Other Half Brewing Company

Other Half Brewing CompanyOther Half Brewing Company
Other Half Brewing CompanyOther Half Brewing Company
Brewery, Bar, Beer-to-go

195 Centre St
Brooklyn, New York, 11231-3907
United States

(917) 765-6107 | map

Notes: Tasting room hours:

Monday 12pm - 10pm
Tuesday 12pm - 10pm
Wednesday 12pm - 10pm
Thursday 12pm - 12am
Friday 12pm - 12am
Saturday 10am - 12am
Sunday 11am - 10pm
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$1.29 TeaIPA - Imperial8.8124.09-
$100 Soft ServeWild Ale5.5123.99-
11 Months LaterIPA - American7.273.91-
3rd Anniversary Imperial IPAIPA - New England103184.58-
40 DegreesStout - American Imperial15.564.24-
4th AnniversaryIPA - New England102304.61-
570nmIPA - Imperial8.2374.26-
5th AnniversaryIPA - New England10714.47-
6th AnniversaryIPA - Imperial10324.38-
8 AcresIPA - Imperial0184.11-
99¢ TeaIPA - American7.5103.9-
African Queen + MosaicIPA - Imperial8.5204.24-
Ain't Nothing NiceIPA - New England6.2784.26-
All 5th Anniversary Everything - Coffee (Barrel Aged)Stout - American Imperial15.494.36-
All 6th Anniversary Everything (Chocolate Peanut Butter Crunchee)Stout - American Imperial15.4124.33-
All Cashmere EverythingIPA - Imperial8.5104.15-
All Citra EverythingIPA - New England8.53574.37-
All Dank EverythingIPA - New England8.31364.31-
All Death EverythingStout - American Imperial15104.15-
All Enigma EverythingIPA - Imperial10454.26-
All Galaxy EverythingIPA - Imperial8.524.19-
All Green EverythingIPA - New England10.51,1204.43-
All Infinity EverythingIPA - New England8.71164.54-
All Jream EverythingWild Ale8104.11-
All Medusa EverythingIPA - Imperial8.5124.32-
All Mosaic EverythingIPA - Imperial8.534.32-
All Nelson EverythingIPA - Imperial8.5354.13-
All Riot EverythingIPA - Imperial8.554.02-
All Riwaka EverythingIPA - Imperial8.5204.29-
All Strata EverythingIPA - Imperial8.594.3-
All TogetherIPA - New England6.5104.13-
Always and ForeverIPA - Imperial7.8324.3-
Always Bet On GreenIPA - Imperial8.5364.13-
Amarillo IPAIPA - New England7.21374.26-
Ample BreakfastStout - American Imperial1674.2-
Astro Travellin'Stout - American Imperial11344.27-
Azacca IPAIPA - American6.444.08-
BA Snowbirds 3 (2020)Stout - American Imperial1614.5-
Baby DiamondsIPA - American4.81234.21-
Baked ZitiIPA - American7.5204.15-
Balaclava BaklavaPorter - American10104.15-
Banana Coconut Coffee Marshmallow CruncheeSour - Berliner Weisse7.453.92-
Banana Coconut CruncheeSour - Berliner Weisse7.274.02-
Banana LatteStout - American Imperial13.264.15-
BananaversaryStout - American Imperial15.4134.44-
Bananaversary - Bourbon Barrel AgedStout - American Imperial15.434.81-
Barrel-Aged Wilfred's ParadoxStout - Oatmeal1444.39-
Batch One Was BetterIPA - Imperial7.8124.07-
BerlinerSour - Berliner Weisse4.543.96-
Berry Berry Berry Compote Compote CompoteSour - Berliner Weisse9103.83-
Bird CageIPA - Imperial894.11-
BlocktoberfestIPA - American6.9334.06-
Bloomfield DaydreamIPA - Imperial1094.2-
Bloomfield ZooIPA - Imperial10104.44-
Blue ChromaIPA - American6.394.13-
Boogie Board StuntzKölsch4.7853.94-
Boogie Board Stuntz 2Kölsch4.6203.87-
Boomin’ And Breezin’IPA - Imperial9104.28-
Boudin & Cracklin'IPA - Imperial10.244.37-
Bourbon BA Pastrytown VIP VersionStout - American Imperial1324.44-
BrettarilloBrett Beer6.2254.06-
Bristol Mountain HighIPA - Imperial7.8114.18-
British Bake OffWild Ale663.95-
Broccoli Special ReserveIPA - New England8.3444.3-
Bubble WrapStout - American Imperial13.214.32-
Bubble Wrap - Tanzanian Vanilla, Coconut, Cinnamon, Cacao Nibs & Milk SugarStout - American Imperial13.200-
BurritoIPA - Imperial10194.12-
ButterIPA - American6.8154.08-
Cabin FeverIPA - Imperial884.3-
Cadillac TuxedoBarleywine - American1214.25-
Call the Plow GuyIPA - Imperial8144.16-
CananDANKuaIPA - Imperial894.33-
Cane Life (Green Label)Stout - American Imperial1494.17-
Cane Life (Red Label)Stout - American Imperial1484.27-
Cane Life SpectacularStout - American Imperial014.38-
Can’t See MeIPA - Imperial10184.33-
Cascade + GalaxyIPA - Imperial8.5154.07-
Cashmere + GalaxyIPA - Imperial8.5144.32-
Centennial IPAIPA - American7.1433.98-
CentreIPA - Imperial884.03-
Chardonnay Barrel Aged Brett SaisonFarmhouse Ale - Saison6224.15-
