Other Half Brewing Co.

Other Half Brewing Co.Other Half Brewing Co.
Other Half Brewing Co.Other Half Brewing Co.
Brewery, Bar, Beer-to-go

195 Centre St
Brooklyn, New York, 11231-3907
United States

(917) 765-6107 | map

Notes: Tasting room hours:

Monday 12pm - 10pm
Tuesday 12pm - 10pm
Wednesday 12pm - 10pm
Thursday 12pm - 12am
Friday 12pm - 12am
Saturday 10am - 12am
Sunday 11am - 10pm
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3rd Anniversary Imperial IPANew England IPA10.00305100-
495nmAmerican IPA6.004190-
4th AnniversaryNew England IPA10.00201100-
570nmAmerican Imperial IPA8.203792-
5th AnniversaryNew England IPA10.006196-
99¢ TeaAmerican IPA7.5090-
African Queen + MosaicAmerican Imperial IPA8.501991-
All 5th Anniversary Everything - BananaAmerican Imperial Stout15.403195-
All 5th Anniversary Everything - CoffeeAmerican Imperial Stout15.403294-
All Citra EverythingNew England IPA8.5034796-
All Dank Everything Imperial IPANew England IPA8.3013695-
All Enigma EverythingAmerican Imperial IPA10.004592-
All Green EverythingNew England IPA10.501,09798-
All Infinity EverythingNew England IPA8.7011598-
All Medusa EverythingAmerican Imperial IPA8.501191-
All Nelson EverythingAmerican Imperial IPA8.503591-
Always and ForeverAmerican Imperial IPA7.803092-
Always and Forever - Double Dry-HoppedAmerican Imperial IPA7.803793-
Always Bet On GreenAmerican Imperial IPA8.503691-
Amarillo IPAAmerican IPA7.2013793-
Astro Travellin'American Imperial Stout11.003393-
Azacca IPAAmerican IPA6.4040-
Baby DiamondsAmerican IPA4.8012192-
Bad Decisions - Bourbon Barrel-AgedAmerican Imperial Stout13.001092-
Bagel And SchmearAmerican IPA7.501989-
Baked ZitiAmerican IPA7.501989-
BerlinerBerliner Weisse4.5040-
Big'uns and Minotaurs (Jack Daniels Whiskey Barrel Aged)American Wheatwine Ale15.4060-
BlocktoberfestAmerican IPA6.903389-
Boogie Board StuntzGerman Kölsch4.708587-
Boogie Board Stuntz 2German Kölsch4.602085-
Breakfast of ChampersBerliner Weisse8.001387-
BrettarilloAmerican Brett6.202588-
Broccoli KongAmerican Imperial IPA?1290-
Broccoli Special ReserveNew England IPA8.302592-
Candy From Strangers - Gold VersionAmerican Imperial Stout14.3070-
Candy From Strangers - Silver VersionAmerican Imperial Stout14.3060-
Canni'baalBelgian Saison4.904189-
Cascade + GalaxyAmerican Imperial IPA8.501590-
Cashmere + GalaxyAmerican Imperial IPA8.501491-
Centennial IPAAmerican IPA7.104388-
Chardonnay Barrel Aged Brett SaisonBelgian Saison6.002289-
Cheddar BroccoliNew England IPA7.9011695-
Cherry Cheesecake Berliner WeisseBerliner Weisse8.2030-
Chesterfield DreamsAmerican Wild Ale3.503990-
Chicken & BroccoliAmerican IPA7.501188-
Chicken & Broccoli - DDHNew England IPA7.5080-
Chicken RiggiesAmerican Imperial IPA8.5030-
Chimera Imperial Oat Cream IPANew England IPA8.705294-
Chinook IPAAmerican IPA6.202889-
Chocolate Cherry CruncheeBerliner Weisse7.2080-
Chopped CheeseAmerican IPA7.501289-
Citra + AzaccaNew England IPA8.502293-
Citra + CashmereAmerican Imperial IPA8.501591-
Citra + EkuanotAmerican Imperial IPA8.501191-
Citra + GalaxyAmerican Imperial IPA8.506294-
Citra + Idaho 7American Imperial IPA8.502092-
Citra + MedusaAmerican Imperial IPA8.501591-
Citra + MosaicAmerican Imperial IPA8.501291-
Citra + StrataAmerican Imperial IPA8.501490-
Citra + TriumphAmerican Imperial IPA8.5090-
Citra Cryo + Mosaic CryoAmerican Imperial IPA8.501190-
Citra Daydream Oat Cream IPANew England IPA6.003594-
Citra IPANew England IPA7.0033995-
Citra/EquinoxAmerican Imperial IPA8.501791-
Coco What Now?!American Imperial Stout12.001093-
