The Bruery

The BrueryThe Bruery
The BrueryThe Bruery
Brewery, Bar, Beer-to-go

715 Dunn Way
Placentia, California, 92870
United States

(714) 996-6258 | map

Notes: Tasting Room hours of operation are now 12pm - 10pm 7 days per week.
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NameStyleABVRatingsAvgLast ActiveYou
2 Turtle DovesStrong Ale - Belgian Dark124794.0503-10-2022
2econdStout - American Imperial17.634.2405-13-2022
All The Chocolate CowsStout - Sweet / Milk14264.305-16-2022
All The CowsStout - Sweet / Milk14144.2702-04-2022
American AnthemStrong Ale - American13.6384.2404-14-2022
ApfelsapWheat Beer - Wheatwine15.6224.2204-22-2022
Apple Falls FarStrong Ale - American13.154.2112-17-2021
Arrrggghhh!Pilsner - Imperial8.21123.7212-23-2021
Atta BoysenberryWheat Beer - Wheatwine13.8124.1605-22-2020
Autumn MapleFruit and Field Beer102,0993.7805-04-2021
Autumn Maple - MidnightFruit and Field Beer10653.8901-21-2022
Baked On The BayouStout - American Imperial12.864.1610-16-2021
Bakery: Banana BreadStout - American Imperial10.2824.1104-26-2021
Bakery: Banana Nut MuffinStout - American Imperial8.1113.9505-16-2022
Bakery: Boysenberry PieStout - American Imperial10.2244.0403-22-2022
Bakery: Cherry PieStout - American Imperial10.2864.1706-09-2021
Bakery: Coconut MacaroonsStout - American Imperial133214.1910-11-2021
Bakery: Sticky BunStout - American Imperial10.2454.1904-22-2022
BananasStout - American Imperial13.314.404-03-2022
Bierbara 5.0Quadrupel (Quad)15.433.9205-28-2021
Big Blue StacksStout - American Imperial19.524.3210-31-2021
BirnesapWheat Beer - Wheatwine14.754.3605-15-2022
BirneSnapWheat Beer - Wheatwine14.124.1911-28-2021
Black TuesdayStout - American Imperial19.54,1824.5403-13-2022
Black Tuesday - 24K TuesdayStout - American Imperial17.544.512-05-2021
Black Tuesday - American OakStout - American Imperial19.124.301-30-2022
Black Tuesday - Blueberry PancakeStout - American Imperial19.2204.5411-04-2021
Black Tuesday - Chai TeaStout - American Imperial19.914.102-27-2022
Black Tuesday - Cognac Barrel-AgedStout - American Imperial20.4114.3905-07-2022
Black Tuesday - Conner's CobblerStout - American Imperial18.164.3504-19-2022
Black Tuesday - Grand ReserveStout - American Imperial21.3154.4301-21-2022
Black Tuesday - Love Me TenderStout - American Imperial17.654.1301-17-2022
Black Tuesday - Madeira Barrel-AgedStout - American Imperial18644.3805-08-2022
Black Tuesday - Mocha Almond CakeStout - American Imperial19.424.4901-12-2020
Black Tuesday - Mostra MondayStout - American Imperial19.224.5912-05-2021
Black Tuesday - Pistachio And VanillaStout - American Imperial19.2564.4510-15-2021
Black Tuesday - Port Barrel-AgedStout - American Imperial17.81454.4201-05-2021
Black Tuesday - PortifiedStout - American Imperial17.984.5102-21-2022
Black Tuesday - Red Wine Barrel-AgedStout - American Imperial18344.3101-22-2022
Black Tuesday - ReserveStout - American Imperial20.53324.5804-16-2022
Black Tuesday - Rum Barrel-AgedStout - American Imperial18.93494.4905-01-2022
Black Tuesday - Scoop Scoop ScoopStout - American Imperial17.844.4911-17-2021
Black Tuesday - Scotch Barrel-AgedStout - American Imperial19.774.3105-07-2022
Black Tuesday - Sherry Barrel-AgedStout - American Imperial20.644.3507-16-2021
Blue SteelOld Ale14.124.3301-29-2022
BrookieStout - American Imperial14.14404-30-2022
BrycescottiPorter - Imperial13.3134.3906-03-2021
Cafe CocoaStout - American Imperial9.7174.2402-24-2021
Caramel on ParadeStout - American Imperial10.324.1909-13-2021
Catch Me If You CanStout - American Imperial10.324.1303-19-2022
Cherry BlawesomeStout - American Imperial11.224.1509-10-2021
Chew On ThisWheat Beer - Wheatwine11.954.0512-20-2021
Chocolate RainStout - American Imperial19.62,8664.5302-14-2022
Chocolate Rain - CherryStout - American Imperial19.5774.4302-26-2022
Chocolate ReignStout - American Imperial21204.3210-12-2021
ChurriosityStout - American Imperial14.23334.1910-25-2021
Churriosity - Bourbon Barrel-AgedStout - American Imperial13.624.3802-27-2022
