - New England6.814.3107-18-2020
Ricing TidesLager - Japanese Rice4.80008-14-2021
Rio Del GnarIPA - Imperial8.323.903-12-2021
Ryeway 1Lager - American4.90010-28-2021
Safety FogglesIPA - New England7.213.912-21-2018
Sailabrate Good TimesBitter - English Extra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB)5.513.7705-13-2022
SailsForceIPA - New England7.20009-12-2020
Salmon & GnarfunkelIPA - New England714.0412-20-2021
Salmon SaysIPA - Imperial8.724.1103-29-2021
Sand Before TimeIPA - American6.914.1808-31-2021
Sand Castles In The SkyIPA - New England6.30003-25-2022
Santa Cruz LiteLager - American4.514.1505-02-2021
Santa Cruz PilsnerPilsner - German5.514.0906-19-2022
Sardine CowboyPale Ale - American5.50003-25-2022
Saved By The ShellIPA - American7.50009-12-2020
ScarfishIPA - Imperial10.324.310-06-2021
School Of RockfishIPA - New England7.314.0912-15-2020
Scuba SnacksPale Ale - American5.80005-06-2022
Sea BrothasIPA - New England8.324.4610-16-2021
Sea GlassStout - American5.40008-14-2021
Sea ThruIPA - American7.20009-12-2020
Sea.B.DIPA - Imperial10.254.111-19-2019
SeaSeaArghIPA - New England6.30009-08-2021
Season BassIPA - New England6.314.2404-02-2022
SeasquatchIPA - Imperial8.50009-12-2020
Seasquatch Brett DIPABrett Beer8.90007-20-2021
Segway SavageIPA - New England7.124.1903-06-2019
Send A Helping HandIPA - New England724.2905-26-2021
Send It Like BeckhamIPA - Imperial8.20009-12-2020
Senseless RhymesFarmhouse Ale - Saison4.213.808-20-2021
Shades of EarthFarmhouse Ale - Saison7.30005-22-2021
Shades of LightStout - American Imperial110001-25-2022
Shake Shacked - Guava CherryIPA - New England80003-03-2021
Shark KnightIPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale60009-08-2021
Shark Side of the MoonPilsner - German513.9812-24-2021
Ship HappensStout - American60003-10-2019
Shore LivedIPA - New England6.70012-17-2021
Short ShortsPale Ale - American5.60003-10-2019
Shred FlandersIPA - Imperial10.40008-14-2021
Shred FlintstoneIPA - New England6.30005-09-2021
Shred ZeppelinIPA - New England6.40009-29-2021
Shreddie BauerIPA - Imperial90003-15-2021
Shreddie MercuryIPA - Imperial8.224.1708-26-2021
Shreddie Van WhalenIPA - Imperial8.10007-01-2021
Shreddy VedderIPA - New England724.0809-16-2021
ShredologyIPA - New England6.514.0403-30-2022
Shrimp My RideIPA - Imperial100002-10-2021
Shrimply the BestPale Ale - American5.70007-20-2021
Shrimp’s CreekIPA - Imperial10.414.3611-02-2021
Single Origin BrazilStout - American Imperial12.30004-28-2021
Sk8r BuoyIPA - New England6.613.9611-01-2021
Slim RimRed Ale - American Amber / Red5.213.9601-09-2022
Smash SaisonFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.20003-10-2019
Smoke ShackedSmoked Beer30001-29-2022
Snapes On A PlaneIPA - Imperial8.30004-28-2021
SNUBA ClubPale Ale - American5.50002-09-2022
SoCal KooksIPA - American7.224.0212-01-2019
Socks & SandalsIPA - New England6.6404.1106-08-2022
Some Fun OnesIPA - New England6.50009-12-2020
Somewhere Over The Rainbow TroutPale Ale - American5.70010-28-2021