Cognac Barrel-Aged Smoke Screens & Oil SlicksAmerican Imperial Stout11.5040-
Cognac Barrel-Aged Smoke Screens & Oil Slicks w/ VanillaAmerican Imperial Stout11.5070-
Cream Get The HoneyAmerican IPA6.006590-
Cream Get the Honey (Citra & El Dorado)American IPA6.0010-
Cream Of BroccoliNew England IPA7.904094-
Crickets (Hallertau + Tettnanger)German Pilsner5.1030-
Crickets (Kohatu and Wai-Iti)German Pilsner5.1010-
Crickets (Motueka)German Pilsner5.1040-
Crickets (Saaz)German Pilsner5.1010-
Crickets (Saaz/Tettanger)Bohemian Pilsener5.1080-
Crickets (Saphir + Saaz)German Pilsner5.1030-
Crickets (Tettnang, Spalt Select, and Hallertau Mittlefruh hopped)German Pilsner5.1040-
Crickets - Wai-itiGerman Pilsner4.701885-
Crush It! GalaxyAmerican Pale Ale (APA)4.303288-
Crush It!: Wai-itiAmerican Pale Ale (APA)4.502085-
Curly FriesAmerican IPA7.501688-
Dancing Green DiamondsAmerican Imperial IPA9.104191-
Daydream In GreenNew England IPA8.109994-
Daydream Layers (Cashmere , Idaho 7, Mosaic)American Imperial IPA8.001190-
Daydream Layers (Citra + Galaxy + Nelson)American Imperial IPA8.001090-
Daydream Layers (Citra + Kohatu + Simcoe Cryo)American Imperial IPA8.001190-
Daydream Layers (Citra Cryo+ Galaxy + Amarillo)American Imperial IPA8.0080-
Daydream Layers (Galaxy + Motueka + Huell Melon)American Imperial IPA8.001890-
Daydream Layers (Mosaic + Idaho 7 + Galaxy)American Imperial IPA8.0090-
DDH Bagel & SchmearAmerican IPA7.5070-
DDH Small Simcoe EverythingAmerican IPA6.5060-
Deep Orbit AndromedaAmerican Imperial Stout16.301693-
Deep Orbit CentaurusAmerican Imperial Stout16.301593-
Did I Make Myself Clear?American IPA7.301187-
Dip-a-Roos!American Imperial IPA8.301390-
Do You Want More?!!?American Imperial IPA8.0070-
Dollar and a DreamAmerican IPA7.501389-
Dollar SliceAmerican IPA7.501488-
Dollar Slice with Extra CheddarAmerican IPA7.501089-
Double Cashmere DaydreamAmerican Imperial IPA8.501390-
Double Citra DaydreamAmerican Imperial IPA8.5010-
Double Cream Get the HoneyNew England IPA8.406294-
Double Cream Get the Honey (Citra)American Imperial IPA8.401090-
Double Cream Get the Honey (Galaxy)American Imperial IPA8.4040-
Double Cream Get the Honey (Motueka and Mosaic)American Imperial IPA8.4040-
Double Cream Get the Honey - Citra And Nelson SauvinAmerican Imperial IPA8.4030-
Double Dry Hopped Ain't Nothing NiceNew England IPA6.206293-
Double Dry Hopped All Citra EverythingNew England IPA8.5045099-
Double Dry Hopped All Citra Everything - Experimental VersionAmerican Imperial IPA8.502893-
Double Dry Hopped All Citra Everything - UK VersionAmerican Imperial IPA10.001691-
Double Dry Hopped All Enigma EverythingAmerican Imperial IPA10.002692-
Double Dry Hopped All Green EverythingNew England IPA10.506795-
Double Dry Hopped All Nelson EverythingNew England IPA8.502393-
Double Dry Hopped Always & ForeverAmerican Imperial IPA7.8080-
Double Dry Hopped BroccoliNew England IPA7.9019596-
Double Dry Hopped CabbageNew England IPA7.9015296-
Double Dry Hopped CheddarNew England IPA7.9010195-
Double Dry Hopped Citra + GalaxyNew England IPA8.505696-
Double Dry Hopped Citra DaydreamNew England IPA6.006195-
Double Dry Hopped Cream of BroccoliNew England IPA7.904694-
Double Dry Hopped Daydream In GreenAmerican Imperial IPA8.0010595-
Double Dry Hopped Dollar Slice with Extra CheddarAmerican IPA7.5050-
Double Dry Hopped Double Citra DaydreamNew England IPA8.5024998-
Double Dry Hopped Double Idaho 7 DaydreamAmerican Imperial IPA8.5030-
Double Dry Hopped Double Mosaic DaydreamNew England IPA8.50391100-
Double Dry Hopped Double Mosaic DreamNew England IPA8.50545100-