CheddarIPA - Imperial7.9574.24-
Cheddar BroccoliIPA - New England7.91274.33-
Cherry Cheesecake Berliner WeisseSour - Berliner Weisse8.2123.92-
Chesterfield DreamsWild Ale3.5394.08-
Chicken & BroccoliIPA - American7.5124.14-
Chicken & Broccoli - DDHIPA - New England7.594.25-
Chicken RiggiesIPA - Imperial8.5204.23-
Chimera Imperial Oat Cream IPAIPA - New England8.7524.37-
Chinook IPAIPA - American6.2284.18-
Citra + AzaccaIPA - New England8.5234.37-
Citra + CashmereIPA - Imperial8.5164.34-
Citra + EkuanotIPA - Imperial8.5124.48-
Citra + GalaxyIPA - Imperial8.5674.41-
Citra + Idaho 7IPA - Imperial8.5214.38-
Citra + MedusaIPA - Imperial8.5164.3-
Citra + MosaicIPA - Imperial8.5134.41-
Citra + StrataIPA - Imperial8.5184.26-
Citra + TriumphIPA - Imperial8.5104.05-
Citra Cryo + Mosaic CryoIPA - Imperial8.5124.27-
Citra Daydream Oat Cream IPAIPA - New England6404.38-
Citra IPAIPA - New England73394.3-
Citra/EquinoxIPA - Imperial8.5174.32-
City SlickersIPA - New England6.81494.29-
Cobbler Jams (Peach and Raspberry)IPA - American8.2104.12-
Cobbler Jams (Strawberry and Kiwi)IPA - Imperial8.254.02-
Coco CrazeeStout - American Imperial14194.41-
Coconut pistachio cheesecakeStout - American Imperial1424.48-
Cognac Barrel-Aged Smoke Screens & Oil SlicksStout - American Imperial11.554.28-
Cognac Barrel-Aged Smoke Screens & Oil Slicks w/ VanillaStout - American Imperial11.574.16-
Conjoined Triangles Of SuccessIPA - Imperial10204.24-
Contains DaydreamIPA - Imperial8144.09-
Cookie Kooks - Barrel AgedStout - American Imperial1624.5-
Cookie Kooks 2Stout - American Imperial15.454.15-
Cost + 10IPA - Imperial8.4144.24-
CreamIPA - American6.8204.1-
Cream Get The HoneyIPA - American6684.15-
Cream Get the Honey (Citra & El Dorado)IPA - American613.9-
Cream Get the Honey (Citra + Belma)IPA - New England623.58-
Cream Of BroccoliIPA - New England7.9434.41-
Cream On The Inside, Green On The OutsideIPA - Imperial9.4344.36-
Crickets (Hallertau + Tettnanger)Pilsner - German5.153.57-
Crickets (Huell Melon +Perle)Pilsner - German5.113.94-
Crickets (Kohatu and Wai-Iti)Pilsner - German5.123.63-
Crickets (Saaz)Pilsner - German5.153.83-
Crickets (Saaz/Tettanger)Pilsner - Bohemian / Czech5.183.76-
Crickets (Saphir + Saaz)Pilsner - German5.133.95-
Crickets (Wai-Iti and Saphire)Pilsner - German5.123.88-
Crickets - Wai-itiPilsner - German4.7234.07-
Crispy WavesLager - Helles4.883.58-
Crush It!: Wai-itiPale Ale - American4.5203.78-
Curly FriesIPA - American7.5164.17-
Darkness Descends (Coffee and Maple)Stout - American Imperial8.453.86-
Darkness Descends (Vanilla)Stout - American Imperial8.433.69-
Daydream In GreenIPA - New England8.1994.29-
Daydream Layers (Citra + Kohatu + Simcoe Cryo)IPA - Imperial8114.11-
Daydream Layers (Galaxy + Motueka + Huell Melon)IPA - Imperial8194.18-
Daydream Layers (Mosaic + Idaho 7 + Galaxy)IPA - Imperial8104.08-
DaydreamlessIPA - American8144.24-
Daydreams OnlyIPA - Imperial8114.15-
DDIPA - Imperial8114.25-
Deep Orbit (Limited Edition)Stout - American Imperial013.81-
Deep Orbit AntaresStout - American Imperial15.584.28-
Deep Orbit Cosmos RedshiftStout - American Imperial1574.18-
Deep Orbit CygnusStout - American Imperial15.594.33-
Deep Orbit PolarisStout - American Imperial15.553.96-
Deep Orbit Sigma DraconisStout - American Imperial1683.74-
Deep Orbit VegaStout - American Imperial15.584.05-
Deer GauntletIPA - Imperial8.444.14-
Denim DaredevilIPA - Imperial884.17-
Diamond ReflectionIPA - New England8.4234.32-
Do You Want More?!!?IPA - Imperial8113.98-
Dollar and a DreamIPA - American7.5264.25-
Dollar SliceIPA - American7.5174.14-
Dollar Slice SatelliteIPA - Imperial8.554.16-
Dollar Slice with Extra CheddarIPA - American7.5154.31-
DonutsIPA - American7.5144.13-
Double Cashmere DaydreamIPA - Imperial8.5184.17-
Double Citra DaydreamIPA - Imperial8.554.18-
Double Cream Get the HoneyIPA - New England8.4684.3-
Double Cream Get the Honey (Citra)IPA - Imperial8.4104.21-
Double Cream Get the Honey (Galaxy)IPA - Imperial8.444.24-
Double Cream Get the Honey (Mosaic and Citra)IPA - Imperial8.464.36-
Double Cream Get the Honey - Citra And Nelson SauvinIPA - Imperial8.434.06-
Double Drupe - Barrel AgedStout - American Imperial16.344.46-