Churriosity - Bourbon Barrel-Aged - ChocolateStout - American Imperial13.734.2404-20-2022
Churriosity - ChocolateStout - American Imperial10.764.1604-30-2022
Cobbled TogetherStout - American Imperial15.544.3404-19-2022
Coffee Is LifeBarleywine - English13.3154.0506-08-2021
Créme BruelayBarleywine - American15.944.204-17-2022
Crème de la CrèmeStout - American Imperial11.124.0609-06-2021
DentelleOld Ale17.924.5307-24-2021
Dentelle Scotch Barrel-AgedOld Ale15.624.5602-04-2022
Doctor’s OrdersBlonde Ale - American10.813.5803-05-2022
Donut Box: Abuelita's SpecialStout - American Imperial10.524.1209-04-2021
Elvis MashBarleywine - American10.963.7910-11-2021
Everything NiceStrong Ale - Belgian Dark14.714.2504-24-2022
Falls FurtherFruit and Field Beer7.813.8203-24-2022
Fly Me To The Moon PieStout - American Imperial16.444.3710-08-2021
FrecklesStout - American Imperial11.144.1401-16-2022
GeburtstagskranzStout - American Imperial9.5564.203-20-2022
Grey MondayStout - American Imperial19.91,9214.5103-29-2022
Half Time ShuffleStout - American Imperial9.924.1409-04-2021
HellesLager - Helles5.224.3605-22-2021
Hold The Spoon - Black Chocolate CakeStout - Sweet / Milk8.5534.1306-05-2021
Humulus TerreuxWild Ale6.333.5601-15-2022
I'm So Happy It's ThursdayStout - American Imperial16.294.3605-08-2022
Island TimeStout - Sweet / Milk8.6164.1402-19-2021
IvoireOld Ale17.724.3904-24-2022
JardinierPale Ale - Belgian4.93953.802-10-2022
JR HarrisStout - American Imperial15.514.2411-26-2021
Just A KissFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.323.4512-10-2021
Just A TwistWheat Beer - Witbier5.364.1201-21-2022
Kentucky CousinFruit and Field Beer13.944.1704-15-2022
Latte ArtStout - American5.944.1104-04-2020
Levud'sStrong Ale - Belgian Pale111353.8101-02-2021
Liberty StoutwichStout - American Imperial18.30005-22-2021
LicuadosStout - American Imperial9.754.1609-09-2021
Loakal RedRed Ale - American Amber / Red6.95613.9405-19-2021
MadagascarrascoStout - American Imperial12.5543.9701-04-2020
Mai ZombieHerb and Spice Beer16.723.9707-11-2021
Mallow-DramaticStout - American Imperial15.314.103-06-2022
Mallow-DramaticStout - American Imperial15.314.402-19-2022
MashBarleywine - English12.55964.0710-16-2021
Mash & CoconutBarleywine - English133034.2805-02-2022
Mash & French ToastBarleywine - English13.4914.2103-18-2021
Mash & VanillaBarleywine - English13.33054.1902-06-2022
May FlowersHerb and Spice Beer12.524.3907-03-2020
Mélange No. 15Strong Ale - American14.8863.9203-31-2021
Mélange No. 3Strong Ale - American16.32,0394.4209-14-2021
Mélange NoirStrong Ale - American16.634.0603-30-2022
MischiefStrong Ale - Belgian Pale8.51,9813.9904-24-2022
Mocha WednesdayStout - American Imperial19.91,4914.4902-12-2022
Mostra TuesdayStout - American Imperial19.474.2910-29-2021
Muffin StuffinStout - American Imperial11.8144.2105-10-2021
Not A BrownieStrong Ale - American12.143.9803-31-2022
NWTMStout - American Imperial19.614.2101-17-2022
One & DunnStout - American Imperial14.764.3402-01-2022
Or XataBlonde Ale - American7.29653.9604-14-2022
Orange County DreamsicleBarleywine - American9.253.8102-21-2020
Out Of The LunchboxFruit and Field Beer7.3473.7512-17-2021
Pago PagoStout - American Imperial9.864.0408-22-2021
Pallet SurpriseStout - American Imperial12.114.2501-04-2020
Parley PorterPorter - Imperial11.474.3505-14-2022
Partridge In A Pear TreeQuadrupel (Quad)111793.9902-24-2022
Pasas PicassoOld Ale19.134.3306-29-2021
PB & ThursdayStout - American Imperial19.8884.1706-23-2021
Pecan Make It If We PieOld Ale16.824.2601-02-2022
Petit MardiStout - American Imperial15.924.6303-27-2022
Pie HappyOld Ale16.1234.3903-19-2022
PiearesquareStrong Ale - American13.974.3503-31-2022
Pistachio MustachioStout - American Imperial10.3144.105-11-2022
Poached FigBarleywine - English13.294.3303-27-2020
Pour Me S’moreStout - American Imperial9.91405-13-2022
Practice What You PeachStout - American Imperial9.71403-08-2022
Rice & BeansBlonde Ale - American7564.0603-28-2020
RoggenbierRye Beer - Roggenbier5.64401-03-2020
Ruekeller: DunkelLager - Munich Dunkel6.374.2605-15-2022