Double Dry Hopped Double Mosaic Dream Experimental VersionAmerican Imperial IPA8.501391-
Double Dry Hopped Double Nelson DaydreamAmerican Imperial IPA8.502292-
Double Dry Hopped Double Simcoe DaydreamNew England IPA8.501191-
Double Dry Hopped Dream In GreenNew England IPA6.206095-
Double Dry Hopped Dream In Green W/GalaxyNew England IPA6.2060-
Double Dry Hopped Forever EverAmerican IPA4.701588-
Double Dry Hopped Forever Ever W/ EnigmaAmerican IPA4.7080-
Double Dry Hopped Forever SimcoeNew England IPA8.5016096-
Double Dry Hopped Galaxy IPANew England IPA6.502193-
Double Dry Hopped Go With the FlowNew England IPA6.005393-
Double Dry Hopped Green DiamondsAmerican Imperial IPA9.101090-
Double Dry Hopped Green Down To The SocksNew England IPA8.207193-
Double Dry Hopped Green PowerNew England IPA8.006294-
Double Dry Hopped Hop ShowersNew England IPA7.408594-
Double Dry Hopped Hop Showers w/ Bru-1American IPA7.4060-
Double Dry Hopped Hop Showers w/ CitraAmerican IPA7.4060-
Double Dry Hopped Hop Showers w/ Citra Cryo and AmarilloAmerican IPA7.4040-
Double Dry Hopped Hop Showers w/ El DoradoAmerican IPA7.4040-
Double Dry Hopped Hop Showers w/ Galaxy & Wai-itiNew England IPA?10-
Double Dry Hopped Hop Showers w/ Idaho 7American IPA7.4050-
Double Dry Hopped Hop Showers w/ MosaicAmerican IPA7.4020-
Double Dry Hopped Hop Showers w/ Mosaic and El DoradoAmerican IPA7.4030-
Double Dry Hopped Hop Showers W/ MotuekaNew England IPA7.401692-
Double Dry Hopped Hop Showers w/ RiwakaAmerican IPA7.4020-
Double Dry Hopped Hop Showers w/ SabroAmerican IPA7.4060-
Double Dry Hopped Hop Showers w/ SimcoeNew England IPA7.401192-
Double Dry Hopped Hop Showers w/ Vic SecretAmerican IPA7.401088-
Double Dry Hopped Hop Showers with Citra Cryo and CashmereAmerican IPA7.4020-
Double Dry Hopped Mosaic + MotuekaAmerican Imperial IPA8.3040-
Double Dry Hopped Mosaic DaydreamAmerican Imperial IPA?10-
Double Dry Hopped Motueka + GalaxyAmerican Imperial IPA8.503393-
Double Dry Hopped Mylar BagsNew England IPA8.50440100-
Double Dry Hopped Mylar DaydreamNew England IPA8.8012597-
Double Dry Hopped Oh...New England IPA6.307194-
Double Dry Hopped Oh... DreamNew England IPA6.202493-
Double Dry Hopped Oh... ForeverNew England IPA8.001893-
Double Dry Hopped Powdered CheeseNew England IPA8.004495-
Double Dry Hopped Simcoe IPAAmerican IPA7.001287-
Double Dry Hopped Small Citra EverythingAmerican IPA6.501588-
Double Dry Hopped Small Green EverythingNew England IPA4.804792-
Double Dry Hopped Small Nelson EverythingAmerican IPA6.5090-
Double Dry Hopped SouthernhopalisticNew England IPA7.405093-
Double Dry Hopped Stacks On StacksNew England IPA8.5013796-
Double Dry Hopped Stacks on Stacks (Experimental Version)American Imperial IPA8.5070-
Double Dry Hopped SuparilloNew England IPA8.508193-
Double Dry Hopped The Other Day...American Imperial IPA8.002091-
Double Dry Hopped True GreenNew England IPA7.905193-
Double Dry Hopped Vapor RingzAmerican Imperial IPA8.402992-
Double Enigma DaydreamAmerican Imperial IPA8.501591-
Double Idaho 7 DaydreamAmerican Imperial IPA8.501291-
Double Medusa DaydreamAmerican Imperial IPA8.501090-
Double Mmm... Fruit Dream (Blackberry and Raspberry)Berliner Weisse7.0050-
Double Mmm... Fruit Dream (Dragon Fruit, Passion Fruit, Vanilla, + Coconut)Berliner Weisse7.001089-
Double Mmm... Fruit Dream (Strawberry, Mango, + Vanilla)Berliner Weisse7.001488-
Double Mmm… Fruit Dream (Plum and Cherry)Berliner Weisse7.0060-
Double Mosaic DaydreamNew England IPA8.507797-
Double Mosaic DreamNew England IPA8.5024397-