SOS IndiaStout - American Imperial12.60003-03-2021
Space ClamIPA - Imperial8.20011-20-2021
Spice GullsIPA - American6.50009-12-2020
SpliceFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.10003-10-2019
SquidditchIPA - Imperial8.214.0803-03-2021
Squirt Gun FightIPA - New England6.514.2502-19-2022
Starfish WarsIPA - American6.50010-28-2021
Starsea & HutchPale Ale - American5.70002-10-2021
Stay HighdratedIPA - Imperial8.314.4706-11-2022
Stellar AbyssStout - American Imperial110006-10-2021
Step Into MidnightLager - Schwarzbier4.50001-13-2022
Steven SeagullIPA - New England8.214.4507-24-2019
Stoked To Be In PacificaPale Ale - English5.50004-28-2021
Strawberry Guava Socks & SandalsIPA - New England6.523.901-27-2022
Strawberry KookshakeIPA - New England814.3101-15-2021
Submarine WayIPA - American6.923.8410-26-2021
Sugar (Sting) RayPale Ale - American5.40010-10-2020
Summer Dad BodPilsner - Bohemian / Czech5.60009-12-2020
Super Gnario BrosIPA - American6.80009-08-2021
Super Juice BagIPA - Imperial933.9505-12-2022
Super Pops! Berry CherrySour - Fruited Kettle Sour814.0609-10-2021
Super Pops! Blueberry CrunchSour - Fruited Kettle Sour80010-28-2021
Super Pops! Green MachineWild Ale80002-10-2021
Super Pops! Holiday SmoothieSour - Fruited Kettle Sour80012-27-2020
Super Pops! Island BreezeWild Ale814.2910-22-2020
Super Pops! Liquid SunshineWild Ale80008-05-2021
Super Pops! Midnight BerriesWild Ale80002-26-2021
Super Pops! Party MermaidSour - Fruited Kettle Sour814.3101-01-2021
Super Pops! Pink LushSour - Fruited Kettle Sour80010-10-2020
Super Pops! Pumpkin DelightSour - Fruited Kettle Sour80011-20-2021
Super Pops! Purple RainWild Ale80011-23-2020
Super Pops! Quadruple BerrySour - Fruited Kettle Sour863.9104-07-2021
Super Pops! Quintuple BerrySour - Fruited Kettle Sour813.2510-11-2021
Super Pops! Tropical BlueWild Ale80009-12-2020
Super Pops! Tropical RainbowWild Ale80004-28-2021
Surge JuiceIPA - Imperial100001-29-2022
Sweet Tooth LumberjackStout - American Imperial120011-20-2021
Swordfish FencingIPA - American7.224.0307-27-2019
Taste Güd 2021Lager - Märzen5.50009-29-2021
TGIF (Thank Goodness It's Foggy)IPA - Imperial8.413.9612-20-2021
That Güd GüdBock - Maibock6.80005-14-2021
That's The Way The Coral CrumblesIPA - Imperial8.724.0112-24-2021
The 3 SeasIPA - American7.223.6911-02-2021
The Authentic DDHLager - Helles4.933.8608-20-2021
The Beach BuoysIPA - American6.514.0712-17-2021
The Devil Wears PiranhasIPA - New England6.323.6607-04-2021
The Fog WhispererIPA - New England6.713.905-29-2021
The Fog Who LivedIPA - Imperial10.234.110-06-2021
The FogfatherIPA - Imperial10.114.3701-15-2021
The Foggy and the FuriousIPA - New England6.424.0507-22-2020
The Giant FlipperStout - Oatmeal50003-25-2022
The Inclusion Beer ProjectIPA - New England6.523.9209-19-2021
The JetsendsIPA - Imperial80009-08-2021
The Karate SquidIPA - American6.50009-09-2021
The Lost Buoys - Foggy IPAIPA - American6.934.2407-03-2020
The OffishIPA - Imperial8.40010-28-2021
The Real DDHLager - Helles4.933.912-08-2021