Ruekeller: HellesLager - Helles5.2934.0605-15-2022
Ruekeller: MaibockBock - Maibock734.0904-08-2022
Ruekeller: MarzenLager - Märzen6.3124.0102-24-2022
Ruekeller: PilsnerPilsner - German5.784.0507-10-2021
Saison BretonFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.454.2306-20-2021
Saison D'HiverFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.80004-17-2022
SatisfiesStout - American Imperial14.114.208-12-2021
Save Me A SliceStout - American Imperial18.714.4601-06-2022
Scoop Scoop ScoopStout - American Imperial17.814.404-08-2022
SeahorseSour - Fruited Kettle Sour7.624.0703-22-2022
Share This: Barrel-AgedStout - American Imperial13.5284.1208-15-2020
Share This: CoffeeStout - American Imperial114094.1910-05-2020
Share This: Mint ChipStout - American Imperial10.5583.7211-30-2021
Share This: OCStout - American Imperial111464.111-30-2021
Small Batch Hoarders: Black Tuesday IslayStout - American Imperial19.234.0608-23-2021
Small Batch Hoarders: Mash & Maple GrindBarleywine - English15.684.3607-06-2021
Small Batch Hoarders: Monkey BiznessStrong Ale - American17.244.303-28-2022
Small Batch Hoarders: Not A BrownieStrong Ale - American14.514.2410-02-2021
Small Batch Hoarders: Antojitos LicuadosStout - American Imperial1544.5103-19-2022
Small Batch Hoarders: Blood and SandStrong Ale - American14.314.2902-23-2021
Small Batch Hoarders: Blue Steel Berry PieOld Ale14.714.1201-19-2022
Small Batch Hoarders: London FogStrong Ale - American13.544.1705-07-2022
Small Batch Hoarders: Will It?Tripel13.714.2402-07-2021
Small One-Ders: Back To The BasicsStout - American Imperial14.734.2402-15-2020
Small One-Ders: John LemonWheat Beer - Wheatwine14.153.9601-18-2020
So Happens It's Moos-DayStout - Sweet / Milk11.754.0304-04-2020
So Happens It's Organic ChemistryStout - American Imperial11.9224.1104-05-2020
So Happens It's TuesdayStout - American Imperial158164.2204-24-2022
So Happens It's Tuesday - CoffeeStout - American Imperial14.7684.307-26-2020
So Happens It's Tuesday - S'moresStout - American Imperial15224.2411-03-2021
So Happens It’s Tuesday - MoléStout - American Imperial15164.302-02-2022
Sorry Not SorryStout - American Imperial17.10005-22-2021
Sticky BunsOld Ale15.4264.3204-24-2021
Sticky Nanners Flapjack StoutStout - American Imperial9.544.1101-08-2022
Still Black TuesdayStout - American Imperial18.224.3604-05-2022
Sundae SapWheat Beer - Wheatwine12.753.8904-04-2020
Sundae SundayStout - American Imperial17.2234.2610-02-2020
The ArchetypeStrong Ale - American14.6124.2905-01-2021
The BananswerStout - American Imperial13.114.0601-29-2022
The GrindfatherStout - American Imperial10.314.0404-08-2022
The NibblerStout - American Imperial10.234.1709-24-2021
The RutherfordsStout - American Imperial15.124.2511-21-2021
The SpiceStout - American Imperial10.234.1502-26-2022
The WalnutterPorter - Imperial13.534.3205-02-2022
The WandererWild Ale814.504-14-2022
Thin Mint GSCStout - American Imperial10.354.1805-12-2022
Thr3eBarleywine - American16.174.205-06-2022
Three's Cocompany - Bourbon Barrel-AgedStout - American Imperial13.564.4101-27-2022
Trade WindsTripel8.11,1623.9305-14-2021
Vanilla VillainStout - American Imperial15.444.2404-22-2022
Vermont Sticky MapleStout - American Imperial11.31854.201-21-2022
Wee Heavy CoconutsScotch Ale / Wee Heavy12.5454.3603-11-2022
WetherBock - Weizenbock10.9294.1702-12-2022
Where Is The Lava?Stout - American Imperial16.224.1604-12-2022
White ChocolateWheat Beer - Wheatwine13.81,4074.1805-14-2022
White Chocolate - CherriesWheat Beer - Wheatwine14.2644.2904-12-2021
White Chocolate StrawberryWheat Beer - Wheatwine13.564.1904-13-2022
White Chocolate WarmerWheat Beer - Wheatwine14184.202-17-2022
White MochaWheat Beer - Wheatwine16.31034.0705-19-2021
White OakWheat Beer - Wheatwine11.51,3503.9107-08-2021
Wisdom & WitWheat Beer - Witbier4.614.0201-02-2021
You Asked For ItStout - American Imperial16.2314.2612-12-2021

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The Bruery in Placentia, CA
Brewery rating: 4.19 out of 5 with 29580 ratings