Double Motueka Daydream Imperial Oat Cream IPAAmerican Imperial IPA8.5050-
Double Nelson DaydreamAmerican Imperial IPA8.502792-
Double Simcoe DaydreamAmerican Imperial IPA8.501891-
Double Sunset Imperial Stout (Brazilian Mogiana Coffee)American Imperial Stout13.0090-
Double Sunset Imperial Stout (Honduran Pacayal Washed Coffee)American Imperial Stout13.001894-
DougAmerican Black Ale7.1015291-
Dream In GreenNew England IPA6.209095-
Dream Layers (Enigma + Galaxy + Motueka)American IPA6.0050-
Dream Layers (Mosaic, El Dorado and Motueka)American IPA6.001087-
Dream Layers (Mosaic, Mandarina, and Centennial)American IPA6.001689-
Dream Layers (Nelson Sauvin, Hallertau Blanc, and Cascade)American IPA6.0010-
Dream Layers (Vic Secret + Galaxy + Motueka)American IPA6.001288-
Dream PowerAmerican Imperial IPA8.006493-
Enhance Your MindAmerican Imperial IPA10.001491-
Enigma + GalaxyAmerican Imperial IPA8.505394-
Enigma IPAAmerican IPA6.502989-
Equinox IPAAmerican IPA7.2014490-
ESBEnglish Extra Special / Strong Bitter (ESB)6.004185-
Escapist's DaydreamBerliner Weisse8.0030-
Everything Is EverythingAmerican Imperial IPA10.001591-
Everything Is NumbersAmerican Imperial Pilsner8.501988-
Exp 06300 StoutAmerican Stout6.901788-
Feels Like OuterspaceNew England IPA10.505292-
First GoldEnglish Pale Ale6.002082-
Floating WeightlessAmerican Wild Ale7.5010-
FloretsAmerican IPA6.603891-
Florida PlatesNew England IPA8.004894-
Forever EverNew England IPA4.7028291-
Forever GreenAmerican IPA4.704789-
Forever MosaicAmerican IPA8.5020-
Forgot About DrieAmerican Wild Ale6.402690-
Frame of MindAmerican IPA6.601688-
Freaky FridayAmerican IPA6.4050-
Fully FrothedNew England IPA8.309094-
Funny How Honey Ain’t Sweet Like SugarAmerican Barleywine14.5020-
Galaxy + El DoradoAmerican Imperial IPA8.5070-
Galaxy + MoutereAmerican Imperial IPA8.302191-
Galaxy + NelsonAmerican Imperial IPA8.501991-
Galaxy + Vic SecretAmerican Imperial IPA8.501390-
Galaxy IPAAmerican IPA6.5018793-
Go With the FlowAmerican IPA6.504791-
Gold BanglesAmerican IPA5.401085-
Gold Strap - Woodford Bourbon Barrel AgedAmerican Wheatwine Ale14.6090-
Green City All StarsAmerican Imperial IPA?90-
Green CityNew England IPA7.0012694-
Green City (Green Version)American Imperial IPA10.5030-
Green City (Pink Version)American Imperial IPA10.5050-
Green City 2019 - Thai Banana, Cacao Nibs, & Pedro XimenezAmerican Imperial Stout16.7010-
Green City 2019 Imperial Stout w/ Tolima Coffee & Madagascar VanillaAmerican Imperial Stout16.7070-
Green city Festival V1American Imperial IPA?70-
Green city Festival V2American Imperial IPA?60-
Green Diamonds Double IPAAmerican Imperial IPA9.1076296-
Green Down To The SocksNew England IPA8.208795-
Green FlowersAmerican Imperial IPA8.602791-
Green PhantasmsAmerican IPA7.202890-
Green PowerAmerican Imperial IPA8.007495-
Green VisionsAmerican Imperial IPA8.601590-
Half StepBelgian Saison4.0020-
HDHC More Citra than All CitraAmerican Imperial IPA10.501191-
Heavy Mental’sAmerican Imperial IPA9.403791-
Hop ShowersNew England IPA7.4057194-
Hop Showers - Double Dry-Hopped With MosaicNew England IPA7.401993-
Hudson ValleyAmerican IPA7.801187-
Huffing Dryer SheetsAmerican Imperial IPA8.6010-
Hup! Hup! Hup!Belgian Pale Ale5.505887-
HypersleepAmerican Imperial Stout13.001292-
Hypersleep - Bourbon Barrel-Aged With Chocolate, Peanuts And VanillaAmerican Imperial Stout13.001092-
I Like My Sugar With Coffee & CreamAmerican Imperial Stout15.001392-
I Miss the Old Other HalfAmerican Imperial IPA8.002392-
Idaho 7American Imperial IPA8.502592-