Double Dry Hopped Ain't Nothing NiceIPA - New England6.2734.26-
Double Dry Hopped All Cashmere EverythingIPA - Imperial8.514.54-
Double Dry Hopped All Citra EverythingIPA - New England8.55084.51-
Double Dry Hopped All Citra Everything - UK VersionIPA - Imperial10164.32-
Double Dry Hopped All Enigma EverythingIPA - Imperial10264.37-
Double Dry Hopped All Green EverythingIPA - New England10.5824.36-
Double Dry Hopped All Nelson EverythingIPA - New England8.5244.38-
Double Dry Hopped All TogetherIPA - New England6.5214.12-
Double Dry Hopped Always & ForeverIPA - Imperial7.814.25-
Double Dry Hopped Always and ForeverIPA - Imperial7.8624.38-
Double Dry Hopped Baby DiamondsIPA - American4.884.13-
Double Dry Hopped BroccoliIPA - New England7.92234.39-
Double Dry Hopped CabbageIPA - New England7.91664.36-
Double Dry Hopped CheddarIPA - New England7.91194.32-
Double Dry Hopped Citra + GalaxyIPA - New England8.5664.48-
Double Dry Hopped Citra + StrataIPA - Imperial8.554.4-
Double Dry Hopped Citra DaydreamIPA - New England6764.4-
Double Dry Hopped Cream of BroccoliIPA - New England7.9624.33-
Double Dry Hopped Daydream In GreenIPA - Imperial81094.37-
Double Dry Hopped Diamond ReflectionIPA - Imperial8.400-
Double Dry Hopped Did I Make Myself Clear?IPA - American7.373.88-
Double Dry Hopped Dollar Slice with Extra CheddarIPA - American7.594.3-
Double Dry Hopped Double Cashmere DaydreamIPA - Imperial8.564.07-
Double Dry Hopped Double Citra DaydreamIPA - New England8.52924.5-
Double Dry Hopped Double Enigma DaydreamIPA - Imperial8.554.47-
Double Dry Hopped Double Idaho 7 DaydreamIPA - Imperial8.594.32-
Double Dry Hopped Double Mosaic DaydreamIPA - New England8.54284.54-
Double Dry Hopped Double Mosaic DreamIPA - New England8.55894.55-
Double Dry Hopped Double Mosaic Dream Experimental VersionIPA - Imperial8.5144.25-
Double Dry Hopped Double Nelson DaydreamIPA - Imperial8.5294.37-
Double Dry Hopped Double Red ChromaIPA - American8.234.19-
Double Dry Hopped Double Simcoe DaydreamIPA - New England8.5364.29-
Double Dry Hopped Dream In GreenIPA - New England6.2734.36-
Double Dry Hopped Dream In Green W/GalaxyIPA - New England6.264.27-
Double Dry Hopped Forever EverIPA - American4.7184.1-
Double Dry Hopped Forever Ever W/ EnigmaIPA - American4.784.12-
Double Dry Hopped Forever SimcoeIPA - New England8.51774.39-
Double Dry Hopped Fort Point Pale AlePale Ale - American6.674.38-
Double Dry Hopped Galaxy IPAIPA - New England6.5214.33-
Double Dry Hopped Go With the FlowIPA - New England6584.27-
Double Dry Hopped Green CityIPA - American7214.26-
Double Dry Hopped Green DiamondsIPA - Imperial9.1194.29-
Double Dry Hopped Green Down To The SocksIPA - New England8.2764.26-
Double Dry Hopped Green PowerIPA - New England8714.35-
Double Dry Hopped Hop ShowersIPA - New England7.41024.28-
Double Dry Hopped Hop Showers w/ Bru-1IPA - American7.464.2-
Double Dry Hopped Hop Showers w/ CitraIPA - American7.464.17-
Double Dry Hopped Hop Showers w/ El DoradoIPA - American7.444.14-
Double Dry Hopped Hop Showers w/ GalaxyIPA - American7.474.21-
Double Dry Hopped Hop Showers w/ Galaxy & Wai-itiIPA - New England014.75-
Double Dry Hopped Hop Showers w/ MosaicIPA - American7.424.16-
Double Dry Hopped Hop Showers w/ MosaicIPA - New England7.4204.34-
Double Dry Hopped Hop Showers w/ Mosaic and El DoradoIPA - American7.494.11-
Double Dry Hopped Hop Showers w/ Mosaic and Vic SecretIPA - American7.444.33-
Double Dry Hopped Hop Showers w/ MotuekaIPA - New England7.4164.29-
Double Dry Hopped Hop Showers w/ NelsonIPA - American7.434.13-
Double Dry Hopped Hop Showers w/ RiwakaIPA - American7.434.17-
Double Dry Hopped Hop Showers w/ Riwaka and StrataIPA - American7.424.11-
Double Dry Hopped Hop Showers w/ SabroIPA - American7.464.13-
Double Dry Hopped Hop Showers w/ SimcoeIPA - New England7.4114.43-
Double Dry Hopped Hop Showers w/ Vic SecretIPA - American7.4134.22-
Double Dry Hopped Hop Showers with Medusa and Citra CryoIPA - American7.464.14-
Double Dry Hopped Mosaic + MotuekaIPA - Imperial8.3134.26-
Double Dry Hopped Motueka + GalaxyIPA - Imperial8.5384.37-
Double Dry Hopped Mylar BagsIPA - New England8.54974.54-
Double Dry Hopped Mylar DaydreamIPA - New England8.81444.45-