The Sand (Dollar) LotIPA - Imperial8.824.3101-12-2022
The ShrimpsonsIPA - Imperial10.214.6809-09-2020
The Smoke Is No JokePorter - American5.90011-20-2021
The Stoke Is No JokeIPA - Imperial80009-12-2020
The Swordfish in the StoneIPA - Imperial8.10004-28-2021
The Whales On the BusIPA - New England10.214.0906-07-2022
The White WhaleIPA - Imperial8.60009-12-2020
The Wild FogberriesIPA - Imperial914.2511-26-2021
The Wizard of FogIPA - Imperial8.534.2607-19-2021
This Is Fogged UpIPA - Imperial8.80010-10-2020
Tidepool PartyIPA - Imperial8.124.2504-17-2021
Tidepool RacingPilsner - German5.50001-29-2022
Tidepools 101IPA - American6.514.1203-03-2022
Tiki DecorIPA - New England6.323.0111-26-2018
Timeless ShadowsFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.30010-28-2021
Tinker ShellPale Ale - American5.70006-10-2021
Tiny House Big MoodIPA - New England80004-28-2021
Tiny UmbrellaIPA - New England6.444.2309-10-2021
Tourist In Your Own LifeLager - European Pale4.80012-17-2021
Tourist TownPale Ale - American5.60003-10-2019
Toy BoatPale Ale - American5.533.9406-19-2022
Traitor Moe'sIPA - American70012-17-2021
Triple Socks & SandalsIPA - New England10.144.2404-08-2021
Tube RideIPA - New England70003-25-2022
Tube RideIPA - New England713.9103-20-2022
TumbleFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.10003-10-2019
Turbulent TidesIPA - American6.214.0203-30-2022
Uhuru Means FreedomStout - American Imperial11.20002-26-2021
Urchin CareIPA - New England6.80003-25-2022
Used Carp SailsmanPale Ale - American5.80009-08-2021
Vienna VoyageLager - Vienna5.813.5103-03-2019
Vin ChardWild Ale6.10007-22-2019
Vin SyrahWild Ale6.624.0910-18-2021
Vin ZinWild Ale6.113.905-20-2021
Vitamin SeaIPA - American7.113.8709-23-2018
Walk on the Wild TideIPA - American60010-28-2021
Walk The PlanktonIPA - American6.80002-26-2021
Walk With A PorpoiseIPA - Imperial8.80007-01-2021
Walrus WhirlpoolIPA - Imperial10.50002-17-2022
Water WingsWheat Beer - American Pale5.50003-10-2019
Wave CzechPilsner - Bohemian / Czech4.814.3804-08-2021
Wave NectarIPA - Imperial80001-18-2022
Waves Are TightIPA - New England813.6803-27-2020
West Coast Socks & SandalsIPA - American6.624.0908-28-2021
Westminster Fog ShowIPA - Imperial8.714.0903-02-2021
Westside Pumptrack FogIPA - New England6.814.3705-06-2021
Wetsuit DreamsPale Ale - American5.213.7907-21-2018
Whale in the SkyIPA - American6.81501-09-2021
Where the Foggy Things AreIPA - Imperial8.20007-20-2021
Who Let the Fogs OutIPA - New England7.424.0911-13-2019
Who Wants To Be a KrillionairePilsner - German5.40012-27-2020
Willy Wonka and the Fog FactoryIPA - New England6.814.2512-10-2021
Wizzard of FogIPA - Imperial8.514.4307-03-2021
World of WhalecraftIPA - Imperial10.40007-01-2021
Yacht ClubLager - European Pale4.913.7704-21-2017
You Ain’t Nothing but a Hound FogIPA - Imperial8.714.2106-10-2021
You’ve Got A Send In MeIPA - Imperial100010-29-2020
Zero Fogs GivenIPA - Imperial8.10009-12-2020
¡Sí se puede!Farmhouse Ale - Saison5.913.5412-31-2018

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