Idaho 7 + GalaxyAmerican Imperial IPA8.501691-
Idaho 7 + MotuekaAmerican Imperial IPA8.501591-
Imaginary GreenscapesNew England IPA8.009895-
In Absentia LuciAmerican Imperial Stout12.008792-
In Absentia Luci - Red Wine Barrel AgedAmerican Imperial Stout11.003192-
In Absentia Luci - Rum Barrel-AgedAmerican Imperial Stout11.003893-
Into the NY Night (Red Wine Foudre and Bourbon Barrel Aged with Cacao Nibs,American Imperial Stout13.0090-
Into the NY Night (Red Wine Foudre and Cognac Barrel Aged with Coconut, ToaAmerican Imperial Stout13.0060-
IPA #1American IPA6.5030-
IPA #2American IPA6.5070-
Jarrylo + MosaicAmerican Imperial IPA8.501690-
Jerez TuxedoAmerican Barleywine11.0010-
JimmyAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.002488-
KerstperiodeFrench Bière de Garde10.004085-
Koksijde 12Belgian Tripel8.002386-
Kölsch Is My Cologne - Motueka And MandarinaGerman Kölsch4.801085-
Laatse RondeBelgian Saison6.003686-
Lab DaydreamAmerican Imperial IPA10.001792-
Laid BackAmerican IPA5.801989-
Lucid HypnagogiaAmerican Imperial IPA8.001291-
Magic Green NuggetsNew England IPA9.3016692-
Maple CreamiesAmerican Imperial Stout11.003293-
Maple SapAmerican Blonde Ale7.501482-
Mash Tun Time MachineAmerican IPA8.001087-
Meek Millet (Table Version)Belgian Saison6.002087-
Melon BelliniBerliner Weisse8.001088-
Metaphors & PunchlinesAmerican IPA7.3000-
MicrogreenAmerican IPA4.004087-
Midnight ShowersAmerican Black Ale7.402789-
Mike’s RegretGerman Helles4.4060-
Mixed NutsAmerican Stout12.001287-
Mmm... Fruit (Boysenberry)Berliner Weisse4.201289-
Mmm... Fruit (Passion Fruit, Pineapple, Orange)Berliner Weisse4.2050-
Mmm... Fruit (Pink Guava)Berliner Weisse4.201690-
Mmm... Fruit (Plum)Berliner Weisse4.201389-
Mmm... Fruit (Raspberry + Blackberry)Berliner Weisse4.201289-
Mmm... Fruit (Strawberry + Apricot)Berliner Weisse4.201787-
Mmm... Fruit Dream (Blackberries, Tahitian Vanilla & Cascara)Berliner Weisse4.201791-
Mmm... Fruit Dream (Blackberry, Boysenberry + Raspberry)Berliner Weisse4.201590-
Mmm... Fruit Dream (Cherry + Vanilla)Berliner Weisse4.201791-
Mmm... Fruit Dream (Plum, Cherry, + Vanilla)Berliner Weisse4.2070-
Mmm... Fruit Dream (Strawberry, Guava & Coconut)Berliner Weisse4.2090-
MMM…Fruit Dream (Peach and Coconut)Berliner Weisse4.2090-
MomoAmerican Imperial IPA8.5040-
MoradaBelgian Saison4.5010-
More Citra Than All CitraAmerican Imperial IPA10.502291-
Morir Soñando (aka Die Dreaming)American IPA8.001788-
Mosaic + GalaxyAmerican Imperial IPA8.501591-
Mosaic + LoralAmerican Imperial IPA8.501591-
Mosaic + MandarinaAmerican Imperial IPA8.501891-
Mosaic + Motueka DIPAAmerican Imperial IPA8.507794-
Mosaic + WaimeaAmerican Imperial IPA8.504493-
Mosaic Cryo + Simcoe CryoAmerican Imperial IPA8.501891-
Mosaic DaydreamAmerican IPA6.004291-
Mosaic DreamNew England IPA6.003893-
Mosaic IPANew England IPA7.2039098-
Mosaic Is PresidentAmerican IPA6.203790-
Motueka DaydreamNew England IPA6.5090-
Motueka Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale (APA)5.605384-
Mylar BagsNew England IPA8.8018496-
Mylar DaydreamNew England IPA8.1010-
Nelson + MosaicAmerican Imperial IPA8.501691-
Nelson DaydreamAmerican IPA6.5090-
Nelson IPANew England IPA6.9028295-
Network NoiseAmerican Imperial IPA10.001391-
Nice LifeAmerican Imperial IPA8.008190-
Oh...New England IPA6.005293-
Oh... DreamNew England IPA6.204694-
Oh... ForeverAmerican Imperial IPA8.507893-
OOOoooo!American Imperial IPA8.4010-
Other Half / Foam Brewers - Mouthful of DiamondsNew England IPA8.002292-
Other Half / Grimm Artisanal Ales - Jam Don’t ShakeAmerican Imperial Stout12.5090-