Double Dry Hopped Nelson DaydreamIPA - American6.5134.26-
Double Dry Hopped Oh...IPA - New England6.3844.29-
Double Dry Hopped Oh... DreamIPA - New England6.2384.3-
Double Dry Hopped Oh... ForeverIPA - New England8344.4-
Double Dry Hopped Powdered CheeseIPA - New England8484.41-
Double Dry Hopped Purple ChromaIPA - American6.3114.11-
Double Dry Hopped Red ChromaIPA - American6.384.18-
Double Dry Hopped ROC ShowersIPA - American7.4224.18-
Double Dry Hopped ROC Showers w/ Citra Cryo and MotuekaIPA - American7.424.1-
Double Dry Hopped ROC Showers w/ Galaxy and Vic SecretIPA - American7.414.25-
Double Dry Hopped ROC Showers w/ MosaicIPA - American7.414-
Double Dry Hopped ROC Showers w/ SabroIPA - American7.464.07-
Double Dry Hopped Simcoe ChromaIPA - American6.313.85-
Double Dry Hopped Simcoe DaydreamIPA - New England6124.08-
Double Dry Hopped Simcoe IPAIPA - American7124.04-
Double Dry Hopped Small Citra EverythingIPA - American6.5214.17-
Double Dry Hopped Small Galaxy EverythingIPA - American6.5294.26-
Double Dry Hopped Small Green EverythingIPA - New England4.8554.18-
Double Dry Hopped Small Motueka EverythingIPA - American6.594.13-
Double Dry Hopped Small Nelson EverythingIPA - American6.5134.13-
Double Dry Hopped SouthernhopalisticIPA - New England7.4534.22-
Double Dry Hopped Space DaydreamIPA - New England8.51054.43-
Double Dry Hopped Space DiamondsIPA - New England8.52784.46-
Double Dry Hopped Space DreamIPA - New England6624.28-
Double Dry Hopped Stacks On StacksIPA - New England8.51514.39-
Double Dry Hopped Stacks on Stacks (Experimental Version)IPA - Imperial8.584.21-
Double Dry Hopped SuparilloIPA - New England8.5814.25-
Double Dry Hopped The Other Day...IPA - Imperial8274.3-
Double Dry Hopped True GreenIPA - New England7.9604.29-
Double Dry Hopped Vapor RingzIPA - Imperial8.4464.38-
Double Enigma DaydreamIPA - Imperial8.5194.28-
Double Idaho 7 DaydreamIPA - Imperial8.5174.37-
Double Medusa DaydreamIPA - Imperial8.5114.11-
Double Mmm Fruit Dream- Plum and VanillaSour - Berliner Weisse734.11-
Double MMM... Fruit (Orange, Mango, Passionfruit)Sour - Berliner Weisse754-
Double Mmm... Fruit (Pineapple, Guava + Coconut).Sour - Berliner Weisse773.85-
Double Mmm... Fruit (Watermelon and Lime)Sour - Berliner Weisse773.82-
Double Mmm... Fruit Dream (Blackberry, Boysenberry & Raspberry)Sour - Berliner Weisse754.16-
Double Mmm... Fruit Dream (Dragon Fruit, Passion Fruit, Vanilla, + Coconut)Sour - Berliner Weisse7144.14-
Double Mmm... Fruit Dream (Dragonfruit, Passion Fruit, Coconut, and VanillaSour - Berliner Weisse713.53-
Double Mmm... Fruit Dream (Guava, Strawberry & Coconut)Sour - Berliner Weisse754.07-
Double Mmm... Fruit Dream (Strawberry, Mango, + Vanilla)Sour - Berliner Weisse7153.94-
Double Mosaic DaydreamIPA - New England8.5784.49-
Double Mosaic DreamIPA - New England8.52454.43-
Double Motueka Daydream Imperial Oat Cream IPAIPA - Imperial8.5134.17-
Double Nelson DaydreamIPA - Imperial8.5304.35-
Double Orange ChromaIPA - Imperial8.2174.27-
Double Pink ChromaIPA - Imperial8.214.21-
Double Potato Spaghetti TownIPA - New England8.4154.2-
Double Purple ChromaIPA - Imperial8.294.07-
Double Red ChromaIPA - American8.2174.23-
Double Simcoe DaydreamIPA - Imperial8.5274.32-
Double Street GreenIPA - Imperial10274.35-
Double Sunset (Maple BBA with Worka Coffee, Vanilla and Milk Sugar)Stout - American Imperial1314.35-
Double Sunset Imperial Stout (Brazilian Mogiana Coffee)Stout - American Imperial13114.45-
Double Sunset Imperial Stout (Ethiopian Gesha Village Lot 27)Stout - American Imperial1324.17-
Double Sunset Imperial Stout (Ethiopian Yirgs Coffee)Stout - American Imperial13104.43-
Double Sunset Imperial Stout (Honduran Pacayal Washed Coffee)Stout - American Imperial13214.51-
Double Sunset Imperial Stout (Worka Coffee)Stout - American Imperial13114.27-
Double Vanilla Boysenberry CruncheeSour - Berliner Weisse7.4154.1-
Double Vanilla Boysenberry Crunchee with MarshmallowSour - Berliner Weisse7.424.11-
Double Yellow ChromaIPA - Imperial8.284.08-
DougIPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale7.11524.1-
Dream In GreenIPA - New England6.2954.34-
Dream Layers (Mosaic, El Dorado and Motueka)IPA - American6113.98-
Dream Layers (Mosaic, Mandarina, and Centennial)IPA - American6164.25-
Dream Layers (Nelson Sauvin, Hallertau Blanc, and Cascade)IPA - American613.72-
Dream Layers (Vic Secret + Galaxy + Motueka)IPA - American6124.17-
Dream PowerIPA - Imperial8654.29-
Droppin' Millibars (with Cacao Nibs, Peanut Butter, and Tahitian Vanilla)Stout - American Imperial1284.11-
Droppin' Millibars (with Chocolate, Coffee, Vanilla and Cinnamon)Stout - American Imperial13.254.09-
Droppin' Millibars (with Toasted Cacao Nibs, Vanilla, Ceylon Cinnamon, and Stout - American Imperial1274.15-
DustedIPA - Imperial864.16-
E-z Imperial India Pale Ale DinnerIPA - Imperial1034.3-
Emerald CitiesIPA - Imperial7.9164.26-
Emerald GlowIPA - Imperial8124.11-
Enigma IPAIPA - American6.5294.15-
Equinox IPAIPA - American7.21444.04-
ESBBitter - English Extra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB)6413.88-
Escapist's DaydreamSour - Berliner Weisse894.25-
Eternal DaydreamIPA - Imperial8.5234.26-
Everything Is NumbersPilsner - Imperial8.5194.28-
Exp 06300 StoutStout - American6.9173.98-
Extra ShipperIPA - American783.88-
Far Out, Spaced OutIPA - Imperial8103.94-
Feels Like OuterspaceIPA - New England10.5544.14-
FLeXin on 5&20IPA - New England10124.03-
Floating WeightlessWild Ale7.514-
FloretsIPA - American6.6514.23-
Florida PlatesIPA - New England8494.34-
Forever EverIPA - New England4.72934.07-
Forever GreenIPA - American4.7474.07-
Forever Infinity Infinity ForeverIPA - Imperial8.5104.27-
Forever MosaicIPA - American8.524.37-
Forgot About DrieWild Ale6.4264.07-
Frame of MindIPA - American6.6174.16-
Freaky FridayIPA - American6.453.99-
Full SplitStout - American Imperial1424.11-
Fully FrothedIPA - New England8.3904.31-
Galaxy + El DoradoIPA - Imperial8.584.03-
Galaxy + MoutereIPA - Imperial8.3214.28-
Galaxy + NelsonIPA - Imperial8.5204.26-
Galaxy + Vic SecretIPA - Imperial8.5134.12-
Galaxy IPAIPA - New England6.51904.22-
Gingerbread CruncheeStout - American Imperial7.473.83-
Go With the FlowIPA - American6.5514.19-
Gold Strap - Bourbon Barrel Aged (2 Years)Wheat Beer - Wheatwine12.500-
Gravity GumboStout - American Imperial14.5174.29-
Green ChromaIPA - American6.373.93-
Green CityIPA - New England71774.27-
Green City 2019 Imperial Stout Barrel Aged Green City (VIP)Stout - American Imperial1714.6-
Green Diamonds Double IPAIPA - Imperial9.17654.32-
Green Down To The SocksIPA - New England8.2904.34-
Green FlowersIPA - Imperial8.6294.21-
Green PhantasmsIPA - American7.2294.23-
Green PowerIPA - Imperial8764.45-
Green VisionsIPA - Imperial8.6154.12-
HDHC All Citra EverythingIPA - Imperial8.5244.6-
HDHC All Green EverythingIPA - Imperial10.5104.5-
HDHC All Mosaic EverythingIPA - Imperial8.564.32-
HDHC All TogetherIPA - American6.533.88-
HDHC Bloomfield ZooIPA - Imperial1014.25-
HDHC CananDANKuaIPA - Imperial824.02-
HDHC Citra + MosaicIPA - Imperial8.584.41-
HDHC Citra DaydreamIPA - New England6.574.24-
HDHC Dream CityIPA - New England744.31-
HDHC Dream In GreenIPA - New England6.2124.26-
HDHC Fort Point Pale AlePale Ale - American6.6114.39-
HDHC Green CityIPA - American7154.21-
HDHC Hop ShowersIPA - New England7.413.59-
HDHC More Citra than All CitraIPA - Imperial10.5134.47-
HDHC Mylar BagsIPA - Imperial8.854.58-
HDHC Quadrangle TestIPA - Imperial1094.23-
HDHC Roc ShowersIPA - New England7.423.93-
HDHC Small Citra EverythingIPA - American6.5104.34-
HDHC Small Mosaic EverythingIPA - New England6.523.99-
HDHC TA-DOWIPA - Imperial9.154.28-
HDHC The DaydreamiestIPA - Imperial10.584.36-
HDHC The DreamiestIPA - American7.854.26-
HDHC Triple Citra DaydreamIPA - Imperial10.534.46-
HDHC Triple Mosaic DaydreamIPA - Imperial10.5164.38-
HDHC Triple Mosaic DreamIPA - Imperial10.5174.5-
HDHC Viridian DreamIPA - New England6.813.8-
High BrightnessIPA - Imperial9.5104.34-
High-Density Hop ChargeIPA - Imperial8.534.37-
HomecomingIPA - Imperial8.424.32-
Honor System - Blackberry And Black CurrantSour - Berliner Weisse543.99-
Honor System - Blueberries, Cherries, And RaspberriesSour - Berliner Weisse5104.12-
Honor System - Cherry And RaspberrySour - Berliner Weisse554.05-
Honor System - Strawberry, Cherry, PlumSour - Berliner Weisse533.87-
Hop ShowersIPA - New England7.45754.24-