Other Half / 3 Sons - The Game Is Thick - MapleAmerican Imperial Stout14.501092-
Other Half / 3 Sons - The Game Is Thick - Peanut ButterAmerican Imperial Stout14.501492-
Other Half / American Solera - OK...BKAmerican Imperial IPA8.001390-
Other Half / Angry Chair - Rice Proxy TreatsAmerican Imperial Stout16.302292-
Other Half / Angry Chair - Spumoni DreamAmerican Imperial Stout12.501592-
Other Half / Arizona Wilderness - 4AM Phone CallAmerican Imperial IPA8.801691-
Other Half / Arizona Wilderness - City SlickersNew England IPA6.8014295-
Other Half / Bissell - CreamAmerican IPA6.8070-
Other Half / Bissell - ButterAmerican IPA6.8050-
Other Half / Bissell Brothers ButterAmerican IPA6.8000-
Other Half / Bissell Brothers CreamAmerican IPA6.8000-
Other Half / Bottle Logic - Observations From Orbit V1 (Yellow/Blue)American Imperial Stout14.001592-
Other Half / Bottle Logic - Observations From Orbit V2 (Pink/Aqua)American Imperial Stout14.001392-
Other Half / Burial - Velvet Magnum IIAmerican Imperial Stout15.002795-
Other Half / Captain Lawrence - Into the NY Night (Almond, Cinnamon, VanillAmerican Imperial Stout10.5040-
Other Half / Captain Lawrence - Into The NY Night: Cacao Nibs, Macadamia, AAmerican Imperial Stout13.0060-
Other Half / Captain Lawrence - Into The NY Night: Coconut & VanillaAmerican Imperial Stout13.0010-
Other Half / Captain Lawrence - Into The NY Night: Marcona Almonds, VanillaAmerican Imperial Stout13.0010-
Other Half / Cellarmaker - Kentucky TuxedoAmerican Barleywine12.2040-
Other Half / Cellarmaker - OOOoooo!American Imperial IPA8.4020-
Other Half / Cellarmaker - Porto TuxedoAmerican Barleywine10.8010-
Other Half / Civil Society - CryosleepNew England IPA8.801091-
Other Half / Cloudwater - Countless Beautiful ArrangementsAmerican Imperial IPA8.801190-
Other Half / Cloudwater - Flughafen TanzhalleGerman Kölsch4.801686-
Other Half / Equilibrium - Bad Hair DayAmerican Imperial IPA10.502489-
Other Half / Equilibrium ...Hello Gentlemen And WillAmerican Stout15.5010-
Other Half / Equilibrium Hello Gentlemen and WillAmerican Imperial Stout15.501192-
Other Half / Finback - Tropical CrumbleAmerican Wild Ale7.401390-
Other Half / Forager - Pineapple HeadbandAmerican Imperial Stout12.101092-
Other Half / Garage Project - Stay Wild, Moon ChildAmerican Imperial Porter10.001592-
Other Half / Gigantic - Wilfred’s ParadoxAmerican Imperial Stout13.8090-
Other Half / Great Notion Prom NightAmerican Imperial IPA8.401291-
Other Half / Hidden Springs - Churro CartAmerican Imperial Stout14.3030-
Other Half / Holy Mountain - By And ByAmerican Wild Ale6.501690-
Other Half / Homage - TribulationsNew England IPA8.001792-
Other Half / Homes - Slice the PiesAmerican IPA8.001488-
Other Half / Horus - Double DrupeAmerican Imperial Stout16.502093-
Other Half / Horus / Three Chiefs - Funny How Honey Ain't Sweet Like SugarAmerican Barleywine14.5070-
Other Half / Humble Sea - Huffing Dryer SheetsAmerican Imperial IPA?70-
Other Half / J. Wakefield - PoolsideBerliner Weisse7.0090-
Other Half / LIC - Still Shinin’New England IPA6.504694-
Other Half / Mikerphone - Concentric GroovesAmerican Imperial Stout14.801793-
Other Half / Modern Times - You Can’t See Birds at NightAmerican Imperial Stout14.5020-
Other Half / Monkish - Aiight ChillAmerican Wild Ale8.001390-
Other Half / Monkish Brewing - The La LaNew England IPA8.002793-
Other Half / Omnipollo - Cookie KooksAmerican Imperial Stout15.401592-
Other Half / Omnipollo - Cookie Kooks (Pastrytown VIP Version)American Imperial Stout15.401093-