Hops OnlyIPA - Imperial884.13-
Hudson ValleyIPA - American7.8113.97-
Huffing Dryer SheetsIPA - Imperial8.6174.31-
Hup! Hup! Hup!Pale Ale - Belgian5.5583.98-
HypersleepStout - American Imperial13134.19-
Hypersleep - Bourbon Barrel-Aged With Chocolate, Peanuts And VanillaStout - American Imperial13104.24-
I Have Fillings For YouWild Ale8.2104.06-
I Like My Sugar With Coffee & CreamStout - American Imperial15154.18-
I Miss the Old Other HalfIPA - Imperial8254.34-
I Was Told There Would Be BarrelsIPA - Imperial893.98-
Ice Cream Colored LamboSour - Berliner Weisse9103.38-
Idaho 7IPA - Imperial8.5254.33-
Idaho 7 + GalaxyIPA - Imperial8.5174.34-
Idaho 7 + MotuekaIPA - Imperial8.5154.3-
If You Like Double IPA...We Brewed a Double IPAIPA - Imperial843.86-
Imaginary GreenscapesIPA - New England8984.32-
In Absentia LuciStout - American Imperial12894.12-
In Absentia Luci - Red Wine Barrel AgedStout - American Imperial11314.17-
Into the NY Night (Foudre and Bourbon Barrel Aged w/ Almonds, Cinnamon...Stout - American Imperial10.554.21-
IPA #1IPA - American6.533.87-
IPA #2IPA - American6.574-
It's Always Green In SonomaIPA - Imperial8.673.97-
Jarrylo + MosaicIPA - Imperial8.5174.17-
KerstperiodeFarmhouse Ale - Bière de Garde10403.8-
Koksijde 12Tripel8234-
Kölsch Is My Cologne - Motueka And MandarinaKölsch4.8103.97-
Laatse RondeFarmhouse Ale - Saison6363.81-
Lab DaydreamIPA - Imperial10204.47-
lACEd in SpaceIPA - Imperial8.584.43-
Laid BackIPA - American5.8264.18-
Laurel LaurelPilsner - German4.8104.05-
LAX 2 JFK In the CloudsIPA - New England10.294.65-
LAX To JFKIPA - Imperial10.254.45-
LAX2JFK: Cancelled FlightIPA - Imperial10.2144.43-
Leaf CreepersIPA - Imperial884.06-
LettuceIPA - Imperial7.9183.98-
Like WhoaIPA - New England8.51394.44-
Line @ GarnetIPA - American7.2134.22-
Magic Green NuggetsIPA - New England9.31664.14-
Maple CreamiesStout - American Imperial11324.26-
Mash Tun Time Machine 2IPA - American8134.08-
Mashed Potato Beach SunriseIPA - American1074.09-
Meek Millet (Table Version)Farmhouse Ale - Saison6203.9-
MicrogreenIPA - American4403.89-
Midnight CruncheeSour - Berliner Weisse7.443.97-
Midnight ShowersIPA - Black / Cascadian Dark Ale7.4274.16-
MisfrootsWild Ale6114.13-
Misfroots - (Blueberry Peach Crumble)Sour - Berliner Weisse653.91-
Misfroots - (Cherry, Lime, Coconut)Wild Ale623.69-
Mixed Berry CruncheeSour - Berliner Weisse7.4164.19-
Mmm... Fruit (Boysenberry)Sour - Berliner Weisse4.2124.07-
Mmm... Fruit (Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Orange)Sour - Berliner Weisse4.264.02-
Mmm... Fruit (Pink Guava)Sour - Berliner Weisse4.2164.12-
Mmm... Fruit (Plum)Sour - Berliner Weisse4.2144.07-
Mmm... Fruit (Raspberry + Blackberry)Sour - Berliner Weisse4.2124.06-
Mmm... Fruit (Strawberry + Apricot)Sour - Berliner Weisse4.2183.84-
Mmm... Fruit Dream (Blackberries, Tahitian Vanilla & Cascara)Sour - Berliner Weisse4.2214.17-
Mmm... Fruit Dream (Blackberry, Boysenberry + Raspberry)Sour - Berliner Weisse4.2154.16-
Mmm... Fruit Dream (Peach and Peach Ring Candies)Sour - Berliner Weisse4.263.85-
Mmm... Fruit Dream (Plum, Cherry, + Vanilla)Sour - Berliner Weisse4.273.88-
Mmm... Fruit Dream (Strawberry, Guava & Coconut)Sour - Berliner Weisse4.2114.25-
Mmm… Fruit Dream (Peach and Coconut)Sour - Berliner Weisse4.2103.93-
MomoIPA - Imperial8.544.21-
Monkish PeanutsStout - American Imperial14184.21-
MoradaFarmhouse Ale - Saison4.514.1-
More Citra Than All CitraIPA - Imperial10.5574.43-
More Strata Than All StrataIPA - Imperial10.534.61-
Mosaic + GalaxyIPA - Imperial8.5154.34-
Mosaic + LoralIPA - Imperial8.5164.29-
Mosaic + MandarinaIPA - Imperial8.5204.3-
Mosaic + Motueka DIPAIPA - Imperial8.5834.36-
Mosaic + WaimeaIPA - Imperial8.5444.33-
Mosaic Cryo + Simcoe CryoIPA - Imperial8.5194.27-
Mosaic DaydreamIPA - American6484.29-
Mosaic DreamIPA - New England6404.25-
Mosaic IPAIPA - New England7.23904.45-
Mosaic Is PresidentIPA - American6.2374.16-
Motueka DaydreamIPA - New England6.5104.14-
Mozz with RazzIPA - Imperial8.564.1-
Multi-chromaIPA - American6.3214.19-
Mylar ArchIPA - Imperial8.364.24-
Mylar BagsIPA - New England8.81914.39-
Mylar DaydreamIPA - New England8.114.35-
Mystic GreensIPA - Imperial1094.27-
Nelson + MosaicIPA - Imperial8.5174.3-
Nelson DaydreamIPA - American6.5154.02-
Nelson IPAIPA - New England6.92834.29-
Nice LifeIPA - Imperial8814.05-
Nighthawks At The BeachWild Ale753.81-
Nighthawks At The DinerStout - American Imperial1554.2-
Not Hot DogIPA - Imperial8.4204.12-
Nummy Nug NugIPA - Imperial8.31084.37-
Oat OverdoseIPA - American6.51674.27-
Oh...IPA - New England6584.22-
Oh... DreamIPA - New England6.2474.33-
Oh... ForeverIPA - Imperial8.5884.3-
On My 15IPA - Imperial874.16-
Opulent OpulenceIPA - Imperial884.28-
Orange ChromaIPA - American6.364.18-
Other Half IPAIPA - American7.13813.96-
Other SouthernIPA - Imperial8.5224.22-
Over One Million ServedStout - American Imperial14.554.28-
Panna Cotta CultSour - Berliner Weisse6.554.01-
Party BoosterIPA - Imperial7.8154.07-
PastrinautsStout - American Imperial1464.13-
PastrytalityStout - American Imperial15.564.28-
Pastrytality (Strawberry)Stout - American Imperial15.524.17-
Pastrytown - Peanut Butter - Barrel AgedStout - American Imperial1624.41-
Pastrytown 2020 - Coconut Coffee WaffleStout - American Imperial16.500-
Pastrytown 2020 - Maple Cinnamon PecanStout - American Imperial16.554.35-
Pastrytown 2020 - TiramisuStout - American Imperial16.534.37-
Pastrytown 2020 - Waffle Imperial StoutStout - American Imperial16.524.22-
Peanut Butter & Jelly CruncheeSour - Berliner Weisse7.4164.04-
Perpetually GreenIPA - New England7.5364.34-
Pig BeachPale Ale - American4.3263.95-
Pink + White (Pink Version)IPA - American813.46-
Pink + White (White Version)IPA - American823.33-
Pink ChromaIPA - American6.394.05-
PintxosIPA - Imperial8.8144.31-
Plates on PlatesIPA - Imperial10144.28-
Poetry SnapsLager - Japanese Rice4.543.56-
Polite ClapPilsner - German583.89-
PoolsideSour - Berliner Weisse7144.06-
Pop-Tart Hamburger HighwayIPA - Imperial1094.35-
Powdered CheeseIPA - New England8374.28-
Practice, Not A GameIPA - American8.553.77-
Pumpkin Spice CruncheeSour - Berliner Weisse7.4203.9-
Purple ChromaIPA - American6.3124.13-
Quiet CosmosIPA - Imperial894.09-
Quiet SpaceStout - American Imperial15.554-
Quiet Space - City of Saints Cold Brew CoffeeStout - American Imperial15.514.21-
Quonset HutIPA - Imperial8.474.06-
Raspberry Frozen Swirl CruncheeSour - Berliner Weisse7.494.09-
Red ChromaIPA - American6.3114.23-
Rice Proxy TreatsStout - American Imperial16.3224.23-
Riwaka IPAIPA - American6.5244.27-
Rum Pistachio CakeStout - American14.464.26-
RUN W’USStout - American Imperial1654.26-
Second Anniversary DIPAIPA - New England91914.44-
Seven Deadly Layers - Willet Bourbon Barrel-AgedStout - American Imperial14.500-
Short Dark & BreakfastStout - American7.4314.16-
Short Dark & Handsome (Coffee and Coconut)Stout - American7.2164.17-
Short Dark & Handsome (Mexican Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow)Stout - American7.283.92-
Short Dark And Handsome - Milk Chocolate & Peanut ButterStout - American7.2154.22-
Short, Dark & HandsomeStout - American7.41494.04-
Short, Dark & Handsome (Mexican Hot Chocolate)Stout - American7.2184.14-
Short, Dark & WiredStout - American7.4964.24-
Shoulder SeasonIPA - Imperial814.25-
Silhouette DaydreamWild Ale8184.26-
Simcoe + GalaxyIPA - Imperial8.5204.41-
Simcoe + Idaho 7IPA - Imperial8.5174.32-
Simcoe + Vic SecretIPA - Imperial8.5124.44-
Simcoe DaydreamIPA - American6254.26-
Simcoe IPAIPA - American7.21144.16-
Small Citra EverythingIPA - American6.5334.22-
Small Green EverythingIPA - New England51484.21-
Small lACEd in SpaceIPA - American6.534.12-
Small Mosaic EverythingIPA - New England6.594.18-
Small Motueka EverythingIPA - New England6.534.03-
Small Nelson EverythingIPA - American6.5193.96-
Small Simcoe EverythingIPA - American6.5114.21-
Smoke Screens & Oil SlicksStout - American Imperial11.51234.21-
Smoke Screens & Oil Slicks - VanillaStout - American Imperial13.874.16-
Smoke Screens & Oil Slicks with CoconutStout - American Imperial13.8144.15-
Snow Shovel StuntzIPA - Imperial963.91-
Snowbirds 3Stout - American Imperial16204.44-
Snowbirds 3 - Bourbon Barrel-AgedStout - American Imperial1684.38-
Snowbirds 3 - VIP Version - Bourbon Barrel-AgedStout - American Imperial1634.53-
Snowbirds 4 - Almond Joy Topped Molasses Maple Banana Ice CreamStout - American Imperial15104.28-