Other Half / Omnipollo - Sicker Than Your AverageAmerican Imperial IPA10.001789-
Other Half / Outer Range - Pizza And French FriesAmerican Imperial IPA10.4060-
Other Half / Safety Team - Blazer HazersAmerican Imperial IPA8.001891-
Other Half / Sand City - Double Infinity DaydreamNew England IPA8.501792-
Other Half / Stockholm - Swedes In HeatGerman Kölsch4.804189-
Other Half / Suarez Family - Neighborhood FlockAmerican Wild Ale5.3080-
Other Half / The Veil - Berry Berry Compote CompoteBerliner Weisse7.401492-
Other Half / The Veil - Big Brekkie SandoAmerican Imperial IPA8.001891-
Other Half / Trillium - Like WhoaNew England IPA8.5013997-
Other Half / Trillium - Possibly Of Interest PilsnerGerman Pilsner4.801583-
Other Half / Verdant - Wheat Dreams Are Made Of TheseAmerican Imperial IPA8.0060-
Other Half / Verdant / Equilibrium - Things Just Happen As They DoAmerican Imperial IPA8.8090-
Other Half / Weldwerks - Blueberry CruncheeBerliner Weisse7.401292-
Other Half / Weldwerks - Front Range DaydreamAmerican Imperial IPA8.401091-
Other Half / Zagovor - Space Soyez SauceAmerican Imperial Stout12.002691-
Other Half / Zagovor - Space Soyez Sauce (Cocoa Nibs And Raspberries)American Imperial Stout12.002693-
Other Half / Zagovor - Space Soyez Sauce (Non-Barrel Aged)American Imperial Stout12.0030-
Other Half / Zagovor - Space Soyez Sauce (Vanilla And Cherries)American Imperial Stout12.001291-
Other Half /Sante Adairius - Off The DomeAmerican Imperial IPA8.0040-
Other Half IPAAmerican IPA7.1037789-
Other SouthernAmerican Imperial IPA8.502291-
Panna, Fragole, e CioccolatoAmerican Imperial Stout14.401093-
Party BoosterAmerican Imperial IPA7.801590-
Pastrytown - Bourbon Barrel-AgedAmerican Imperial Stout13.0080-
Pastrytown - VIP VersionAmerican Imperial Stout15.5070-
Pastrytown V1American Imperial Stout15.501192-
Pastrytown V2American Imperial Stout15.5080-
Perpetually GreenNew England IPA7.503593-
Pig BeachAmerican Pale Ale (APA)4.302686-
Pistachio Vanilla CakeAmerican Imperial Stout14.401494-
Plates on Plates Imperial IPANew England IPA10.0040-
Powdered CheeseNew England IPA8.003593-
Practice, not a gameAmerican IPA8.5010-
Prescient DreamsNew England IPA6.001489-
Ramos Gin FizzBerliner Weisse6.801690-
Raspberry CruncheeBerliner Weisse7.401692-
Riwaka IPAAmerican IPA6.502290-
Rum Barrel-Aged KerstperiodeFrench Bière de Garde10.001485-
Saloon DoorsAmerican Brown Ale7.604887-
Second Anniversary DIPANew England IPA9.0019197-
Seven Deadly LayersAmerican Imperial Stout14.501292-
Shook Ones Part 2American Imperial IPA10.001790-
Short Dark & BreakfastAmerican Stout7.403190-
Short Dark & Handsome (Coffee and Coconut)American Stout7.201489-
Short Dark And Handsome - Milk Chocolate & Peanut ButterAmerican Stout7.201490-
Short, Dark & HandsomeAmerican Stout7.4014790-
Short, Dark & Handsome (Mexican Hot Chocolate)American Stout7.201389-
Short, Dark & WiredAmerican Stout7.409693-
Simcoe + GalaxyAmerican Imperial IPA8.502092-
Simcoe + Idaho 7American Imperial IPA8.501691-
Simcoe + Vic SecretAmerican Imperial IPA8.501291-
Simcoe DaydreamAmerican IPA6.002290-
Simcoe IPAAmerican IPA7.2011491-
Small Citra EverythingAmerican IPA6.502690-
Small Green EverythingNew England IPA5.0014593-
Small Nelson EverythingAmerican IPA6.501487-
Small Simcoe EverythingAmerican IPA6.501088-
Smoke Screens & Oil SlicksAmerican Imperial Stout11.5012293-
Smoke Screens & Oil Slicks - VanillaAmerican Imperial Stout13.8070-
Smoke Screens & Oil Slicks with CoconutAmerican Imperial Stout13.801492-
Snowbirds - Bourbon Barrel-AgedAmerican Imperial Stout14.402895-
Snowbirds 3American Imperial Stout16.001593-
Snowbirds 3 - VIP VersionAmerican Imperial Stout16.001193-
Someone Forgot the CoffeeAmerican Imperial Stout12.0040-
Something to Drink When All the IPA is GoneGerman Helles4.6080-
Sonic DaydreamAmerican Imperial IPA8.001190-
SouthernhopalisticNew England IPA7.5013694-
Space Daydream - Double Dry-HoppedNew England IPA8.508896-
Space Daydream Imperial Oat Cream IPANew England IPA8.506496-
Space Diamonds (Double Dry-Hopped)New England IPA8.5023998-
Space DreamNew England IPA6.004594-
Space Dream (Double Dry-Hopped)New England IPA6.003993-
Space HallucinationsAmerican Imperial IPA10.506695-
Spiritual NucleusEnglish Sweet / Milk Stout9.501389-
Stacks On StacksAmerican Imperial IPA8.5020794-
Stupid WildAmerican IPA4.901788-
Styrian FarmhouseBelgian Saison5.503187-
Sunset At The OasisBelgian Saison6.801086-
SuparilloAmerican Imperial IPA8.5015293-
Superfun!American Pale Ale (APA)4.2021190-
Supermuscioni Extra FancyBohemian Pilsener5.0080-
Surprise Me!American Pale Wheat Ale4.802285-
Table Table BeerAmerican IPA5.105190-
The DaydreamiestAmerican Imperial IPA10.503193-
The DreamiestNew England IPA7.805197-
The Green In Your AreaAmerican Imperial IPA8.703791-
The King's RansomRussian Imperial Stout10.2020-
The La LaAmerican Imperial IPA8.0050-
The Other Day…American Imperial IPA8.005993-
The Other Half/ Trillium/ Cellarmaker- Juice RibbonsAmerican Imperial IPA9.401190-
Thought BubblesAmerican IPA6.601487-
Throw S’moreAmerican Imperial Stout12.001392-
Tough CallAmerican Porter7.502287-
Tremendous CreamAmerican Imperial IPA10.002092-
Triangle Test with Citra Lupulin PowderNew England IPA8.003893-
Triangle Test with Citra T-90, T-45 Lupulin PowderAmerican Imperial IPA10.004394-
Triangle Test with T-45 CitraAmerican Imperial IPA8.003593-
Triangle Test with T-90 CitraAmerican Imperial IPA8.004293-
Triple BroccoliAmerican Imperial IPA10.003390-
Triple Citra DaydreamNew England IPA10.5014599-
Triple Cream Triple Dry Hopped Imperial Oat Cream IPANew England IPA10.0011097-
Triple Dry Hopped Triple Mosaic DaydreamNew England IPA11.506597-
Triple Idaho 7 DaydreamAmerican Imperial IPA10.501491-
Triple Mosaic DaydreamAmerican Imperial IPA10.503192-
Triple Mosaic DreamAmerican Imperial IPA10.502091-
Triple Mylar DaydreamNew England IPA11.304396-
Triple Nelson DaydreamNew England IPA10.501992-
Triple Simcoe DaydreamAmerican Imperial IPA10.502893-
Triple Space DiamondsAmerican Imperial IPA10.501992-
True GreenNew England IPA7.905393-
TumbleweedsGerman Helles4.8050-
Twice Baked with Sour CreamNew England IPA8.001191-
Vanilla FuturezAmerican Imperial Stout14.302093-
Vapor RingzNew England IPA8.403696-
Veldrijden Love SaisonBelgian Saison7.809288-
Vic Secret + MosaicAmerican Imperial IPA8.503592-
Wai-iti Pale AleAmerican Pale Ale (APA)4.7000-
Wangies Imperial Rye Cream India Pale AleAmerican Imperial IPA8.302491-
Watch It Fall SlowlyGerman Pilsner4.902284-
We've Been Out There In OrbitAmerican Imperial Stout12.0010793-
We've Been Out There In Orbit (Cinnamon, Cacao Nibs, Vanilla)American Imperial Stout13.5040-
We've Been Out There In Orbit (Coffee, Coconut, Macadamia Nuts)American Imperial Stout13.501393-
We've Been Out There In Orbit (Rum Barrel Aged)American Imperial Stout12.001592-
We’ve Been Out There In Orbit - Coconut And CoffeeAmerican Imperial Stout13.501392-
We’ve Been Out There In Orbit - Double ChocolateAmerican Imperial Stout13.5060-
Wheat WineAmerican Wheatwine Ale12.003687-
Other Half Brewing Co. in Brooklyn, NY
Brewery rating: 4.29 out of 5 with 21719 ratings