Snowbirds 4 - Carrot CakeStout - American Imperial15134.19-
Someone Forgot the CoffeeStout - American Imperial1254.17-
Something to Drink When All the IPA is GoneLager - Helles4.683.46-
Sonic DaydreamIPA - Imperial8134.25-
SouthernhopalisticIPA - New England7.51394.27-
Space BroccoliIPA - Imperial7.9174.19-
Space Daydream Imperial Oat Cream IPAIPA - New England8.5644.46-
Space DreamIPA - New England6484.33-
Space GhostIPA - New England9264.44-
Space HallucinationsIPA - Imperial10.5874.44-
Space Soyez SauceStout - American Imperial12264.04-
Space Soyez Sauce (Cocoa Nibs And Raspberries)Stout - American Imperial12264.31-
Space Soyez Sauce (Non-Barrel Aged)Stout - American Imperial1234.31-
Space Soyez Sauce (Vanilla And Cherries)Stout - American Imperial12123.87-
Spacey BitsIPA - Imperial7.874.23-
Spiritual NucleusStout - Sweet / Milk9.5144.23-
Stacks On StacksIPA - Imperial8.52174.3-
Stalks on StalksIPA - Imperial8.574.06-
Still KooksStout - American Imperial15.464.35-
Still Shinin’IPA - New England6.5464.31-
Straight From the BarrelStout - American Imperial14.444.48-
Straight Through LimaIPA - Imperial9104.25-
Strawberry Cheesecake Berliner WeisseSour - Berliner Weisse8.2113.89-
Stupid WildIPA - American4.9174.02-
Styrian FarmhouseFarmhouse Ale - Saison5.5313.89-
Sunday CrunchPorter - Imperial13.584.33-
Sunset At The OasisFarmhouse Ale - Saison6.8103.79-
Sunshine In My DayIPA - Imperial863.64-
SuparilloIPA - Imperial8.51524.2-
Super RipeIPA - Imperial954.59-
Superfun!Pale Ale - American4.22134.07-
Surf The Great LakesIPA - Imperial8104.21-
Swedes In HeatKölsch4.8424.08-
Syrup CaddySour - Berliner Weisse7.484.09-
Syrup Caddy - Strawberry & CoconutSour - Berliner Weisse7.453.45-
Ta-DowIPA - Imperial9.1144.28-
The DreamiestIPA - New England7.8774.53-
The King's RansomStout - Russian Imperial10.224.38-
The Other Day…IPA - Imperial8614.33-
There Was No HowIPA - Imperial8124.1-
Thought BubblesIPA - American6.6153.9-
Throw S’moreStout - American Imperial12134.31-
Toomey’s CornersIPA - American663.98-
Tough CallPorter - American7.5224.01-
Tremendous CreamIPA - New England10354.36-
Triangle Test with T-90 CitraIPA - Imperial8424.39-
Triple BroccoliIPA - New England10404.17-
Triple Broccoli Special ReserveIPA - New England10104.59-
Triple Citra DaydreamIPA - New England10.51624.54-
Triple CreamIPA - New England101324.48-
Triple Dry Hopped Triple Mosaic DaydreamIPA - New England11.5674.51-
Triple Idaho 7 DaydreamIPA - Imperial10.5214.31-
Triple Mosaic DaydreamIPA - New England10.5374.35-
Triple Mosaic DreamIPA - New England10.5384.33-
Triple Mylar BagsIPA - Imperial10174.39-
Triple Mylar DaydreamIPA - New England11.3714.5-
Triple Nelson DaydreamIPA - New England10.5474.36-
Triple Orange ChromaIPA - Imperial1084.3-
Triple Purple ChromaIPA - Imperial1074.28-
Triple Simcoe DaydreamIPA - Imperial10.5314.44-
Triple Space DiamondsIPA - Imperial10.5394.36-
True GreenIPA - New England7.9554.24-
TumbleweedsLager - Helles4.8233.98-
TV DinnerIPA - Imperial1064.26-
Utica GreensIPA - Imperial9.1214.3-
Vapor RingzIPA - New England8.4504.51-
Veldrijden Love SaisonFarmhouse Ale - Saison7.8923.98-
Velvet Magnum II - Barrel AgedStout - American Imperial1544.37-
Velvet Magnum IIIStout - American Imperial15.5164.35-
Vic Secret + MosaicIPA - Imperial8.5354.29-
Viridian DaydreamIPA - Imperial8.2184.21-
Viridian DreamIPA - New England6.8174.19-
VoluminousIPA - Imperial10194.34-
Wangies Imperial Rye Cream India Pale AleIPA - Imperial8.3274.23-
Watch It Fall SlowlyPilsner - German4.9223.92-
We've Been Out There In OrbitStout - American Imperial121104.21-
We've Been Out There In Orbit (Bananas, Walnuts, Caramel)Stout - American Imperial13134.06-
We've Been Out There In Orbit (Rum Barrel Aged)Stout - American Imperial12164.05-
We’ve Been Out There In Orbit - Coconut And CoffeeStout - American Imperial13.5164.24-
Wheat WineWheat Beer - Wheatwine12363.81-
White FerrariIPA - New England854.21-
Wood Stove S’moresStout - Sweet / Milk8.453.82-
Yellow ChromaIPA - American6.373.86-
You Can’t See Birds at NightStout - American Imperial14.5204.16-
Other Half Brewing Company in Brooklyn, NY
Brewery rating: 4.3 out of 5 with 24192 ratings